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Frida -Solo (1967-2010)



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Narrative-The People's Princess

Frida's early singles 1967-1970
***Frida-Frida 1971 Out of print Swedish LP

Frida - Nu Vissla I Ett Slag (Whistle While You Work) Out of print Swedish EP 1971
**Frida- ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD 1971 Out of print Swedish LP.

Frida singles 1971-1982

Various Artists-När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar 1972 Out of print Swedish LP

Various Artists-50 glada år alla tiders största - Disney Favoriter Vol.2 Out of print 1973 Swedish LP

Harpo -" Moviestar" single .... 1975 Scandinavian & German single.

Bjorn Skifs -Schiffz-Swedish LP 1975.
****Frida -Frida Ensam 1975 Available on Swedish CD

frida singles 1982-1992
***Frida-Something's Going On -1982 Available worldwide on Cd

Adam Ant -"Strip"/ "Yours Yours Yours' single. British single 1983

*Various artists- ABRACADABRA 1983 French album , English singles
Narrative-Frida's rare and unreleased recordings..
***Frida-Shine 1984 Available worldwide on Cd

Ratata' - Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet Swedish album 1987 released on CD
**Frida- Pa Egan Hand -1991 Swedish Cd

***Frida(with Artister for Miljo)-Anglamark /B/w Frida-Saltwater (Swedish single 1992
**Frida-Tre Kvart Fran Nu 1993 Swedish CD

***Various Artists - Duetter 1993 Swedish CD

**Various Artists -Polars Roliga Timme 1994 Swedish Cd

**REAL GROUP- Varför Får Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Är? Swedish Cd (1994)
***Agnetha & Frida- THE VOICE OF ABBA 1994

***Agnetha,Björn, Benny ,AnniFrid-PA SVENSKA 1994 Swedish Cd.
Various Artists -Julens Musik 1994 Swedish Cd
****Frida-Djupa Andetag 1996 Swedish CD

Singles from Djupa Andetag
****Annifrid Lyngstad -Frida 1967-1972 2cd set Released 1997 Swedish CD.
**Frida-The Remix album 1998 German CD
***Frida-Svenska Popfavoriter 1998 Swedish CD

Various Artists - Svensk 70-tals Nostalgi Swedish CD Late 1990's

Frida- 14 HITS (SVENSKA POPFAVORITER) September 2000 Available on Swedish CD
**Frida-The Collection August 2001

RATATA-Kollection October 2002 Swedish CD
Fillippa Giordano -Il Rosso Armore Deluxe Japanese only release 2002

FRIDA/DAN DANIELL -I HAVE A DREAM 2003 German fanclub single and album

Jon Lord - Beyond The Notes September 2004 Internationally released CD


Frida -4XCD 1XDVD Box Set Late 2005 Swedish 4CD/1 DVD set Swedish release

Daniel Balavoine-Balavoine Sans Frontieres,Universal, Barclay 983 343-6, French 2CD set Late 2005

Georg Wadenius (and friends) –Reconnection, EMI-50999 -9190442 , Swedish CD, October 27. 2010

The People's Princess

Frida Lyngstad from ABBA is not to be confused with the painter Frida Kahlo or that Frida from Peanuts. Frida's solo output is the smallest but perhaps, the most consistently good of the four members of ABBA. Frida has released just five studio albums. Her studio albums were released in 1971,1975,1982, 1984, and 1996. However,she has also released many songs not found on those albums. Unlike the three other members of ABBA Frida has not generally been able to write her own material (with the exception of handful of songs). However, the material she has sung has generally been of a high quality.

Anni-Frid Lyngstad was born in Ballangen (near Narvik) Norway on November 15, 1945. She began her recording career in 1967, but had been singing professionally through most of the sixties..

Most of her pre-ABBA recordings were light jazz/sophisticated pop music recordings sung in Swedish...During ABBA's heyday she made only one solo studio album the pop/rock Swedish language album-Frida Ensam. Between 1982 and 1985, Frida released two English language solo albums. By 1986, Frida gave up her full-time ,musical career to to mostly pursue other interests including doing environmental activism. Thus, in the past two decades Frida has made only one solo album-the excellent Djupa Andetag released in 1996. During the past twenty years Frida has on occasion recorded duets and some other one off -recordings. Most recently she recorded with Georg Wadenius.

Frida has become beloved to her fans due to her elegance,vegetarianism, faith, humility, sense of humour, decency and ever changing hairstyles!

Frida has been married three times ,but Lyngstad is her maiden name. Frida's third husband, Prince Rizzo Reuss, died on October 29, 1999. She currently spends much of her time in Switzerland.

 What to Get First: Frida's Best
 Best Studio album-Djupa Antetag or Frida Ensam
 Best compilation album-Anni-Frid Lyngstad 1967-1972

Frida's early recording career 1967-1970

 Frida's early singles 1967-1970

Frida's early recording career consisted entirely of seven single releases released only in Scandinavia all on the EMI Label. She released no LP's during the 1960's. All of this material has been made available on CD and much of it had been released on vinyl LP. Many of these songs were first compiled on Frida's second LP called Anni-Frid Lyngstad, and all were later compiled on the Frida 1967-1972 2CD set.

ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD  - En Ledig Dag / Peter Kom Tillbaka Late 1967

En Ledig Dag" ("Weekend in Portofino") (Chiosso, Defilippi, Sten) - 2:55 Produced by Ollie Bergman Recorded

Peter Kom Tillbaka" ("Junge, Komm Bald Wieder") (Olias,- Bergman) - 3:07

This single was Frida's first recording session,.

ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD Din / Du Är Så Underbart Rar Late 1967

"Din" ("Quiereme Mucho") (Gonzalo Roig, Jerico) - 2:39

"Du Är Så Underbart Rar" ("Can't Take My Eyes Off You") (Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio, B.S. Bimen) - 3:17

ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD  -Simsalabim / Vi Möts Igen Mid 1968

"Simsalabim" (Gunnar Sandevärn) - 2:30

"Vi Möts Igen" ("Where Are They Now?") (Bradford Craig, Ty Whitney, Bengt Haslum) - 3:18

ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD  - Mycket Kär / När Du Blir Min Late 1968

"Mycket Kär" ("Non Illuderti Mai") (Daniele Pace, Mario Panzeri, Lorenzo Pilat, Stikkan Anderson)

"När Du Blir Min" ("The Lonesome Road") (Nat Shilkret, Olle Bergman) - 2:09

 ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD  - Härlig Är Vår Jord / Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott Early 1969

"Härlig Är Vår Jord" (Ivan Renliden) - 2:42

"Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott" (Jules Sylvain, Karl-Ewert) - 2:38

ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD- Så Synd Du Måste Gå / Försök Och Sov På Saken Spring 1969

"Så Synd Du Måste Gå" ("Comment Te Dire Adieu"/"It Hurts To Say Goodbye") (Jack Gold, Arnold Golan, Stikkan Anderson) - 2:24

"Försök Och Sov På Saken" ("Surround Yourself With Sorrow") (Bill Martin, Phil Coulter, Bo-Göran Edling) - 2:40

ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD  - Peter Pan / Du Betonar Kärlek Lite Fel Late 1969

"Peter Pan" (Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus) - 2:09

"Du Betonar Kärlek Lite Fel" (Peter Himmelstrand) - 2:29


ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD  - Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår / Du Var Främling Här Igår Early 1970

"Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår" ("Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)") (Barry Mason, Tony Macaulay, Olle Bergman) - 2:43

"Du Var Främling Här Igår" ("I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten") (Clive Westlake, Patrice Hellberg) - 3:32


 En Ledig Dag / Peter Kom Tillbaka Late 1967

Din / Du Är Så Underbart Rar Late 1967


 Simsalabim / Vi Möts Igen Mid 1968

Mycket Kär / När Du Blir Min Late 1968


 Härlig Är Vår Jord / Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott Early 1969

Så Synd Du Måste Gå / Försök Och Sov På Saken Spring 1969

Peter Pan / Du Betonar Kärlek Lite Fel Late 1969

 Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår / Du Var Främling Här Igår Early 1970

Various Artists-Melodiparad. 1, EMI , 1968 Swedish LP also listed as Various Artists-EMI-Sextetten , EMI Odeon PMES 575 , 1968 Swedish LP "

Early appearance on a LP for the  Late 1968 single -"Mycket kär"/"När du blir min"


1. Regntunga skyar / Gunnar Wiklund
2. Bara du tycker om mej / Bibi Johns
3. Lägg av den gamla stilen / Lena Hansson
4. Det ä' så kul / Trio me' Bumba
5. När du blir min / Anni-Frid Lyngstad
6. Amors pilar / Streaplers
7. Ja, det var då... / Lena Hansson
8. Långt, långt bort / Streaplers
9. Tänk vad livet är skönt / Bibi Johns
10. Idag kan aldrig bli igår / Gunnar Wiklund
11. Man ska leva för varandra / Trio me' Bumba
12. Mycket kär / Anni-Frid Lyngstad


Various Artists-Melodiparad. 2, EMI , 1969 Swedish LP

First appearance on a LP for the Early 1969 single  Härlig är vår jord, Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott

 1. Att leva / Gitte Henning
 2. Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott / Anni-Frid Lyngstad
 3. Så här, så kär / Marianne Kock & Roffe Berg
 4. Låt mig tycka om dig / Four Seven
5. Boom bang-a-bang / Doris
6. Om du vill ha mej får du ta mej som jag e' / Trio me' Bumba
7. Var finns den där romantiken? / Streaplers
 8. Är det kärlek, månntro? / Marianne Kock & Roffe Berger
 9. Hand i hand / Four Seven
10. Härlig är vår jord / Anni-Frid Lyngstad
11. Jag vill ge / Trio me' Bumba
12. En sån jätteskön dag / Gitte Henning


Frida-Frida , (EMI Columbia E 062 - 34360) Out of print March 1971 Swedish LP

This was Frida's very first album, it came out after almost four years of the unsuccessful single releases listed above. Why she didn't lose her record contract we can only speculate on.
Perhaps somebody at her Swedish label ,EMI, realized that there
is not a more stately pop singer in Sweden .

For this album, Frida recorded 13 songs with Producer/boyfriend/future ABBA member, Benny Andersson between September 1970 and January 1971. The tracks were engineered by Björn Noren and featured arrangements by Bengt Palmers and Claes Rosendahl, Eleven of the songs appeared on this album. (the two other tracks were left unreleased). This is a restrained, tasteful album that ranges through jazz, folk, and pop that does not touch too heavily on rock and roll. The songs on this album are perhaps more suited for Frida than much what is found on Frida's first eight singles that preceded this album but the songs here also are less energetic than those singles.

The lead off track "Tre Kvart Nu" sets the stage for the album-it's a tune by pianist Arthur Rubenstein set to Swedish lyrics by Benny's friend Peter Himmelstrand . "Tre Kvart Nu" translates to "Three Quarters (of a Hour) From Now". Frida does a good version of the title track from B&B's LYCKA album but actually I think the B&B version is a bit more emotional. Frida does a fine job with a Swedish version of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne".

We have here a rare chance to compare Agnetha and Frida's singing styles since both Frida and Agnetha did versions of " "Everything's All Right" and "I Don't Know How To Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar. Agnetha's versions were produced by Bjorn for the Swedish staging of Jesus Christ Superstar. Interestingly, Frida's versions use a different translation than that used on the Agnetha version. Not surprisingly, Agnetha's versions of these songs are better than Frida's versions, partly because Björn comes up with a more exciting arrangement for Aggie than Benny did producing for Frida, but partly because these songs are more suited more Aggie.

All of the songs included here are sung in Swedish. Every Frida solo record up to 1982 would be sung in Swedish. All the later pressings of this album would include "Min Egan Stad" (My Home Town),which is a Swedish version of one of Benny's English language Hep Stars songs called originally " It's Nice To Be Back Again". Frida's version is bright, punctuated by Benny's piano and Agnetha, and Bjorn's backing vocals- it's bit of a preview of the ABBA sound. Recorded in July 71 it would be Frida's first big Swedish hit (it made it to #1 on the Svensktoppen, though not on the sales chart).

The original version of this album has a relatively unattractive picture of Frida with her hair styled in a horrible short perm. The original album has a gatefold cover with some interesting pictures on the inner gatefold.

A later different version of this album (the one I have) is called EMI Starseries Part Seven. It's in a ugly blue cover without the gatefold cover that graced the original.This album was never released on CD but all the tracks are available on the FRIDA 1967-1972 collection..


Track listing Side 1  Track listing Side 2
 Tre kvart från nu
Jag blir galen när jag tänker på dej
Sen dess har jag inte sett'en
En ton av tystnad
Min egan stad ( on later pressings)
Allting skall bli bra/Vad gör jag med min kärlek
Jag är beredd
En liten sång om kärlek
Telegram för fullmånen
Barnen sover

Various Artists=Hits, Polydor , Karusell 2468 005, !971 Swedish LP

Early appearence on LP for Frida's duet with Lars Berghagen. This album also had Lill-Babs recording of the B&B song , VÄLKOMMEN TILL VÄRLDEN



Frida - Nu Vissla I Ett Slag (Whistle While You Work) , HMV LLP 15 ,Out of print 1971 Swedish EP

Frida recorded this song for a four song Swedish Disney song extended play disc.. This song is from Snow White. This track is very obscure and hard to get since it's not on any of Frida's albums.There are two other songs on this EP- a version of "Heigh Ho" sung by Rasmus , and two segments of "Theme to Snow white" performed by Kerston Franzen.

Frida- ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD, Columbia E 048-51017 34549 , Late ? 1971 Out of print 1971 Swedish LP. Columbia 34549

Most sources say this album was released in 1971 though on one source, (ABBA-The Book by Potiez), it is implied that this album was released October 1972.

Although this is a twelve song compilation none of the songs had been on a album before at the time this was released. Most sources say this album was released in 1971 though it seems more logical that it would have been released in 1972.

This album draws mainly from Frida's eight singles released between 1967-1970 . Ten of the sixteen songs from her first eight singles made their album debut here. The remaining six sides wouldn't make it on a album till the 1990's. The 1971 "Min Egen Stad" /"En Gang Ar Ingen gang "single filled the eleventh and twelfth spots on this LP.

Frida's first six singles were produced by EMI's Ollie Bergman. Ollie was the man who signed Frida to EMI after seeing her sing" En Ledig Dag" on the Hyland Horna TV show in September 1967. The oft-told story about that a special edition of this particular TV show was put on to keep people off the roads since Sweden was switching from driving on the left to driving on the right."En Ledig Dag" (A Day Off) would also be her first single (released September 1967) and appears for the first time on album here.

Eight of the songs here were produced by Ollie Bergman. Of the songs, produced by Ollie Bergman only "Härlig är vår jord" received any airplay.( In all, Frida would have only five radio hits prior to 1974- "Härlig är vår jord", "Min egen stad , "En kväll om sommarn", Där du går lämnar kärleken spår" and "Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan") "Härlig är vår jord" was notable also for being Frida entry in the 1969 Melodifestivalen.

In 1969 Benny became Frida's producer (and her boyfriend!) Benny produced the remaining four songs found songs on this album. The "Min Egan Stad" single as well as two other songs "Peter Pan" and "Dar Du Gar Lamnar Karleken Spar" (Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes").. "Peter Pan" was' a Swedish B&B composition recorded in Sept. 1969 . "Peter Pan" marked the first time that three future ABBA members worked on a record together.

The cover of this album features Frida sitting down on a small hill showing off her legs (very similar to the cover of Agnetha's first album). This album was never released on Cd but all the songs are available on FRIDA 1967-1972.

Frida's contract with EMI appears to have expired in 1972 ,which freed Frida to sign with Polar Records. However, by late 1972 ABBA was starting to take over Frida' career, and so Frida only released a few sides as a solo artist for Polar between 1972-1974.

Track listing for ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD (all songs sung in Swedish)

 1. Min egen stad (1971)
2. En gång är ingen gång (1971)
3. Försök och sov på saken (1969)
4. Peter Pan (1969)
5. Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott (1969)
6. Där du går lämnar kärleken spår (1970)
 1. Härlig är vår jord (1969)
2. Peter, kom tillbaka (1967)
3. Simsalabim (1968)
4. En ledig dag (1967)
5. Du är så underbart rar (1967)
6. Så synd du måste gå (1969)

 Frida- Singles 1971-1979
 Frida released 7 more singles in this period, her work with ABBA meant that she released no solo singles between 1973-1974 and between 1976-1980...

En Liten San Om KArlek/Tre Kvart Fran Nu Spring 1971 EMI

En Kvall En Sommarm/Vi Allt Me NAsten Inget (both sides with Lars Berghagen) Mid 1971 EMI

Min egen Stad /En Gang Ar Ingen Gang Fall 1971 EMI


 Vi Ar Alla Baraa I Borjan/Kom Och Sjung En sang Early 1972 EMI

Vad Goe Jag Med Min Karlek/Allting Ska Bli bra Spring 1972 EMI (this single is only listed on some discographies....)

Man Vill Ju Lite Dessemellna/Ska Ma Skratta eller Grat Late 1972 Polar

Fernando (Solo Swedish version)/Ett Live I Solen Late 1975 Polar

Various Artists-När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar Polar POLS 239, Out of print Late 1972 Swedish LP Available as part of JULENS MUSIK CD

Polar's 1972 Christmas music album had tracks by Annifrid Lyngstad, Lena Anderson,Svenne Hudlund, trumpeter Arne Lambert, Sonja Stjernqvist and the Hootenanny Singers .The title of the album translates to "When Christmas Morning Is Shining".This album was produced by Stig, Benny and Bjorn.FRida sings two song on the album-. 'När det lider mot jul' ("When Christmas Time Is Approaching") and 'Gläns över sjö och strand' ("Shine Over Lake And Shore) . Apparently she got to pick which songs she would sing.The Hootz do versions of "Gå Sion, din Konung att möta" and "Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus".". All of the tracks were recorded in 1972.

This is a really enjoyable Christmas album. Highlights include Lena Andersson's version's of "Silent Night",and Svenne Hedlund's version of "Dotter Sion, frojda Dig" which has some fantastic church organ on it (by Benny perhaps?).The original LP (which has a wintery picture of a church on the cover ) is no longer available,
but this album was reissued in tandem with Agnetha and Linda's Christmas album on the 1994 Polar CD -JULENS MUSIK.The reissue ,JULENS MUSIK, is the closest thing we have to an ABBA Christmas album. (ABBA never recorded any Christmas music).

Stilla Natt - Lena Andersson
Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus -Hootenanny Singers

När Det Lider Mot Jul Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Dotter Sion, Fröjda Dig- Svenne Hedlund
O Du Saliga -Sonja Stjernqvist
Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand -Anni-Frid Lyngstad
När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar -Svenne Hedlund
Bereden Väg För Herran -Arne Lamberth
Hosianna -Sonja Stjernqvist
Gå Sion, Din Konung Att Möta- Hootenanny Singers
Härlig Är Jorden -Lena Andersson
Var Hälsad Sköna Morgonstund -Arne Lamberth

Various Artists-- 50 glada år alla tiders största - Disney Favoriter Vol.2 EMI 054-34826 Out of print 1973 Swedish LP

This was released on EMI and it compiles Frida's 1971 Disney track, Nu Vissla I Ett Slag (Whistle While You Work). The song also appeared on a later Swedsih Disny compilation called Disney Marine .

4. NU VISSLA VI ETT SLAG   1.25 ur "Snövit" Whistle While You Work
1. ZIP-A-DEE DOO-DAH   2.04
5. BARA VISSLA   1.24
6. HEJ HÅ   1.35


FRIDA - EMI STJÄRNSERIE, Volume 7 Columbia label, catalog # 34549 out of print 1974 Swedish LP

This album is a rather garish reissuing of Frida's first solo album...It was reissued to to take advantage of ABBA's emergence, All the songs are there on the album but little in the way of liner notes..The album was released on the Columbia label, catalog # 34549

Harpo -" Moviestar" single .... Late 1975 Scandinavian & German single.

Frida did backing vocals for this song, which was recorded & released in both English & Swedish. The track has not been compiled on a Frida album, but is available on a recent Harpo collection. The recording of this song is pictured in the "From Waterloo to Mamma Mia" book.... This record was hit in Australia.

Bjorn Skifs -Schiffz!, EMI  Svenska AB, E 062-35220 -Swedish LP 1975.

Frida dueted with or sung background vocals on "Med Varann" which was a song on this solo album by Blue Swede's lead singer Bjorn Skifs..Like most of Frida's subsequent work with other arists-It has not appeared on any of Frida's albums.This track can be found on Bjorn Skif's Basta CD

1. Ni Som Kan Ro (Ease On Down The Road) -
2. Det Regnar, Regnar -
3. I Mörkret Med Dej -
4. Aina -
5. Vi Bygger Oss En Båt -
6. Michelangelo -
7. Krama Dej -
8. Med Varann (You Make Me Feel Brand New) -
9. En Joker I Leken -
10. Sånt Händer Mänskor Varje Dag (Put A Little Love A -
11. Till En Poet -

Frida -Frida Ensam , Polar POLS 265 November 1975 Swedish LP Available on Swedish CD . Remastered and reisued with bonus tracks in 2005

FRIDA ENSAM translates to Frida Alone, but Benny produced, Björn,Benny,
and the ABBA band play on this. ABBA manager Stig Anderson was
executive producer. The only ABBA person who is missing is Agnetha.Aggie was otherwise occupied with her own solo album.

Frida and Agnetha each released Swedish language solo albums in 1975. Both FRIDA
and Aggie's ELVA KVINNOR I ETT HUS both took a long time to be recorded because of the time demands of ABBA. Ensam was recorded between February 1974 and October 1975. This was the longest time taken to record any ABBA related recording took prior to the recording of Chess in 1983-1984...

The arrangements of the songs are as well thought out as the ABBA records of the period. This album catches Frida more confident and enthused then ever. The choice of material is quite varied. Most of the songs seem to be covers of previously released songs with the exception, of course, of the original Swedish version of "Fernando" which made it's debut here. (Frida's version was released slightly ahead of the English language ABBA version)."Fernando" is the only B&B song on the album.

Two of the song choices were definitely not light jazz-"Liv Pa Mars'" (a spectacular swedish version of David Bowie's "Life On Mars") and a Swedish version of "Wall Street Shuffle" a 10CC song)." Life on Mars" was drawn from Bowie's HUNKY DORY album. Some of the other songs were more akin to her PRE-ABBA song selection but are given a much more effective presentation by the increasingly tight ABBA band.

The album is uniformly excellent but some
highlights include the ethereal "Hey Hey..' chorus in "Aldrij Mej" , the end of "Ett Live I solen" and Frida's high singing on "Send In the Clown'.

The front cover of this album featured Frida in a highly alluring but yet tasteful pose in a darkened room. Her hair is the medium long, dark straight hair of the Arrival era.
This is one of the most successful Swedish market albums by a ABBA solo artist. It went to #1 in Sweden and sold over 100,000 copies. This album is a must have for Frida fans!

Track listing for FRIDA ENSAM (all songs sung in Swedish)


Fernando (Swedish version)
Jag Är Mig Själv Nu (Young Girl)
Som En Sparv
Vill Du Låna En Man (The Most Beautiful Girl)
Liv På Mars? (Life on Mars)
Syrtaki (Siko Chorpse Syrtaki)

Aldrig Mej ( Vado Via)
Guld Och Gröna Ängar (Wall Street Shuffle)
Ett Liv I Solen (Anima Mia)
Skulle De' Va' Skönt(Wouldnt It Be Nice)
Var Är Min Clown (Send in the Clowns)

Extra tracks on 2005 remaster
12. Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan( non-album a-side)
13. Ska man skratta eller gråta (non-album b -side)



BOSSE PARNEVIK-"TELEFONLUR", Hanson Glenmark HGP 3014 , 1979 Swedish LP

Bosse calls up famous people and on this LP he called Frida and Stig.

1. Anders Gernandt - Eva Rydberg   3.26
2. Gunnar Hedlund - Gunnar Pallin   5.47
3. Bengt Bedrup - Björn Skifs   4.04
4. Gunnar Sträng - Lars Lönndahl   1.40
5. Bosse Parnevik - Dean Martins Manager   2.30

1. Charlie Norman - Annifrid Lyngstad   5.13
2. Bengt Bedrup - Gösta Bohman   4.15
3. Olof Palme - Stikkan Anderson   3.17
4. Gunnar Sträng - Sven Tumba   4.10
5. Tage Erlander - Lill Babs   0.34


 Frida's singles 1980-1992
ISomething's Going On/ThrenodyLate 1982 (single from SGO album)

To Turn The Stone/I've Got Something Early 1983 (single from SGO album)

Here We'll Stay (solo version)/Strangers Mid 1983 (single from SGO album)

Belle ((duet with Daniel Balavoine/C'est Fini (not Frida)Late 1983 (French abbacadabra project) French single

Time (With B.A.Robertson)/I am The Seeker (not Frida) Late 1983 (British abbacadabra project-non album tracks))


 Shine/That's Tough Late 1984 (Aside SHINE ALBUM/B-side non-album track)

Come To Me (I Am Woman)Slowly Late 1984 (both sides from SHINE Album)


  Sa Lange Vi HAr Varann (Ra ta Ta with Frida)/ Du Finns Hoos Mig (Ra ta TaLate 1987

Om Du var har/ (Ra ta TaAs Long AS I HAve You (Ra ta Ta with Frida)Late 1987

 Anglamark/Saltwater (a-side withwith Artister for Miljo:) Mid 1992 non album tracks

Frida-Something's Going On, POLAR POLS 355 -September 1982 Swedish LP Available on CD Remastered and reisued with bonus tracks in 2005

The first solo album after the divorces of Abba's two couples. It's appearance was a clue that ABBA was nearing the end of the road. Frida's first solo album in seven years.

Frida chose Phil Collins. lead singer & drummer for Genesis to be produce this album.

The album was recorded just right before Phil made it big with his No Jacket Required album.

SOMETHING'S GOING ON came a year after Phil's first solo hit-"In the Air Tonight' was released. "In The Air Tonight " featured the influential drum sound that Phil had brought to the world partly through the talents of engineer Hugh Padgham. This distinctive drum sound was featured prominently in the title track here as well as on "Tell Me That's it Over" and elsewhere. The up tempo songs on this album tend to emphasize Frida's great radio voice instead of allowing Frida to be expressive.

The ballads here have aged better. Frida's introduces Roxette's Per Gessle to the world when she sings his song "Threnody' based on a Dorothy Parker poem. It's got some lovely guitar work by Darryl Struemer. "To Turn the Stone" written by
Giorgio Moredor/Pete Bellotte (Donna Summer's songwriters) was Frida's favorite song on the album.

Frida recorded a lovely version of the Phil Collins' song "You Know What I mean" . The track features some great harp work by Skaila Kanga . "You What I Mean" was originally on Phil's FACE VALUE album. Frida decided she wanted Phil to produce her solo album after hearing
FACE VALUE. Frida shared Phil's affinity for Earth ,Wind , and Fire and like
Frida , Phil's marriage had just broken up.

The record closes with a cheesy duet between Phil and Frida. Phil and his record label, Atlantic didn't think the song was good enough to be a single and so when this was was released as a single it was without Phil singing.

This record showed that ABBA solo projects would have a tough row to hoe internationally. the album did so-so in most markets and the lead single (a song that just screams -hit record) was a hit only in some markets, Strangely ,the
title track did well in the United States where it proved to be one of only 2 or three ABBA related records to make it onto MTV. (which at the time was something new and exciting). The video for "Something Going on' seemed to be surprisingly autobiographical since it's about a woman finding out that her lover has a new boyfriend.
The album cover is a drawn portrait of Frida by Yves Poyet. The cover really, really jumps out at you. On the inside sleeve there was the photo on which the cover drawing was based showing Frida with sharply cut short dyed red hair.

This album was reissued on CD in the USA in a remastered version which
unfortunately doesn't have any bonus tracks


 Track listing for SOMETHING'S GOING ON( all sungs in English)
 Side 1:
 1. Tell Me It's Over (Stephen Bishop) 2.50
2. I See Red (Jim Rafferty) 4.32
3 .I Got Something (Tomas Ledin) 4.05
4. Strangers (Jayne Bradbury/Dave Morris) 4.05
5. To Turn The Stone (Peter Bellotte/Giorgio Moroder) 5.25
 Side 2:

 1. I Know There's Something Going On (Russ Ballard) 5.25
2. Threnody (Dorothy Parker/Per Gessle) 4.16
3. Baby Don't You Cry No More (Rod Argent) 3.02
4. The Way You Do (Bryan Ferry) 3.35
5.You Know What I Mean (Phil Collins) 2.35
6. Here We'll Stay -duet with Phil Collins-(Tony Colton /Jean Roussel) 2.35

Extra tracks:
12. I Know There's Something Going On (Single Edit)
13. Here We'll Stay (non album Solo Version)

Various artists- ABBACADABRA 1983 Out of print French album , British singles

Two hard to get get Frida tracks come from this project. This was the first"musical" based on B&B music. The idea here was to borrow the melodies from ABBA songs and rewrite the lyrics so as be able to tell a story and also so as to be able to do it in French.
Although the French version was not staged , a TV show and a Concept album were produced and released in 1983. (Produced by Alain Boublil of MISS SAIGON fame).It was French/Begian co-production. Frida was involved ,she played a Princess and sung a duet with Daniel Balavoine called "Belle.' which actually was a hit record in France..

At the end of 1983 , the thing was apparently redone in English and performed at London's
Lyric Theater. This production was produced by Cameron McIntosh. The British version however, apparently did not result in another album , but at least two singles were released.
One of the singles included Frida's duet with B.A. Robertson on "Time" ,The b-side
of that single featured B.A Robertson doing "I am the
Seeker" which was B&B song that
ABBA considered but never recorded, The other single featured Elaine Paige doing a rewritten version of "My Love , My Life called "Like an Image Passing Me By. Oddly, the new lyricsfor this one cowritten by Björn.

Apparently, B&B never saw the play-which seems bizarre considering how many times that they have sat through Mamma Mia.

Frida also did backing vocals on a song for a related project Abbacadabra 2 .

I don't have this album! Why don't I have this album you ask? Well, I saw this album in Germany many years ago, but I didn't have the money for it-so I didn't other getting it. I thought to myself-," I'll see that again" and I never did.

 FRENCH LP& CD track listing

Track listing side A

. QU'EST-CE QUE J'VAIS FAIRE PLUS TARD (When I Kissed The Teacher)
DÉLIVRÉS (The Visitors)
ABBACADABRA (Take A Chance On Me)
MON NEZ MON NEZ (Money, Money, Money)
.TÊTE D'ALLUMETTE (Super Trouper)
IMAGINE-MOI [I Wonder (Departure)]

 Track listing side A

PAREILS ET MÊMES (I Let The Music Speak)
L'ENFANT DO (Fernando)
ENVOYEZ LE GÉNÉRIQUE (Thank You For The Music)

bonus tracks on 1994 CD version...

13. GARE AU LOUP  (Waterloo) 
(Lay all your love on me) 

1984 British single also relased in Sweden

A:    Time (Frida &Daniel Belavoine)/  B:    I am the Seeker (B.A.Robertson)  

Adam Ant -"Strip"/ "Yours Yours Yours' single. British single 1983

Frida did backing vocals on the A-side of this single written and performed by Adam Ant-a new wavish British singer who was popular (we are not really sure why) during the 1980's.

Adam Ant -"Strip, CBS Records, 25705, October 1983 British LP , 2005 CD

The whole LP with that also includes thbe Strip single. That song only was produced by

*Producted by Phil Collins with Hugh Padgham


1. STRIP*   (3:48)
3. LIBERTINE   (4:20)
4. SPANISH GAMES   (3:00)
5. VANITY   (4:08)
1. PUSS'N BOOTS*   (3:51)
2. PLAYBOY   (3:51)
3. MONTREAL   (4:23)
4. NAVEL TO NECK   (3:41)
5. AMAZON    (3:49)

Previously unreleased demo recordings on 2005 CD issue
11. Strip
12. Dirty Harry
13. Horse You Rode In On
14. She Wins Zulus
15. Puss'n Boots
Previously unreleased rehearsal recordings
Compass Point Studios Bahamas
16. Playboy
17. Navel To Neek
Previously unreleased live studio version
Polar Studios Stockholm Sweden
18. Strip


Frida-Shine September 1984 Available worldwide on CdRemastered and reisued with bonus tracks in 2005

SHINE was pretty much ignored by ABBA fans and non-ABBA fans alike. For the SHINE album ,Producer Steve Lillywhite(U2, Big Country,Kirsty MacColl) fashioned a distinctive sound for this album that resonates throughout the album.but is most noticable on tracks like "the Face" and "Twist in the Dark".Steve Lillywhite's utilizes a coterie of British musicians/writer/ backing singers including Mark Brzezski of Big Country, Simon Climie and the legendary Kirsty MacColl. Remarkably ,ABBA bassist, Rutger Gunnarsson slips in a guest appearance on bass on two tracks. Thus, he became the only instrumentalist
to work on Post- ABBA solo work by every former ABBA member
.People tend to disagree as to
which songs they like on this album, none of the songs are universally loved.

This albums white with florescent pink and green cover seems a bit out of place in our world. I like this cover but I am in the minority! This album was recorded in France the only time that Frida has recorded a studio album outside of Sweden.Frida had originally planned on recording
an album with Daniel Balavoine (who she
had worked with ABRACADABRA) or perhaps working again with Phil Collins (who was actually too busy to work with her again) but supposedly "Executive Producer" Stig
Anderson nixed these ideas and rushed her into completing this album. Frida listened to Stig because , of the four ABBA members, Frida was the most loyal to Stig.

Frida did take Phil Collins's advice and for the first time she actually wrote songs, she completed a number of songs most of which were not made into finished recordings, among the unreleased songs written were "Light of love", " I`m one of God`s children" , "Can`t be serious" , " My dearest friend " and "I don`t wanna be alone" Two of the songs were actually released . "That's Tough" didn't make it on to the album . It was a non album B-side and actually includes a few lines sung in Swedish, "Don't Do It' was a lovely ballad that did actually make it on the album.

Frida's voice does strange things to
many of the songs here . This was becoming a pattern on her 1980's work "-Me and I", "The Visitors", "You Owe Me One, "Something's Going On" all feature something other than her normal voice- the sound almost of a female computer. .In any case it's not always easy to be expressive when you have to sing like that much of the time but for the most part this weird voice is still fun to listen to.

Among the more interesting songs here is a version of
B&B's "Slowly" which was the only B&B song to appear on any of the girls post 1976 albums. The full sound of "The Face" is typical of the songs here-it has a great hook or two notably the point where the background singers sing "it wouldnt mean a thing".

I wasn't overwhelmed by the title track, which was issued as a single in some markerts. "Shine" was the last number recorded for the album, it was recorded when the record label came looking for something resembling a hit single-but sadly, they didnt get one,

I think the this album's best song
is it's closer. Frida counts in slowly to "Comfort Me' and takes her time coming to the last verses where she speaks the words. Lillywhite's carefully assembled sound environment is there but on " Comfort me" Frida, the human being is there too.

This album was not released in the United States. On this album Frida has medium short red hair. After the promotion was done for this album, Frida lowered her profile , and opted out of trying to become a solo star. She did record on occasion,primarily dueting, with other artists
for the Swedish market. It was to be nearly twelve years before she would make another album.

This album seems cursed January 1986 one of the albums' songwriters ,Daniel Balavoine, was killed in a helicopter crash. Sadly,in recent years two more songwriters on this album have died tragically. Kirsty MacColl died in a boating accident and Stuart Adamson commited suicide.


Track listing for SHINE album (all songs in English)

Side 1:
1.Shine (Kevin Jarvis,Guy Fletcher, Jeremy Bird)4.39
2. One Little Lie (Simon Climie & Kirsty MacColl)3.44
3. The Face (Daniel Balavoine & Kirsty Mac Coll ) 3.50
4. Twist In The Dark (Andde Leek) 3.43
5. Slowly (Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus) 4.18

Side 2:
1. Heart Of the Country (Stuart Adamson) 4.38
2. Come to me (I am Woman) (Eddie Howell & David Dundas) 5.04
3. Chemistry Tonight (Glenister, Climie & Mac Coll) 4.56
4. Don't Do It ( Anni-Frid Lyngstad) 4.37
5. Comfort Me (Peter Glenister) 4.28

Extra tracks: on 2005 remaster
11. That's Tough (non album b-side)
12. Shine ( Extended 12 inch Mix)

Ratata' - Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet , The Record Station,  STAT , Swedish album 1987 released on CD

Frida's duet with Ratata (" Sa lange Vi Har Haran")was originally released on this album.

It was her only released recording between 1984 and 1992.

1. SE PÅ MIG NU,   5:23
2. DRÖMMAR,   5:04
4. OM DU VAR HÄR,   4:08
5. DU ÄR MIN VÄN,   3:37
1. SE DIG INTE OM (Remix),   3:42
2. SÄG DET IGEN,   3:57
3. (Du är) DET BÄSTA SOM HÄNT MIG,   3:20
4. KOM MED MIG,   2:45


Frida's rare and unreleased recordings..

All of Frida' 1960' and 1970's singles have been compiled on Compact Disc.
Many of Frida's rare 1980's and 1990's songs have not been compiled on CD. Most of these are duets she has recorded with other acts .As such many of them can be found on albums by those acts. Some of the rare 1982-1994 singles tracks can only be found on those singles many of which were only released in Sweden. A few of these performances can be seen now on
FRIDA -THE DVD 1967-2005.

Frida's unreleased recordings are mainly drawn from TV appearances.Super Troupers and The Essential Stockholm video have
a version of Frida doing the Supremes song "Baby Love" with the Charlie Norman Orchestra. Frida also made a series of TV specials from the Grand Hotel in Stockholm in August 1982 which included many songs not available elsewhere. Many of these songs can found on a CD issued by ABBAMAIL called TELEVISION. TELEVISION also has her very first appearance on Swedish TV doing "En Ledig Dag" in 1967. Frida also sang some duets in concert with Marie Frederickson that haven't been released. There at least one track was known to have been left off the SOMETHING's GOING ON album -"Shot Down In Action". Some of these recordings appear in video form on the new Frida box set....

Frida is also noted for having done backing vocals on tracks by Harpo and Adam Ant.

Frida duet with Ratata (" Sa lange Vi Har Haran") is available on Ratata's album called Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet (1987) -as well as on the Swedish compilation album called Duetter.
Frida's acapella duet version of "Dancing Queen " done with THE REAL GROUP is available on Varför Får Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Är? (1994) as well the recent American ABBA tribute album called ABBA-A tribute THE 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Frida has continued her almost annoying habit for making obscure duet recordings in the 2000's-with her recent work with German singer Dan Danille and opera singer Fillippa Giodano.


Frida's rare released tracks 1974-2004 None of the duets listed here ever appeared on a Frida album...

 1974  Med Varann (duet with Björn Skifs)Moviestar(with Harpo)
 1982  Here We'll stay (solo version)  Belle (duet with Daniel Balavoine)
 1983  Time (duet with B.A. Robertson) Adam Ant-Strip
 1984  That's Tough ( B-side) LATER MADE AVAILABLE on THE VOICE OF ABBA
 1987  Sa lange Vi Har Haran (with Ra Ta Ta ) As long As I have You-(with Ra Ta Ta)
 1992  Anglamark (with Artister for Miljo:Frida Lyngstad / Marie Fredriksson / Håkan Hagegård and Tomas Ledin)  Saltwater-(B side to Anglamark)
 1994  Dancing Queen (with The Real Group)
 2002   La Bacarolle duet with Fillippa Giodano
 2003 Lieber Gott , I have a Dream (duets with Dan Daniell)
 2005 The Sun Will Shine Again (vocal solo on Jon Lord album )


Frida- Pa Egan Hand , EMI CMCD  6041, November 1991 Hard to find Swedish Cd

This was the very first release on Cd of Frida's pre-ABBA solo material. This has 16 songs including three from Frida's 1971 studio album,six from her 1971 compilation album and seven 1967-1972 A and B sides that had never been released on a album before.
Those early singles make perhaps
for some unexpected listening experiences.
A lot of these songs are not really jazz but it's not really pop either. For some reason,
"Mycket Kar' made an impression on me-
it has such insistent rythems emphasized
largely by Frida's strong voice.
The woman's phrasing is so precise (at
least when she's singing in Swedish).
My favorite song on CD is probably the
B&B composition "Peter Pan".


The B&B composition "Vi Ar Alla Barn I Borjan' makes it's album debut here but is not one of their better songs.Although this is a fairly good compilation it is being phased out since all the tracks here are available on FRIDA 1967-1972.The cover features a lovely full color photo Frida with long unhindered straight but wavy red hair.As with many Frida albums, the color Pink is used on the cover-in this case a darker shade of pink.This was released by EMI .

1. Du är så underbart rar
 2. Din
 3. Tre kvart från nu
 4. Lycka
 5. Min egen stad
 6. Så synd du måste gå
 7. Försök och sov på saken
 8. Där du går lämnar kärleken spår
 9. Vi möts igen
10. Mycket kär
11. Peter Pan
12. Vi är alla barn i början
13. Simsalabim
14. Jag blir galen när jag tänker på dej
15. En gång är ingen gång
16. När du blir min

Hard to find Single only recording Frida(with Artister for Miljo)-Anglamark /B/w Frida-Saltwater Hard to find Single only recording (Swedish single) July 1992

This environmentally conscious single had Frida singing along with Artister for Miljo: which was Frida , Marie Fredriksson of Roxette /opera singer Håkan Hagegård and onetime ABBA protege, Tomas Ledin.The A-side is a song written by Evert Taube. The b-side is the Julian Lennon environmental song-"Saltwater". Annoyingly this single is hard to find -and has not been compiled.This was the first Frida single to be made available on both CD and vinyl... The song was performed live on August 14, 1992 at Artister for Miljo gala . A few other songs were performed at the gala including a duet between Marrie Fredicksson and Frida on "What a Wonderful World"

Frida-Tre Kvart från Nu, EMI  CMCD  6082, 1993 Released on Swedish CD

Another compilation Cd of pre-ABBA material that had been previously released on vinyl but not on CD at the time. The title means" Three Quarters of Hour from Now" or soemthing like that....The title track was a track off Frida first solo studio album....

Eight tracks (including the title track) come from the revised 1971 Frida album, four are drawn from the 1971 Frida compilation and one song makes it's album debut here -"Du Betonar Karlek Lite Fel'. Frida's hit" Min Egan Stad" puts in it's usual appearence here (it appears on five of Frida's albums) but otherwise none of the songs from "PA EGAN HAND are repeated here. All of the songs featured here are available on the FRIDA 1967-1972 2CD set.

The cover of uses a Frida photo with a green background , Green seems to be another favorite Frida color choice....



 1. Tre kvart från nu   3:14
 2. En ledig dag  2:55
 3. Peter kom tillbaka  3:06
 4. Sen dess har jag inte sett xen   2:08
 5. Suzanne   3:07
 6. Jag är beredd   2:38
 7. Telegram till fullmånen   1:59
 8. Barnen sover   3:35
 9. En ton av tystnad   4:00
10. Du betonar kärlek lite fel   2:29
11. Härlig är vår jord   2:40
12. En liten sång om kärlek   2:25
13. Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott  2:58


Various Artists - Duetter 1993 Hard to find Swedish CD

This album is a good place to get three rare Agnetha and Frida tracks and sample some of Swedish artists at the same time. Also included are Anders Glenmark, Roxette and former Hollies singer- Mikael Rickfors. Two Agnetha duets are included- Agnetha Fältskog & Tomas Ledin's "Never again", and , Agnetha Fältskog & Ola Håkansson"s "The way you are". One of Frida's duet's is included t he 1987 track ,, Så länge vi har varann, done as a duet with Ra ta ta. The Roxette track is called " From One Heart To Another."

Various Artists -Polars Roliga Timme 1994 Hard to find Swedish Cd

Features one Frida track, the rare song-"Tango i det gröna" This CD also includes Agnetha's "Ljuva sextital( Sweet Sixties)" a song supposedly recorded for Swedish radio in 1990 for tibute to Stig. This is the only B&B song other than "SOS" that Agnetha recorded outside of ABBA. " Ljuva Sexital" was originally recorded in 1969 by Brita Borg. The album also has , Björn Ulvaeus's "Fröken Fredriksson" and thirteen other songs. Many by people I have never heard of. I think though that you can find some of ABBA managers' Stig Anderson's hard to find recordings here on this album, but hey maybe's it's some other Stikkan. I believe this cd is out of print....

Frida- Tango i det gröna /Björn Fröken Fredriksson /
Bernhard and Lindstedt- Oss fastrar emellan/
Nisses Suga-Håriga ben Various- Dagens bankrån /
Agnetha Fältskog-Ljuva sextital /
Rolf Bengtsson -Wit slafhandel/
Stikkan & Lillan -Baby Twist /
Rolf Bengtsson -Dagen efter kvällen före/
Brita Borg-Det kan dom inte förklara /
Stikkan & Bonnier-Ja, vi älskar dig ännu vår Barbro /
Lindstedt & Ericks-Skjortbekymmer /
Borg and Bengtsson--Det är knas på vär nya magister/
Casino-gänget -Då tar vi tagelskjortan på /
Dahlström and others- Hål i gatan /
Nisses Stuga-Risotto


Agnetha & Frida- THE VOICE OF ABBA March 1994 Available on German Cd. Available elsewhere

Released on CD by a German label. This was first compilation done of the
girls 1980's tracks. This CD features tracks from Frida's SOMETHING GOING ON
and SHINE as well as Agnetha's WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND ME
and EYES OF A WOMAN albums. This has seven songs by each of the girls.

This features the first album appearance of Frida's 1984 B-side "That's Tough"
as well as the first album appearance of Agnetha's 1985 B-sides "Your There"
and "Turn The World Around".
"Turn The World Around" has a great rythem track. This is the album to get
if you don't want to buy all four of these early Eighties solo albums.

In a lot places this the only cd one can find by Agnetha or Frida.

Track listing:

The Heat Is On (Wrap Your Arms Around Me -Agnetha)

I know There is Something Going on (Something Going on-Frida)

You're There (b-side -Agnetha)

To Turn The Stone(Something Going on-Frida)

Just One heart(Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha)

That's Tough( B-side Frida)

Turn The World Around (B-side-Agnetha)

I Got Something(Something Going on-Frida)

We Should Be Together (Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha)

Shine( Shine-Frida)

I Won't Let You Go (Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha)

Here We'll Stay(Something Going on-Frida)

Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Wrap Your Arms Around Me -Agnetha)

Heart of the Country ( Shine-Frida)



Agnetha,Björn, Benny ,AnniFrid-PA SVENSKA April 1994 Available on Swedish Cd.

This compilation features songs by Agnetha,Björn and Benny and ABBA. All

the songs are from 1970 to 1975. Frida sings on most of the songs on this
collection , five of the songs are Frida solo numbers from Frida's stint with the Polar label.
Two of Frida's solo songs are available on CD only here. These would be both sides of Frida's 1972 single "Man Vill Leva lite Dessmellan /"Ska Man Skratta Eller Grata" single two songs seemingly written by Italians but translated by Stig. The A-side hit #1 on the Svensktoppen.,

This album is subtitled- Stikkan Anderson picks Polars Pearls. So in theory ,Stig made the track selections. This CD is one of the multi-disc Polar Pearls series.

Three songs were chosen from Frida's FRIDA ENSAM album these are " Fernando" of course ",Som en Sparv" and "Vill Du lana en man" (The Most Beautiful Girl/Guy
In the World ) . Why did Stig pick the worst song (The Most Beautiful Girl...)from the FRIDA ENSAM and put it on this CD -the only reason I can think of is that Stig wrote the lyrics and was after the publishing royalties.

\Tracks listing for PA SVENSKA:All songs sung in Swedish
Björn & Benny- Att Finnas Till
Agnetha- En Sang Och En Saga
ABBA- Honey Honey
Frida-Ska Man Skratta Eller Grata
Björn & Benny-Tank Om Jorden Vore Ung
Frida- Fernando
ABBA-Ah, Vilka Tider
Frida-Som En Sparv
Agnetha- En Sang Om Sorg Och Gladje
Björn & Benny- En Karusell
Agnetha- Drom At Drom, Och Saga Saga
Frida-Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan
Björn & Benny-Hej Gamle Man
ABBA-Ring Ring
Agnetha-Sa Glad Som Dina Ogon
Frida-Vill Du Lana En Man

Various Artists -Julens Musik Late 1994 Available on Swedish Cd

This has Frida's rare Christmas tracks that were recorded for Polar's 1972 Christmas LP called

När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar .This 1972 was reisued
in tandem with Agnetha's 1980 Christmas album on a single Cd.

The other songs on the Polar Christmas
LP are by people like Svenne & Lotta
and the Hootenanny Singers. The songs Frida did were "Nar Det Lider Mot" and "Glans Over Sjo Och Strand" .


Nej se dat snöar/Bjällerklang/ Nu tändas tusen juleljus/ Två små röda luvor/ Nu står jul vid snöig port/ Jag såg mamma kyssa tomten/ När juldagsmorgen glimmar/ Potpurri/ Mej mitt vinterland/ Så mitt lyser stjärnan/ Mössens julafton/ När det lider mot jul-AGNETHA & LINDA

Stilla Natt - Lena Andersson
Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus - Hootenanny Singers
När Det Lider Mot Jul - Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Dotter Sion, Fröjda Dig- Svenne Hedlund
O Du Saliga - Sonja Stjernqvist
Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand - Anni-Frid Lyngstad
När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar - Svenne Hedlund
Bereden Väg För Herran - Arne Lamberth
Hosianna - Sonja Stjernqvist
Gå Sion, Din Konung Att Möta- Hootenanny Singers
Härlig Är Jorden - Lena Andersson
Var Hälsad Sköna Morgonstund - Arne Lamberth

REAL GROUP- Varför Får Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Är? Swedish Cd -November 1994

Frida's acapella duet version of "Dancing Queen " with THE REAL GROUP .It's very good, makes you wish she had done more work with them... The rest of the tracks are by The Real Group. The track can not be found on any Frida albums. The track was not released as a single at the time...This track also was performed live by The Real Group with Frida before the Queen of Sweden.... This track can albo be found on the Real Group's GET REAL album.

1. Monicas vals
2. Varför får man inte bara vara som man är?
3. Vänta och se
4. I en tavla utav Zorn
5. Underbart är kort l (med Povel)
6. Underbart är kort ll
7. Flight of the Foo-birds
8. Så skimrande var aldrig havet
9. Sommar och vinter
10. Den finska klockan
11. Ensam hemma
12. Boogie-woogie tango
13. Du är det vackra jag ser i mitt liv
14. Dancing Queen (with Frida)

Frida-Djupa andetag September 1996 -Available on Swedish CD

The title means Deep Breath. It's doubtful
many buyers of ABBA GOLD have this album.
Djupa andetag was just done for the Swedish market. It came 12 years after SHINE.
This is probably the best of Frida and Agnetha
solo albums. Buy this album before you waste
any money on tripe like WRAP YOUR ARMS
AROUND ME or ABBA GOLD the zilioneth

When people do hear this there taken aback for a minute. You don't really expect fifty year old rock era singers to be doing what seems to be their
best work at age 50. Of course, it's possible that
had she not met Benny she would have been a jazz/pop singer all her life. But anyway...

All the tracks here are good, but "Aven en Blomma' stands out in particular. The tracks here or so natural and personal sounding that
a great duet between Frida and Marie Frederickson (of Roxette) seems almost too gimmicky.

Frida wrote the lyrics for this albums' energetic closer called "Kvinnor som Springor".and for the first time Frida closes an album with an uptempo song,

Anders Glenmark (of Gemini fame) produced the album ,sang and played on it, wrote the music and most of the lyrics. His vocals touches (such as the Ay-Ay at the beginning of "ogonen' ) are surprisingly welcome,The keyboards are well-done they set the tone for most of the songs.
As enjoyable as Anders Glenmark's work in English may be-it's obvious he's even better in Swedish.

The albums cover design by Kent Nyberg is refreshing and the back cover photo
of Frida by Carl Bengstson is haunting.
This album was recorded at Polar Music
for Anderson Records by Lennart Ostlund.
The CD includes a interactive Cd-rom
 component. (which doesn't seem to work on my computer!)

Älska mig alltid/ Ögonen/ Även en blomma
Sovrum/ Hon fick som hon ville
Alla mina bästa år (duet with Marie Fredriksson)
Lugna vatten/ Vem kommer såra vem ikväll
Sista valsen med dig/ Kvinnor som springer



Även En Blomma / Även En Blomma (version)

Ögonen (album version) / (Lemon mix) / (version)


Alla Mina Bästa År (single remix) / (Mix adagio) / (Spaceclub mix) / (Adagio instrumental)

Alla Mina Bästa År (Hasbrouck Heights single mix) / (Hasbrouck Heights Glacier mix) / (Quiet mix) / (Vox) / (Jazzed Out Barracuda dub)

Various Artists - Svensk 70-tals Nostalgi Swedish CD Late 1990's?

This compilation CD of Swedish pop music has a image of Frida on the cover as well three tracks by her -1970 track-Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår, 1971's Min Egen Stad, and the song "Moviestar" by Harpo that features Frida on backing vocals.

Annifrid Lyngstad -Frida 1967-1972 2cd set Released October 1997 Available on Swedish CD.

This 38 song, 2cd collection was issued by EMI
in 1997.This is easily the most intelligent ABBA retrospective of any kind ever released. This features nearly all of Frida's PRE-ABBA recordings. The entire contents of her two EMI albums
are here as well as all the non-album tracks from her PRE Polar label singles.

Three tracks from Frida's singles were new to Cd for this album.
. "En Kvall Om somarn" (in English that title woulld be "A Summer Evening" but the song is a Swedish version of the Phil Ochs' song
"Changes") and "Vi Vet All, Men Nastan Inget "(We All Know but almost nothing) These were two very good songs recorded as duets with
Lars Berghagen in 1971.

The 1972 b-side "Kom Och Sjung En Sang" a version of an obscure Carole King song called
"No Sad Song" almost sounds as it were a B&B song but it's not. However ,Benny did produce the record , Stig did the lyrical translation and track features Björn and Agnetha singing vocals and an accordion which sounds like Benny but it's somebody else.

"Kom Och Sjung En Sang" was actually the B-side of "Vi Ar Alla Bara Barn
I borjan" (We ARE All Just Children In the Beginning) a song written by B&B. "Vi Ar..." was definitly a violation of Björn's normal rule of not having lyrics sound like a mouthful of misguided sounds. "Vi Har..." was the last of Frida's singles prior to signing to Polar Records.

Five special bonus tracks are featured at the end of the second CD.
These include four songs from a 1970 TV special featuring old Swedish standards such as "Att Alska I Varen Tid ".
"Att Alska..." was included in in an abbreviated version the THANK YOU
ABBA video. The album's closer is a Swedish radio version of "Barnen Sover" recorded on September 29, 1970. "Barnen Sover" features Benny on piano and Björn
on guitar and is essentially a recording by Festfolk, the earliest version of ABBA.

The only PRE- 1975 Frida tracks not to be found here are Frida's Disney recordings,her Christmas recordings, her 1972 Polar single "Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Desmellan" and unreleased material such as her Swedish version of "The Long and Winding Road.

The liner notes here by Carl Magnus Palm are extensive. Although much of the liner notes are in Swedish ,
a English version of his notes can be accessed from Carl's web site. The booklet also features illustrations of the covers of her singles and dates for when each of the songs were recorded.


 -tracks from early singles--

1. En ledig dag
2. Peter, kom tillbaka
3. Din
4. Du är så underbart rar
5. Simsalabim
6. Vi möts igen
7. Mycket kär
8. När du blir min
9. Härlig är vår jord
10.Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott
11.Så synd du måste gå
12.Försök och sov på saken
13.Peter Pan
14.Du betonar kärlek lite fel
15.Där du går lämnar kärleken spår
16.Du var främling här igår

---Tracks from Frida's first studio album

17.Tre kvart från nu
18.Jag blir galen när jag tänker på dej
20.Sen dess har jag inte sett 'en

 --more tracks from first studio album

1. En ton av tystnad
2. Suzanne
3. Allting skall bli bra/Vad gör jag med min kärlek
4. Jag är beredd
5. En liten sång om kärlek
6. Telegram för fullmånen
7. Barnen sover

--more singles
8. En kväll om sommarn ( Frida &Lars Berghagen)
9. Vi vet allt, men nästan inget (Frida & Lars Berghagen)
10.Min egen stad
11.En gång är ingen gång
12.Vi är alla bara barn i början
13.Kom och sjung en sång

-Swedish TV performance-
14. Att älska i vårens tid
15. Ole Lukköje
16. Vad gör det att vi skiljs för i afton
17. Min soldat

--Swedish radio peformance
18. Barnen sover (live)


Frida-The Mixes June 1998 German CD

This CD features 7 remixes taken from the CD singles of four songs originally available on DJUPA ANDETAG.

This CD has lovely blue cover. Alternate remixes of "Alla mina bästa år" , "Ögonen " "Även en blomma " and " Alla mina bästa år" are included. Not essential, but cool to have if you love the Djupa antetag album.

Unusually, for ABBA swedish language solo record this album actually has English translations of the the four songs included on the CD...

By this time, Frida had begun lowering her profile partly because of the unfortunate
death of her daughter Liselott in a travel accident in America.

Although this album was made in Germany it also available in Sweden....

1. Alla mina bästa år - Hasbrouck Heights Single Mix
2. Ögonen - Lemon Mix 3. Även en blomma - Version
4. Alla mina bästa år - Mix Adagio 5. Ögonen - Version
6. Alla mina bästa år - TV Track
7. Alla mina bästa år - Adagio Instrumental



A compilation of 14 tracks from her three albums released in Sweden on the Polar label. (FRIDA ENSAM, SOMETHING's GOING ON, SHINE). No rarities are included. This was released just in the Swedish
market. Thus the material originated between 1975-1984. No rarities are included. This was released primarily in the Swedish
market. As yet there hasn't been a internationally released Frida- only compilation.A compilation that included some of her many rarities would be
most welcome but apparently Frida herself has vetoed such an idea.

This version is out of print-and has been reissued with a new cover-see below.


Fernando(Swedish version)/Shine/Vill Du Låna En Man/The Way You Do/Liv På Mars?/I Know There´s Something Going On /Aldrig Mej/Threnody/Ett Liv I Solen/Come To Me(I am Woman) /Skulle De Va Skönt/Tell Me It´s Over/Var Är Min Clown?

 WHAT'S FRIDA BEEN UP TO in the second millenium!

After Djupa Antetag in 1996. Frida again lowered her
profile partly because of the unfortunate death of her daughter Lise-lott in a travel accident in America and the death of her third husband,Prince Rizzo Reuss, on October 29, 1999.

Recently ,Frida moved back to Sweden and seems to have quite literally gotten a facelift . Although she says doesn't want to record again , she keeps doing these hard to find duets...and continues her work with her environmental foundation...She almost made the smart move of investing in MAMMA MIA and made a nice chunk of change from that....

Frida- 14 HITS (SVENSKA POPFAVORITER) September 2000 Available on Swedish CD

Reissue of the 1998 compilation CD this time with a new cover. "The old wine with a new wineskin" as Jesse Jackson would say. This A compilation of 14 tracks from her three albums Frida Ensam, Something's Going On, Shine) released in Sweden on the Polar label.


Fernando(Swedish version)/Shine/Vill Du Låna En Man/The Way You Do/Liv På Mars?/I Know There´s Something Going On /Aldrig Mej/Threnody/Ett Liv I Solen/Come To Me(I am Woman) /Skulle De Va Skönt/Tell Me It´s Over/Var Är Min Clown?

Frida-The Collection, Disky SSI, 640852 August 2001 Available on Swedish CD

Yet another one disc compilation of her 1967-1972 EMI-solo work.

Track listing: Du är så underbart rar/En ton av tystnad/Där du går lämnar kärleken spår/Försök och sov på saken/Vi möts igen/ Mycket kär/Peter Pan/En gång är ingen gång/Vi är alla barn i början/Jag blir galen när jag tänker på dig/Så synd du måste gå/ Lycka

RATATA-Kollection October 2002 Swedish CD

This Greatest Hits Collection includes Frida duet with the group RATATA on "Sa lange Vi Har Haran". The song was orignaally released in 1987.

Fillippa Giordano -Il Rosso Armore ,WEA WPCS-11411, Deluxe Hard to find Japanese only release October ? 2002

Frida made her first new released recording in six years here.
She sings a duet with 28 year old Italian opera singer Filippa Giordano .
Frida joins Filippa in doing "La Bacarolle" from the opera "The Tales of Hoffman" by Offenbach.
The song is released merely as bonus recording on a obscure Japanese release-so Frida obviously is just trying to have fun, and not make too many waves. Annoyingly this means yet again, Frida's recordings are not easy to obtain.

Be careful not to buy the earlier non deluxe edition of this album-it does not have Frida's duet included.

CD 1

1.Plaisir d' amour
2.Heaven knows
3.Il rosso amore
4.Lonely heart
5.Io aspetto te
6.Dove andiamo noi
7.I'alba verra
8.Un bel di vedremo
9.Coro a bocca chiusa
10.Va' pensiero
11.La barcarolle
12.Ballata per giulietta
13.Che Luce sei
14.Amarti si
15.Up to the light
16.Il canto della terra

1.La barcarolle (Duet with Frida)
3.Lost boys calling

FRIDA/DAN DANIELL -I HAVE A DREAM Late 2003 Hard to find German fanclub single.
Frida funning around again-! God danmnit!/. The CD features a new version of " I have A dream"sung by Dan and Frida.They sing in unison for much of the song,it's not that good of a version. The CD Also has two other tracks. One of the tracks is German /Swedish language track called "Lieber Gott" written which is written by by G. Jacobs/ D. Livrano/ C. Stadler)"Lieber Gott" is a hymn and spoken word recording which features Dan and Frida both singing and talking.... The third track is called
"Wenn ich dann gehen muss" (I am not sure if that one features Frida on it.)
This is limited edition benefit single , sales of which are are being organised through the German Fan Club /website known as ABBA Remember, It was later released as part of Dan Daniell full length CD ..

Dan Daniell - Liebe Ist ... ,   BM Rec., BM 363-03-022  Early 2004 German CD

Well here is the full length album with Frida's duet with Dan Daniell.

Liebe ist..../ Un Amie/ I Have A Dream*/ Benedictus/ Männertreu/ Geblendet Vom Licht/ Babylon/ Vater Unser/ Meine Seele Brennt/ Lieber Gott*/ Bye Bye/ Matterhorn

Jon Lord - Beyond The Notes, EMI Rec., 8741802, September 2004 Internationally released CD

Jon Lord is keyboardist best known for his work with the British rock band Deep Purple, Jon had two stints with those guys... Jon befriended Frida in Switzerland, and one of the bonuses of their friendship was a track on this album that was sung by Frida!! " The song is called "The Sun Will Shine Again"" It's a beautful if perhaps unexciting performance....There are also vocals on one song by Sam Brown, and on another song by Miller Anderson. The song "In Bleak Midwinter by Frida and Jon Lord is only available on video.

Miles Away, De Produndis, One From The Meadow, Cologne Again, I'll Send You A Postcard, The Sun Will Shine Again (sung by FRIDA), A Smile When I Shook His Hand, November Calls, The Telemann Experiment, Music For Miriam


 THE POLAR REMASTERS May 2,2005 International release

Frida three studio albums originally released on Polar Records were remastered and reissued with bonus tracks, in May 2005... None of the bonus tracks are unreleased material ,but it's still nice to have them on these CD's...This is the first time these CD's have been compiled with bonus tracks. The back covers have been slightly altered for the reissues...These CD's themselves are nicely illustrated...Some Fans have complained about the lack of unreleased material and the omissions of certain rarities such as "Time" her duet with Danile Balovoine from Abbacadabra..These remasters were used later in the year in the Frida box set -4XCD 1XDVD

 Frida-Frida ensam Original Swedish release 1975

1. Fernando
2. Jag är mig själv nu
3. Som en sparv
4. Vill du låna en man
5. Liv på mars?
6. Syrtaki
7. Aldrig mej
8. Guld och gröna ängar)
9. Ett liv i solen
10. Skulle de' va' skön
11. Var är min clown

Extra tracks
12. Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan( non-album a-side)
13. Ska man skratta eller gråta (non-album b -side)

Frida - Something's Going On Original international release 1982

1. Tell Me It's Over
2. I See Red
3. I Got Something
4. Strangers
5. To Turn The Stone
6. I Know There's Something Going On
7. Threnody
8. Baby Don't You Cry No More
9. The Way You Do
10. You Know What I Mean
11. Here We'll Stay

Extra tracks:
12. I Know There's Something Going On (Single Edit)
13. Here We'll Stay (non album Solo Version)

Frida - Shine Original international release 1984

1. Shine
2. One Little Lie
3. The Face
4. Twist In The Dark
5. Slowly
6. Heart Of The Country
7. Come To Me (I Am Woman)
8. Chemistry Tonight
9. Don't Do It
10. Comfort Me

Extra tracks:
11. That's Tough (non album b-side)
12. Shine ( Extended 12 inch Mix)

Frida -4XCD 1XDVD Box Set Late 2005 Swedish 4CD/1 DVD set Swedish release

FRIDA -THE DVD 1967-2005 International release Late 2005 out of print

 Here is a  box set that includes  Frida's three 2005 remastered solo albums (Frida Ensam, Somethings Going on, and Shine  as well as Djupa andetag .. plus a DVD of video material...

The CD's are nice to have I suppose, if you don't have them already, but a real box set with more genuine rarities would be  more interesting...

However, the DVD is of considerable interest, and has also been  made available separately. The DVD  is called FRIDA THE DVD 1967-2005. The DVD features an exclusive interview  with Frida that was shot on July 22, 2005, in Zermatt, Switzerland with the Matterhorn in the background (must be nice). Frida chats chats, chats... about Agnetha,  ABBA reunions, her career, Phil Collins ,  and her taste for small gummy bears . She also shows  us clips from Swedish TV and most of  the videos from her solo career.. Many of  the videos are rare and have not been seen by most  ABBA fans....Both the CD's  and  DVD omit her little 1992 mini-comeback -"Saltwater", "Anglamark",  and the charity  concert that featured "What a Wonderful World" with Marie Fredriksson . The clips  from Lite Grand I örat video TV show are not from the original master tapes and thus are of poor quality.   Frida's  friend Dan Daniell is also interviewed. The complete "The Making of Something's Going On.and "Mit I Livet" specials are included.
The DVD has subtitles   in French, German, Spanish, English and Portuguese.  and is coded for viewing in all regions and runs three hours and twenty minutes. Frida's DVD is easily  the most rewarding and unexpected of the various 2005 ABBA reissues and collections. Sadly, the box and the separate are now out of print and hard to find cheaply.

Have a gummy bear, they are yummy!
Editor's note: the gummi-bear segment might not be included in your copy.

Frida ensam
1. Fernando 2. Jag är mig själv nu (Young Girl3. Som en sparv 4. Vill du låna en man (The Most Beautiful Girl) 5. Liv på mars? (Life On Mars 6. Syrtaki (Siko Chorpese Syrtaki 7. Aldrig mej (Vado Via8. Guld och gröna ängar (Wall Street Shuffle) 9. Ett liv i solen10. Skulle de' va' skönt (Wouldn't It Be Nice) 11. Var är min clown (Send In The Clowns)
New bonus tracks-:12. Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan)13. Ska man skratta eller gråta 

Something's Going On
1. Tell Me It's Over 2. I See Red 3. I Got Something 4. Strangers 5. To Turn The Stone 6. I Know There's Something Going On 7. Threnody 8. Baby Don't You Cry No More 9. The Way You Do 10. You Know What I Mean 11. Here We'll Stay
Extra tracks:12. I Know There's Something Going On (Single version))
13. Here We'll Stay (Solo Version)

1. Shine2. One Little Lie3. The Face4. Twist In The Dark5. Slowly6. Heart Of The Country7. Come To Me (I Am Woman)8. Chemistry Tonight
9. Don't Do It10. Comfort Me
Extra Tracks: -11. That's Tough 12. Shine (Extended Mix)

Djupa Andetag

Älska mig alltid/ Ögonen/ Även en blomma
Sovrum/ Hon fick som hon ville
Alla mina bästa år (duet with Marie Fredriksson)
Lugna vatten/ Vem kommer såra vem ikväll
Sista valsen med dig/ Kvinnor som springer

Bonus tracks-Alla mina bästa år - Hasbrouck Heights Single mix 4.59/
/Ögonen - Lemon mix 4.34Även en blomma - version 6.34


 FRIDA THE DVD 1967-2005

- En ledig dag SVT Hylands Hörna)
- My man (SVT charity Show)
- Just one of those things (SVT charity Show)
- Mad about the boy (SVT charity Show)
- Kalle pa spangen (SVT "När Stenkakan Slog")
I min blommiga bla krinolin (SVT "När Stenkakan Slog")
- Att älska i varens tid (SVT "När Stenkakan Slog")
-Min Soldat (SVT "När Stenkakan Slog")
- Söderhavets Sang (SVT "När Stenkakan Slog")
- Baby Love - Bäbi Läv (SVT "Charlie Norman Show")
- Gitarzan Gitarzan (SVT Skansen w. Lars Berghagen as Tarzan)
- Why did it have to me Me (ABBA - The Movie)
- Fernando Me (ABBA - The Movie)

-I know There`s Something Going On"
- Let`s get the show on the road (SVT "Lite Grand I Örat")
- Can`t by me love (SVT "Lite Grand I Örat")
- Cry me a river (SVT "Lite Grand I Örat")
- Got to get you into my life(SVT "Lite Grand I Örat")
- Aquarious (SVT "Lite Grand I Örat")
- Words of love (SVT "Lite Grand I Örat")
- Fire and ice (SVT "Lite Grand I Örat")
- Here we`ll stay (Official Video)
- I see red ( Official Video)
- Something`s going on ( Official Video)

-Shine (Official Video)
To turn the stone (Official Video)
-Sa länge vi har varann (Official Video with Ratata)
- Twist in the dark (Official Video)
- Come to me (I am woman) SVT Razzel )
- Heart of the country \(SVT Razzel )

-One little lie(SVT Glädjehuset)
- Även en blomma (Official Video)
- Älska mig alltid (sverige Sovjet)
- Ögonen (SVT Frida - Mitt I Livet)
- The Sun Will Shine Again ("Ja Ma hon leva" with Jon Lord)
- Dancing Queen (SVT Queen Silvia's Birthdaywith The Real Group)

Daniel Balavoine-Balavoine Sans Frontieres,Universal, Barclay 983 343-6, French 2CD set Late 2005

This set includes Frida's hard to find French language duet with the late Daniel Balavoine called "Belle" and " Dieu que c'est beau" which has backing vocals by Frida..."Belle" is from "ABBA-Cadabra"The song features the melody from ABBA's "Arrival" is not available on any Frida albums...Frida stuck quite a friendship with Balavoine in 1983. All the other songs are in French...

CD : 1
1. Sos D'un Terrien En Détresse
2. Vivre Ou Survivre
3. Mon Fils Ma Bataille
4. Aimer Est Plus Fort Que D'Etre Aimé
5. Le Chanteur
6. Quand On Arrive En Ville
7. Banlieue Nord
8. Dieu Que C'est Beau    4:05
9. Je Ne Suis Pas Un Héros
10. L'aziza
11. Pour La Femme Veuve Qui S'eveille
12. Tous Les Cris, Les Sos
13. Sauver L'amour
14. Lucie
15. Lipstick Polychrome
16. Vendeurs De Larmes

CD : 2
1. Les Oiseaux (1cre Partie)
2. Les Oiseaux (2cre Partie)
3. Lady Marlcne 
4. La Vie Ne M'apprend Rien 
5. Tu Me Plais Beaucoup 
6. Petite Angcle 
7. Me Laisse Pas M'en Aller 
8. Vidéo "Série Noire"
9. De Vous A Elle En Passant Par Moi
10. Frappe Avec La Tzte
11. Soulcve-Moi
12. Partir Avant Les Miens 
13. Un Autre Monde 
14. Belle (Bonus Track)    3:12
15. L'aziza (Remix 86) (Bonus Track) 
16. Sauver L'amour (Remix 86) (Bonus Track)


Georg Wadenius-Reconnection October 2010 -Available on Swedish CD

This is a new album "Reconnection" by Swedish musician Georg "Jojje" Wadenius. The album features guest singers Nina Persson, Helen Sjöholm, Peter Jöback and Frida. Thomas Johansson, ABBA’s tour promoter, had the idea for bringing Georg together with guest singers. Frida leads the album off with an excellent if somewhat aging vocal on the song "Morning Has Broken", the Christian hymn made popular by Cat Stevens. 1. Morning Has Broken 2. Until We Bleed 3. Brothers In Arms 4.Come Back In Stay 5.Kärleksmorgon 6.Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic 7. Sometimes 8. Darkside 9. Hynn10. Don't Give Up 11. Reconnection

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