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ABBA's Spanish and other Non-English language recordings 1972-1995 (more recent releases may not be included.

(ABBA SPANISH Traduccion espanila generada maquina de esta paginas (Spanish TRANSLATION OF THIS PAGE)

Yes kids, it's ABBA's recordings in Spanish,German, Swedish,

ABBA Swedish language recordings 1972-1975

Abba German, French recordings 1973-1974

-ABBA-GRANDES EXITOS Volume 2 1979 Released on LP

-ABBA-Gracias Por La Musica 1980 Available on CD

ABBA-albums with Spanish versions instead of English versions

-ABBA -ORO 1992 Available on CD in many markets
-ABBA-MAS ORO 1993 Available on CD in many markets
-ABBA-THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC (known also as THE BOX SET) 4CD set 1994 Available worldwide on CD
-Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida- PA Svenska 1994 Available on Swedish CD
-ABBA -The Singles Collection 1972-1982 ("tin biscuit box set")

ABBA-The Complete Singles Collection November 1999 German 2CD set

ABBA-ORO-REMASTERED (Expanded version)2000

ABBA-ABBA ORO Edición Del 10' Aniversario

ABBA-TODO ABBA, sus grandes exitos...CD/DVD OCTOBER 2004 Spain and other markets

ABBA -Exitos Eternos Summer 2005 International CD

Mamma Mia El musical basado en las conciones de ABBA, Universal 602498729410, Spanish CD 2005

ABBA-The Complete Recording Sessions 2005



 ABBA Swedish language recordings 1972-1975

You might wonder if ABBA did Swedish language versions of all their records. After all, Agnetha, Bjorn , and Frida recorded most of their pre-ABBA recordings in Swedish. But, surprisingly, ABBA recorded only a handul of their songs in their own mother tongue...They usually left it to other artists to record Swedish versions of ABBA songs..

Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida- PA Svenska Release 1994 Limited availiability on Swedish CD

This is as close as we get to an ABBA Swedish language album.This 18 song compilation features songs by five songs by Agnetha, four by Björn and Benny, five by Frida and four by ABBA .
All of the songs date from 1970 to 1976.

Although PA SVENSKA was not released till 1994 it is really the only multiple artist compilation of the Pre- ABBA years .
Polar never tried to do anything like this in the 1970's.

There are four ABBA tracks here-the Swedish versions of "Waterloo",
" Ring Ring" and "Honey Honey' as well as the rare Swedish 1973 b-side-"Ah Vilka Tider."

"Ah Vilka Tilder" was never recorded in English. "Ring Ring & "Ah Vilka Tider"
are credited to Agnetha ,Björn ,Benny and Anni-Frid.

"Ah Vilka TILDER" along with Björn and Benny's "Att finnas till",and
"En Karusell" (a Swedish version of "Merry Go Round " )were only available on this CD, at the time this album was released...

After 1974, ABBA stopped recording their hits into Swedish. However, Frida
would record a Swedish version of "Fernando" for her FRIDA ENSAM album
(the song was orginally intended for her and not for ABBA) Likewise, Agnetha
did" SOS" and "Disillusion" in Swedish for her 1975 ELVA KVINNOR... album.
Many other Swedish artists ,including Polar artists like Svenne & Lotta recorded
Swedish versions of ABBA songs as well.

There are four pre-ABBA Agnetha songs here, all of which are available elsewhere
on her CD's . These songs all seem to have at least one of the other Abba members
on them-notice the ABBA sound on the the chorus to "Drom ar Drom och Saga

Two of Frida's solo songs are available on CD only here. These would be both sides of Frida's 1972 Polar single "Man Vill Leva lite Dessmellan" /"Ska Man Skratta Eller Grata" single . These two songs were seemingly written by Italians but translated by Stig. Anderson.This album is subtitled- Stikkan Anderson picks Polars Pearls. So in theory ,Stig made the track selections.

Three songs were chosen from Frida's FRIDA ENSAM album these are " Fernando" of course ",Som en Sparv" and "Vill Du lana en man" (The Most Beautiful Girl In the World )

Ring Ring -1973 German, Swedish and English versions singles...

"Ring Ring " was actually recorded in four languages, the Spanish version was left unreleased till 1993's MAS ORO album.. ABBA also recorded and released a German version of "Another Town, Another ,Train" which released originally as a b-side...

" Ring Ring " was called "Bara Du Slog En Signal "in Swedish and was released both as as single and asa track on the original Swedish LP of RING RING The b-side of Bara Du Slog En Signal " was "Ah vilka Tider" which was the only song that ABBA recorded only in Swedish that was released commercially.that had no English langauge equivalent..

"Waterloo"March/ April 1974 French , English Swedish and German versions various singles

"Waterloo" was also recorded in four languages. A Spanish language version was also considered but not recorded. "Waterloo" was the only song ABBA recorded in French...I have to imagine it was Stig Anderson who suggested recording this song in so many different languages-he wanted to leave no stone in the efforts to break ABBA...

"Honey Honey" April 1974 Swedish version

This was released as the b-side to the Swedish version of "Waterloo"... ..

although it's hard to see why that was necessary with lyrics as as simple as this... and so ABBA gave up on making German, French of Swedish versions of their songs at his point...

"Chiquittita (Spanish version)/various B-sides Spring 1979 Single release Released in numerous territories..

Estoy Sonado"/b/w various b-sides ....Fall 1979 Single release Released in numerous territories..

ABBA were told that recording songs in Spanish, might heLP improve their sales in Latin America, and Spain . So, a Spanish Version of "Chiquittita " was duly recorded in March 1979..It proved successful and a Spanish version of "I have A Dream" called "Estoy Sonado" was also recorded and released later in 1979.


ABBA's later recordings in Swedish were all obscure recordings, that were not intended for general release...

Sång till Görel (private release) 1979

Privately released 12 inch single given in June 1979 as a tribute to Polar Vp Ms. Gorel Hanser, and a very good record,worthy of release.

Hovas Vittne 1981
Tiveds Hambo (instrumental version)1981

This two sided record was privately issued in January 1981 This was a tribute record for Stig this time, not as good as "Sang to Gorel" but still listenable. There was also a tribute record done for Stig's wife to Gudrun ,but that is not that interesting...

Tiveds Hambo (vocal version) 1986 (unreleased)Swedish TV recording.

The last time A,B,B, F sang professionally together was on Tv tribute to Stig Anderson.

It was a ragged barely rehearsed version of an old Stig Anderson song.....Touching really....Of course they hated the greedy bastard at that point, but we wont get into that....

ABBA-GRANDES EXITOS Volume 2 Late 1979 Released on LP

This was Greatest Hits Volume 2 as it was released in some Spanish speaking markets. It uses the same ugly grey cover as Hits 2 but has the Spanish instead of the English versions of "I Have A Dream"and "Chiquittita". Thus, this was the first album to feature ABBA's Spanish language recordings.. Subsequent ABBA albums would be issued in a similar manner with some Spanish language tracks substituing for English language tracks...There would be also on occasion local compilation albums released in Spanish speaking markets that would feature Spanish and Enlgish language tracks mixed together...

ABBA live unreleased track

Abba performed "I have a dream" in Japan. during their 1980 concert tour... Only the childrens' choir sang their part of the song in Japanese....Preety cool huh....

ABBA-Gracias Por La Musica June 1980 Available on CD

A specially recorded album of Spanish versions of ten ABBA songs that was put together after a Spanish language versions of "Chiquittita " and "I Have A Dream" broke ABBA commercially in Latin America. In early, 1980 Anna, and Frida found the time to record 8 more Spanish vocal tracks to dub onto the backing tracks of the original English versions of previously recorded ABBA songs. Some of the instrumentation (notably on "Dancing Queen")seems be different than the original English tracks but this was due to the remixing process (none of the original instrumentation was rerecorded.)
These new mixes in general seem sloppier than the the original English versions.

It seems that not every single backing vocal track was recreated in Spanish , so the recordings are not as dense. The Spanish version of "Move On' omits Björn's spoken prologue. Björn and Benny had little involvement in this project leaving it to the girls & Michael B. Tretow to run the vocal sessions.The girls & Tretow got no production credit. This is the only time B&B were not actively involved in the making of an ABBA record.

Buddy and Mary McCloskey did most of the translations and according to Spanish
speakers they only did a fair job. The ten songs chosen to be translated ranged from 1974 to 1979. The songs were chosen for their appropriateness for the Latin markert ,so some non-hits were chosen.

This album has been released on CD both in it's original form and was reissued in 1993 as ABBA ORO. ABBA would also record Spanish versions of two songs from
UPER TROUPER and two songs from the THE VISITORS . These would be made available on the MAS ORO CD.

Recently, Universal (the latest owners of the ABBA catalogue) have
reissued ORO in many territiories with the five Spanish tracks from MAS ORO as bonus tracks. In 2005 these tracks were compiled as again as Exitos Eternos

The original album cover features ABBA in ghastly pastel jumpsuits overladen
unto what appears to a be a large airmail letter. Really....The tile track was a hit in Mexcio in 1980.

Gracias Por La Música track listing:

Gracias Por La Música ( "Thank You For The Music") /Reina Danzante ( "Dancing Queen")
Al Andar ("Move On") /Dame! Dame! Dame! ( "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)") /Fernando (Spanish version) / Estoy Soñando ( "I Have A Dream")
. Mamma Mía (Spanish version) /Hasta Mañana (Spanish version)
. Conociéndome, Conociéndote ("Knowing Me, Knowing You")/
. Chiquitita (Spanish version)

 ABBA-albums with Spanish versions instead of English versions

ABBA- Voulez-Vous -Mid 1979 Spanish LP

This has only the Spanish verion of "Chiquitita" since the Spanish version" of I have a Dream" was recorded too late to be included....

ABBA -Super Trouper Late 1980 Argentine LP possibly other territories

Supposedly, the Argentine versions of this album included the Spanish language versions of Happy New Year (called Felicidad ) and Andante, Andante ,the rest of the tracks are in English.

ABBA -The Visitors Late 1981 Argentine LP possibly other territories

Supposedly, the Argentine versions of this album included the two Spanish tracks- Se Me Esta Escapando( Slipping through My Fingers) ,No Hay a Quien CuLPar (When All is Said and done),the rest of the tracks are in English.

ABBA-THE SINGLES-THE FIRST TEN YEARS LAte 1982 2LP Argentina vinyl release

Same story , On This version of ABBA-The Singles, six of the Spanish lanuage versions of were ABBA's hits were put in place of the English versions. The remaining tracks are in Englis


ABBA-ABBA INTERNATIONAL 1982 ?Released on German CD ,but no longer available.

Not every ABBA compilation album was stupid, redundant and pointless, there
have a been few that actually used good
ideas. The idea behind this compilation was to throw in some of ABBA's non-English
recordings with some b-sides and hits.

This CD was originated in Germany by Polygram.This CD is no longer available but at the time of it's release it provided the CD debuts for a number of ABBA's rare tracks. About half of the tracks were the usual hits like "Dancing Queen" ,though on a couple of the tracks were shorter edits were used (which at the time of release was more interesting than aggravating) .

This CD has the German versions of "Ring Ring" and Another Town Another Train", The Spanish version of "Chiquitiita", the French Version of "Waterloo" and three non- album B-sides -"Happy Hawaii"."Take A chance On Me "(live),and "I Wonder (live)'. All of these tracks were not widely available
on CD at the time.

The original cassette version of this included five additonal tracks, one of which was the then hard-to find b-side-""Crazy World".So the record company tries hard, but they lose points for leaving out some of the other foreign language tracks such as the Swedish versions of" Waterloo",Ring Ring and "Honey Honey".


Track listing -Ring ring (German vers.) *Honey Honey, Intermezzo No1/Waterloo(French) *The Visitors/Take A Chance On Me (Live) /Gimme X3/I've Been Waiting for You/Happy Hawaii/SOS/Rock N Roll Band/ *Crazy World/People Need Love/*Mamma Mia/ Wer Im Wartesaal er Liebe Steht(German vers. of Another Town, Another Train/Rock Me/ The Winner Takes it All/ I Wonder (Live ver.) Eagle (edit) *Voulez-Vous/ Dancing Queen/I Have A Dream -*CASSETTE Only tracks

Editors note-the CD doesn't have a copyright date-so I havent been able to confirm the release date. Sources also list this disc as having been released in 1984, 1988 and 1989...

ABBA -ORO (orginal version)1992 Available on CD in many markets

Seemingly by the cover you would think this was , the Spanish version of ABBA Gold. After all, in Spanish ORO means Gold).

In reality, this is just a reissue with a different cover of GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA. GRACIAS of course, didn't
include Spanish versions of all of ABBA's hits. The songs that were chosen
were the ones that seemed to work best in Spanish. It appears also that
an effort was made to pick tracks from each year. The ten tracks are in a different
running order than on GRACIAS.

The cover is a slight variation on the ABBA GOLD design.The cover design is Gold & Black instead of Black and Gold. There are liner notes in Spanish by John Tobler which talk about ABBA's impact

In November of 1999 this was first reissued in Spain with the five tracks from MAS
ORO tacked on , as well as a new cover and remastered sound. Other countries followed...

Original track lineup 1. Fernando 2. Chiquitita 3. Gracias Por La Musica 4. La Reina Del Baile 5. Al Andar 6. Dame! Dame! Dame! 7. Estoy Sonando 8. Mamma Mia 9. Hasta Manana 10. Conociendome, Conociendote

ABBA-MAS ORO Mid 1993 Available on CD in many markets,but phased out

This features the remaining Spanish language tracks ("Ring Ring"," Slipping Through My Fingers','Happy New Year' 'Andante,Andante' and 'When All Is Said and Done").

The vocals for the latter four tracks were recorded as part of the work for the SUPER TROUPER, and THE VISITORS albums.
The Spanish vocals for "Ring Ring' were supposedly recorded in 1973 (according to the PALM book). That somebody was thoughtful enough to dig up the Spanish language recording of"Ring Ring" (which had never been released) showed a rare thoroughness on the part of Polydor.

It does seem a little strange that no Spanish recordings were made for "One of Us"
or "The Winner Takes It All'. Or for that matter "Put On Your White Sombrero"!
So all five Spanish tracks here were actually recorded close to the time of their
English counterparts. (The tracks on ORO except for "Chiquitita and "I have a Dream' had all been recorded well after the English versions .)

ABBA's total Spanish repertoire is found on ORO and MAS ORO.
We find we end up with a total of 15 Spanish versions of ABBA songs . All of ABBA''s original albums were represented in the 15 songs except for ABBA-THE SINGLES-The First Ten Years.

To fill up the rest of the CD space on MAS ORO Polydor included English versions of five other songs that had been available in Spanish versions on ORO. .The cover for MAS ORO is similiar toMORE ABBA GOLD. However unlike More ABBA Gold or ORO there are is no liner commentary.

MAS ORO became obsolete when the fifteen track ORO was issued
in all Spanish speaking markets..In the reissue -ORO now includes
the five Spanish tracks included here.

1.Chiquitita 2..Fernando 3. Dancing Queen 4. Knowing Me, Knowing You 5. Mamma Mia -all English versions

6.FeliCDad 7. Andate 8. Se Me Esta Escapando 9. No Hay a Quien CuLPar 10.Ring Ring (all Spanish versions)

ABBA-THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC (known also as THE BOX SET) 4CD set October 1994 Available worldwide on CD

ABBA's box set includes some of their rare
Non-English language tracks. Some fans might have preferred more unreleased material instead of foreign language tracks. Most fans would just as soon have both-but of course ,no one asks the fans.

A unreleased abridged demo of the early Swedish version of "Fernando" is included here..

Included here are "Honey Honey" in Swedish, "Waterloo " in a combination
French/Swedish mix, and "Ring Ring' in "Swedish/Spanish/German mix.
Talk about song butchering!

Also we get to hear ( in a rare concssion to history) the Swedish language track "Hej Gamle Man" the first track to feature all four future ABBA members. Prior to the box set ABBA had never released Swedish language tracks outside of Scandinavia.

Sadly, many of ABBA's other rare Swedish
only recordings like "Sang to Gorel", "Tividshambo, "Hovas Vittne" etc . were not included on this album or any other reissue CD. You can get some of ABBA's Swedish tracks on the PA Svenska CD, which of course, was only released in Scandanavia.

Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida- PA Svenska 1994 Available on Swedish CD

(See review above)

 MAMMA MIA -The musical 1999 and beyond...

Mamma Mia, premeired in April 1999-and within a few years translated versions have cropped up in Spanish, German, Swedish and Dutch,...For more information about these see our MAMMA Mia page.....


ABBA -The Singles Collection 1972-1982 also known as the that pricey thing... 1999 Limited Edition CD set

ABBA for the independently wealthy. Actually this is also referred to as the Tin
biscuit collection or some such nonsense.
This box set features all of ABBA's singles as they were released in the German markert, but this time reproduced on CD.

In honor of the 25th anniversery of ABBA's victory at Eurovision this set was graced
with all four versions of "Waterloo". Yup that's "Waterloo" in French, German,
English and Swedish".

A second edition of this set has been manufactured that rather bizarrely leaves out the two "Waterloo" bonus singles. If you must get the this set get the first edition!

ABBA-THE Complete Singles Collection November 1999 German 2CD set
This is new 2CD set released in Germany by our
heroes, Polydor... Local markets often like to have locally issued compilation albums This set,is the first CD to have has all three German language ABBA recordings on it.

Tracks include:
DISC ONE (18 tracks)
People Need Love / Ring, Ring/. Waterloo / Waterloo (German Version) / Honey Honey/. So Long/. I Do x 5 / S.O.S.. Mamma Mia / Fernando/ Dancing Queen / Money, Money, Money / Knowing Me, Knowing You /The Name Of The Game / Take A Chance On Me / Eagle / Thank You For The Music / Summer Night City
DISC TWO (15 tracks)
Chiquitita / Does Your Mother Know / Voulez Vous/ Gimme x 3/ I Have A Dream / The Winner Takes It All / Super Trouper/. Lay All Your Love On Me / One Of Us / Head Over Heels / The Day Before You Came/ Under Attack / Ring, Ring (German Version) /Happy New Year / Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht (German vers. of Another Town Another Train/



ORO was rereleased with a new black cover with the signeratures of the group.

This new version was remastered and includes as bonus tracks the five additonal

Spanish language songs first released on MAS ORO. ("Ring Ring"," Slipping Through My Fingers','Happy New Year' 'Andante,Andante' and 'When All Is Said and
Done"). Thus this is now the essential Spanish language ABBA recording to buy.


1. Fernando 2. Chiquitita 3. Gracias Por La Musica 4. La Reina Del Baile 5. Al Andar 6. Dame! Dame! Dame! 7. Estoy Sonando 8. Mamma Mia 9. Hasta Manana 10. Conociendome, Conociendote11. Felicidad 12. Andante, Andante 13. Se Me Esta Escapando 14. No Hay A Quien CuLPar 15.Ring Ring\

ABBA-RING RING (REMASTERED VERSION) 2001 CD & Limited Edition Digipak

This iincludes the Swedish version of "Ring Ring", but there was room to include "Ah Vilka Tider (B-side)" but ot was left off.Yet another repackaging of this album. This time a significant number of bonus tracks are included. The previous CD edition did not include bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are "Merry Go Round", "Santa Rosa" and the Swedish version of "Ring Ring". "She's My Kind of Girl" is retained as a track..."Santa Rosa" is perhaps the worst ABBA song ever recorded and should have been melted.

1. Ring Ring; 2. Another Town, Another Train; 3. Disillusion; 4. People Need Love; 5. I Saw It In The Mirror; 6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina; 7. Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough); 8. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother; 9. He Is Your Brother; 10. She's My Kind Of Girl; 11. I Am Just A Girl; 12. Rock'n Roll Band;

Extra tracks: 13. Merry-Go-Round; 14. Santa Rosa; 15. Ring Ring (Bara du slog en signal)

ABBA- WATERLOO-Remastered Edition 2001 CD and Limited edition Digipak

This remastered., redesigned edition includes new liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm .The track listing was reshuffled back to the way it should have been.(some versions of this album were released with tracks in the wrong order). "Watch Out" now comes ahead of "What About Livingston". The three bonus tracks are the US remix of "Ring Ring" and the Swedish versions of "Waterloo" and "Honey Honey". This is the first major appearance on CD for the US remix version of "Ring Ring" which was actually released in 1974.

1. Waterloo; 2. Sitting In The Palmtree; 3. King Kong Song; 4. Hasta Mañana; 5. My Mama Said; 6. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On); 7. Honey, Honey; 8. Watch Out; 9. What About Livingstone; 10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong; 11. Suzy-Hang-Around;

extra tracks: 12. Ring Ring (US remix ); 13. Waterloo (Swedish); 14. Honey, Honey (Swedish) all not released before on prior remasterings .


ABBA-ABBA ORO Edición Del 10' Aniversario 2003

Preety much the same thing as last time though this one has the liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm in English and Spanish. Has the same fifteen tracks as the 2000 remaster.

ABBA- Waterloo 30th anniversary edition -2004 CD/DVD set

A new edition of this album with five bonus tracks and a bonus DVD, and a 20 page booklet...Great perhaps , though one grows tired of these constant flawed reissues of the same albums, each time with some small new thing... The bonus tracks include all four language versions of "Waterloo" as well as the 1974 US remix of "Ring Ring". The bonus DVD has four TV performances including the Waterloo as perfomed at the Eurovision song contest.


12. Ring Ring (US Remix 1974)13 Waterloo (Swedish version)14. Honey, Honey (Swedish version)
15. Waterloo (German version)16. Waterloo (French version)


Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest, BBC)/ Waterloo (Melodifestivalen, SVT)
/ Honey, Honey (Star Parade, ZDF) /Hasta Mañana (Señoras y Señores, RTVE)

ABBA-TODO ABBA, sus grandes exitos...CD/DVD OCTOBER 2004 Spain and other markets

A sound and vision release for the Spanish speaking markert. This two disk package features a mixture of English, and Spanish language versions ...One CD and one DVD...Liner notes are no tby C.M. Palm but by a Juaquin Luque....

Each Track is found on both the CD and DVD:

1. Waterloo
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. Mamma Mia
4. Dancing Queen
5. SOS
6. Super Trouper
7. Chiquitita
8. Knowing Me, Knowing You
9. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
10. Voulez-Vous
11. Does Your Mother Know
12. Estoy soñando[
13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
14. The Winner Takes It All
15. No hay a quien cuLPar
16. One Of Us
17. Fernando
18. Felicidad
19. Thank You For The Music

ABBA -Exitos Eternos Summer 2005 International CD

A repackaging of 14 of ABBA's Spanish language tracks which is being issued by Universal Latino. It includes a video of Fernando, but for some reason leaves off the 15th ABBA spanish language track-" Andante, Andante"..Maybe, Bjorn hates that track, or they spilled cofee on the master.....

Tracks for this release-
Estoy Sonando / Felicidad / No Hay A Quien CuLPar /
Ring, Ring / Hasta Manana / Mamma Mia / Gracias Por La Musica /
Se Me Esta Escapando /La Reina Del Baile / Conociendome, Conociendote /
Fernando /El Andar /Dame! Dame! Dame! / Chiquitita \ ..



Mamma Mia El musical basado en las conciones de ABBA, Universal 602498729410, Spanish CD 2005

The first Spanish language version of Mamma Mia was staged in Madrid Spain in November 1994 Oh my god!!!!!AY
CARUMBA!!!!!!The translations used here are obviously not based on any
of the original fifteen Spanish versions.,but are new lyric translations by Albert Mas Griera. The was translated by Juna Martinez Moreno. Nina starred as Donna,


Track listing :Obertura/Prologo, Honey Honey, Money Money Money, Gracias Por Dejarme Cantar Canciones (Thank You For The Music), Mamma Mia, Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Fija Tu Amor En Mi (Lay All Your Love On Me), Super Trouper, Dame! Dame! Dame! (Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!), Como Puedo Jugar (The Name Of The Game), Voulez-Vous, Entreacto, No Habra Cuartel (Under Attack), Quien A Veces Llora (One Of Us), No Lo Ves (SOS), Sabe Tu Mama Donde Estas? (Does Your Mother Know), Para Mi Para Ti (Knowing Me Knowing You), Un Verano (Our Last Summer), Siento Que Se Aleja (Slipping Through My Finders), Va Todo Al Ganador (The Winner Takes It All), Te Has Fijado En Mi (Take A Chance On Me), Que Si Que Si (I Do I Do), Ayer Sone (I Have A Dream)


ABBA -ABBA 18 Hits, Universal 987 165-9 Swedish CD May 30, 2005 

This is a new  Swedish market only compilation  which features all four of ABBA tracks in Swedish as well as 14 other hits... Apparently this CD sort of replaces the 1990's out of print Polar Music compilation called PA SVENSKA which is the only previous CD to have all four Swedish language ABBA tracks....PA SVENSKA is better because it had harder to find solo tracks .

A international release of this album, followed shortly after this with a different track listing...

 Track listing
1. The Winner Takes It All
2. Super Trouper
3. Waterloo
4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
5. The Name Of The Game
6. Ring Ring
7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
8. SOS
9. Fernando
10. Hasta Mañana
11. Mamma Mia
12. Lay All Your Love On Me
13. Thank You For The Music
14. Happy New Year
15. Waterloo (Swedish Version)
16. Honey, Honey (Swedish Version)
17. Ring ring (bara du slog en signal) (Swedish Version)
18. Åh, vilka tider


ABBA-ABBA 18 Hits (International version) August 2005

The latest pointless ABBA compilation though it does have four foreign language versions of ABBA hits.
Tracks on this exciting release are as follows

1. The Winner Takes It All
2. Super Trouper
3. Waterloo
4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
5. The Name Of The Game
6. Ring Ring
7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
8. SOS
9. Fernando
10. Hasta Mañana
11. Mamma Mia
12. Lay All Your Love On Me
13. Thank You For The Music
14. Happy New Year
15. Honey, Honey (Swede Version)
16. Waterloo ((francais Version)
17. Ring Ring (German Version)
18. ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Spanish -Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! but you knew that.)



ABBA-The Complete Studio Recordings 9CD/2DVD Planned Release November 7, 2005 This box set is the first ABBA collection to feature all 21 of ABBA's officially released non-English language recordings...

Following the example of the 2004 Japanese box set, Polar /Universal have put together a new "complete' box set.This is the first internationally released box set to compile all of ABBA's studio albums... It features all of ABBA's commercially released non-English language tracks....
The audio component features most of ABBA's released recordings including all eight studio albums, b-sides, foreign language recordings, most alternate mixes as well as the rarities that were released after ABBA broke up... The set has two tracks new to CD- the mono mix of ON and On And On previously heard on videos, and alternative mix of Waterloo...This set is the first to include Spanish versions as bonus tracks on every one of the eight studio albums.

The major exclusion here is of course, ABBA's live album and the half or dozen other live tracks..But they are not "STUDIO' recodings.

But of course unrelased studio recordings have been not included here either.. AS usual one does not find private releases like "Sang to Gorel', Fanfare for Hockey Championship, or unreleased tracks like "Just Like That " or ""Nationsal ang' on in this collection...

The DVD set features basically a repackaged version of THE DEFINITIVE Collection on one DVD. Though they have rather nicely included the recent "OUR LAST VIDEO' puppet video...
A history of ABBA and short version of the 181 DICK CAVETT concert is on the second DVD.
There have been complaints from fans that the Dick Cavett segment only has five of the original nine songs-Supposedly they cant find the other four in the archives.


Non-English language tracks included:


13. Ring ring (bara du slog en signal) (Swedish Version)
14. Åh, vilka tider

17. Ring Ring (Spanish Version)
18. Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe Steht (German Version of Another Town, Another Train)
19. Ring Ring (German Version)


13. Waterloo (Swedish Version)
14. Honey, Honey (Swedish Version)
15. Waterloo (German Version)
16. Hasta Mañana (Spanish Version)

18. Waterloo (French Version)


14. Mamma Mia (Spanish Version)


13. La Reina Del Baile (Spanish Version of Dancing Queen)
14. Conociéndome, Conociéndote (Spanish Version of Knowing Me, Knowing You)
15. Fernando (Spanish Version)


10. Al Andar (Spanish Version of Move On)
11. Gracias Por La Música (Spanish Version of Thank You For The Music)

14. Estoy Soñando (Spanish Version of I Have A Dream)
15. Chiquitita (Spanish Version)
16. ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Spanish Version of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! [A Man After Midnight])


12. Andante, Andante (Spanish Version)
13. Felicidad (Spanish Version of Happy New Year)

11. No hay a quien cuLPar (Spanish Version of When All Is Said And Done)
12. Se me està escapando (Spanish Version of Slipping Through My Fingers)




1. Estoy Soñando
2. Felicidad
3. No Hay A Quien CuLPar
4. Dancing Queen (1992 Version)
5. The Last Video

ABBA-ABBA 18 Hits (International version) August 2005

The latest pointless ABBA compilation though it does have four foreign language versions of ABBA hits.
Tracks on this exciting release are as follows

1. The Winner Takes It All
2. Super Trouper
3. Waterloo
4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
5. The Name Of The Game
6. Ring Ring
7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
8. SOS
9. Fernando
10. Hasta Mañana
11. Mamma Mia
12. Lay All Your Love On Me
13. Thank You For The Music
14. Happy New Year
15. Honey, Honey (Swede Version)
16. Waterloo ((francais Version)
17. Ring Ring (German Version)
18. ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! (Spanish -Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! but you knew that.)

ABBA- ABBA ­ THE ALBUMS, released October 27, 2008 9CD Box set, international release
All of the tracks here have been previously released.This is a new 99 track box set of all ABBA's studio albums, with a bonus disc of most of ABBA's non-original album A&B sides.  It is by no means complete, though to be fair, that does not seem to be the intent.  ABBA's live album, Spanish album, German & French language tracks, alternative mixes, and alternative edits, are not included.  Nor  are the rarities found on the Thank You For  The Music box set or MORE ABBA GOLD  included here. The  Ring Ring album is presented here in the later track listing version with "She's My Kind of Girl" instead of " Ring Ring (bara du slog en signal), otherwise the studio albums are issued in their  original track listings.  The nine CD's  are packaged in a embossed cardboard box.

This box set has two Swedish language tracks-Ring Ring (bara du slog en signal) [Swedish Version], andWaterloo (Swedish Version).


Songs ABBA recorded in Spanish (Year of English release, Year -Spanish Vocals recorded)

 * Ring Ring 1973, 1973

* Hasta Manana 1974, 1980

* Mammia Mia 1975, 1980

* Fernando 1976, 1980

* La Reina del Baile(Dancing Queen) 1976,1980

* Coociendome, Conociendote (Knowing Me..) 1976, 1980

* El Andar (Move On) 1977, 1980

* Chiquitita 1979, 1979

* Estoy Sonando ( I Have A Dream)1979, 1979

* Dame! Dame! Dame! (Gimme, Gimme Gimme )1979, 1980

* Felicidad (Happy New Year) 1980, 1980

* Andate (Andante, Andante ) 1980, 1980

* Se Me Esta Escapando( Slipping through My Fingers) 1981, 1981

* No Hay a Quien CuLPar (When All is Said and done)1981, 1981


Songs ABBA recorded in German, French, Swedish and Japanese


* German: Ring Ring

* Waterloo

* Wer im Warfesaal der Liebe Steht (Another Town ,another Train)

 * Japanese : I Have A dream (unreleased live recording has chorus in Japanese!)

 * French:


 * Swedish:

*Ring Ring

* Honey Honey

* Waterloo

* Ah Vilka Tider (B-side)

* Fernando (demo version on box set)

* S.O.S. (Agnetha solo record)

* Fernando (Frida solo record)

* Mina Ogon (Swedish vers. of Disillusion was also a Agnetha solo record)

* Sang to Gorel (tribute to Gorel Hanser)

* Hovas Vittne (tribute to Stig)

* Tividshambo (ABBA's unrel. last Tv appearence)

* Sang to Gidrun (tribute to Stig's wife )

* En Karusell (Swedish vers of Merry Go Round . credited to Björn & Benny)



+ This list does not include solo songs credited on record to Björn and Benny that are sung in Swedish and include Agnetha & Frida on backing vocals.

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* ABBA-THE ALBUMSMontief's handy guide to ABBA the Albums




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their musicals and productions






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TRANSLATION IN SPANISH ----This is a computer generated translation so it may be hard to comprendo!..

Qué sigue es una traducción en español de revisiones en esta página...

El volumen 2 1979 de ABBA-GRANDES EXITOS lanzó en el LP
Éste era el volumen más grande 2 de los goLPes pues fue lanzada en algunos markets de habla hispana. Utiliza la misma cubierta gris fea que los goLPes 2 pero tiene los españoles en vez de las versiones inglesas del "mí tiene un Dream"and "Chiquittita". Así, éste era el primer álbum para ofrecer las grabaciones españolas de la lengua de ABBA.

La Musica el an o 80 de ABBA-Gracias Por disponible en el CD
Un álbum especialmente registrado de versiones españolas de diez canciones de ABBA que fue juntado después de versiones de una lengua del español de "Chiquittita" y "yo tenemos un sueño" adaptamos ABBA comercialmente América latina. En temprano, Ana el an o 80, y Frida encontraron la época de registrar pistas vocales españolas para doblar sobre las pistas del forro de las versiones inglesas originales. Algo de la instrumentación (en "Queen")seems que baila sea notablemente diferente que las pistas inglesas originales pero esto era debido al proceso de remezcla (ninguna de la instrumentación original era rerecorded.)
Estas nuevas mezclas en general se parecen más descuidadas que el versiones inglesas originales.
Se parece que no cada pista vocal del solo forro fue reconstruida en español, así que las grabaciones no están como densas. La versión española del "movimiento en ' omite el prólogo hablado de Björn. Björn y el benny tenían poca implicación en este proyecto que la dejaba a las muchachas y Michael B. Tretow para funcionar a las muchachas vocales de sessions.The y Tretow no consiguió ningún crédito de la producción. Esto es la única vez que B&B no estuvieron implicados activamente en la fabricación del expediente de ABBA.
El compinche y Maria McCloskey hicieron la mayoría de las traducciones y según español
los altavoces hicieron solamente un trabajo justo. Las diez canciones elegidas para ser traducido se extendieron a partir de 1974 a 1979. Las canciones fueron elegidas para su conveniencia para el markert latino,so algún no-goLPean fueron elegidas.
Este álbum se ha lanzado en el CD en él es forma original y fue reeditado en 1993
como ABBA ORO. ABBA también registraría versiones españolas de dos canciones de
TROUPER ESTUPENDO y dos canciones EL VISITANTES. Éstos serían hechos disponibles en el CD de MAS ORO.
Recientemente, el universal (los dueños más últimos del catálogo de ABBA) tiene
ORO reeditado en muchos territiories con las pistas del español de MAS ORO como pistas de la prima.
Las características originales ABBA de la cubierta del álbum en jumpsuits en colores pastel horrorosos overladen
a qué aparece a un una letra de correo aéreo grande. Realmente....
Listado de la pista de Música del la de Gracias Por:
La Música ("Gracias Por La Música") /Reina Danzante ("Reina Que baila" De Gracias Por)
¡Al Andar ("Movimiento En") /Dame! ¡Dama! ¡Dama! ¡("Gimme! ¡Gimme! ¡Gimme! (hombre después de medianoche)") /Fernando (español)/Estoy Soñando ("de la versión tengo un sueño")
. Mama Mía (versión española) /Hasta Mañana (versión española)
. Conociéndome, Conociéndote ("Conociéndome, Sabiendo You")/
. Chiquitita (versión española)

ABBA-ABBA 1989 INTERNACIONALES?Released en el CD alemán, pero un disponible no más largo.
No cada álbum del compilation de ABBA era estúpido, redundante e insustancial, allí
tenga sido poco que utilizó realmente bueno
ideas. La idea detrás de este compilation era lanzar en algo de ABBA no-Ingle's
grabaciones con algunos b-lados y goLPes.
Este CD fue originado en Alemania por Polygram.This CD está un disponible no más largo pero a la hora de él es lanzamiento que proporcionó los debuts del CD para las pistas raras de un número de ABBA. Alrededor la mitad de las pistas era los goLPes generalmente como "reina que bailaba", aunque en un par de las pistas era más corta corrige fue utilizada (que a la hora de lanzamiento era más interesante que agravando).
Este CD tiene las versiones alemanas del "anillo del anillo" y de otra ciudad otro tren ", la versión española" de Chiquitiita ", la ocasión -"Happy francesa de la versión "de Waterloo" y tres no de los B-lados Hawaii"."Take A del álbum en mí "(el live), y" yo nos preguntamos (viva) '. Todas estas pistas no estaban extensamente disponibles
en el CD en ese entonces.
La versión original del cassette de esto incluyó cinco pistas del additonal, una de las cuales era entonces duro- al mundo del b-lado-""Crazy del hallazgo ".La compañía de registro intenta tan difícilmente, pero pierden los puntos para irse fuera de algunas de las otras pistas del idioma extranjero tales como las versiones suecas de "Waterloo", del anillo del anillo y "de la miel de la miel".
Listado de la pista - anillo del anillo (vers alemanes.) *La miel de la miel, intermezzo No1/Waterloo(French) *los visitantes/Take una ocasión en mí (viva) /Gimme X3/I've que espera la venda del rodillo de You/Happy Hawaii/SOS/Rock N *el mundo loco/People necesita amor/*los vers de la mamaMia / de Wer Im Wartesaal er Liebe Steht(German. de otra ciudad, otro Train/Rock yo el ganador la toma que me pregunto todo (ver vivo.) El águila (corrija) *Voulez-Vous/ Queen/I que baila tiene un sueño - *las pistas del CASSETTE solamente
El CD de la nota-de los redactores no tiene un havent de la fecha-tan I del copyright podida confirmar la fecha del lanzamiento. Una fuente dice que este álbum fue lanzado en 1984.

ABBA - ORO (orginal version)1992 disponible en el CD en muchos markets
Aparentemente por la cubierta usted pensaría que era ésta, la versión española del oro de ABBA. Después de todo, en ORO español significa el oro).
En realidad, esto es justo una reedición con a
diversa cubierta del LA MUSICA de GRACIAS POR. GRACIAS por supuesto, no
incluya las versiones españolas de todos los goLPes de ABBA. El thatwere de las canciones elegido
eran los que se parecían trabajar lo más mejor posible en español. Aparece también eso
un esfuerzo fue hecho de escoger pistas a partir de cada año. Las diez pistas están en un diferente
estado de funcionamiento que en GRACIAS.
La cubierta es una variación leve en el diseño de la cubierta del ORO design.The de ABBA es oro y negro en vez de negro y de oro. Hay notas del trazador de líneas en español de Juan Tobler que hablan del impacto de ABBA
En noviembre de 1999 esto fue reeditada en España con las cinco pistas de MAS
ORO clavó con tachuelas encendido, tan bien como una nueva cubierta y remastered el sonido.
1. Fernando 2. Chiquitita 3. La Musica 4 De Gracias Por. La Reina Del Baile 5. Al Andar 6. ¡Dama! ¡Dama! ¡Dama! 7. Estoy Sonando 8. Mama Mia 9. Hasta Manana 10. Conociendome, Conociendote

ABBA-MAS ORO 1993 disponible en el CD en muchos markets, pero eliminado
Esto ofrece las pistas españolas restantes de la lengua ("anillo del anillo", "deslizándose a través de mis dedos, Año Nuevo 'Happy ' ' andante, andante ' y ' cuando todo es dicho y hecho").
Los vocals para las últimas cuatro pistas fueron registrados como parte del trabajo para el TROUPER ESTUPENDO, y de los álbumes de los VISITANTES.
Los vocals españoles para el "anillo del anillo ' supuesto fueron registrados en 1973 (según el libro de la PALMA). Que alguien era bastante pensativo cavar encima del anillo of"Ring de la grabación española de la lengua" (que nunca no había sido lanzado) demostró una minuciosidad rara de parte de Polydor.
Se parece un poco extraño que no se hizo ningunas grabaciones españolas para "uno de nosotros"
o "el ganador lo toma todo '. ¡O para esa materia "ponga encendido su sombrero blanco"!
Tan las cinco pistas españolas aquí fueron registradas realmente cerca de la época de su
Contrapartes inglesas. (las pistas en ORO a excepción de "Chiquitita y" del mí tienen un sueño ' todos habían sido registradas
bien después de las versiones inglesas.)
El repertorio español total de ABBA se encuentra en ORO y MAS ORO.
Nos encontramos terminamos para arriba con 15 versiones españolas de las canciones de ABBA. Todos los álbumes originales de ABBA' fueron representados en las 15 canciones a excepción de ABBA-THE Escogen -los primeros diez años.
Llenar para arriba el resto del espacio del CD en MAS ORO Polydor incluyó versiones inglesas de cinco otras canciones que habían estado disponibles en versiones españolas en ORO. La cubierta del The para MAS ORO es ORO similiar del toMORE ABBA. Sin embargo desemejante de más oro de ABBA u ORO hay no es comentario del trazador de líneas.
MAS ORO llegó a ser obsoleto cuando reissussed quince que la pista ORO fue publicada
en todo el markets..In de habla hispana la reedición - ORO ahora incluye
las cinco pistas españolas incluyeron aquí.

ABBA-THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC (sabida también como LA CAJA FIJADA) 4CD fijó 1994 disponibles por todo el mundo en el CD
El sistema de la caja de ABBA incluye algo de su raro
Pistas No-Inglesas de la lengua. Algunos ventiladores pudieron haber preferido más unreleased el material en vez de pistas del idioma extranjero. La mayoría de los ventiladores como pronto acaban de tener ambo-pero por supuesto,no uno pide los ventiladores.
Se incluye aquí la "miel de la miel" en sueco, "Waterloo" en una combinación
Mezcla de French/Swedish, y "anillo del anillo '
en "mezcla de Swedish/Spanish/German.
¡Hable de matar de la canción!
También conseguimos oír (en un conscession raro
a la historia) la pista sueca "Hej Gamle de la lengua sirve" la primera pista para ofrecer a los cuatro miembros futuros de ABBA. Antes de la caja ABBA determinado nunca había lanzado a suecos
la lengua sigue el exterior de Scandanavia.
Tristemente, muchos del otro sueco raro de ABBA
solamente las grabaciones como "cantaron a Gorel", a "Tividshambo," a Hovas Vittne "etc. no era incluido en este álbum o cualquier otro CD de la reedición. Usted puede en el CD del PA Svenska, que por supuesto, fue lanzado solamente en Scandanavia.

PA SVenska 1994 de Agnetha, de Björn, del benny y de Frida- disponible en el CD sueco
Éste es tan cerca como conseguimos a las canciones suecas de las características de ABBA de la lengua album.This 18 de un compilation de la canción por cinco canciones de Agnetha, cuatro al lado de Björn y de benny, cinco de Frida y cuatro de ABBA.
Todas las canciones fechan a partir de 1970 a 1976.
Aunque el PA SVENSKA no era el itill lanzado 1994 es realmente el único compilation múltiple del artista pre de los años de ABBA.
Nunca probado polar para hacer algo similar en los años 70.
Hay cuatro versiones suecas del here-the de las pistas de ABBA de "Waterloo",
"suene el anillo" y la "miel de la miel ' así como el b-lado-"Ah raro 1973 del sueco Vilka Tider."
el "amperio hora Vilka Tilder" nunca fue registrado en inglés. "Anillo Y" Amperio hora Vilka Tider "Del Anillo
se acreditan a Agnetha, a Björn, benny y a Anni-Frid.
"amperio hora Vilka TILDER junto con till" de los finnas de Att de Björn y del benny ", y
"En Karusell" (una versión sueca de "feliz va alrededor" del)are solamente disponible en este CD.
Después de 1974, ABBA paró el registrar de sus goLPes en sueco. Sin embargo, Frida
registraría una versión sueca de "Fernando" para su álbum de FRIDA ENSAM
(la canción orginally fue pensada para su y no para ABBA) además, Agnetha
el "SOS" y la "desilusión" en sueco para su 1975 álbum de ELVA KVINNOR....
Muchos otros artistas suecos, incluyendo artistas polares como Svenne y Lotta registraron
Versiones suecas de las canciones de ABBA también.
Hay cuatro canciones de Agnetha del pre-ABBA aquí, que están disponibles a otra parte
en su CD's. Estas canciones todas se parecen tener por lo menos uno de los otros miembros de Abba
en-AVISO el sonido de ABBA en Saga del och de Drom del ar de Drom el estribillo "
Saga ".
Dos de las canciones a solas de Frida están disponibles en el CD solamente aquí. Éstos serían ambos lados de Frida 1972 polar escogen "a hombre de Dessmellan /"Ska del lite de los leva de Vill del hombre que Skratta Eller Grata "escoge. Estas dos canciones fueron escritas por italians pero traducidas aparentemente por Stig. El álbum de Anderson.This es perlas subtituladas de Polars de las selecciones de Stikkan Anderson. Tan en teoría, Stig hizo las selecciones de la pista.
Tres canciones fueron elegidas del álbum de FRIDA ENSAM de Frida que éstos son "Fernando" por supuesto ", de en Sparv de Som" y del "hombre de Vill Du lana en" (la muchacha más hermosa del mundo). ¿Por qué Stig escogió la canción peor (el)from más hermoso de la muchacha... el FRIDA ENSAM y ponerlo en este CD? La única razón que puedo pensar en es que Stig escribió las líricas y estaba después de los royalities que publican.
Las otras diecisiete canciones sin embargo, son dignas de este CD. El único problema
con este proyecto está deja muchos pre del ABBA Björn y las pistas del benny uncompiled, y realmente no hace
profundidad de la justicia al máximo del trabajo a solas del pre-ABBA - usted realmente necesitaría dos
o tres CD's para hacer eso.
Usted puede completar actualmente los boquetes en el resto de Björn y
Las pistas del no-a'lbum del benny consiguiendo bootlegs por ejemplo "a todos los ventiladores de ABBA.

ABBA - escoge la colección 1972-1982 también conocido como que la cosa... 1999 del pricey limitó el sistema del CD de la edición
ABBA para el independientemente rico. Esto también se refiere realmente como la lata
colección de la galleta o un cierto tal absurdo.
Las características determinadas todas de esta caja de ABBA escogen como fueron lanzadas en el markert alemán, solamente este vez reproducido en el CD.
En el honor del 25to anniversery de la victoria de ABBA en la Eurovisión este sistema graced
con las cuatro versiones de "Waterloo". Yup que es "Waterloo" en francés, alemán,
Inglés y sueco ".
Una segunda edición de este sistema se ha fabricado que algo extraño sale hacia fuera de los dos "prima de Waterloo" escoge.
¡Si usted debe conseguir el este sistema consiga la primera edición!

ABBA-THE completo escoge el sistema alemán 2CD de noviembre 1999 de la colección
Éste es el nuevo sistema 2CD lanzado en Alemania por nuestro
héroes, Polydor... Los markets locales tienen gusto a menudo localmente de haber publicado álbumes del compilation este sistema, son el firist a tener tienen tres grabaciones alemanas de la lengua ABBA en él.
Las pistas incluyen:
DISCO UNO (18 pistas)
Amor de la necesidad de la gente/anillo, anillo/. Waterloo/Waterloo (versión alemana)/miel de la miel/. tan de largo/. hago x 5/S.O.S.. La Reina De Mia/Fernando/ De la Mama/El Dinero Que bailan, Dinero, Dinero/Conocerme, Conociéndole Nombre De /The Del Juego/De la Toma Una Ocasión En Mí/Águila/Le agradece Por La Ciudad De la Noche De la Música/Del Verano
DISCO DOS (15 pistas)
Chiquitita/hace a su madre sabe/Voulez Vous/ Gimme x 3 que tengo un ideal/el ganador lo tomo todo/Trouper estupendo/. pongo todo su amor en mí/uno de nosotros/cabeza sobre los talones/el día antes de que usted viniera bajo ataque/anillo, Año Nuevo/Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht (vers alemanes del anillo (versión alemana) /Happy. de otra ciudad otro tren

ORO era rereleased con una nueva cubierta negra con los signeratures del grupo.
Esta nueva versión era remastered e incluye como la prima sigue el additonal cinco
Las canciones españolas de la lengua primero lanzaron en MAS ORO. ("anillo del anillo", "deslizándose a través de mis dedos, Año Nuevo 'Happy ' ' andante, andante ' y ' cuando todo es dicho y
Hecho"). Así ésta ahora es la grabación española esencial de la lengua ABBA a comprar.
1. Fernando 2. Chiquitita 3. La Musica 4 De Gracias Por. La Reina Del Baile 5. Al Andar 6. ¡Dama! ¡Dama! ¡Dama! 7. Estoy Sonando 8. Mama Mia 9. Hasta Manana 10. Conociendome, Conociendote11. Felicidad 12. Andante, Andante 13. SE Yo Esta Escapando 14. Ningún Heno Un Anillo De Quien CuLPar 15.Ring \
ABBA-ABBA ORO Edición Del 10' Aniversario 2003
Preety mucho la misma cosa que la vez última aunque ésta tiene las notas del trazador de líneas al lado de la palma de Carl Magnus en inglés y español. Tiene las mismas quince pistas que el remaster 2000.

ABBA-TODO ABBA, exitos... CD/DVD OCTUBRE 2004 de España de los grandes del sus y otros markets
= el sonido y la visión de A lanzan para el markert de habla hispana,, las características de este paquete de dos discos una mezcla del inglés, y las versiones españolas de la lengua... un CD y un trazador de líneas de DVD... observan no a C.M. Palm pero por Juaquin Luque....
Cada pista se encuentra en el CD y DVD:
1. Waterloo
2. Tome Una Ocasión En Mí
3. Mama Mia
4. Reina Que baila
5. SOS
6. Trouper Estupendo
7. Chiquitita
8. Conociéndome, Conociéndole
9. , Yo , Yo , Yo , Yo Hago
10. Voulez-Vous
11. Hace A Su Madre Saben
12. Soñando[ de Estoy
13. ¡Gimme! ¡Gimme! ¡Gimme!
14. El Ganador Lo toma Todo
15. Ningún heno a quien cuLPar
16. Uno De Nosotros
17. Fernando
18. Felicidad
19. Gracias Por La Música
Canciones ABBA registradas en español (el año del inglés lanza, año - Vocals español registrado)
 * Anillo 1973, 1973 Del Anillo
* Hasta Manana 1974, El an o 80
* Mammia Mia 1975, El an o 80
* Fernando 1976, el an o 80
* La Reina del Baile(Dancing Queen) 1976.1980
* Coociendome, Conociendote (Que me conoce.) 1976, el an o 80
* EL Andar (Movimiento Encendido) 1977, El an o 80
* Chiquitita 1979, 1979
* Estoy Sonando (Tengo Un Dream)1979, 1979
* ¡Dama! ¡Dama! ¡Dama! (Gimme, Gimme Gimme)1979, El an o 80
* Felicidad (Feliz Año Nuevo) El an o 80, El an o 80
* Andate (Andante, Andante) El an o 80, El an o 80
* SE yo Esta Escapando(que se desliza a través de mis dedos) 1981, 1981
* Ningún heno un Quien CuLPar (cuando todo es dicho y done)1981, 1981
Canciones ABBA registradas en alemán, francés, sueco y japonés
* Alemán: Anillo Del Anillo
* Waterloo
* Der Liebe Steht (otra ciudad, otro tren) de Wer im Warfesaal
 * Japonés : Tengo sueño de A (unreleased la grabación viva tiene estribillo en japonés!)
 * Francés:
 * Sueco:
* Anillo Del Anillo
* Miel De la Miel
* Waterloo
* Amperio hora Vilka Tider (B-lado)
* Fernando (versión de la versión parcial de programa en la caja fijada)
* S.O.S. (expediente del solo de Agnetha)
* Fernando (expediente del solo de Frida
* Mina Ogon (vers suecos. de desilusión estaba también un expediente del solo de Agnetha)
* Cantó a Gorel (tributo a Gorel Hanser)
* Hovas Vittne (tributo a Stig)
* Tividshambo (unrel. de ABBA duran appearence de la TV)
* Cantó a Gidrun (tributo a la esposa de Stig)
* En Karusell (vers. sueco acreditado a Björn y al benny)
+ esta lista no incluye las canciones a solas acreditadas en expediente a Björn y al benny que se cantan en sueco y no incluye Agnetha y Frida en vocals del forro.



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