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ABBA the albums presents...Sweden's Beatles! ABBA the albums and John Bernhardt present...a complete Hep Stars DISCOGRAPHY 

Benny Andersson & THE HEP STARS (also a Svenne & Lotta discography!)


INTRODUCTION and Hep stars singles

WE AND OUR CADILLAC 1965 Available on Swedish Cd  
The Heps Stars -HEP STARS ON STAGE-1965 Available on Swedish CD
The Hep Stars -The Hep Stars 1966 Available on Swedish CD

The Hep Stars- Malaika and .... 1968 Reel to Reel Tape...\

Svenne Hedlund-Svenne Sings Elvis 1970 Swedish Lp.
The Hep Stars -Jul Med Hep Stars 1967 Swedish Lp

The Hep Stars-It's Been a Long Long Time 1968 Japanese Cd
Hep Stars -Songs We Sang '68 1968 Available on Swedish CD.

The Hep Stars-Pa Svenska 1969 Swedish lp

 Hep Stars- How It All Started 1970 Swedish Lp

 Hep Stars-Basta 1970 Swedish Lp

Svenne Hedlund-Svenne Sings Elvis 1970 Swedish Lp

Svenne & Lotta: Compromise 1970 Swedish Lp

*Hep Stars -Hep Stars Again 1970 SWedish Lp

Hep Stars- California Maiden 1971 Swedish Lp

Svenne & Lotta: Tillsammans 1971 Swedish Lp

Hep Stars- SVENNE & LOTTA MED HEP STARS 1966-1968" 1973 swedish lp

Svenne & Lotta-Oldies but Goodies 1973 Swedish LP out of print

HEP STARS BÄSTA DEL 1" (EMI.s Stjärnserie Vol. 13) 1974 Swedish Lp

Svenne & Lotta 2 1975 Swedish Lp Out of print

Svenne & Lotta-Letters 1976 Swedish Lp out of print

Svenne & Lotta-20 Golden Hits 1977 Swedish Lp out of print

The Gummibandet/ Hep stars era

Svenne & Lotta-  Bring it on home-1978 Swedish Lp out of print

HEP STARS -BÄSTA 2" 1978 Swedish Lp

Svenne & Lotta-Rolls-Royce 1980 Swedish Lp Out of print

Svenne & Lotta-  Det är en härlig feeling 1980 Swedish Lp out of print..
****The Hep Stars-Hep Stars 1964-1969 Re. 1983 Available on Swedish Cd.

Hep Stars -ACT II Out of print Swedish album 1989
*Hep Stars & Svenne and Lotta-Fran Cadillac to Rolls Royce 1991 Available on Swedish Cd
Hep Stars-Nastan Bara PA Svenska -1992 Swedish CD
***Hep Stars-Basta 1990 Released on Swedish Cd.  
**Hep Stars- Juke Box Hits 1995 Swedish Cd

***Hep Stars- The Collection August 2001 swedish cd

**Svenne & Lotta - Tio Gyllene År 1973-1983 Swedish CD Early 2002

Hep Stars-KLASSIKER  -2002 Available on Swedish Cd

****HEP STARS- Cadillac Madness - 40 Years * 40 Hits * 1964-2004 Swedish CD MArch 2004

HEP STARS-Someday Someone 2004 Bonus CD Available AS part of CADILLAC MADNESS BOOK

New Svenne Solo album review follows at bottom.

Benny Andersson's time with THE HEP STARS (1964-1969)

Benny Andersson was born in Stockholm on December 16, 1946. He began his recording
career as a member of the Hep Stars in October 1964.
Although he did sing as a backing vocalist , Benny has always been first and foremost a keyboardist.
What Benny did with the Hep Stars was play keyboards,write songs, and sing background vocals. Benny played with Hep Stars till mid- 1969. In late 1969 Benny started working regularly with Björn Ulvaeus .(SEE Björn & BENNY).

The Hep Stars sang a majority of their songs in English. They also recorded in Swedish and German.Their early material was straight out rock and roll but their later work is more middle of the road. The Hep Stars lead singer ,the very capable Svenne Hedlund was equally good at ballads and rock and roll numbers. Most of Benny's work with THE HEP STARS
is preserved on Swedish CD. Generally it's Benny's songwriting
that makes the Hep Stars of interest to us today. Benny was a good songwriter even in the 1960's , though the lyrics for his Hep Stars songs (written by him or other Swedes) are usually preety bad.

For some reason, even serious ABBA fans tend to ignore the music of the Hep Stars even
though they were the most commercially successful of the various acts that were progenitors of ABBA.

The Post Benny Andersson Hep Stars

The Hep Stars continued on at various times, and in various lineups, as you will see in this discgraphy, but Andersson never played with them, and they recorded little of interest after Benny left. in 1969, Svenne and Lotta Hedlund also left the Hep Stars in 1969, but they have reunited with the Hep Stars a few times....,but mainly have worked as duo since 1969. Svenne put out a new  solo CD called , Svenne Hedlund-Svenne Sings Elvis In Memphis on March 24, 2010.

 Studio album-The Hep Stars (1966)
 compilation album-HEP STARS- Cadillac Madness - 40 Years * 40 Hits * 1964-2004


    Hep Stars SINGLES 1964-1969 with highest Svenkstoppen chart position if any...
 1964  Kana Kapila/I Got A Woman

A Tribute To Buddy Holly/Bird Dog #5

Summertime Blues/If You Need Me

Farmer John/ Donna #1

Cadillac/Mashed Potatoes #1

Bald Headed Woman/Lonesome Town

No Response/ Rented Tuxedo #2

So Mystifying/ Young And Beautiful #5

Should I/ I'll Never Quite Get Over You #2


 Sunny Girl/ Hawaii #1

Wedding/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again#1

I natt Jag Dromde/Jag Vet #2

Consolation /Dont #1


 Malaika/It's Nice To Be Back Again #1

Christmas on My Mind/Jingle Bells

Mot okänt land/Nagonting Har Hant #1

She Will Love You/ Like You Used To Do#7


 It's Been A Long Long Time/Musty dusty #14

Det Finns En Stad/sagan Om Lilla Sofi #4

Let it Be Me (studio vers.)/Groovy Summertime #4(studio vers.)

I Sagans Land/Tanda PA Varaan #3


 Holiday For Clowns/Flower in My Garden

Speleman/Precis Som all Andra #10

Speedy Gonzales/Är det inte kärlek/ säg? #2

The list above lists, all of the Hep Stars singles released prior to when Svenne, Lotta and Benny left the group in the mid 1969... The tracks in red were studio album tracks released as singles. The tracks in blue were not found on the Hep Stars studio albums at time. of release. Though, the first major Hep Stars compilation-PA SVENSKA released in 1969 featured 10 of the tracks found on the Hep Stars singles. All of the A and B sides on the singles were compiled over time and all are now available on CD...The best place to get most of these singles is on the HEP STARS- Cadillac Madness - 40 Years * 40 Hits * 1964-2004 2CD set.


The Hep Stars-WE AND OUR CADILLAC Swedish Lp October 1965 Available on Swedish Cd Released on Swedish CD 1996

That's Caddy-lack!
Benny Andersson joined the Hep Stars in October 1964 .They had made just one single ( "Kana Kapila") with their first organist , Hasse Ostlund prior to Benny's joining. On, This, their debut album , the Hep Stars would feature Svenne Hedlund on Lead Vocals, Janne Frisk on Guitar and backing Vocals ,Benny on Keyboards, Christer Pettersson on drums and Lelle Hegland on Bass. The group's early recordings are more group efforts - Benny and Svenne do not dominate the group as much as on the later records.

The group hit it big in Sweden right after Benny joined. A raucus Who-like TV debut would help the group top Sweden's charts with" Farmer John", "Cadillac",and "Bald Headed Woman" and hit the top five with "Tribute to Buddy Holly". All of the these can be found on the CD version of this, the Hep Stars first album.Most of the songs on this album are covers of American and English rock songs.

"Cadillac" is a powerful recording and "Bald Headed Woman" shows what Benny can do with a Hammond Organ. . This album also features Benny's first composition; a Kinks like rocker (with bad lyrics), called "No Response". "No Response" was supposedly the last song recorded for the album. This album was released by EMI-Sweden's Olga label,

Orginal album- Cadillac, Be my baby, That's when your heartaches begin, Send me some lovin', Young and beautiful, Rockin' love, No response, I'll never quite get over you, Sweet little sixteen, Oh! Carol, Then she (he) kissed me, Bald headed woman


CD Bonus tracks: Kana Kapila, I got a woman, A tribute to Buddy Holly, Bird dog, If you need me, Summertime blues, Farmer John, Donna

The Heps Stars -HEP STARS ON STAGE- Late 1965 Available on Swedish CD 1996

KRILLE! JANNE! LELLE! BENNY! SVENNE!-THE HEP STAARS! That's how this album starts.
A very Swedish announcer pronounces all the
Hep Stars names with same ending syllable, (Krill-lee was the nickname of the Heps' drummer -Christian Peterson. )

ON STAGE is a highly vigorous live album recorded on the Swedish folk park circuit in the summer of 1965. The early Hep Stars were not known for restraint on stage. The fan screaming on here is not manufactured and it's not totally without justification. The early Hep Stars were good showman . This album is more exciting
than ABBA's live album, albeit, with far worse sound, material and musicianship.

Most of the material played here are covers -a limitation which would drive Benny to write material for the group. Benny mainly plays electric organ here.
At one point Svenne asks the Swedish audience to "Clap Your Hands" but he does it in English,
as if saying such things in Swedish wouldn't be cool. The finale "w
hole Lot-Ta Shak-In Goin On" iis typcial of thr tracks -hyper, excited if not overly expert playing on this track Krille's drums are featured heavily , and lots of Hammond organ...

All the recent CD reissues of Hep Stars albums include non album A and B sides
as bonus tracks. The bonus tracks here include "So Mystifying" (the Kinks song), the single
version of "Cadillac" and" Should I" (originally by Chad and Jeremy) ." Should I" blindsides with a blistering organ solo at 1:33.
Although this is a good live album, it is of less interest to ABBA fans simply because
there is only one song written by Benny here.


 1. Cadillac    
2. What'd I Say    
3. Donna    
4. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes For?    
5. So Mystifying    
6. Only You    
7. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck    
8. Surfin Bird    
9. Tallahasse Lassie    
10. No Response

 11. If You Need Me    
12. Farmer John    
13. Bald Headed Woman    
14. Whole Lot-Ta Shak-In Goin On

Bonus tracks    
15. Cadillac (Singleversion)    
16. Mashed Potatoes    
17. Lonesome Town    
18. Rented Tuxedo    
19. So Mystifying    
20. Should I


The Hep Stars -The Hep Stars December 1966 Available on Swedish CD. Released on CD 1996

An important album. The Hep stars have a slightly mellower sound here. This is probably the most consistently good Hep Stars album.

This is where Benny emerges as a full fledged songwriter and his talent is already blossoming. The CD version of this has eight songs written by Benny and or Björn. (Six of which were on the original LP.) The first song Björn and Benny ever wrote together the exquisite "Isn't It Easy To Say" is here.

The oft-told legend has it that "Isn't It Easy to Say" was written in the office of Björn's father's papermill after Björn and Benny had met at a party in Vastervik that both the Hep Stars and the Hootenanny's attended.

A real standout track is one of Benny's solo compositions ,a #2 Swedish hit called "Consolation" -"Consolation" is seemingly the lament of a dead (or metaphorically dead) lover . Benny's organ melds well with the band here. The song's chorus -hook soars to the sky on the strength of the band performance.

Benny also wrote the haunting classically
influenced "Sound of Eve" which features some lovely piano and actual birdsong (A promo bio of Benny at the time indicates that Benny already had developed an interest in bird-watching). The backing vocals on "Sound of Eve' are ambitious. This song has never been compiled elsewhere...It's good example of one of those cool obscurities you can find in ABBA's sixties solo work.

Two of the most famous Hep Stars songs are here. The Hep Stars biggest
international hit-"Sunny Girl"(written by Benny) is found here as a bonus track.
The other famous song is "Wedding" a wedding march written by Benny and Svenne that later was played by Benny at Björn and Agnetha's wedding in July 1971.

The Hep Stars version of the Hootenanny Singers
hit "No Time ' (written by Bjorn with Martin Dean)is done here at a less sleepy pace than the Hootz's original. The best of the non-Benny compositions is the anti-war song "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream" which like a lot of songs here has some solid three (or more) part harmony on which Svenne sings with Janne, Benny and or Felle .Felle was the the Hep Stars road manager, who sometimes sang and helped out on Bass Guitar. The Swedish version of the "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream" can also be found here. (The Hep Stars often did English and Swedish versions of the same song). The 1967 B-side recording of Benny's "It's Nice to Be Back Again" closes the CD it was later recorded in a (better) Swedish version by Frida in 1971.

All in all ,this album stands up well against albums by British and American artists of the time.
It is a must have for students of the songwriting of Björn and Benny.

 HEP STARS original Lp

No time (Ulvaeus-Dean)
The birds in the sky (Bjarenas)
Consolation (Andersson)
Easy to fool (Ost-Himmelstrand)
Sound of eve ( Andersson)
Isn't it easy to Say (Andersson-Ulvaeus)
Lady, lady (Andersson)
Last night I had the strangest dream (MCurdy)
Morning comes after night (Bjarenas)
I've said it all before (Martin-Morrow-Arnold)
Wedding( Andersson-Hedlund)

 Tracks not on original LP but added to CD reissue-

Sunny girl (Andersson)
Hawaii (Wilson)
When my blue moon turns to gold again (Sullivan-Walker)
I natt jag drömde (McCurdy-Vreeswijk)
Jag vet (lindeman-Stutz)
Don't (Lieber-Stoller)
Malaika (Mdawida)
It's nice to be back Again(Andersson)

Svenne Hedlund-Svenne Sings Elvis Early 1967 Swedish Lp

Svenne Hedlund's only solo album which features covers of songs orginally recorded by Elvis . It's not clear if any of the other Hep Stars played on the album...


The Hep Stars -Jul Med Hep Stars December 1967 Swedish Lp AVAILABLE on reissiued CD November 2001

Christmas with the Hep Stars. Festive, no doubt. This is the first ABBA related Crhistmas album..
This was reissued on CD for Christmas 2001 with a new less busy cover..The album is reissued with a new track listing that includes
a couple of previously unreleased tracks as well as the omision of 3 of the tracks -( "Nu Är Det Jul Igen", "Johanssons Boogie-Woogie Vals" and "Hej Tomtegubbar" )..The CD opens with "Christmas On My Mind" a fairly good song that's also on the HEP STARS 1964-69 Cd. This album also includes " , "Nu tandas tusen juleljus" and a humourous version of "Jingle Bells".

The Swedish Christmas standard "Nu Tandas tusen julejus" would be later done by Björn's Hootenanny Singers and Agnetha & Linda Fältskog. It is the only song I believe to have been recorded by three different ABBA solo acts.

Track listing for updated CD..

1. Christmas On My Mind
2. Pojken Som Jultomten Glömde
3. White Christmas
4. Alla Sover Utom Jag
5. Jingle Bells
6. Christmas Today
7. Good King Wencelas (previously unreleased)
8. The Boy That Old Santa Forgot
9. Det Strålar En Stjärna (previously unreleased)
10. Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand
11. Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus
12. Stilla Natt
13. Dotter Sion

The Hep Stars- Malaika and .... 1968 Reel to Reel Tape...

This is a very obscure Hep Stars release... This tape was issued by Europafilm at some point in 1968....The cover of the reel to reel box features a picture of the Hep Stars on safari....Most of the songs found here were from the Hep Stars 1965 singles that had not been compiled as of this time on a vinyl album....Prerecorded Reel to Reel tapes were never widely commercially available, and essentially dissapeared by the late 1970's...

This is as a close as the world would ever come to a "HABARI SAFARI" album! What is Habari Safario, you ask? In 1967 The Hep Stars worked on aborted film project- Habari Safari- some of which was filmed in Africa, but because their was no plot the footage filmed proved to be useless. (reminds one of The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour movie.) The Hep Stars' Spring 1967 African folk music single "Malaika" was a direct result of the film project...The non-Lp b-side of "Malaika' called "It Nice to Be Back Again" also shows up on this tape-its was the only song written by Benny Andersson on this tape...

1. Malaika
2. It's Nice To Be Back

3. Tribute To Buddy Holly

4. Donna

5. Farmer John

6. If You Need Me

7. Summertime Blues

8. Bird Dog

9. That's When Your Heartaches Begin

10. Rockin' Love

The Hep Stars-It's Been a Long Long Time -Early 1968 Swedish Lp Out of Print 1986 Japanese Cd

I haven't actually held this CD in my hands. Supposedly it was reissued on CD by M&M
Records in Japan .EMI did most of the other Hep Stars reissues. For some reason this album originally was released not on the Olga label but on the Cupol label... This was the first of the Hep
Stars studio albums to be reissued on Cd. But the CD is no longer easily available .

This album was recorded in late 1967 largely in London. 1967 had been a year in which the Hep stars had searched for various ways to break out internationally, but their career as megastars in Sweden cooled down a bit....

On this album session musicians filled in for Janne, Christer and Lennart. (-a common if cruel practice in the 1960's) .An American producer, Steve Clark, was brought in to produce the album. There were no rock and roll covers and few self-written tunes. So, in a lot of ways this really isn't a Hep Stars album.This album wa not as sucessful as earlier Hep Stars albums..

The original album featured a lot of songs mainly written by others supposedly in the soft rock vein. Benny did writethe title track which also was released as a single....The bonus tracks included many of the songs on Songs We Sang 68 CD-(if you have this Cd you could probably get by without Songs We Sang 68).

Enter the young/Hope/5 am/It's Time For A change/Changing Away From You/It's Been a Long Long Time /Musty Dusty/Spinging,Spinging,Spinging/There Is love/ Would You Like To Go /It's now A Winters' Day /Another Time/
Bonus tracks found on CD issue
Det Finns En Stad/ Sagan Om Lilla Sofi /Let It BE me/Groovy Summertime/Holiday For Clowns/A Flower In My Garden/Save Your Heart For me/I Sagans Land/Bilden Av/Suddenly Tommorow Is Today/Warten Auf Den Tag/Songs We sang

Hep Stars -Songs We Sang '68 Late 1968 Swedish Lp -Available on Swedish CD. Released on CD in 1996

Finally another studio album recorded in Sweden.. The Hep Stars
now included Svenne's future wife, Charlotte (Lotta) Walker ,a African-American singer from
an American pop-soul group called the The Sherry's. Somehow, Lotta found herself stuck
in Sweden in the arms of Svenne Hedlund.

In Lotta's honor, the album starts out with a medley of Soul cover numbers (mostly) recorded at Swedish folkparks in 1968.Among the covers are "You Keep Me Hanging On", Let It be Me" and two versions of Sam Cooke's "Shake" .This live stuff is so-so, most interesting is "Groovy Summertime" which has a lot of cool vocal effects and backing vocals.

The second side of the album features original studio material, including three songs cowritten by Benny. It's good but it lacks direction. The second released Björn and Benny composition is here and it's called
"A Flower in My Garden". It's a good two minute song sung by Svenne with a Carl Wilson-esque slur and ends with a cool two- note effect.

The title cut ("Songs We Sang")is sung by Lotta (one of the earliest songs that Benny would write to be sung by a woman). It also sounds like late sixties Beach Boys...
The bonus tracks include the Hep Stars last singles going into 1969. The bonus tracks include the folksy B&B song, "Speleman" .Also included are The b-side to "Speleman" - B&B's "Precis Som Alla Andra" ,and two 1967 single sides written by Benny with Svenne called "Like You Used To Do" and "She Will She love You" .

ORIGINAL LP-LIVE SIDE A (LIVE)Shake/Svenne I love you/We say yeah, Let it be me, Going out of my head/Can't take my eyes off you, You keep me hangin' on, Svart-vit, calpyso/Natursbarn/Pata pata/Charlotte's children game, Groovy summertime/Shake

SIDE B (STUDIO) Holiday for clowns, A flower in my garden, Save your heart for me, Bilden av dej, Suddenly tomorrow is today, Warten auf den Tag, Songs we sang

CD Bonus tracks: Mot okänt land, Någonting har hänt, She will love you, Like you used to do, Let it be me, Grooy summertime, Tända på varann, I sagans land, Speleman, Precis som alla andra, Speedy gonzales, Är det inte kärlek, säg ?

The Hep Stars-Pa Svenska early 1969 Out of print Swedish lp

The Hep Stars were having troubles staying whole at this point. Their main problem was that they owed money to the Swedish taxing authorities , but also Benny, Svenne and Lotta were itching to try something new. So a totally new studio album wasn't in the offing for 1969 and instead a compilation of the Hep Stars Swedish tracks was put together. This includes includes both recent and older material., most of the songs had not been available on Lp at the time...Svenne and Lotta 's Wedding Portrait is on the cover. This album was never released on Cd.

This was the last Hep Stars album before the tax problems and career changes led Svenne, Lotta and Benny to leave the band. The last concert with Benny was August 31, 1969. The rest of the Hep Stars continued on for a bit , with a new singing duo in the early 1970's/ Svenne and Lotta continued to occasionally work with Benny in concert till 1973. Benny neverworked with the Hep Stars again....There wasn't aninmosity it was more that Benny always found it necessary to move on to the next thing.

Björn & Benny would also have some involvement with Svenne & Lotta's albums when Stig signed
S&L to the Polar label. Svenne and Lotta would get together for reunion album with Janne, Krille, and Lelle in in the 1989 Hep Stars album called ACT II.

I natt jag drömde A side
Mot Okänt Land A-side
Bilden av dej -Songs we Sang
Är det inte kärlek, säg? B-side
Speleman A side
 Sagan om lilla Sofi B-side
Precis som alla andra
Någonting har hänt B-side
Jag vet B-side
I sagans land A-side
Tända på varann A-side

 Hep Stars- How It All Started 1970 Swedish Lp

This album features very strange drawing that looks like a photographic negative..on a blue cover

Thus is a compilation album seems to feature mainly songs found on early Hep Stars singles, that were not necessarily released on the Hep Stars studio albums ..All of the songs were later released on CD...This album would have more sense had it been released in 1965 0r 1966..



 Hep Stars-Basta 1970 Swedish Lp

The original Lp version of this title with a cover that has Svenne and Lotta getting married on it..The later CD's with this title do not  have the same track listing... Indeed trying to sort all the Hep Stars albums that use the "BASTA" title takes a long time.... There seem to be at least five, perhaps even six differrent Hep stars album that utilize this title...."Basta" is the Swedish equivelent of a "Best of album"...

Cadillac /Farmer John/ Malaika /Consolation /Donna /I Natt Jag Drömde /Mot Okänt Land /Wedding /Sunny Girl /Let It Be Me /Tända På Varann /Speleman /Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg? /Bald Headed Woman

venne Hedlund-Svenne Sings Elvis 1970 Swedish Lp

The 1970 reisssue of this 1967 solo album , strange career move at this point but well i'd would like a Big Mac now.....

Svenne & Lotta: Compromise 1970 Swedish Lp

Their first album as a duo...A album released on their own record private label,( Their label was called ROMANCE) it features a striking photo of Svenne and Lotta nude above chest level, with collars on their necks...Lotta looks particularly cute -one of the few good photos of her with a afro..This album mixes tracks in English and Swedish. According to Hep Stars expert, Karl Van this is one of Svenne and Lotta's best albums, Note that they recorded a version of "Barnen Sover' a song also recorded by Frida...

1. Små små ord
2. Fancy
3. Världen e´ nog som den e´
4. Barnen sover
5. I want you back
6. I will bring you flowers in the morning
7. Minns du
8. Black sheep of the family
9. Bara vi
10. Västerbron
11. Rain of love
12. Våratlandet


The Hep Stars -Hep Stars Again Late? 1970 Swedish Lp out of print

Benny and Svenne, yes even Lotta left the Hep Stars in August 1969. Sort of the like the Doors continuing without Jim Morrison,the difference being that the remaining Hep Stars were not graced with lots of talent..The remaining Hep stars-Janne, Christer, and Lelle brought in a boy /girl singing duo-Kookie and Josphine Tian...I think they even in another guitarist.... The idea at this point was go back to a more rock and roll direction Indeed they went ahead and released a single LITTLE BAND OF GOLD / ANOTHER DAY in September 1969.. There were two or three more singles released before this HEP STARS AGAIN album finally came out.... Although this album is mainly more rock n roll along the lines of "Blue Sueds Shoes , and "Down on the Corner" -there is still a cover of a middle of the road song- "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head". Sadly or not the album did not chart....











Hep Stars -Californa Maiden Late 1971 Swedish Lp...out of print, very out of print...

A second album with Kookie and Josephine,. seemingly new material-., no rock and roll covers this time,

Once again, no great success ... and Kookie and Josephine left. to run a pancake restaurant or a cell phone store or something....

 1. Riverboat 
2. Nothing 
3. Do I Still Figure In Your Life 
4. Come Home 
5. Reflections Of You 
6. Judas In Blue 
 1. Ten Years Later 
2. Carolina 
3. Going Back 
4. Where The Hell I Am
5. California Maiden

Some of Information on this very obscure part of Hep stars history is sourced from Elmar's ABBA Site.

Svenne & Lotta: Tillsammans 1971 Swedish Lp

The second Svenne and Lotta album-the last before they got signed by Polar records...This one features their version of B&B's "Lycka"

1. Leva tillsammans
2. Lycka
3. Fågel blå
4. House of the rising sun, the
5. I ett ghetto
6. Lärkan
7. Nu får vi vara tillsammans
8. Jag vaknade av solen
9. Varför inte börja dan me lite kärlek
10. De e inte långt till Stockholm
11. Att älska livet är att älska ig
12. Stopp, stopp

Hep Stars- SVENNE & LOTTA MED HEP STARS 1966-1968" 1973 Swedish Lp

A 1973 compilation of the mostly soft rock work soley by the late sixties Hep Stars..

Side 1 1. Let It Be Me  /2. Speedy Gonzales  /3. Holiday For Clowns  /4. Lilla Sofi  /5. A Flower In My Garden 
/6. Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg (Little Green Apples)  Side 2 /1. Tända På Varann` (Save Your Heart For Me) 

/2. Wedding  /3. Songs We Sang  /4. Precis Som Alla Andra  /5. Speleman  /6. Sunny Girl 

Svenne & Lotta-Oldies but Goodies Late ?1973 Swedish LP out of print

This was their First Lp with Polar Records, among the oldies were"Be My Baby' and Do You Want To Dance". The album was produced by Bjorn and Benny and Svenne and B&B play on it. Svenne had also contriibuted two vocals to Polars' Christmas album -När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar in late 1972

HEP STARS BÄSTA DEL 1" (EMI.s Stjärnserie Vol. 13) 1974 Swedish Lp

This is the same "Star Series' that featured Frida in Volume #7.. Thus the garish blue cover with a picture of the Hep Stars in the center...

Side a 1. Cadillac    2.37  2. Bald Headed Woman    2.06  3. Save Your Heart For Me    2.29  4. Farmer John    1.145.Speedy Gonzales    2.25  6. Speleman    3.44  SIDE B 1. Wedding    2.47  2. I Natt Jag Drömde    2.18  3. Consolation    3.25  4. Oh! Carol    2.13  5. Holiday For Clowns    2.13  6. I Sagans Land    2.30 

Svenne & Lotta 2 Early to Mid 1975 Swedish Lp Out of print

This was S&L's followup Album it featured "Bang-A-Boomerang" which was originally going to be only their song, but ABBA ended up having to use their own version as well. Two other B&B songs were included "Roly -Poly Girl" -A English version of "Kara Gamla Sol' and Dance (while the music still goes on)    B&B just produced the songs they wrote on this one. This album included more 1960's oldies as well.

Svenne & Lotta-Letters Late 1976 Swedish Lp out of print

Includes B&B's disco song -"Funky Feet" and a English version of B&B"s 1971 song-"Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung" which here is called "If We only Had the Time".

Svenne & Lotta-20 Golden Hits 1977 Swedish Lp out of print

A hits compilation of their work as a duo.

Recently a reader informed me a little more about the Hep Stars/ Gummibandet era. In the mid 1970's three of Hep Stars were in a popular dance/rock band called Hep Stars/Gummibandet. They sang rock and roll classics and other stuff. 

The band 's guitarest of time Bernt Liljegren has a homepage with many photos from the era..  
Thanks to Björn Henning Halvorsen

Bernt Liljegren's homepage


The Gummibandet/ Hep stars era

This version of the Hep stars put out three album between 1976-1978. Those albums were called Gummibandet ., .ur spindelväv och damm and Hep Stars music shop.  the band included  Janne Frisk (guitar,vocals) , Lelle Hegland (bass), Chrille Peterson (drums, vocals)  and two other newer members.. Bernt Liljegren on guitar& vocals and Tony walter replacing Chrille on Drums for Hep Stars Music shop 


Bernt hailed from The Maniacs, a sixties band that featured Tommy Korberg. Tony worked with the Lee Kings. See Bernt Lijegren's homepage for photos from this era...

Gummibandet (Hep Stars): Gummibandet 1976 Swedish LP

1. Personality
2. Lover please
3. Great balls of fire
4. Ain´t that a shame
5. Little Richard medley: Jenny Jenny Jenny, Slippin´ and slidin´ , Bama lama lama loo
6. Shakin´all over
7. Jambalaya
8. Let the good times roll
9. Who put the bomp
10. It´ll be me
11. Love potion number 9
12. Elvis Presley medley: Don´t be cruel, Paralyzed, I beg of you
13. Midnight special
14. bird dog

Gummibandet (Hep Stars): ...ur spindelväv och damm 1977 Swedish LP
1. Hjärtats röst
2. Tror du att jag förlorad är
3. San Antonios ros
4. Rumba i Balders hage
5. Det är så hälsosamt och stärkande i fjällen
6. Lilla mamma
7. Ösa sand
8. Oh El Baion
9. Jamaica go´ da´
10. Bär ner mig till sjön
11. lo´pan

Gummibandet (Hep Stars): Hep Stars music shop 1978 Swedish LP

Side A

1. Buddy is the king
2. Twenty flight rock
3. Tallahassee Lassie
4. I got to know
5. Dansing party
6. Move it baby
7. Tribute to Buddy Holly
8. Springtime for drums

Side 2
9. Dreaming
10. Beautiful dreamer
11. Letter, The
12. One way ticket
13. Hold me
14. Reach out I´ll be there
15. Cadillac


Svenne & Lotta-  Bring it on home- Mid 1978 Swedish Lp out of print

Little if any involvement from B&B -sort of a disco album...Their last album on Polar records..

HEP STARS -BÄSTA 2" 1978 Swedish Lp

This has interesting photo of the Hep stars in twilight....The songs all seem to be largely from the pre-Lotta period .1964-1968

1. No Response    1.37  /2. Malaika    2.48  /3. The Birds In The Sky    3.11  /4. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again    2.45  /5. Like You Used To Do    2.59  /6. She Will Love You    2.42  /7. Lonesome Town    3.14 

/1. A Tribute To Buddy Holly   2.48  /2. Should I    2.56  /3. Donna    2.50  /4. Mot Okänt Land    3.04  5. It`s Nice To Be Back    2.35 

/6. Bird Dog    1.54  7. Don`t    3.06 

Svenne & Lotta-Rolls-Royce 1980 Swedish Lp Out of print

Svenne and Lotta now recorded for the Gazel label..The title track is an irritating song,,,

Svenne & Lotta-  Det är en härlig feeling 1980 Swedish Lp out of print..

The Hep Stars-Hep Stars 1964-1969 Rel. 1983 Available on Swedish Cd. Released on 1990's

Released on lp in 1983 and on Cd in the early 1990's this is one of the best compilations of the Hep Stars music. . It's 32 tracks make a persuasive case for the band's importance as "the Swedish Beatles" . All the songs here except for one include Benny on keyboards . The Hep Stars first hit (included on this CD) "Kana Kapila" had a different organist. Most of the important EMI Hep Stars A&B sides are included on this Cd.

Some of the Lp liner notes seem to have written in Swedish by Roxette's Per Gessle (before there was a Roxette!). The sleeve reminds me of one of those old Beatles Parlophone LP sleeves of the 1960's.
This compilation was a companion of two other collections showcasing 1960's Swedish
groups-The Tages and the Shanes.

The only flaw with this set is that it leaves out two of the four of the songs that B&B wrote together for the Hep Stars.

Track listing:
Kana kapila / A tribute to buddy holly /. Bird dog/
 If you need me/ Farmer John/  Donna / Cadillac / Bald headed woman / No response / So mystifying /Young and beautiful / Should I /. Sunny girl / Wedding/ When my blue moon turns to gold again / I natt jag drömde / Consolation / Don't/No time 
/ Isn't it easy to say / Malaika / It's nice to be back / Christmas on my mind / Mot okänt land / She will love you / Let it be me / Tända på varann / Holiday for clowns /Speleman / Speedy gonzales /

Hep Stars -ACT II Out of print Swedish album 1989

This time the original Hep Stars (Janne Frisk , Christer Pettersson Lelle Hegland) reformed with Svenne and Lotta but without Benny... Lasse Wallender of ABBA plays guitar on the record., and is pictured on the cover...The group does a new version of Benny's song "Sunny Girl". Supposedly a fan of Benny's named Benneth Fagerlund plays keyboards on the album...

Hep Stars-Basta September ? 1990  swedish CD (reissued again 1995 with different cover)   Available on Swedish Cd.
A one disc compilation of their hits in a blue cover ....Not the same track listing as the pervious album with this name...

Cadillac, Farmer John, Bald headed woman, No response, A tribute to Buddy Holly, So mystifying, Should I, Sunny girl, Wedding, Consolation, No time, Speedy gonzales, Malaika, She will love you, Let it be me, Save your heart for me, Mot okänt land, Inatt jag drömde

Hep Stars & Svenne and Lotta-Fran Cadillac to Rolls Royce 1991 Available on Swedish Cd

Skip this one. I think I'd rather go from Waterloo to Duvemala.
This Cd includes some Hep Stars tracks along with Svenne and Lotta recordings. This set doesn't do either group justice. This Cd does at least include Svenne & Lotta's Swedish version of "Bang-A-Bommerang' which uses the same backing track as ABBA's. This also has S&L's Swedish version of "Dance (While Music Goes On). Annoyingly the handful of other( non- ABBA )Anderson-Ulvaeus songs Svenne & Lotta recorded such as "Funky Feet" and" If We Only had the Time" are not to be found here. Instead
,we get Svenne & Lotta's later 1980's work such as the absymal "Rolls Royce".

Hep Stars-Nastan Bara PA Svenska -1992 Available on Swedish Cd

A cd compilation of the mostly featuring the Hep Stars Swedish material.

1. Natt Jag Dromde       
2. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream       
3. Mot Okant Land       
4. Four Strong Winds       
5. Sagan Om Lilla Sofi       
6. Tanda Pu Varann       
7. Save Your Heart For Me       
8. Ar Det Inte Karlek Sag       
9. Little Green Apples       
10. I Sagans Land       
11. Die Spielhur       
12. Bilden Av Dig       
13. Visions       
14. Precis Som Alla Andra       
15. Nagonting Har Hant       
16. Songs We Sang       
17. Speleman       
18. Je Tappertiens       
19. A Flower In My Garden       
20. Speedy Gonzales

Hep Stars-Basta 1995 Available on Swedish Cd.

A one disc compilation of their hits. A new cover but same track lisitng as the 1990 Cd by this name...

Cadillac, Farmer John, Bald headed woman, No response, A tribute to Buddy Holly, So mystifying, Should I, Sunny girl, Wedding, Consolation, No time, Speedy gonzales, Malaika, She will love you, Let it be me, Save your heart for me, Mot okänt land, Inatt jag drömde

Hep Stars- Juke Box Hits April 1995 Hard to find Swedish Cd

A cd compilation mostly of the Hep Stars
early Rock and Roll covers.

1. Young And Beautiful
2. Lonesome Town
3. That's When Your Heartaches Begin
4. Donna
5. I Got A Woman
6. Shake
7. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
8. If You Need Me

9. Summertime Blues
10. Wear My Ring Around You Neck
11. Tribute To Buddy Holly
12. Don't
13. Oh Carol
14. Rocking Love
15. Be My Baby

Hep stars CD reissues

Three of the Hep Stars -Olga albums were reissiued on CD . in late 1996 ...They all featured plentiful bonus tracks...

Hep Stars- The Collection August 2001 Available on Swedish cd

Yet another one disc Hep Stars compilation of music from the 1960's . It includes, " Är det inte kärlek sä" a rare Swedish version of "Little Green Apples". This album includes most of the Hep Stars Swedish top ten hits, this set includes four songs cowritten or written by Benny.

Cadillac/Bald headed woman/Farmer John/Speleman/I sagans land/Malaika/Sunny girl/Wedding/Consolation/ Speedy gonzales/Mot okänt land/I natt jag drömde/ Är det inte kärlek sä

 Hep Stars-KLASSIKER  October? 2002 Available on Swedish Cd
Released by Emi this Cd has all the usual suspects. and covers the entire 1960's...
1. Cadillac
2. Farmer John
3. Bald Headed Woman
4. No Response
5. Sunny Girl
6. Wedding
7. Consolation
8. Speedy Gonzales
9. Malaika

10. Let It Be Me
11. Save Your Heart For Me
12. Mot Okänt Land
13. I Natt Jag Drömde
14. It's Nice To Be Back
15. Holiday For Clowns
16. Speleman
17. Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg?
18. Donna

Svenne & Lotta - Tio Gyllene År 1973-1983 Available Swedish CD Early 2002

Finally a fairly good compilation of the work of Svenne & Lotta. Svenne & Lotta were the lead singers in Benny's 1960's band -The Hep Stars. The title means "Ten Golden Years"Svenne & lotta continued to work on and off with Benny during the early 1970's and were signed to ABBA's label Polar music. Svenne And Lotta recorded some songs written for them, some oldies covers and a few B&B songs. They recorded the first Swedish versions of ABBA songs-"Bang A Boomerang" , "Dance (while the Music Goes On)" and "He Is Your Brother".-all of which are included here ...One of the more interesting recordings here is the B&B disco track "Funky Feet" which was attempted but never recorded by ABBA.

Track listing -Bang A- Boomerang/När dagen försvinner/Dance (While the music still goes on), Chapel of love/, Sandy/ Breakin' up is hard to do/ All I have to do is dream/ It's a real good feeling/Du ger mig liv,/Take good care of my baby/ He is your brother,/Broken hearts/ Om jag fick leva om mitt liv/ Precious to me/ Only you/Where were you/Can't stop myself from loving you/ If it's love/ Makin' love/Funky feet2

HEP STARS- Cadillac Madness - 40 Years * 40 Hits * 1964-2004 Available on Swedish 2CD March 2004

Benny Andersson's old band is releasing a new double CD compliation featuring all the Hep Stars hits from the 1960's, a few albums tracks as well as two new tracks recorded recently- 'Love Is Coming Back', and a new version of the Hep Stars 1965 hit, "Cadillac", not surprisingly Benny does not appear on the new tracks. Nor for that matter do original members Christer Pettersson and Lelle Hegland appear on drums and Bass. Not surprisingly, there does not appear anything recorded between 1970 and 2002 on the set. This is probably as good or better than the previous 2 album set 1964-1969 .It might have been to cool to have included "Someday Someone" on here instead of just in the Cadlllac Madness book. This CD set does include "It's Been a Long Long Time" " Det Finns En Stad" and "Sagan Om Lilla Sofi "which are not easily available elsewhere ..

,CD 1- Intro/Cadillac, Kana Kapila, A Tribute To Buddy Holly, Farmer John, Donna, Bald Headed Woman, No Response, Rented Tuxedo, So Mystifying, Young And Beautiful, Should I, Sunny Girl, Hawaii, Wedding, Don't, Isn't It Easy To Say, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again, Tallahassee Lassie, Surfin' Bird, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

CD 2 -Love Is Coming Back, I natt jag drömde, Consolation, It's Nice To Be Back, Malaika, Mot okänt land, She Will Love You, Like You Used To Do, It's Been A Long Long Time, Sagan om lilla Sofi, Det finns en stad, Groovy Summertime, Let It Be Me, Tända på varann, The Music Box, Holiday For Clowns, Speleman, Är det inte kärlek, säg?, Speedy Gonzales, Cadillac 2004

HEP STARS-Someday Someone 2004 Bonus CD Available AS part of Carl MAgnus Palm's CADILLAC MADNESS BOOK

This features four previously unreleased studio recordings by The Hep Stars, recorded in 1966 and 1967. The title track is featured twice first in a spinet version and then in a more ABBAesque version. Why hasn't this listenable track released before? Well the main reason is that the melody for "Someday Someone" was used again in a later Hep Stars track...The other tracks are a cover of the Four Seasons' hit "Rag Doll" and a psychedelic group written instrumental called, Massa's Mess.

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Svenne Hedlund-Svenne Sings Elvis In Memphis, HHR003, Swedish CD, March 24, 2010

A New Svenne Hedlund solo album that was recorded at Sun Studios Memphis& Nashville in May 2009. .    Mostly  INCLUDES songs originally recorded by Elvis. James Burton, DJ Fontana, and Mats Persson play on the CD.

  • 1. Little Sister
  • 2. Follow That Rain
  • 3. Hey Let's Celebrate
  • 4. Always On My Mind
  • 5. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  • 6. Don't Be Cruel
  • 7. He's Latest Flame
  • 8. Love Me Tender
  • 9. Teddy Bear
  • 10. Return To Sender
  • 11. Young And Beautiful
  • 12. All Shook Up
  • 13. She's Not You
  • 14. A King Like You
  • 15. Good Luck Charm
  • 16. Wooden Heart
  • 17. The Wonder Of You
  • 18. I Gotta Know
  • 19. It's Now Or Never
  • 20. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
  • 21. Treat Me Nice
  • 22. Loving You
  • 23. Baby I Don't Care
  • 24. No More
  • 25. Don't Cry Daddy
  • 26. Don't Leave Me Now
  • 27. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
  • 28. Can't Help Falling In Love
  • 29. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  • 30. Don't
  • 31. Cadillac

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Krille in '66!

Christer Petterson (left) with Svenne Hedlund

Hep Stars drummer and  co-founder Christer Petterson  (KRILLE) died  in August 2006 , age 63 of a liver related illness.. He is the first of the Hep Stars to pass away.. The excellent photo above is a recent one by Erika Stenlund, of the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

svenne , lotta hedlund and their hair

Remember Lelle and Jelly and Kelly!

 Studio album-The Hep Stars (1966)
 Compilation  album- HEP STARS- Cadillac Madness - 40 Years * 40 Hits * 1964-2004


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