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First thoughts of 2011....

What you find below is the first incarnation of Felpin's Pond.This blog has now been replaced by something called New Felpin's Pond which has been hosted by Google Blogger since 2011. .

I started writing this older version of Felpin's Pond in 1999, whilst I was living in Marion, Massachusetts. I wrote these blog entries up till to 2011-and there are only a few rather bland entries per year. The most recent ones are listed first. Felpin's Pond was the successor, to a print zine I wrote called, Felpin's Journal. That little magazine lasted from 1990 to 1993. I changed the name from Felpin's Journal to Felpin's Pond when it became a weblog. .

First entry of 2011 Here once again at snowy Felpin's Pond, feeling rather empty..I always feel empty don't I, except when I have eaten.. Anyway a favorite singer of mune Gerry Rafferty died on January 4, 2011. He died apparently from the ill effects of alcoholism--I had know idea....the baby finally went to sleep, always the last to go to bed..... Jason was listening to light jazz prior to his falling asleep.  He and his brother got Bey Blades from their baby sitter for Christmas.  What else was I going to say-they both again failed the Tom Brady question in the bed time contest.-neither one of them  knows who Tom Brady is.... but Jason knows who Deval Patrick is.... well good night, cruel world. 

White Crystal Ball

Pond entries from 2010!
Halloween on Cape Cod!
Spent Halloween wondering around the world with the boys, who were playing  Star Wars people.  Baby was Yoda!!

Spring on Cape Cod.

We have a very odd spring here in Cape Cod this year. It is odd only simply because we had a Spring. The weather has been temperate, occasionally hot, but often a perfect 60 or 70 degrees. There has been some rain but not too much rain. There have been numerous sunny days, and only on occasion cloudy days. This kind of faily good spring is not the norm here on Cape Cod. The normal Spring, is usually rainy, and cloudy from March to June....
Former Boston Red Sox great Nomar Garciaperra retired yesterday. It seems like just yesterday he was an exciting rookie of the year and Ted Williams' last protege.

In fact that was 13 years ago. Nomar became the face of Red Sox, the embodiment of baseball work ethic, and really the living breathing soul of Red Sox nation. Sadly, around 2003 his relationship with Red Sox management soured when he began looking for a contract for a value that probably exceeded his true future worth. The Red Sox management made things worse by trying to sign Alex Rodriguez to replace Nomar, A-Rod may have had better numbers, but he was the very anti-thesis of the baseball hero Nomar, and this less than classy move soured Nomar's heart, so ultimately the Red Sox were forced to trade away Nomar and his souring attitude in the middle of the 2004 season. This move proved to be a catalyst to the Red Sox remarkable championship season in 2004. But, as necessary as the move was, it always seemed wrong to see Nomar playing anywhere but Boston, just as it had been when prior Red Sox legends like Tiant, Fisk or Lynn left town. Nomar's later career was injury plagued elsewhere, and he was not quite the same player as he had been with the Red Sox. Still, many Red Sox fans hoped perhaps he could retire with the Red Sox, and apparently, he came to the same conclusion. He signed a one day minor league contract, with the Red Sox organization and then retired the next day. Perhaps not as nice as seeing him on the field in Fenway one last time, but a gesture that closes a chapter properly nevertheless.


POND entries from 2009!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah from Felpin's Pond,
Have a ride on  a reindeer on us....
Happy Kwanzaa, as well.
As I am sure you know, Kwanzaa is a celebration of the great,
American figure skater, Michelle Kwan, who sadly never one a gold medal. So raise up a glass of Kwanzaanog,  curse Sarah Hughes, and do a triple salchow in Michelle's honor!

Been watching lots of  DVD's at home recently, have seen  a few movies that I actually thought woud be better movies than they turned out to be. Among them-The Year of Living Dangerously, Fitzcarraldo, Star Trek (the reboot), and the  Unbearable Lightness of Being,    
Ponder the unponderable and then eat a pickle.
DID YOU KNOW THAT the Teletubbies TV show was filmed on a farm in Stratford-on-Avon in England, and that the show is no longer being made, and thus teletubby land no longer exists.  Very, la. po...

Do you ever have a day where nothing seems to go right and it seems that if you do anything it will go wrong!!!
I must say I do not see the point in some of the pork barrel projects that the Democrats have crammed into the so-called Stimulus bill, though I am happy to the get even oh so slight decrease in my taxes that also were part of the bill.
DID YOU know that February 2009 is the first month since February 1998 to only occupy only four calender weeks on a calender page.  Amazing isn't it ? This is because the month starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. This only happens every 11 years or so...
POND Entries from 2008
Another interesting trivial thing...Shatner is 79!
I always found it interesting that certain cast members of the original Star Trek, were of the same age, the late James Doohan and the late  Deforest Kelley were born in 1920, William Shatner,  Leonard Nimoy, and Grace Lee Whitney were all born  in 1930.  The other lady cast members Nicelle Nichols, the late Majel Barrett   were born in 1932.
Walter Koenig, and George Takei were born around 1937!
The end of ABBAMAIL!
I was saddened to see the closing in October 2008 of the legendary ABBA mailing list and website, ABBAMAIL . The owners of the website, Graeme Read and Grant  Whittingham
had not too long ago been sued by ABBA's label- Universal Music. The lawsuit was settled, but the whole affair left a bad taste with the serious ABBA fan community who did not  appreciate Universal 's pettyness, doubledealing, and greed.  Grant and  Graeme must have  finally come to the conclusion that they could not continue to spend a large chunk of their lives  promoting ABBA.
Whatever, the reason for their departure, Grant and Graeme are to be greatly commended for their tireless service to ABBA fans.

Well, hmm...  I wish my son would go to bed!
Summer is  over here on Cape Cod. I'm not a big summer person, I don't  like the hot weather or the bugs, but I do like the sun. Spring/winter here is 6 months of overcast.
I'm not a big fan of sentences that are not sentences
Barack does Biden!
Well that is a fairly good choice, I would probably have died if it was that Kaine guy..
Well summer is over here in Cape Cod, this was a rather uninteresting summer here. By that I mean, that I have had better summers.  We didn't go anywhere this summer, didn't do much at all really. We went to the county fair. My wife went to her pregenancy appointments.
 My older son nearly drowned at camp. We went to the drive-in theatre, and we faced broken appliances and tall grass at our new house. Oh, and My older  son got a toad!
Is Barack Obama getting boring, or perhaps  we are just getting bored of him, it perhaps seems that way, people seem more interested in Sarah Palin. We now have celebrity politics here in Celebrity Land  USA


Summer 2008 in Cape Cod!
Well summer is almost here on Cape Cod, the seasonal people, and the tourists and the guest workers are all coming back, and occasionally there is a little good weather, so that I can take my children out to the playground!!!

I seemed to be cursed with lawns and lawnmowers, every lawnmower i get breaks and when they are working it is rainy, or snowing all the time!
Cape Cod is currently plagued with a brood of seventeen year cicadas, oddly I haven't really seen that many of the pesky, crunchy creatures, but I you can sure hear them, anytime you get near to a forest, they sound like a thousand car alarms, or some sort of alien invasion
I recently moved within in the same town, and my advice to you would be to never move!
The  end of time....oops not yet...
How about that Hillary Clinton, we almost couldn't  rid of her, I must admit I am skeptical of the people who keep  saying she should get out, when she was in fact, running very close to Barack Obama in terms of total popular votes. Indeed if the contest were run under the Republican rules she might have been the nominee by now...!
John Mayer, Gwen Stafani, Maroon Five
Does anybody else find these musical acts  annoying? I do! I can't think of any songs I like by these artists, though I do like some of the work Gwen did with  her group, No Doubt.
The great American actor, Charlton Heston died recently, and Chuck was not a good friend of mine, but I did enjoy many of his movies, notably "The Three Musketeers", "Planet of the Apes", and "El Cid".
Recently, I Saw "I Am Legend" a fairly good movie about a dog and his friend, Will Smith, and their experiences with golf, mannequins, and fast cars!
The word is out is that TheTab Energy drink has been discontinued.
Recently, I saw Sam, the replacement for Greg, in the Wiggles and I have to say he is not as good as Greg

You know I don't know why this sentence is here..

Liberty Bell

Welcome to never so exciting Felpin's Pond! Where men swoon, dogs sing,  angels cry and bats bat ! Where never is the number more than you can count. Oh and Pluto and Sedna really should be  planets....
 Entries from  2008follow (in backwards order) !

Love that Winter from Cape Cod!
Love  the overcast skies, the rain and the cold, oops, I forgot it's supposed to be spring here....

The Wind That Shakes the Barley
I recently saw an interesting movie about the fight to free Ireland from the British, which i am not going to talk about yet!
How about them New England Patriots-bad timing on the loss.
John McCain
Poor guy, he finally get close to be tthe Republican nominee and it becomes not worth having...
The word is out that MLB Baseball legend  Roger Clemens and at least 80 other playeras are alleged to have bought and taken steriods and/or other
performance enhancing drugs. It's sad day for baseball.

Wire Rim Glasses

new years....
i hate new years day!

Illustration: Happy New Year!

Felpin's Pond 's journal entries from 2007 follow....


Did I spell that correctly? Who knows... I find that I do not have a lot of patience to write. I used to have a little more. At one point in the early 1990's I believed a little more in my writing, and had a different mindset about my writing ... Now,. I see my writing differently, and have to work at sitting down being patient and actually writing something., But I am now finally again making more of an effort at actually to putting down more coherent thoughts here at Felpins Pond. For the most part, most of my entries here at the pond between 2002 and 2006 were pretty darn meaningless, but for 2007 my goal is for entries to actually mean something....on occasion...perhaps...

I saw the recent digital movie theatre presentation of "the Menagerie".
Flimed in 1964, and 1966, it's the only two part episode of the original Star Trek TV series...CBS Paramount recently, has redoing been some of the special effects shots for the original shows, as well as remastering the prints and rerecording the music.. I for one think, it's a cool idea, because after seeing  these episodes 10 or 20 times , they are were finally beginning to get a little stale.. Two problems with the showing, one was that it started right on time , unlike  most  movies, and the show came out very dark at the particular theatre that i attended..
I recently watched a short film about vivisection it's about how we treat animals -and it was rather bothersome how we treat are animals.

A trip to Planet nothing
Very little to see ....

Augh, the blank page-so scary, so easy to fill on the internet, and what if I don't fill it!

Illustration: Trick or treat

Went to North Falmouth for Halloween with my family, it was pleasent..
My older son was Optimus Prime , and the little one was one the Ninja Turtles...
MY KATE BUSH FANTASY, rewritten again!

Strawberry Fields whatever, look Kate when is your stuff going to come out on DVD!

East side /Story
I was listening recently to Squeeze early 1980's album-East Side Story.
It's the one that has the song "Tempted" which for some reason continues to get played on the radio a lot.  This is a really enjoyable album.....

Like taxes and chicken
Ever wonder  why this is called taxes and chicken.
Why is it sometime trees don't bother showing up at the top of certain mountains.
I recently watched the Planet of the Apes movies,  all five of them- ... The first movie is still quite good, the second not as good as it seemed,  the third not as good, the fourth somewhat daring, and the fifth is still quite a mess. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
  Edit Text

The word is out that MLB Baseball legend  Roger Clemens and at least 80 other playeras are alleged to have bought and taken steriods and/or other
performance enhancing drugs. It's sad day for baseball

Leaves 1


Strawberry Fields whenever..

Actually very little to do, but suffer....though I have a number of things hanging over me,

there is still time ...I try to imagine being in Ireland , or in Holland cos the overcast and clouds today remind of these places..I relish the thought of actually one day being on vacation...Where would I be......

I am in Dublin on an island called Ireland's eye. Iam to tired to climb to the top of the hill, and so I hang out around the Martello tower ruin..there is ledge on it....there are birds, and noises, but I am not there-there are only so many memories recorded in my brain. My mind wanders- to times of unquestionable loyality or a Strawberry festival.....and then my mind wanders to a place  I never was...

Somewhere, somehow,  I am lost elsewhere on a hill with green and golden grasses . It's a hill with a just a few trees and the subdued light of our star coloring the hill
we are having lunch with Kate Bush..., we are eating strawberries, Tab, wine and some cool sandwiches like those turkey sandwiches from Boston Markert. There are no ants. I have driven my mini vehicle to meet up with Kate, My son, is playing in the field with my wife, who is painting the sun...We encountered Kate at a shop in town, and she invited us to her farm for lunch....but all I could feel was the stress, the pain, the sense of being uncomfortable, of not wanting to be where i was.... and of not knowing a time when i would want to be somewhere that I was.....


I have been watching the DVD of the fourth season of

SCTV.. Which was the first season of the 90 minute episodes shown on NBC TV network, here in America.

Great comedy, better perhaps than I had remembered it being... So many memorable sketches.

Bob and Doug McKenzie, Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, Bob Hope and Woody Allen together, The Man Who Would Be King of the Popes, The Grapes Of Mud, and dozens of other classics....

A trip to Woods Hole
My two children and myself took a trolley trip to Woods Hole today..
Our town has a trolley service in the summer that travels the six miles between downtown Falmouth and the small village of Woods Hole... the trolley is fun for the kids.. Sadly, this year, they blocked off the entrance to the back porch of the trolley. When we got to Woods Hole , we had a picnic, and then walked over to the fabulous Woods Hole playground. At the playground the kids played whilst I had conversation with a summer visitor named Albert.  The trolley ride back to Falmouth was crowded from all the people getting off the Ferry from Martha's Vineyard. The crowds were a little scary for my two year old...

Like taxes and death...
Recently , I watched a Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate. It struck me that it doesn't really matter who it is I might like. I might like Joe Biden for his experience or Barack Obama for his charisma or John Edwards for his haircut or Bill Richardson for whatever it is one likes Bill Richardson for.... but it ,just doesn't  matter -the Bill & Hillary Clinton dynasty awaits us again  like sunrise and sunset...It's kind of scary really . I don't actually dislike Hillary as much as used too, and have no doubt she would be a competent president, but I am just getting more than a little sick of the Bush/Clinton years...and of pay to play politics....
Well I was going to write something here about Arcosanti or Tree mountain, but I am running out of time here at the library and I will have to finish this later.. ...Many days later.... Well Arcosanti is a village in Arizona founded by the futurist architect Paulo Soleri . Although the overall idea was to build an entire full siize city in one mega structure, due to lack of money, the village is more of an demonstration project of Soileri's ideas that has built with the help of his students and his supporters.. Tree Mountain is a conceptual modern art project installed by Agnes Denes. In a small town in Finland she has had planted a geometric pattern of 10,600 trees., on a manmade mountain.   .
A winter curse in the sign of Aquarius!
Ever heard of the"NASA's Winter Curse"? All of the major fatal accidents in the US Space Program have occurred in the Winter and within 27 to the 32nd  days of the calender year. 
The crew  of Apollo 1 Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee  died in a training pad accident on 27 January 1967.
The Challenger crew of Francis "Dick" Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Ronald McNair, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, and Christa McAuliffe died after liftoff on 28 January, 1986
The  Columbia crew of Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Michael P. Anderson, Laurel Clark and Ilan Ramon died on their re-entry  into the atmosphere on  1 February 2003.
Of course, that these accidents have occurred at the same time of the year is just a coincidence, and there have  many  successful launches  and flights  under the Aquarius sign.  I should also note that  there were a few other fatal accidents involving astronauts that have occurred outside this window of time, but none of these occurred in spacecraft.

Welcome to never so exciting Felpin's Pond! Where men swoon, dogs sing,  angels cry and bats bat ! Where never is the number more than you can count. Oh and Pluto and Sedna really should be  planets....
 Entries from 2007 follow (in backwards order) !
My niece and nephew came by to visit from out of state. The two of them, my older son and I went to the Heights  beach to go swimming -and  I neglected to put sunblock on some parts of my my body-and I ended up getting a bad sunburn.  Two days later I came home with worst stinging feeling all through out my back-which didn't reelly dissipate for five hours of so-it turned out I had the shingles again -it was aggravated by my sunburn.  All in all, this was one of the  more painful  experiences of my life.
Ok this is not really about pickles it's about Kiwi.

Those Darned Brits and their fancy accents!

Recently I was watching THE QUEEN which featured a really cool deer,a whole boatload of flowers, lots of people saying "Maam as in ham" , the guy who taught a pig to herd sheep and that British actress who usually strips down a lot in movies. Despite all that it was an enjoyable movie....

My wife has been watching a lot of House,MD, starring Hugh Laurie. It's a well written, Fox network show about an amazing team of doctors who can figure out any possible illness... Of course, the show is not very realistic, there never seem to be any nurses around, and no doctor would spend as much billable time on one paitent as these people do....

Since then I have watching some of Hugh Laurie's early work (The Black Adder, Jeeves and Wooster Erc.)  on British TV, and his style is somewhat different from House since he is doing comedy.


Argh! I am a pirate, too!
Recently I went to a memorial service for a 22 year old son of a co-worker. I think that this is the youngest person, that I have been to a service for. Though, I did have a friend named Rajesh who died  at around that age,  but  when he died his  parents  neglected to tell me, that he had died.
The service was held in  a Youth Camp, at a campfire setting with benches.  One by one many of his  friends got up and told stories about this fine  young man and  they told  us what a great friend he was, and how alive he was as a person.. Most of the stories were funny, and for the first time at a funeral, I heard a few people use curse words and talk about poop.
The most memorable speaker  was the young man's high school sailing coach, who asked  the mourners to voice in unison -"Argh! I am a pirate too!" This he asked to us  do whenever  he felt emotional during his little talk. 
The worst thing, of course, was seeing his family, up there together-his four sisters, mom and dad facing this great loss.
They didn't have to talk to voice their love.
After the service, the young man's four sisters sailed a small sailboat, out into the pond at this campground and distributed some his ashes in the water. The rest of his ashes were to be dispersed later in  his home state.

An interesting scene from Star Trek-The Next Generation-Where Silence Has Lease

Episode Written  by Jack Soward. 

Captain Picard is  sitting quietly when he asked bt Data-"What is Death?".

Picard: Some see it as a changing into an indestructible form, forever unchanging. They believe that the purpose of the entire universe is to then maintain that form in an earthlike garden which will give delight and pleasure through all eternity. On the other hand, there are those that hold on to the idea of us blinking into nothingness (Picard snaps his fingers), with all of our experiences and hopes and dreams merely a delusion.

Data: Which do you believe sir?
Picard: Considering the marvelous complexity of our universe, its clockwork perfection, its balances of this against that... matter, energy, gravitation, time, dimension, I believe that our existence must be more then either of these philosophies, that what we are goes beyond Euclidean or other "practical" measuring systems, and that our existence is part of a reality beyond what we understand now as reality

That was a rare cool scene from the generally mediocre first season of ST-NG


Randomness-George Harrison, R.E.M,John McCain, etc.. 
Recently I was watching a tribute concert DVD, called The Concert for George... Which of course, is a tribute to George Harrison..I always found George fascinating.....
I found the DVD to be quite enjoyable, the setting of London's Royal Albert Hall, proved to be a attractive and  stately  venue, the guest artists were mostly people who have worked  with George in the past such Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Jeff Lynne, and Monty Python. There were a few surprises for me-I ,for one  I had never heard of the British rocker, Joe Brown, who sung a few of the songs.... I had never seen before seen Ravi Shankar's daughter, Anouska Shankar, the lovely sitar player, and no one had seen Ringo and Paul McCartney play together on stage in a long time..
Have you ever  thought that maybe that the song "Man on the Moon" might have been a better song if it was about the space program and not about Andy Kaufman?

 I had a dream that I was a professional baseball player who was about to be told that it was time to retire... I am now older than most of the people that play baseball. For some reason, I could never really baseball well, I was okay  at football, soccer and track, but didn't have the hand/eye coordination to be a good baseball player.
In my dream, I was a mediocre baseball player, but of course, a mediocre professional player is still in the  top 1% of all people who play baseball.... I know there is point to this, and it goes something like this, sometimes you get older, and you realize there certain things you could never do, and also things that you can no longer do....
I never understand why American conservatives hate John McCain so much,but they do, and perhaps that's one of the many reasons people don't like Republicans as much in this country anymore.
... I had a dream that i was drinking Liptonice, the  carbonated ice tea...I wondered if it helped cause Global warming.
Today, I went to the beach with my children. It's still winter here on the Cape, so it was unusual for it to actually be warmish (50 degrees), sunny, not windy, and not icey. So we had a nice day...My youngest so threw pebbles into the water, my oldest son talked to people and to  dogs, and took his shoes off, I stared out onto the sound towards the Vineyard and enjoyed the shimmering water...
POND Entries from 2006
Christmas 2006  "Christmas time is here again!"
I am very cynical about Christmas - I am not sure  why.I know I have to make almost a conscious effort  to enjoy X-mas. This Christmas so far I have enjoyed watching my wife decorate the tree, and listening to Mariah Carey sing "All I want For Christmas For You" but  I can't seem to get enthusiastic  about my children being spoiled at Christmas-maybe I am just a Scrooge!!!!

They should call Dancing With The Stars, "Dancing With The B-list" because every year about half of the "stars" that appear on the show are people I have never heard of....


A little while ago  I noticed that somebody had messed with ALPHA-BITS cereal... Somebody decided that it had too much sugar, and decided to make ALPHA-BITTS instead with little or no sugar..They wanted make the cereal comparable  to Cheerios -that's what is said on the box... Well CHEERIOS taste pretty good without sugar, and they also taste pretty good with a spponful of sugar...but these new alpha bits tasted horrible either way-and I had to throw the whole box  away... A few weeks later  I noticed the cereal was totally discontinued from the store....
It reminds me of the fate of the original Carnation Breakfast bars which were a very yummy product found in American stores in the 1970's...
One day Carnation changed the recipe to make it more like a granola bar-and I  stopped buying them. The old bars never came back....

ok nothing here

I must admit I tend to be one of those people who are rather cynical about my country's September 11 fixation... seems that this event , these lost lives, have had a  far greater value and importance placed on them than any other recent loss of life or event that has occured. But there were many heroes that day, including the  fire fighters, policeman and the passengers on United 93 who fought back... and one cannot but  help but admire those folks.

My four year old son loves the county fair. All year , he waits for it, dreams about it  sings about it....He wants me to drive by the fairgrounds every day....The fair is a little temporary world like  Brigadoon...Soon all the rides soon will be disassembled...and sent to some other fairground. All the food and vendor carts will dissapear and only memories will remain till next year....

Time and Time again I look for time and find a clock that has a lock  and  A stock and a barrel of monkees who are punkees, not Yankees, not spankees....

Do you ever wonder why it is you sometimes you can't think of something to say!


I just figured out that people change as they get older!
The latest pictures of  actor Richard Gere show him with white hair, and I was just getting used to him with grey hair...
Here are a couple of photos of  Sarah Hughes,  the winner of the gold medal for figure skating at Salt Lake City Winter Olympics...
The first shows her  in 2002  and the second in 2005.  Her hair color which was darker when she was her in her teens was specially colored for the 2002 olympics.. At some point after the Olympics Sarah brought back the dark hair  and  gained some weight  so  she  no longer looks like a food starved waif..
What I can't figure out is why Lindsay Lohan looks so different from week to week- in the past few weeks I have seen her on  magazine covers of her which  she has  appeared as a blonde, with brown hair, and with dark black hair... It has gotten to the point where I honestly did not believe it  was Lindsay when I saw her on the most   recent cover of  PREMIERE  magazine ..... Oh well.....

We couldn't afford a picture of Lindsay Lohan !

no no this is just meaningless...but was it really...

Blank bullets and bull headed bullies. and around we go....

You, yes ,you are the jesus of cool . You are !the buddah of breaddown

and the confuscious of confusion!

the  next sentence comes soon!

walking through trash in the end times with bob barker barking orders and

in the end times with samson and the advice of request and wondering  through the aerospace,random reoccurances in the back of night the dark of night, the forth of fight, and  so we wander off into the current events right on, right off, now don't think i am nut cos king tut has a big butt, really, it was- it wasnt! Do this now or die trying, YES YOU ARE VERY TRYING  !!!!!!!

Ho ho ho it's the world in a circle without a beginning or the end, inspired and blue, and annoying glassses and various tears and the happy wayfaring wanderer who is a insider or a outsider and random teetoatler with the toadlike creatures on the fourth of july

spastic spandex spanish speedskaters so seriously sought seeking

seismic in seattle-you know that movie with Meg Ryan, whatever happened to her?


POND Entries from 2005!

Christmas is over-always so stressful getting to this point...

On the way to my Aunt's house's -there was accident on the highway-and my wife (who is a nursing student) got out and was the first responder on the scene... She stabilized three people till the ambulances and fire trucks came.

I was very impressed by her....


Here lost in today or potato chips or something...yes I am craving potato chips and soda. I am craving a worry free day ...

I am craving a sunny day on a mountain.... I am craving a "Are You Being Served Marathon"...I am craving a game of risk owith my wife....Yes, I want something!



Dick Nixon was alive when she last released an album, and here she is back finally--though she'll go back to her hermitage soon...

...Although Aerial is a double album it;s not exactly jam packed with songs...

Arty English songstress Kate Bush took for ever (12 years!) to release this, and while I miss her, I was not expecting much,.cos her last album showed that she was finally slipping...

The first CD is called Part 1, "A Sea of Honey," has a nice variety of songs covering of songs topics such as Elvis Presley worship ("King of the Mountain"), and math ("Pi") and Bush's own son ("Bertie"). Very odd indeed is "Mrs. Bartolozzi" which has a chorus of the words "Washing machine, washing machine." !!!

The second CD is , a suite called "A Sky of Honey," is boring....Hey but I hey I am boring too, worms bore, dogs snore...


Strawberry Fields whenever..

Actually very little to do, but suffer....though I have a number of things hanging over me,

there is still time ...I try to imagine being in Ireland , or in Holland cos the overcast and clouds today remind of these places..I relish the thought of actually one day being on vacation...

I am in Dublin on Ireland's eye. tired to tired to climb to the top of the hill, and so I hang out around the Martello tower ruin..

there is ledge on it....there are birds, and noises, but I am not there-there are only so many memories recorded in my brain. My mind wanders- to times of Unquestionable loyality or a Strawberry festival.....and then wander.Somewhere somehow I am lost elsewhere on a hill with green and golden grasses . It's a hill with a just a few trees and the subdued light of our star coloring the hill we are having lunch with Kate Bush..., we are eating strawberries, Tab, wine and some cool sandwiches like those turkey sandwiches from Boston Markert. There are no ants. I have driven my mini vehicle to meet up with Kate, My son, is playing in the field with my wife, who is painting the sun...We encountered Kate at a shop in town, and she invited us to her farm for lunch....but all I could feel was the stress, the pain, the sense of being uncomfortable, of not wanting to be where i was.... and of not knowing a time when i would want to be somewhere that I was......

John's Europa 1986 & 1998 Travel Journals for two European trips...

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What is this sentence doing here?

The target island -Kahoolawe

Here overlooking the east end of the pond where the old boathouse was , until the new boathouse was built, over 100 years ago...
I am musing about Hawaii. I was surfing on the web to learn about Hawaii.. Sort of like traveling without going on a plane.
I have never been to that part of the world.  I was wondering about the four lesser known of Hawaii's main eight islands . Places like Nihau, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe
Molokai has a  former leper colony that is located in the smallest county in the US- Kalawao county..
Lanai used to be the world's largest Pineapple plantation, and was almost wholly ended by the Dole Corporation. In recent years they stopped growing pineapples and instead have sold  the lucrative real estate for vacation homes.
Kahoolawe is a  former bombing range for the US military and
Nihau is an island entirely  owned by one family, and the people there live in the traditional Hawaiian way without modern conveniences...
It 's interesting to me that so many of the Hawaiian islands are off limits...

Here musing cynical about the Katerina flood...
Apparently, after failing to build levees and housing sensibly, and failing to bring help soon enough,the various governments "in charge" are now threatening to start throwing large sums of money at the problem...Reminds me of 9-11 when the overkill of reaction led to spending large sums of money on anti-terrorism measures and wars...

I am Here having a lovely can of Tab, looking at the sunset on the pond pondering the meaning of life and coming up with idea that it's all about  making a lot of money, and a having  nice car...well maybe not...

Ah summeer yes meer approacheth at the Pond of the Felpins'ssssdpsps ---and life is just as meaningless as it ever was.....

HELLO LOST SOULS, LOST FOALS, LOST COALS, Well it ryhmes at least, kinda , sorta , maybe....

Look look into the endless forest find your dreams or simply lose your mittens....! But please don't forget the hot chocolate!

January 5th 2005..       The Greetings of the Winter Chickedee
Well, hard as it may to believe, winter continues here at Felpin's Pond-the
pond is not frozen over as of yet, the temperatures have been jumping around
too much....This morning I even heard a chickedee  singing, perhaps  he just
wanted to let people know he was still around...I offered him a glass of Tab
, but apparently this bird  doesn't speak English, so instead I threw the
remains  of a donut in his general direction...I knew the product of a donut
merchant was probably not worthy of this  tuneful chickedee ,but I hated to
see the last ginger bread donut of the season go to waste....
' i!

Have a Coke and a smile
Sunset on Winter Woods

POND ENTRIES FROM 2004 follow---

Snowducks and Chocolata!

Well it snowed here at Felpin's Pond's but the winter brings some nice sunsets and we still get deliveries of Coke, Tab and Fanta Grape to all the folks here at the Pond! I  nurse a mug of hot chocolata , as I glance  out onto Felpin's Pond from the East porch of the Summer House..  Small geese are circling around the the old boat house in search of their hopes , dreams and breakfast. My chocolata looks back at me in wonder.
Why are we here, I ask myself-not really expecting an answer-I suppose I
don't ask that question as much as I did when I was young....I think I did actually did expect an answer when I was young. The geese fly off but a fleet, a flock , a gaggle  nay a google of ducks swim toward the old boat house, I am surprised they are out in the snow maybe they aresnowducks... the might snowducks

I was almost lost in the snowduck  moment, but the telephone rings and some annoying caller leaves their message on my automated answerer....and the peaceful moment is gone....

Dave Benway's New Album
Chairs courtesy of Ikea!

"Not trying to be mass sensation just trying to live up to the allegations...."

Well the decoration in brown is actually the cover of a CD by D.Benway.... THE CD IS CALLED SONGS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE

D. Benway is actually DAVE Benway, and he is the former leader of the punk band WHAT. Here on his first solo album he takes a lot of interesting and refreshing turns ...Ah to actually be creative...Dave hails from Kingston, Massachusetts. He is a great songwriter and interesting guy! His album was brought to the Pond by the fine folks at Afflicted Records...

Cheese Wheel, Spinning


Calm reflections upon the  2004 USA Presidential election.... Ah calm, calm
like a soothing glass of Tab...
Ah, Four more years of George Dubya  Bush... Don't really like the guy, but
it often seems that the American public likes to pick guys I don't much
like....Senator Kerry seems in many ways the taller guy , but the fact of
the matter is people from the south, the mountain states, and the American
heartland tend not to vote for Massachusetts liberals....even tall ones with
rich wives.  George W. Bush's performance as President has been quite
mediocre, but he does have strong convictions which at the end of the day,
tends to make one a  good leader.
Some  voters put a surprising level of an importance on Bush stands on
certain social issues. Abortion, gun rights, the rights of the criminally
rich to keep their money, Gay marriage etc.
Various states, had referendums to ban gay marriage and this brought the
religious right to the polls... The USA ,as a whole,  is perhaps
understandably , not ready for gay marriage. But fifty years from now ,
observers  will  probably think heterosexuals of the early 21st century
preety bigoted for not allowing their gay and lesbian sisters and brothers
to not enjoy the same rights they have. History will probably judge George
Bush poorly for playing politics with the civil rights of gay and
The war in Iraq  has troubled many people, Republicans and Democrats alike,,
since it has gone  poorly, and more and more seems like a war that was not
in the best interest of the American people. But, John Kerry did not make a
very persuasive case that he could improve the situation in Iraq, and that
may be in the final analysis what kept  George Dubya  Bush in office...
Satisfy your thirst with a  nice warm glass of Sprite!

Thoughts on Waiting for Winter here at Felpin's Pond in the fabulous USA! November 2004

Well it's almost winter at Felpin's Pond. The colorless meaty vegatation is starting to assume it's fallish winter colors. I see a fast duck and slow deer...And my mind wanders And so I wander through the universe on a blue covered rock in search of a dream or at least at very least we hope to find our shoes...or at least the end of our sentence ....
.....Pookie, I want to tell a story about a Pooh named Boo! and the day that he met
Maisy who was a duck who lived with a buck named chuck ,they lived very well on a government subsidy-the end....



Well the folks here at Felpin's Pond are all hot and bothered about very little at all cos it's damn cold here-especially in my socks....
September  9, 2004....Well it's nearly a 50 degrees outside. Of course, where iit is really cold is in is inside my shoes I have no heating in my shoes. I am Wondering aimlessly  through a DVD of the first classic season of Battlestar Galatica. The third episode reminds me of Finnigan's Wake. My dog is doing
doing errands. Ah my life is fascinating.... well maybe it is not!!! Tthey should bring back those old non granola bar versions of the Chocolate Chip Carnation Breakfast Bars!!!
Or MAYBE SO!!!!!Maybe not
AUGUSTA 2004 -Yes Augustam not August !!!!
The dog days are here... Have a hot dog!

It's hot, it 's hot I am going to melt like whipping cream and savage spotted
wayward tigers , smells like hope like string cheese , like fiberglass ,like
Ah for the blues of winter and of St.Louis!!!!
October  12,2004  

I went out to dinner with my agent a few nights back. He wanted to get a  dinner  so we went to the Snipppy's restaurant on the Firth of Forth . In the restaurant lobby there were a couple of large cardboards signs with photos of Paris Hilton and Edgar Rice Burroughs. I really don't know why.... . Very sad!

What follows are some thrilling bits from the first few episodes of Felpin's Pond (July 11, 1999 -MARCH 2000)  

Flipping Felpin's Festive Pond
(sorry ran out of alliteration)
It's Getting Better (It can't get any worse)

I found myself trying to sing the blues Wednesday night. I don't know any blues songs ,but I was
deeply depressed about something, and it got
to the point where the only way thing I could
do was sing, What came out of my mouth was startling ., I think ,I for the first time at least partly understood, what the blues are about .
Pain can be so real, so uncontrollable, that you have to reach into another part of your being just find a way to channel all that negative energy into something you have control of.

I sang in a really low gutteral but resonant l voice, but it came out not sounding like my voice at all. I sounded like a very bad Bessie Smith imitator,but it made feel better to hear such a totally different voice.


Do I like Saturdays?

I am not a fan of Saturdays. I wish I were because, the the popular view is that Saturdays
are a good thing. I often wish I held the popular
view of things because then I wouldn't seem
so cynical to people.

I have always worked in Retail stores, so
that skews my view a little since I often
work on Saturday and get my days off
on weekdays.

I think I prefer Thursdays & Fridays, to Saturdays. The anticipation of the weekend
is often a better feeling than actually experiencing
the weekend itself.

Televsion shows are usually quite horrid on
Saturday. All the usual weekday programming
is jettsioned. Saturday prime time viewing
is lowest on Saturday, as a result network
programmers seldom placetheir best
shows on Saturday.

Post offices and many other places of
businesses like doctors offices are often
closed or closed early on Saturday.

It also said by people who work during the
week that the weather is always the worst
on Saturday.

But back to cynicism. Is it satisfying to be a
cynic? Generally not, unless your a witty
lovable cynic., most cynics are not.
Oh well.

Faith is telling yourself it's Ok to be miserable (LOL)

"Holding onto Faith can be quite a struggle" John
thought as he mused pointlessly whilst looking at
the blue-page builder screen.
"I'm not sure I believe that God wants
me to be happy"-John thought.

Perhaps, John was nowhere near having the depth of faith that he was seeking.
"It's a fight" he thought.
"Does God really intend me to be happy" .
Perhaps happiness is not all that God intended
us to experience out of life. With a sigh, John thought " I must preservere, I will perservere!
I just wish I didn't have to sing a happy song
to brighten my sour mood so much.

I left my tooth in New Bedford

I Had one of my back teeth taken out today.
This tooth has already had two root canals'
done on it. I hate driving into New Bedford
for anything ,but it was a such a nice day that
even New Bedford looked nice.

The procedure was done in what looked like
a Victorian Mansion that had been tastefully
renovated. The top of tooth is gone. So
the oral surgeon didn't have a easy time
getting it out. IT came out in two pieces.
It broke during the pulling. The removal
of the first piece was painful, the second
piece just took a long, long time, he had to
loosen it, I was afraid he was going to have
to cut it out. Thankfully he didnt have to operate.
Now I have this big blood- filled hole in my gums.


Joe's Garden at Felpin's Pond

Drought has struck the garden, so there doesn't
seem to be much of anything growing!

Valkommen-come sit a spell! 


I went over to Silver Shell Beach to get in some
much neglected swimming. The beach is only
two blocks down the road from where I live but
I think I have only swam there about 8 times in 3 years.
I do go walking to it frequently in the winter-
but a walk is a slightly more spur of the moment
thing then a swim. Ah but I digress from the point
of this whole document. They call each of the
items on this page documents. They call
Alabama the Crimson tide...oops this isnt
a Steely Dan song.

Anyway, I went swimming after the lifeguards
had left for the day. I expected the water to
be cold but it was fine. It was such a joy to
swim with the sun setting onto the water.
There were people there-Marion types walking
on the beach, one or two even swimming.
What's a Marion type you ask. They are people
who live in Marion . Wareham types are people
who live in Wareham and well so on....
Only Marion residents are alllowed to visit
Marions' vast group of beaches.


As I was leaving the Marion police came by-to
patrol the beach seeking out residents of other
towns or non-citizens such as dogs .Dogs are
not allowed on the beach in the summer.
The police guy shouted at a miscreant owner
to get his black dog off the beach. The owner
shouted back to him "Even now?" referring to
thet time of day (not the Barry Manilow album).. The dog owner was perfectly
pleasent but he didnt exactly rush to remove
his dog from the beach and I overheard the
dog owner whining when the police officer
finally left after having waited the five minutes
for dog to leave...
Well I also will leave for the moment....



More from Joe's Garden at Felpin's Pond

Out of the way or perhaps kind of in the way is
Joe's Garden at Felpin's Pond..Here's the news..

HERE EAST OF THE PECOS-feel free to have
that extra glass of ice water!

That was the message from town hall-but our
Zuccinni was already in advanced state of
being not very advanced!

Oops nothing here
No really nothing.



Listen to the frogs !
Listen to the crickets!
Go inside and watch the tube!

De-cats-ember 1999

Some Cats East of the Pecos!


We are trying to avoid putting up Holiday decorations here at Felpin's Pond so instead
we offer for your edification -lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots of cats!!!!

Luna the cat

I am sitting here wondering what's going on with Luna!
Luna is my wife's  cat. Luna is a sweet and gentle cat normally but in the past two weeks she has become almost feral. Often now , if you get near to her she will start hissing, and getting viiolent -it's very disturbing! HISSSSS!!!!

Lost Ideas from Planet Cat

A friend of mine,Scott Glenwood has often told me that he sometimes wished he carried a tape recorder around with him so
that he could save all those good ideas he found
that he would come up with. (gosh that's a lot of he's!)

Scott Glenwood finds it annoying that he tends to forget these ideas. When he first started saying this I would tell him one of the few things I learned from Bjorn Ulvaeus. Bjorn (of the group ABBA) would say that when writing songs that he and his partner did not find it necessary to record the music that they were writing. They wouldn't write down the notes (they didn't know how to write musical notation) or even make demos. Bjorn says that if the stuff was good that they would remember it. That made some sense to me,-after all you would think a really good idea will stay with you.

However, as I have gotten older , my short term
memory has gotten worse, and so I have begun to agree with Scott that even a good idea will often dissapear if you dont make note of them the
minute you think of them.

I can think of a few times this past week that
I had some fairly interesting ideas ,but most
of these ideas I have gone a missing.
The only recent idea I could retain was rather
weird - I thought about wriitng a sci-fi story
about a planet of friendly cannibals. Augh!


ARE THERE ANY Cats East of the Pecos!





I moved to where I currently live on 11-11-96. It hardly seems like three years....
Speaking of date's Friday's date is special
to wit..

19/11/1999 is an odd day (with all digits being odd). We won't see another odd day until 1/1/3111. The next even day will be 2/2/2000, the first since 28/08/888.

That surprises that we go so long between
such days.!!!!

Calm thoughts...

What thoughts calm you? I was trying to conjure
up thoughts of things that calm me, but perhaps
I am not calm very often...

Petting a cat is almost guaranteed to calm me. guaranteed.
Hmm...but I can't think of anything else that calms me!

There was something in the air that night...

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Or simply click your fingers and turn into a
piece of pumpernickel bread! Try it, it's fun!


What in the world is Felpin's Pind?

Felpin's Pind? Felpin's Pin? Felpuns Pons..
. Well a particulary duil time here at Felpin's
Pond . No , we don't call it a Pind.It's a Pond
...My my no reallly dull around here. Yup ,yup dullsville.......................................burp...............................................................................drool .......................................oh I let my finger fall sleep,.

Anyway, Felpin's Pond is a state of mind,
a mindless state, a state of grace, it's as
stately as stately Wayne Mansion, and
as real as Wayne's World! The residents
of Felpin's Pond spend their days mulling
the state of the world . Indeedy-do!

This heading has no purpose and it's not a porpoise, purposely,since being
a porpoise would serve no purpose!


Here have some pepper.

Why do have the feeling that this is filler?
Why do have a feeling that a filling is filler.
Why do feel that the pepper jar is full.
Because this is filler and I have had my fill.

Candles on the water, New Years 2000

Happy New Year from Marion, Massachusetts. Marion is a little town on the Southern shore of Massachusetts it's not far from Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. I went to the beach to greet the New Year. Marion's beach is on Sippican harbour which isn't far from Buzzards Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

I was nearly alone, but not totally. In a couple of houses near the beach I could hear revelers. And of course, there were lights (about 20 or so ) along the horizon. I wanted simply to look at the stars and the water, as the New Year came upon me, but I could hear the revelers counting down
the seconds as the new year came upon us in the distant house.

Eventually, about twenty minutes after Midnight a group of about 20 people came walking down to the beach with candles .Eventually they walked over to the water with their candles.

      They placed three candles in lantern bags that they floated out onto the water. The group then proceeded to float 9 or so other candles (not in lantern bags) out into the water. After a couple of minutes the three lantern candles started to form a line as they headed out into the harbor.
the other nine candles stayed closer to shore. Within a couple of minutes the candles had a formed a pattern. The candles formed a peace
sign. It was so incredible.
Peace and Happy New Year,
John Bernhardt

Today's thoughts

Thoughts on a not rainy day.
It was not raining on that not rainy day.
It was not snowing on that very white day.
There were no bird songs when i heard the chirping. There was just something.
Something that couldn't be grasped.
It couldnt be smelled.
Perhaps it could be felt.
Perhaps in the sunlight or the sound
of those non chirping birds ,
or that non rainy day something
could be felt.
"Chirp, Chirp" said the occasional bird.

Was that supposed to be a poem or what?

On looking out at stars

Most nights I find myself summoned for my
evening walk by my good friend,Tawny.
Tawny claws at the door hoping that I will join him for a walk. I feel on occasion the obligation to
accede to this urgent request.

We don't walk very far, we never leave the cosy confines of Pawkechatt Way. Tawny will stop
walking and flip over on his back in the way that
cats do. Tawny will claw at fences or find a bird
to look at, or climb on a rock or sit next to me on
a stone bench in the driveway. When I am not
occupied with Tawny I look out into the stars
seeking out spirits in the night. Or I muse
about the ridiculous vastness of the universe.
Or I simply moan to myself about how blurry
the stars are . I wonder if cats ever look at the
stars .

Or simply click your fingers and turn into a
piece of pumpernickel bread! Try it, it's fun!

Or simply click your fingers and turn into a
piece of pumpernickel bread! Try it, it's fun!

You are now leaving the jurisdiction
Go in peace!

Not valid where prohibited by law.

AS is this!

Visit Felpin's Pond Diner you'll be glad you did.
Try some of our Felpin Fillet's .

A pond is a pond is a pind no a pin

They tell me I have been here before, but I really don't remember.

Strike a pose, merit a raise, and raise a drink to the old fart next to ya! ALL RIGHT THERE IS NO MORE THIS THE END OF THE PAGE_GO HOME!!!

ubangi stomp circus

Filler again!


crumbly reality strikes down the aging computer and says hi

Oh and by the way -this is also filler.

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