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ABBA Cover Bands, ABBA tribute albums and Cover Versions of ABBA songs...

This is a quick guide and discography to some of the many ABBA Cover Groups , ABBA tribute albums and Cover recordings of ABBA songs. I also include some of the covers of ABBA solo and ABBA related records.

It is extremely hard for another artist to cover an ABBA song and make it better, for this reason , I tend not to buy covers of ABBA songs or tribute album-s ,thus there are not many albums in this section that I would actually recommend buying.. Of course, nowadays many of the songs can be easily previewed on YouTube.

So far, the most successful projects featuring covers of ABBA songs have been the movie and musical Mamma Mia. the single -"I Have A Dream" by Westlife , the single "Hung Up" by Madonna, The ABBA Generation album by the A*TEENS and the EP-CD ABBA-Esque by Erasure .

The most complete collection of ABBA covers is the recent ABBA Forever collection....

Index of albums reviewed on this page


Björn Again-Live at Albert Hall 1988 etc..

Arrival-First Flight 1998
ABBAcadabra-ABBAsalute etc..

A*Teens- Teen Spirit 2000 etc..

ABBA Cover Recordings and TRIBUTE ALBUMS  

Sven-Olof Walldoffs Orkester -Säj det med en sang 1973 Swedish LP
Lena Anderson-various singles

Birgitta Wollgard & Salut-Birgitta Wollgard & Salut 1975 Swedish LP

Sweet Dreams-"Honey Honey" single 1974
Svenne & Lotta 2 1975 Swedish LP Out of print

Arthur Greenslade & His Orchestra-Play the Best of ABBA 1975

Jerry Williams -Kick Down April 1976 Out of print CD 1990
Debbie Boone -You Light Up My Life- American LP

Nashville Train -Play ABBA Our Way-1977

Franck Pourcel ­ "Franck Pourcel recontre ABBA 1978 French LP

Anders Dahl -Anders Dahl And His Magic Strings Play ABBA Mid to Late 1979 LP
Mirelle Mathieu-"Bravo Tu As Gagne" French single 1981
Mike Oldfield-QE2 1980 British CD 
STARS ON 45 -BEST OF Stars on 45 International CD
Blancmange-Mange Tout British Cd 1984

Barbara Dickson -Gold Late 1985 Uk LP and CD
Whitney Houston-Whitney 1987

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- ABBAPHONIC 1987 Released on CD

The JAMS -What the Fuck is Going on- American CD June 1987

Information Society - Information Society International CD 1988? 1990?

Lush-Gala - 1990 Internationally released CD

Barbara Streisand -Just For The Record 1991 Cd box set.

Edelweiss-The Wonderful World of Edelweiss 1992 International release Out of Print.

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra -ABBA Classic 1992 Released on Cd
Various Artists-ABBA-The Tribute 1992 Available on Swedish CD
Erasure-- ABBA- esque 1992 Available worldwide on Cd

Salma & Sabina - ABBA in Hindi 1992 CD Indian release and other territories

ABBAsalutely: A Flying Nun Tribute to the Music of ABBA. 1995

Hazell Dean-The Winner Takes It All 1996 British Cd

e-rotic Thank You for the Music 1997 German CD
Various Artists -When We Were Kings -SOUNDTRACK 1997 CD

Various Artists-Latar Av Björn & Benny 1998 Available on Swedish CD

Jakaranda-Never Let You Go 1998 Japanese CD

98° -98° and Rising -October 1998 Japanese CD
Various Artists-Fran Waterloo to Duvemala 1998 Available on Swedish Cd
Various Artists ABBA-A tribute The 25th Anniversary Celebration 1999 American CD
Various Artists-ABBAmania 1999 British CD -includes WESTLIFE ,The Steps and others

Original Cast album-Mamma Mia 1999
Olle Holmqvist -Sweden All Stars) - ABBA The Music 1999
Wizex - Mot Nya Mål Swedish Cd 2000

The Black Sweden-Gold -March 2000 German CD..

Various Artists-The Collection -ABBA favoritter May 2000 Danish Cd

Jive Bunny and Master Mixers-Non stop ABBA Party July 2000 German CD

Sushi Kids -Sushi kids Dutch CD July 2000

Kylie Minogue-August 2000 Sydney Olympics (unreleased recording)
PhilLPe Elan -Toujors August 2000 French Cd..
Yngwie Malmsteen- The best of 1990-1999 2000 International Cd
Anne Sofie Von Otter Meets Elvis Costello-For The Stars 2001 International CD

Various Artists-Abbametal-A tribute to ABBA Early 2001 Japanese CD

James Last Plays ABBA 2001
Svenne & Lotta - Tio Gyllene År 1973-1983 Swedish CD Early 2002
H & Claire - Another You Another Me 2003 British CD

LENA ANDERSSON Musik vi minns ("Music We Remember") JUNE 2003 SWEDISH CD

Various Artists -Masters of the Scene - The Definitive Abba Tribute May 2003 American CD

Alcazar-Alcarzarized 2003

Brotherhood of St. gregory-Gregorian chant ABBA German CD -September 2003
 Sinead OConnor-SHE WHO DWELLS 2003

Nils Landgren-Funky ABBA

Various artists-ABBA Forever 2004 2cd set

Mireille Mathieu -Bonjour Mireille April 2004 French or German 2cd set

Black Sweden-A metal tribute to ABBA August 2004 French CD..

Hazell Dean-Knowing Her, Hazel Sings Abba 2004 British CD

Various Arists ABBAMANIA 2 November 2004 British CD.

Laura Branigan -Remember Me -November 2004 European CD

Cristy Lane -Greatest Country Hits- June 2005 American Cd

Madonna -Confessions on A Dance Floor November 2005 International CD

Anne Sofie Von Otter -I let the Music Speak 2006

OTHER ABBA covers TRIBUTE ALBUMS and ABBA Soundalike albums including Bjork, Vera Lynn, Nana Mouskouri, Bevery Craven, Wing , Nolan sisters, Menudo, Rem, Elvis Costello and others ,



Probably, only Elvis and The Beatles have more full time tribute acts devoted to them that should give one some idea of ABBA's impact. I have listed only the five most important tribute bands-there are so many others such as Abbagirls, Fabba, Abba Mania, Voulez-Vous, A Blond A Brunette & Two Fat Guys, Fabba girls, Abbatribute, The Supertroopers and Abba Gold...it's all quite scary really....

**In ,2004 ABBA was actually documented in Britain to have more tribute groups devoted to them than any other music act.

Björn Again-Flashback/Live Album 1994 British CD

Björn Again-Live At the Albert Hall 1998 British CD

Two albums from Björn Again, who were formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1988. This is the Australian version of the ABBA cover band phenomena....
They were the first internationally successful ABBA cover band. They have been phenomenally successful on stage despite their use of phony Swedish accents and derisive if funny stage names. Better known really as a stage act, but they have put out at least two albums as well as singles (the singles included some non-ABBA material..such as a version of " Flashdance".One of their singles was a extended play CD called Erasure-ish .... Bjorn Again have also released some videos...THE DOCUMENTARY and Live At The Royal Albert Hall...

Arrival-First Flight- A tribute to ABBA 1998

Arrival-First Flight- A tribute to ABBA 1998 Out of print Swedish CD
This album has the most interesting track selection of any  album by an ABBA tribute group.
Arrival has chosen to cover some ABBA album
tracks here,they have recorded a rare 1976 B&B song never recorded by ABBA -Funky Feet), have recorded a non-B&B composition - "All My tomorrows", and most interestingly have done a full length version of "Just A Notion". Arrival is the Swedish version of the ABBA cover band, and this album was produced by ABBA's  bassist, Rutger Gunnarson

Track listing:
What About Livingstone/ Just A Notion/
All My Tomorrows/ That's Me/Kisses Of Fire/ Watch Out/ I've Been Waiting For You/
He Is Your Brother/Funky Feet /Money x3
Hey Hey Helen/Eagle/ Waterloo

ABBACADABRA-Revival -Flight One 1996 British CD Also reissued with different covers.

ABBACADABRA-abbasaulute 2000 British 2CD

ABBACADABRA-Mama Mia 2005 British CD

Here are three albums from Abbacadabra., not be confused with the 1983 stage play with the same name...This is the British version of the ABBA cover band phenomena, you know it might have just been easier to bring back the BROTHERHOOD of MAN, ABBACADABRA's approach is to try to bring ABBA into the 21st century. Not a bad idea actually. They try to do dance mixes out of ABBA material The -best example would be their version of "Mama Mia" which of course, was not originally a disco number...And yes, they do intentionally spell "mamma as " Mama".

Abbacadabra- We Love Abba: The Mamma Mia Dance Collection, Almighty
ALMYCD63, European 3CD set July 2008

A new collection of what I believe are previously released dance mixes

A*TEENS-THE ABBA GENERATION 1999 Available on CD in many markets

A*Teens are as the name suggest were a group of Swedish teens, 2 girls, 2 boys who on their first album covered ABBA songs. They were hugely successful in Sweden and had success
elsewhere. Their ABBA covers sound amongst the freshest of any act that has tried to cover ABBA, simply because of their sleek teen sound.

The group was originally called ABBA TEENS. Their name was changed to A*Teens when Benny Andersson reneged on a agreement to let the group use the ABBA TEENS name. Geez, A*Teens is a better name anyway!
Their single of "Mamma Mia" was Sweden's biggest hit of 1999. However, it did not do as well in the U.K. Surprisingly, the A-Teens have done fairly well in the U.S.A.

A*TEENS- TEEN SPIRIT 2000 Available on CD

The A-Teens moved away from simply being a ABBA cover band into original material on this their second album. A logical move carried out relatively well by the A*Teens' ever changing producers, this was released in 2001 in the USA and the album actually went Gold, the first album of new ABBA related material to go Gold in America in a long time..


Strangley, this album came out primarily in America only,it was released under a different title in Europe

A TEENS -NEW ARRIVAL European CD Early 2003

Shades of ACE OF BASE- The A*Teens have done a revision of Pop 'Til You Drop for The European markert. The singles from this album are "Floorfiller" and "A Perfect Match"The album actually features a cover version of "One Night in Bangkok." In late 2005 the A*teens broke up .... .After all their just not teens anymore!

ABBA-The Show also known as ABBA the Music -the band itself is called Waterloo

This act hasn't made recordings ,but have had the advantage of actually having genuine ABBA session band players playing in their show, though the last time I looked the only former ABBA band member featured regularly was the part-time horn player - Ulf Andersson....

In 2007 they played some shows with most of the original ABBA backing band in Stockholm. There are probably the most successful ABBA cover band right now.

ABBA TRIBUTE ALBUMS and Individual Cover recordings of ABBA songs.

I have included here only the most important or historic recordings in this category-since' there is a endless number of ABBA covers out there. I haven't always bothered to include the original source album (if any) of an ABBA cover song if it is compiled along with other ABBA songs on a tribute album. Perhaps, the most famous act (other than Nana Mouskouri of course,) to cover an ABBA song is U2 with their version of ABBA's "Dancing Queen" recorded live in Stockholm with B&B themselves on hand. It has only been released officially....in a snippet seen in the WINNER TAKES IT ALL documentary DVD .

Sven-Olof Walldoffs Orkester -Säj det med en sang 1973 Swedish LP

Features orchestral versions of songs by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson as done by S.0. Walldoffs' Orchestra. Yeah, OK, so B&B were not even famous yet and Stig has Polar doing orchestral albums of B&B's songs.


Lena Andersson-various singles 1972-1976

Lena Andersson was a youthful Swedish blonde soprano who recorded on ABBA's Swedish record label-Polar. She recorded and released the first German versions of "SOS "(Das ist OK) ) "Fernando"
"Nina pretty ballerina" (eute treffen sich die leute) and "Hasta Mañana"
She also did the first Swedish version of "Hasta Mañana" (Swedish version) . She sang B&B's song -Better to Have Loved' , which was a failed attempt at a Eurovision entry.. A compilation of her work called Musik vi minns was released in 2003.

Sweet Dreams-"Honey Honey" single Mid 1974

This record was a July 1974 #10 Hit in Great Britain, the first cover of a ABBA song to be a hit outside of Scandinavia. Although I would guess that the track was on a LP originally ,it seems to be only available now on a compilation set called Top Ten Hits of the 50s, 60s & 70s -disc 4).

Svenne & Lotta 2 1975 Swedish LP Out of print

This was S&L's second album on ABBA's Swedish record label-Polar. The album featured the B&B song -"Bang-A-Boomerang" which was originally going to be only being released by S&L, but ABBA ended up having to release their own version as well.and two other B&B songs. This album included 1960's oldies as well. S&L's version of "Bang-A -Boomerang" can be found on the recent S&L hits collection called Tio Gyllene År 1973-1983. Many of the covers of ABBA songs recorded by other Swedish artists were recorded with Swedish lyrics instead of using the original English text. . This was especially true in the early and mid-1970's.

Bang En Boomerang (Swedish version) (3:02)When You Walk Into The Room (2:50)Tell Laura I Love Her (3:03)
Oh Juicy (3:37)It's My Party (3:42)Roly-Poly Girl (Kära Gamla Sol) (2:34) Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) (3:19)Chapel Of Love (3:05)Dream Lover (2:36)Changes (3:34)
Bang-A-Boomerang (3:02)Glad All Over (3:13)

Birgitta Wollgard & Salut-Birgitta Wollgard & Salut 1975 Swedish LP

While it might be said that Polar singer and blonde Lena Andersson looked a little like Agnetha circa 1972, well it could also be said that the darker haired Birgitta Wollgard, at one point, looked a little like Frida in her curly haired "Waterloo period"...

Birgitta recorded for Polar in 1970's and did
B&B approved Swedish versions of a few ABBA's
songs notably "Mamma Mia" and "Merry Go Round".
Birgitta was also a background singer on ABBA'S
world tours. Other Albums include Dance,Dance, Dance
, and Kurragommalek

This album featured five B&B songs including Swedish versions of" I do I do I do" and "Merry Go Round".


 Arthur Greenslade & His Orchestra-Play the Best of ABBA 1975 Swedish LP
One of the first albums to feature covers of ABBA songs. On this album, the British pianist Greenslade and his orchestra perform case, instrumental versions of  Andersson-Ulvaeus songs. This  album was released on Sweden's Polar records but also in a few other territories. This album was  recorded in  December 1974 and executive produced by Stig Anderson., The most interesting thing about this album is that it includes  performances of three non ABBA Andersson-Ulvaeus  songs -"Better to Have Loved", To Live with Love, and "Cecilia"  the album also has covers of nine early ABBA songs. "Better To have Loved' was recorded by Lena Andersson,, "Cecelia" was a unfinished B&B recoridng.

 Side A

1.) Cecilia
2.) So Long
3.) I Am Just A Girl
4.) Hasta Manana
5.) I've Been Waiting For You
6.) Ring Ring

 Side B
1.) Honey Honey
2.) To Live With Love -Lycka)
3.) Waterloo
4.) Dance -While The Music Still Goes On)
5.) Better To Have Loved -Säj Det Med On Sang)

6.) What About Livingstone

Jerry Williams -Kick Down April 1976 Out of print CD 1990

This out of print album was Released on the Sonet label, and produced by ABBA friend/live engineer Claes Af Geijerstam, ABBA band members play on the record album. The album includes songs by Claes, by Stealers Wheel, Traffic, Gene Pitney and ABBA.. This was the first released version of " Rikky Rock"N"Roller" to appear on record....ABBA's version did not see release till 1994. Jerry has been a noted rocker on the Swedish music scene, since the 1960's.












Debbie Boone -You Light Up My Life- Late 1977 Out of print American LP

This generally underwhelming debut album features Debbie's huge 1977 American Hit "You Light Up My Life" and a cover of ABBA's song "Hasta Manana" . Debbie was Pat Boone's daughter, sadly or not-her career faded after this album...This album is not available on CD currently. Her version of "Hasta Manana' was also the b-side of ""You Light Up My Life".

Nashville Train -Play ABBA OUR WAY April 1977 Out of print Swedish LP

This album features 11 ABBA covers, and Nashville Train's vocal version of "Please Change Your Mind", a rare country tune written by B&B that was used at the beginning of ABBA-THE MOVIE. Nashville Train features bassist Rutger Gunnarsson and drummer Roger Palm both were regulars in ABBA's studio band as well as Hasse Rose & Lasse Westmann. Lasse sings most of the lead vocals.

  Ring, Ring   
Why Did It Have To Be Me   
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  
People Need Love   
Honey, Honey   
I've Been Waiting For You
 Please Change Your Mind   
Hasta Mañana   
Fernando    Another Town, Another Train   
I Am Just A Girl   

Franck Pourcel ­ Franck Pourcel recontre ABBA- 1978 French LP

There is a claim on the web, that ABBA members played or sang on this album but I don't know that to be true.... The album cover does include a photo of ABBA meeting Franck -but according to one website-the expression on the faces of the ABBA members faces is "doubtful".

I wonder (departure)
Dancing queen
Hole in your soul
The name of the game
I do I do I do I do I do
Eagles (sic)
Money money money
Knowing me, knowing you
Thank you for the music

The Carpenters-Thank Your For The Music, Unreleased recording and appearance on NBC-TV's Tonight Show -June 1978 LP

The Carpenters sang "Thank You For The Music". This was the only time the Carpenters covered an ABBA song. Richard told a fansite -, "A terrific song and even better record, but, of course, nobody does ABBA like ABBA. I was really taken with that song. We first heard them perform it on a highly popular music program in Europe called " Starparade" on which we were both performing in Bremen, Germany, 1978.We laid down a track, but the more I thought about it, I realized that, as usual, Benny and Bjorn had done the definitive arrangement and all I'd be doing was copying it; something I just don't do, of course. It's an outtake, never completed". . So the version that fans can hear is the Carpenters appearance on the Carson show..

NORMAN GUNSTON : Nylon Degrees, Mushroom Records, 1978 Australia LP,
1993 Australia CD

Gunston is an Australian TV star, who had a Australian Top Ten hit with
his "Salute to ABBA" parody single. It appears to have finally made it
unto an album in 1978. The LP and CD versions of this are out of print.

delilah /howzat /jailhouse rock /ode to landlady /salute to ABBA /send
in the clowns
/i go to rio /i might be a punk (but i love you baby)


Anders Dahl -Anders Dahl And His Magic Strings Play ABBA -Mid to Late 1979 Swedish LP

Another one of Polar record label tributes to ABBA...Anders Dahl did a few string arrangements for ABBA and also played violin on some of their records...Oh and by the way-what in the name of Bjorn Borg are "Magic Strings"????


2. ROCK ME  
4. I WONDER (Departure)  

 1. LOVERS (Live A Little Longer)  
6. SO LONG  

Mike Oldfield-QE2 October 1980 British CD 

Mike was famous for his classic instrumental albums -Tubular Bells I, II, and III. On this album he recorded a fairly good cover of the title track from ABBA 's Arrival album. Mike even had a picture of himself taken in a helicopter. The cover version of "Arrival" can also be found on the album THE COMPLETE MIKE OLDFIELD.

Taurus /Sheba /Conflict /Arrival /Wonderful Land /Mirage /QE2 /Celt / Molly  

Not The Nine O'Clock News-Hedgehog Sandwich -1981 Out of Print British LP

This album features segments from the BBC2 TV show, Not The Nine O'Clock News.

The skit of interest to ABBA Fans is the parody of the ABBA song "Super Trouper" called "Supa Dupa". Their is also a Kate Bush parody song.

Mirelle Mathieu-"Bravo Tu As Gagne''/ Viens Chanter Pour Le Bon Dieu " French single Mid 19811

Just for fun, Bjorn & Benny agreed to produce this French version of "The Winner Takes It All" for French chanteuse -Mirelle Mathieu. Frida and Bjorn even sing background vocals on this track. The track was recorded at Polar studios in Stockholm on Decmber 10, 1980. .The French translation of the lyrics were written by Charles Level .Oddly , Mirelle's version does not appear to have been a hit in France..(ABBA had real bad luck with making hits for other people internationally...). The b-side is not ABBA related. This track can be found on a Danish compilation - Mireille Mathieu "Greatest hits". This track can also be found on the French album "Les plus grands succès Vol 3", and the 2004 CD set Bonjour Mirelle..

STARS ON 45 - Stars On 45 II 1981 Out of print international LP ..

The famed, if notorious Dutch group ,recorded an ABBA medley, . Stars on 45's songs are medleys of 30 second chunks of famous songs all strung together with a disco beat in the background. The Beatles and Stevie Wonder were both subjected to the Stars on 45 treatment. Stars On 45 take on the ABBA sound can now be found on at least one of the CD's that document this act-supposedly the Best of Stars on 45 CD is in print.Surprisingly, Bjorn actually claimed to like their recording of ABBA's songs.

Various Artists-(concept album)-ABBACADABRA- 1983 French LP and later English singles

This was the first"musical" based on B&B music. B&B were not directly involved but they helped with two songs on the English version of this project. There were French and English versions of this musical, the French version was recorded for an album, the British version was staged on London's West End.

The idea here was to borrow the melodies from ABBA songs and rewrite the lyrics so as be able to tell a story and also so as to be able to do it in French. (this was a French/Belgian coproduction).

Although the French version was not staged theatrically , a TV show and
a concept album were produced and released in 1983. (Produced by Alain Boublil of MISS SAIGON fame). Frida even got involved ,she played a Princess and sung a duet with Daniel Balavoine called "Belle.' It's a excellant version of "Arrival", only this time with words..The song was a modest French hit.

In December of 1983 , the concept was redone in English and premiered at London's Lyric Theater. This production was produced by Cameron Macintosh. The British version however, apparently did not result in another album , but at least two singles were released.
One of the singles included Frida's duet with B.A. Robertson on "Time" ,The b-side of that single featured B.A Robertson doing "I Am the Seeker" which was a B&B song that ABBA considered but never recorded, The other single featured Elaine Paige doing a rewritten version of "My Love , My Life called "Like an Image Passing Me By" . Oddly, the new lyrics for this one cowritten by Björn.

Apparently, B&B never saw the musical -which seems bizarre. The French version of this was reissued on CD in 1994.

Sadly, I dont have this album, it 's not easily
available. I saw this album in Germany many years ago, but I didn't have the money for it-so I didn't bother getting it-("oh I'll see that again") and never seen it since!

 Track listing side A

. QU'EST-CE QUE J'VAIS FAIRE PLUS TARD (When I Kissed The Teacher)
DÉLIVRÉS (The Visitors)
ABBACADABRA (Take A Chance On Me)
MON NEZ MON NEZ (Money, Money, Money)
.TÊTE D'ALLUMETTE (Super Trouper)
IMAGINE-MOI [I Wonder (Departure)]

 Track listing side b

PAREILS ET MÊMES (I Let The Music Speak)
L'ENFANT DO (Fernando)
ENVOYEZ LE GÉNÉRIQUE (Thank You For The Music)


It's Another World
Battle of the Brooms
*I Am The Seeker
I Can Pull Some Strings
Going Going Going
Making Magic
*When Dreamers Close their eyes

Back Home Now
Carabosse Supershow
Think of Something Fast
*Like An Image Passing By
Thank You For The Magic

*songs released on singles....

Blancmange-Mange Tout British Cd Mid to Late 1984

This album includes one of the more influential covers of an ABBA song. Blancmange had a #22 British hit with their cover of 1982 ABBA single -" The Day Before You Came". The recording is more easily available on Blancmange's 1990 hits collection called Second HeLPings.

Don't tell me/Game above my Head/Blind Vision/Time became the Tide
That's Love that it is/Murder/See the Train/All Things are nice
My Baby/The Day before you came

Barbara Dickson -Gold Late 1985 Uk LP and CD

This album includes Babara's duet from CHESS and her cover of ABBA 1981 track -THE VISiTORS.This album reached #11 on the British charts....

1. I Know Him So Well - duet with Elaine Paige
2. Missing You
3. Another Good Day For Goodbye
4. Touch Touch
5. Anyone Who Had A Heart
6. A Day In The Life
7. You send Me
8. What Is Love
9. Rivals
10. Soldiers
11. Rising Water
12. Taking The Next Train Home
If You're Right

The JAMS -What the Fuck is Going on- American CD June 1987

Includes the song "The Queen and I " which includes a sample of ABBA"s "Dancing Queen". but this sample was unauthorized and the song and the album was withdrawn from circulation. The group was also known as KLF and also sampled other groups such as the Beatles..

Whitney Houston-Whitney American CD June 1987

Whitney covered Tim Rice & B&B's "I Know Him So Well" from CHESS on this her second studio album ."I Know Him So Well"- is done as duet with Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston. The duet is not overly memorable. This album included four huge American hits- "I Wanna Dance With Somebody -Who Loves Me" "Didn't We Almost Have It All" "So Emotional "and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go ". The over ten million copies sold of this album, make this album is one the largest selling albums with a song written by Bjorn and Benny on it.

Track listing:

1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody -Who Loves Me)
2. Just the Lonely Talking Again
4. Didn't We Almost Have It All
5. So Emotional
6. Where You Are    
7. Love Is a Contact Sport    
8. You're Still My Man    
9. For the Love of You    
10. Where Do Broken Hearts Go    
11. I Know Him So Well - duet with Cissy Houston

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- ABBAPHONIC 1987 Released on CD

An album of orchestral covers of ABBA hits. The album was conducted by Louis Clark of ELO and
HOOKED ON CLASSIC Fame. The album also features the Royal Choral Society humming along.

ABBAture/SOS /  Mamma Mia/Eagle I have A dream/DYMK / Money 3
MKY Gimme../Summer Night City Chiquitita /Finale

Information Society - Information Society International CD 1988?

This Cd by a Minnesota geek band features the hit "What's on Your Mind -Pure Energy" . The hit is that annoying song that kept having a sample from Star Trek-The Motion Picture of Mr.Spock -(Leonard Nimoy) saying -"pure energy!...This album also features a cover of ABBA's"Lay All Your Love on Me" .

 1. What's on Your Mind -Pure Energy)
2. Tomorrow
3. Lay All Your Love on Me
4. Repetition
5. Walking Away
 6. Over the Sea  
7. Attitude  
8. Something in the Air  
9. Running  
10. Make It Funky


Yes, it's not just hype -many punk bands liked ABBA, here is one example, Sid Vicious singing, well , attempting to sing "Take A Chance On me" and other non ABBA songs.

Lush-Gala - November 1990 Internationally released CD

This is a compilation album of tracks by the British female rock group, Lush. Included is an effective cover of the early ABBA rocker, "Hey Hey Helen " The rest of the tracks are regular self-written Lush songs..

Barbara Streisand -Just For The Record 1991 4Cd box set.

Babs recorded Tim Rice & B&B 's "I Know Him So Well"-(from Chess) with the intention of including it on her 1985 Broadway album. But she changed her mind when it became clear that Broadway version of Chess was going to be delayed. So the recording was left in the can till it saw release on Bab's 1991 Long Box set. The track also was made available on the 1992 one CD abridgement of the Box set and 1998 jewel box reissue of the Box set.

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra -ABBA Classic -EU 1991, US January 1992 Released on Cd

There have been numerous attempts to do instrumental covers versions of ABBA songs. This orchestral version-appears to have actually approved by Stig Anderson. This album is too lively to be Muzak but it's not exactly Classical music either.

This has a black cover similar actually to the one used for ABBA gold.
Atlantic actually released this in America during the dark times of 1992 when most ABBA Cd's were out of print in the US.

Nosei Harmigvat - Hat Carriers -Who Killed Agnetha Faltskog? 1991 Israeli CD

This is a very obscure release by a Israeli band and is not really ABBA related at all-but is included here simply because of the bizarre title that alludes to a ABBA member.

Salma & Sabina - ABBA in Hindi 1992 Cassette and CD Indian release,Also released other terretories.

ABBA has been covered in a number of languages this is a rare, but widely known Asian cover album. Apparently, even Bjorn Ulvaeus has heard of this album since it somehow also got released in Sweden, -but has he gotten a royalty check?

Tracks include

Abhilasha (Chiquitita)
Hay Ye Pyar Ghazeb (The Name Of The Game)
Ho Jayegi Badnami (Money money money)
Hum Rahi (Fernando)
Kabhi Kabhi (Honey Honey)
Mitha Maze Dar (Dancing Queen)
Pehli Pehli Preet (Super Trouper)
Toba toba (Mamma mia

Edelweiss-The Wonderful World of Edelweiss 1992 International release Out of Print.

This Austrian novelty yodeling group used the the melody from ABBA's song SOS on their 1989 hit-"Bring Me Edelweiss". Apparently, this got ABBA manager Stig Anderson, in trouble with Bjorn and Benny, because Stig (who cowrote the original lyrics on the song) approved this odd cover of the song, and B&B were shocked, shocked! when they found out..After this, B&B made sure that they retained total control over the use of their songs....

U2 -unreleased live performance of "Dancing Queen".. 1992

U2 performed "Dancing Queen" live in Stockholm, Some how they got Bjorn and Benny up on stage to play guitar and piano..The audio recording breaks down when Bono or somebody has a injury. .I actually like this performance though many ABBA fans don't.

I for one, don't understand why the great Benny Anderssson (more talented than just about anybody) has not played with more international rock stars, though you got to admire the fact that he just doesn't give a shit.

Various Artists-ABBA-The Tribute November 1992 Available on Swedish CD

Released in 1992 by Polar. The liner notes and songs are in English but most of the acts are Swedish. 12 songs are featured. This album is generally forgettable other than the chance to get hear a little of the Swedish music scene. Interestingly some rock bands -as opposed to just pop bands) did some of the covers here, Some non- hits songs were chosen to be covered such as the "King Kong Song", and "Dum Dum Diddle" The cover for the CD is well designed even if they do somewhat untastefully features photos of some the actual jumpsuits used in live performance by ABBA. One of the songs is done by Mats Ronader who played live in 1979-1981 with ABBA as a guitarist.

1. Hasta Manana -Army of Lovers
2. Knowing Me Knowing You -Sanne Salomonsen
3. Does Your Mother Know -Pelle Almgren & Wow Liksom
4. The Winner Takes It All -Freda`
5. Dancing Queen -Rob`n`Raz DLC
6. Eagle -Papa Dee
7. The Name of the Game -Irma
8. Ring Ring -Sator
9. SOS -Stonecake
10. Dum Dum Diddle -Beagle
11. On and On and On -Mats Ronander
12. King Kong Song -Electric Boys

Erasure-- ABBA- esque Mid 1992 Available worldwide on Cd

This disc is one of the most important ABBA cover records. This four song Extended Play Cd was one of the key factors in the first big ABBA resurgence in the early 1990's. Erasure, a British synth pop group were the first male singers to convincingly cover an ABBA song. Erasure's version of "Take A Chance on me " was a major British hit . This CD did well in many markets even in the US. Erasure also did another ABBA song, "Gimme Gimme Gimme" -as a B-side) ,which wasn't on this CD.but was available on their album, "The Two ring Circus"

Track listing: 1. Lay all Your Love One Me 2. S.O.S. 3. Take A Chance One Me 4. Voulez-Vous


Well you will just have to imagine what Richie playing the piano sounds sounds like,cos i havent a clue! But hey ,Richie is a blonde and that should qualify him for the job...

Chiquitita /Dancing Queen/ Fernando/ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
/ I Have A Dream/Knowing Me, Knowing You
/Lay All Your Love On Me/Mamma Mia/oney Money Money
/One Of Us /SOS/Super Trouper
/The Name Of The Game /The Winner Takes It All/Waterloo

Various Artists -Abbasalutely: A Flying Nun tribute to the music of Abba, FNCD315, Mid to late 1995 New Zealand CD

This album comes from New Zealand. Flying Nun , is a New Zealand record label that asked it's various garage rock bands to come up with ABBA covers for a compilation.

This is one of the more noted ABBA tribute albums-though it hard is to find and perhaps not worth the effort to find....

1 Ring Ring -Breast Secreting Cake
2 Mamma Mia -The 3Ds
3 Dancing Queen -Garageland
4 Waterloo-Cloth
5 My Love My Life -Bike
6 Honey Honey -Loves Ugly Children
7 Super Trouper- Headless Chickens
8 Money Money Money -Chug
9 Knowing Me Knowing You -Superette
10 When I Kissed the Teacher -The Magick Heads
11 Tropical Loveland -Martin and the Moondogs
12 S.O.S. -The Able Tasmans
13 The Name of the Game -Shaynie & Fifi '95
14 On and On and On -Tall Dwarfs

Hazell Dean-The Winner Takes It All 1996 British Cd

An album of  Abba covers by  this noted British singer (Hazel is famous for having worked with British pop producers Stock/Aitkin/Waterman)  This album is produced by Hazell Dean & Pete Ware.  A new version of this album renamed Knowing Her, Hazel Sings Abba was released in 2004

The Winner Takes It All (Radio Mix) 4.48 *When All Is Said And Done 4.09Mamma Mia 4.17 One Of Us 4.42 My Love My Life 5.20 Knowing Me Knowing You 4.00 If It Wasn't For The Nights 4.23 S.O.S. 4.24 I Wonder 4.35 Andante Andante 4.10 The King Has Lost His Crown 4.23 Our Last Summer 4.22 The Way Old Friends Do 3.48 Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 3.27

e-rotic -Thank You for the Music- 1997 German CD

This sexy Europop band recorded this album of ABBA covers...As the group name suggests, much of their music is about sex...Though that's not really the case here.

* The Winers Takes It All
* Angel Eyes
* Fernando
* Chiquitta
* Lay All Your Love On Me
* One Of Us -
* Dancing Queen
* Money, Money, Money -
* Rock Me -
* S.O.S.
* Waterloo
* Thank You For The Music
* Outro

Various Artists -When We Were Kings -SOUNDTRACK February 1997 CD
The soundtrack to this movie came out in February 1997, The ABBA connection is minor but i"nteresting.The song "Rumble in the Jungle" by the Fugees features the bass riff from ABBA's -The Name of The Game".Bjorn actually approved of the sampling of the "Name Of The Game" because he was pleased that an African American act would get into an ABBA song.

Track listing;

1. Rumble in the Jungle - The Fugees 2. Drew "Bundini" Brown [Live]
3. Ain't No Sunshine/You [Live][Medley] - Bill Withers 4. Sweet Sixteen [Live] - B.B. King
5. African Girls Chan [live] 6. When I Get to Africa [Live] - Ali    
7. Payback [Live] - James Brown     8. Mobutu Chant [Live]    
9. I'll Be Around [Live] - The Spinners     10. Put It Where You Want It [Live] - The Jazz Crusaders    
11. Wait Till I Kick Foreman's Behind [Live] - Ali    
12. I Got Some HeLP I Don't Need [Live] - B.B. King     13. Doing It to Death [Live] - James Brown    
14. Mr. Tooth Decay [Live] - Ali     15. I'm Coming Home [Live] - The Spinners    
16. When We Were Kings - Diana King     17. Drew "Bundini" Brown [Live]    
18. I'm Calling -Say It Loud) - Zelma Davis    
19. You Out Sucker [Live] - Ali     20. Chant [Live]    

Various Artists-Latar Av Björn & Benny -Early to Mid 1998- Swedish CD

A tribute album devoted specifically to the songwriting talents of Björn and Benny. The CD features obscure Swedish artists. NONE OF THE ORIGINAL VERSIONS are used! All of the 18 songs are in Swedish , and there is only one ABBA song- a Swedish version of "I Have a Dream". If this were the original versions this would be the ideal sampler of B&B's non ABBA music, even as a tribute it's preety good.

Instead of attempting to cover all those overexposed ABBA songs the producers of this tribute decided to dig up songs songs from B&B's Swedish language repertoire. Songs from KRISTINA, Benny's solo albums, Ainbusk, Gemini the Hep Stars etc. are covered here. Lots of rare B&B songs are performed here including "Pa Brollop" -a rare B&B side ," Valkommen til Varlden". a song originally written & produced for the Lili-babs by B&B , and "Sag Det Med En Sang" originally written by B&B for Lena Anderson. The rare Hep Stars song "Sagom Om Lilla Sofie" is also performed here.
Omnipresent, ABBA bassist Rutger Gunnarsson plays bass on the recordings. This album was produced by Micke Littwold.

Track listing (artist first,then song title)

Tibble barnkör - Jag Har En Dröm - "I Have A Dream")/ Resarna - Hej Gamle Man/Viktoria Krantz - Duvemåla Hage/Elle - Jag Mötte Lassie/Gitte Littwold - Säg Det Med En Sång,/Camilla Lundstedt - Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung/ Vicki Benckert - Min Egen Stad/ Hubbe Algovik - Sagan Om Lilla Sofie/Gitte Littwold - Älska Mig/ Tibblegänget - På Bröllop/Tibble barnkör - Speleman/ Viktoria Krantz - Hemma/ Therése Juel - Välkommen Till Världen/Micke Littwold - Beatrice/ Gitte Littwold - Efter Regnet/Tibblekören - Klinga Mina Klockor,/Viktoria Krantz - Mio Min Mio/ Lennart Wärmell - Födelsedagsvals Till Mona

Jakaranda-Never Let You Go- 1998 Japanese CD

This Sony Cd includes Jakaranda's version of ABBA's "Just Like That".. The other notable song is Jakaranda's minor hit-"Never Let You Go" that song is also featured in the 1998 Disney remake of The PARENT TRAP... The song samples or copies or covers bits of The Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town"... This album is hard to find and it would probably be easier to download the songs somewhere...

1. Never Let You Go
2. Just Like That
3. Everynight, Everyday
4. Substitute
5. Imaginary Lover
6. You're My Heart, You're My Soul
7. Don't Make Me Wait
8. Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You
9. Rivers Of Babylon
10. It's OK. It's Alright
11. Lonely ..... bonus track

98° -98° and Rising -October 1998 Japanese CD

This Cd includes a song "Fly With Me " that contains a sample of ABBA's "Dancing Queen" .

Various Artists-Fran Waterloo to Duvemala Late 1998 Available on Swedish Cd

A loving and elaborate tribute to the songs of Björn and Benny and ABBA. This was staged
at Stockholm's Globus Arena with Benny's involvement. Benny didn't play on the album,
but he did play in one of the shows.

Tommy Korborg, Anders & Karin Glenmark,and Helen Sjoholm provide the lead singing here
and also make up a ersatz ABBA on occasion. Instrumentation is provided by Orsa Spelman
and the Goteborg Symphony . The Goteborg choir provides chorus vocals. The original concert
was considerably longer than this album, and it has been repeated many times most
notably in Beijing, China.

The Cd has 16 songs. Ten ABBA songs are attempted . Six non-ABBA songs are done.

Another Cd's worth of songs was performed at the concerts but not included as part of this CD.-SEE BELOW)

As good as this CD is it must be have been more exciting to hear these songs done live.
The ABBA songs sound a little more dramatic than in their original renditions because of the
use of the orchestra and choir.The song choices are a little strange on
occasion-but maybe that's because I may be getting sick of hearing yet another
version of "Thank You For the Music."

"Ring Ring" is done in it's Swedish version."Honey Honey' is done in English.Why we need both "Honey Honey and "Ring Ring is beyond me.The girls do a fine job with "Fernando'
"Thank You For the Music" is done humorously with the boys singing some of the leads Helen does "Du Maste Finnas" , Karin does "Mio Min Mio" blah blah , blah.

Three of the non-ABBA songs are not done by their original artists. Anders Glenmark does
a charming version of the Hep Stars -"Sunny Girl". Of course, it would have made more sense
to pick to pick a Hep stars song that was actually written by both Benny and Björn, but "Sunny Girl" was actually suggested by Glenmark.Tommy Korberg gets to do "Guldet Blev Till Sand" -It's great to see how Tommy would do this song).Orsa Spelman and the Orchestra/Choir do a medley of " Inledningsvisa/ Klinga Min Klockor" from Benny 's solo album. A lot of the people playing in this concert- Tommy Korborg, Helen Sjoholm and Orsa Spelman reprised many of the same songs in various concerts performed by Benny Andersson Orkester...

This may be the best ABBA tribute album , but I think most people would still prefer the real thing.

 1. Inledningsvisa/Klinga Mina Klockor  
   2.Ring Ring    
Helen Sjöholm & Karin Glenmark
   4.Honey, Honey    
   5.Money, Money, Money  
Helen Sjöholm
   6.Guldet Blev Till Sand 
Tommy Körberg
   7.Sunny Girl  -
   8.Mio Min Mio     -
Karin Glenmark
 9.The Winner Takes It All     - Tommy Körberg
   11.Du Måste Finnas    
Helen Sjöholm
   12.Anthem   -
Tommy Körberg
   13.Take A Chance On Me    
   14.Does Your Mother Know   
   15.On And On And On    
   16.Thank You For The Music    

* Another Cd's worth of songs was performed but not included on this album, those songs are - I Have A Dream; Knowing Me, Knowing You; Dum Dum Diddle; Födelsdagsvals till Mona; My Love, My Life; The Conducator; Pity The Child; Mamma Mia; SOS; Hasta Mañana;; Waterloo; Anthem; ; Heaven HeLP My Heart; l; I Know Him So Well; One Night In Bangkok; Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!; Voulez-Vous; Super Trouper;Dancing Queen


Various Artists ABBA-A tribute The 25th Anniversary Celebration April 1999 American CD

For once, something ABBA related originates from the United States of America. This is a compilation put together by ABBA fan Jeffrey de Hart. The attention to detail shown here is your you clue that this not just another ABBA gold reissue...
It was released on the Relativity label. for the e 25th Anniversary of ABBA's victory at the Eurovision song contest. The Cd , cassette, and a 2LP versions -yes LP)
of this are all slightly different. The DoubleLP
has remixes of a a few of the tracks .The Cassette has a different track listing,it has "He Is your Brother" by Svenne and Lotta on it, which the Cd does not have.

This is a much better collection than Polar's
Swedish tribute album. Frankly, that is because this includes better known artists. American, German, Irish,Swedish, Taiwanese -CoCo Lee) and British artists are featured here- showing off the the universality of ABBA's appeal. The artists here include Frida & the Real Group, Erasure, Go West, Bananarama, Mike Love -of the Beach Boys), Information Soceity and others. A few of the tracks were borrowed from the Swedish ABBA tribute album called ABBA-THE TRIBUTE.
Unlike some other specially recorded all star tributes like
TWO ROOMS -the tribute to the music of Elton John), most of the songs had been released before, but many of the tracks are hard to get .
My favorite tracks here -other than Frida of course) are Evan Dando's minimalist version of "Knowing me, Knowing You" and Peter Cetera's duet with Country singer Ronna Reeves on SOS. -(Peter produced Agnetha's I Stand Alone album). Peter comes up with a interesting opening to start the song.

Two tracks are of the most interest to ABBA
fans- firstly , Michael Tretow and his daughter do a clever version of "Honey Honey' which features small bit of 13 ABBA songs thrown in and secondly, Frida's acappella collorabation with Sweden's The Real Group on "Dancing Queen". This tracks marks the first release of new solo material by Frida on American soil since "Something's Going On". Of course, this track isn't really new it was released in 1994. It's a great jazzzy version of "Dancing Queen." This Cd might have have been a good place to include U2's live concert performance of"Dancing Queen" with B&B . But that track is never going to see the light of day.

The liner notes for this record include a lengthy essay by ABBA expert, Carl Magnus Palm. The essay intersperses comments about the CD tracks with a history of ABBA's troubled history in America. Apparently this album may go out of print in 2002 when the licensing agreement runs out on the songs.


Co Co Lee - "Dancing Queen" Go West - "One Of Us",Irma - "The Name Of The Game" Army of Lovers - "Hasta Manana "Bananarama - "Waterloo "Ash - "Does Your Mother Know"Evan Dando - "Knowing Me Knowing You"Hazell Dean - "The Winner Takes It All Information Society - "Lay All Your Love On Me"Abbacadabra - "The Visitors -Crackin' Up)"Erasure - "Take A Chance On Me E-Rotic - "Money Money Money" Mike Love - "On And On And On", Peter Cetera & Ronna Reeves - "S.O.S.Sofia & Michael B. Tretow - "Honey Honey"The Real Group with Frida  - "Dancing Queen" The Wedding Band -"Bridal Dancing Queen"

Various Artists -ABBAMANIA November 1999 British Cd

This is an album based on a one hour British ITV Tv special shown in October 1999.Also Included here is the THANK YOU ABBA tribute medley sung at BRITS awards in February 1999. As well, as many other totally new ABBA covers.
Most of the folks here are British acts... Amazingly, Westlife's version of "I have A Dream"
went to number one in the UK at the end of 1999. -ABBA's version made it only up to Number 2.)
To recap ABBA had nine number singles in the UK. B&B also went to number one with
"I Know Him So Well" , Erasure took the the EP -lead track- "Take A chance on me
to Number one in the UK, so B&B's total number ones on the UK charts stands now at 12. The Westlife cover is also available on their albums "Unbreakable" and on Coast to Coast". The song was not rleased in the US..

Back to our album review, such as it is...
Part of the proceeds from this album go to charity This is a British only release..

Tracks include:
1.Steps-Lay All Your Love On ME
2.Madness -Money X3
3..Westlife-I Have A dream              
 4.Stephen Gately -Chiquitita
5. Denise Van Outen - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme]   6.Culture Club -Voulez Vous
7. Martine McCutcheon     Mamma Mia
 8. S Club 7 - Dancing Queen
 9. Steps -I Know Him So Well
10  B*Witched - Does Your Mother Know
11. The Corrs -The Winner Takes It All
12. Steps , Cleopatra , B*witched & Tina Cousins-
Thank ABBA For The Music

That last song
Thank ABBA For The Music"
 was also released as a single and was a British hit.... Note the rare choice
of a CHESS song for a ABBA tribute album.This album has a white cover .

Olle Holmqvist -Sweden All Stars - ABBA The Music 1999
This album was was also released under the moniker P.I.A-Play It Again,...I havent heard this album though I do know that among the all-stars are ABBA band members Rutger Gunnersson, Per Lindvall & Lasse Wellander

Track listing : Thank You For The Music, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Hasta Mañana, Fernando, Rock Me, I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, Voulez Vous, I Wonder, Money Money Money, Chiquitita, Bang-a-boomerang, Medley -So long - Ring Ring - Waterloo)

Original London Cast Album -Mamma Mia -November 1999 British CD

Mamma Mia is an original musical based on the songs of ABBA. This is the original cast album for the smash hit London West End version that premiered on April 6, 1999 at the Prince Edward Theatre - Edward is the same theater that the West End version of CHESS was performed at. The production moved to the Prince of Wales Theatre in May 2004..

Within two years , the musical had traveled to North America and Australia. culiminating in a successful Broadway premiere in October 2001. Worldwide, it has been the most commercially succesful musical of the early part of the century.... By late 2005 there more than a dozen productions of Mamma Mia running at the same time...People are beginning to wonder if Bjorn and Benny are going to pocket more money from Mamma Mia then they did from their original stint in ABBA.. (This seems to be true of many veteran rock artists who find themselves making far greater sums from current day touring than they ever did on their orignal tours or records. )

Catherine Johnson wrote the clever Book (script) and the musical is directed by Phyllida Lloyd. The lead producer was Judy Craymer. The songs obviously were by Björn Ulvaeus,Benny Andersson and one Stig Anderson. (yes he's the guy in the small print ) MAMMA MIA uses more than two dozen ABBA songs to heLP tell a totally non-ABBA storyline about a mother and a daughter.The mother ,Donna Sheridan is played by( London) Chess veteran, Siobhan McCarthy*. Her daughter, Sophie Sheridan is played by Lisa Stokke* and musical revolves around the mystery of who is Sophie's father. (*these people with stars by their names are the original cast members who have all long since been replaced by even cheaper less known actors...) The story bears a more than a slight resemblence to the BUENA SUERA, MRS.Campbell starring Gina Lollabrigida. The cover to the album seems to channel the movie poster to the 1994 ABBA related movie- Muriels Wedding...

Hey isn't it interesting that the lead producer, director, and playwright are all woman . Oh, and hey!- get this most of the lead characters are also woman!!!!!

The actors sing often truncated versions of ABBA songs sometimes timed for comedic effect. The songs used in the musical were mostly drawn from ABBA singles. Almost all of the songs on ABBA GOLD were used in the musical. Indeed, Benny complained that "Waterloo" wasn't included so "Waterloo" was added in at the end as encore number. "Fernando" was the largest hit not fully utiilized -it is only sung in a quick 10 second snippet..

The musical concept didn't sound very promising but somehow audiences have been happy with the stage musical and critics have been no worse than lukewarm. The show's success appears to be due to the witty way the musical was written and staged combined with the already proven appeal of the songs. Unlike Chess or Kristina this is a decidedly peppy,cheerful musical. You will walk out of theatre happy or else, Björn will drag you back in the theatre for another encore of "Dancing Queen"

MAMMA MIA'S original commercial success, was also partly due to to the undying loyalty of British and World ABBA fans who traveled to London to see the musical. Swedish fans in particular traveled by the thousands.

Björn came out of a long period of retrenchment to coproduce the musical with Judy Craymer and Richard East . Björn was said to be to have been most heavily involved in insuring the accuracy of the musical presentation. Ever since, MAMMA MIA has been Bjorn's baby- his life's work....

Benny,(perhaps, because no new music was needed) was
brought in only for just a short time only for about a week or two prior to the premiere. (Benny is also said to have heLPed with the all important job of cashing royalty checks.)

Björn and Benny had little to do with coming up with idea for the musical or with writing the book, which after all were the only new things about the "musical". B&B (mostly Bjorn) simply approved this particular idea. There certainly seems some irony to the fact this the least important of B&B's musicals,is the one with the least creative input from them but yet will undoubtably remain B&B's most successful musical. Mamma Mia is Bjorn and Benny's third musical , CHESS was their first musical, and KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA was the their second musical.

This cast album was recorded at Angel Studios in Britain and was released on Polydor in November 1999. The album is attractively packaged with lyrics and photos from the musical. All 24 tracks are crammed unto one CD. This is the cast album that is sold thoughout the world....any where that Mamma Mia is staged in English from Edmonton to Edinburgh....the sun never sets on Mamma Mio!!!

B & B were only executive producers of the album. The cast album was produced by Martin Koch and Nicholas GiLPin. (Martin also worked on the arrangements.) It is logical that B& B were not directly involved with the recording since their is little point in them attempting to recreate what the have done already.

I did read somewhere that Benny wasn't entirely happy with some of the orchestrations done for Mamma Mia though, he of course did ultimately approve of the work that was done..Many of subleties of the arrangements are still there even if the songs themselves have been chopped up.. . Listen for example to "Chiquitita" and you'll find that many of the original recordings subtle vocal effects and keyboard bits are still there.

Neither Björn ( no surprise) nor Benny play on the album. (This was one of the first times Benny has avoided playing at least some keyboards on one of his projects).

Musically there isn't much new on this album, with the exception of the act overtures which are simply creative instrumental rearrangments of ABBA music. Some of the dialogue that is interspersed with the songs is included. Musically, it's not really that interesting, Vocally, the songs where the chorus joins in are the most interesting,

The general consensus seems to be that this is one B&B musical that works much better onstage than on record..

 Track listing for MAMMA MIA cd  
Honey Honey,
Money money money
Thank you for the music
Mamma mia,
Dancing Queen,
Lay all your love on me
Super trouper,
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!,
The name of the game
 Under attack
One of us
Does your mother know
Knowing me knowing you
Our last summer
Slipping through my fingers
The winner takes it all
Take a chance on me
I do X 5
I have a dream

Wizex - Mot Nya Mål- Swedish Cd 2000

I don't know much about this album other than that Wizex features Charlotte Nilssen , A Swedish singer who won the Eurovision song contest in 1999.

Track listing;
Men så viskade en fågel/I stormens öga/Mot nya mål/All min tid/Du är så vacker/Lika ung i hjärtat än/En enkel biljett/Halva vägen, Om du bara ville/En ensam man/Tro på imorgon/Det finns igen jag älskat så/Din för alltid/Du är min längtan/Till stängningsdags/ABBA-medley
features -
Ring Ring/SOS/Money money/Voulez-vous/ Gimme Gimme/Super Trouper/The winner takes it all/Intermezzo no.1/I Do I Do I Do/Waterloo/So Long/Thank You For The Music)

The Black Sweden-Gold -March 2000 German CD..

Black Sweden did versions of ABBA songs here that have been merged with heavy metal classics-sounds interesting though I have not heard the album. It was recorded in Gothenberg and released by EMI Germany.....The group features sessions musicians- Richard Fireburn,Johnny Flash, Steve Speed and Dr A Force. This album was reissued with a different cover and title in 2004 ... (the new title was -A metal tribute to ABBA)

1. Smoke On The Water / Mamma Mia ( The Black`s Medley)
2. Woman From Tokyo / Does Your Mother Know ( The Black`s Medley)
3. Tush / I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do ( The Black`s Medley)
4. Enter Sandman / Take A Chance On Me ( The Black`s Medley)
5. Winner Takes It All
6. God Of Thunder / S. O. S. ( The Black`s Medley)
7. Ballroom Blitz / Dancing Queen ( The Black`s Medley)
8. Ain`t Talking About Love - Money Money Money ( The Black`s Medley)
9. Breaking The Law / Ring Ring ( The Black`s Medley)
10. Heartbreaker / Knowing Me Knowing You ( The Black`s Medley)
11. Winner Takes It All ( Unplugged Version)

Various Artists-The Collection -ABBA favoritter May 2000 Danish Cd

A collection of covers of ABBA and B&B songs recorded in Danish.

: Dorthe Kollo: Velkommen til verden. Lecia & Lucienne: Waterloo ; Bare en af dem. Grethe Ingmann: En karrusel. Svenne & Lotta: Dance (while the music still goes on) ; Bang-a-boomerang. Susanne Lana: Hasta mañana. Alice & Rita: Hokus pokus. Vivian: Jeg har ventet på dig. Ulla Pia: Som en boomerang. Pia Ortkær: Ding dong shubidu ding dong : Nina pretty ballerina. Lotte: Danse med mig : Dancing queen

Jive Bunny and Master Mixers-Non stop ABBA Party July 2000 German CD

A cover album of dance versions of ABBA songs...

1.Dancing queen
2.Knowing me, knowing you
3.Take a chance
4.Gimme gimme gimme
5.Money money money
7.Super trouper
8.The winner takes it all
9.Voulez vous
10.Summer night city
11.Honey honey
12.Lay all your love on me
13.Mamma mia
14.Does your mother know
15.Ring ring
17.The name of the game
19.Thank you for the music

Sushi Kids -Sushi kids Dutch CD July 2000

Features covers of ABBA songs in Dutch by a kids group.

Weet je moeder dat (Dutch versions of : Does your mother know)
Wat ik voel (Voulez-vous)
Jij kan het vergeten (One of us)
Toffe gozer (Super trouper)
Als ik weer aan je denk (Lay all your love on me)
Feest bij mij (Dancing Queen)
Geef me een zoen (Gimme gimme gimme)
In de winter (our last summer)
Goeie morgen (Mamma mia)
Geef me toch een kans (Take a chance on me)
Ik vind 't best (SOS)
Kijk 's daar zit ie (Summer night city)
Ik ben bank (Knowing me, knowing yo

Kylie Minogue-October 2000 Sydney Olympics (unreleased recording)

Kylie sang a live version of "Dancing Queen" on October 1, 2000 at the closing ceremony of 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney...the only non-Australian song performed in the show...which kind of indicated the special place ABBA has in Australian culture...Kylie and her sister Dani are renowned ABBA fans, they were ABBA fans before it was cool to be so...

Kylie also has performed a hard to find but different live version of the same song for her "Intimate and Live" tour and released it as an airplay only single in Australia.

(*Yes, the 2000 Sydney, Australia Olympics actually occurred in September, and October of 2000).


PhilLPe Elan -Toujors August 2000 French Cd...

Interestingly this CD includes French language versions of songs originally sung by Frida.

Conte de'été -Lugna vatten)/ Muriel -Lycka)/ Donne-moi ton amour -Ålska mig alltid)/ Toujours, Si Jamais/ Accorde-moi ma peine -You know what I mean)/ Envoyez les clowns -send in the clowns),/La fuite,/Dernière danse -sista valsen med dig)/ La voix de Frida -Like an angel passing through my room)/Tu es là, Perdu sur Mars -Life on mars)/Berceuse

Yngwie Malmsteen- The Best of 1990-1999- 2000 International CD

Swedish guitar virtuoso put out this collection of 1990's material. It includes a cover of ABBA's "Gimme Gimme Gimme'. It is fairly interesting reading of the song. and one of the better tracks on this collection.

Track listing: Gimme Gimme Gimme, Never Die, Brothers, Seventh Sign, Vengeance, Voodoo, Facing The Animal, Like An Angel, Another Time, Rising Force -live), Gates of Babylon -live), Blue, Hangar 18 Area 51, Cavalino Rampante

Anne Sofie Von Otter Meets Elvis Costello-For The Stars -April 2001 -CD released worldwide

The album is produced by Elvis Costello and features him occasionally singing . Elvis even cowrote or wrote eight of the songs. Most of the lead vocals are done by Ms. Otter a renowned Swedish opera mezzo-soprano. This album includes a cover of ABBA's "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room". Benny Andersson was actually invited to play some great piano/synclavier on that track and accordion on "Broken Bicycles/Junk". Benny is even pictured twice in the liner notes. In general , The album is listenable, tasteful, but perhaps a trifle boring. It should be noted that Elvis Costello was a ABBA fan, he was especially influenced by ABBA on his third album Armed Forces .In 2006 Anne released a whole album of songs by written by Benny Andersson...

Track listing FOR THE STARS- with Songwriter

1.. No Wonder -Elvis Costello
2. Baby Plays Around -O' Riordon/Costello
3. Go Leave -Kate McGarrigle
4. Rope -Fleshquartet/Costello
5. Don't Talk -Put Your Head On My Shoulder -Brian Wilson & Tony Asher
6. Broken Bicycles-Tom Waits / Junk -Paul McCartney
7. The Other Woman -Jesse Mae Robinson
8. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room -Andersson/Ulvaeus
9. Green Song -Henryson/ Costello
10. April After All -Ron Sexsmith
11. You Still Believe In Me -Wilson/Asher
12. I Want To Vanish -Costello
13. For No One -Lennon/McCartney
14. Shamed Into Love -Costello/Blades
15. Just A Curio -Flesh Quartet/Costello
16. This House Is Empty Now -Bacharach/Costello
17. Take It With Me -Waits/Brennan
18. For The Stars -Costello

Various Artists-Abbametal-A tribute to ABBA- Early 2001 Japanese CD

This album appears to have been released in two different versions... The first version was released on the German/American record label Nuclear Blast -that version has a black cover-with disco ball on it.

Another version was released on King, a Japanese label in June 2001 this version has a goofy drawn cover of the four members ABBA on it... But the content of both albums is the same...

Track Listing
1. Summer Night City - Therion
2. Thank You For the Music - Metalium
3. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - Sinergy
4. Money, Money, Money - At Vance
5. Voulez Vouz - Morgana Lefay
6. S.O.S. - Paradox
7. Take A Chance On Me - Rough Silk
8. Chiquitita - Spiral Tower
9. Eagle - Sargant Fury
10. One of Us - Flowing Tears
11. Waterloo - Nation
12. Super Trouper - Custard
13. Knowing Me, Knowing You - Tad Morose
14. Dancing Queen - Glow

James Last Does ABBA -October 2001 German CD

Can that title be correct-it seems a little profane! Oops it's -James Last Plays ABBA . This is a new CD with orchestral versions of ABBA songs by German bandleader James Last -who actually appeared on TV with ABBA in the 1970's.)

Track listing:

Dancing Queen/ Gimmex3/,The Winner Takes it all/Money Money Money The Name of Game ,SOS,Lay All your Love on Me ,MMM,Knowing ME Knowing YOU Super Trouper/One of us/,Take a chance on Me/,Fernando/Waterloo

Svenne & Lotta - Tio Gyllene År 1973-1983 Swedish CD June 2002

Finally, a fairly good compilation of the work of Svenne & Lotta.

Svenne & Lotta were the lead singers in Benny's 1960's band -The Hep Stars. Svenne & Lotta continued to work on and off with Benny during the early 1970's and were signed to ABBA's label- Polar music. Svenne And Lotta recorded some songs written for them ,as well as some oldies covers and a few B&B songs. They recorded the first Swedish versions of ABBA songs-Bang A Boomerang" , "Dance (While the Music Goes On)" and "He Is Your Brother". One of the more interesting recordings here is the B&B disco track "Funky Feet" which was attempted but never recorded by ABBA. Although there are a few interesting tracks, Svenne & Lotta records are not always that great and so they are best heard as members of the Hep Stars.

Track listing -Bang A- Boomerang/När dagen försvinner/Dance -While the music still goes on), Chapel of love/, Sandy/ Breakin' up is hard to do/ All I have to do is dream/ It's a real good feeling/Du ger mig liv,/Take good care of my baby/ He is your brother,/Broken hearts/ Om jag fick leva om mitt liv/ Precious to me/ Only you/Where were you/Can't stop myself from loving you/ If it's love/ Makin' love/Funky feet

Abba Dance-Euphorica CD Apr 22, 2003
Another ABBA soundallike tribute album-Released on Compendia
 Song Title
  1. Dancing Queen
  2. S.O.S.
  3. Take A Chance On Me
  4. Mamma Mia
  5. Lay All Your Love On Me
  6. Knowing Me, Knowing You
  7. Voulez Vous
  8. Super Trooper
  9. Name Of The Game, The
  10. Winner Takes It All, The

LENA ANDERSSON -Musik vi minns ("Music We Remember") JUNE 2003 SWEDISH CD

Lena sang a few of B&B 's songs, notably SÄJ DET MED EN SÅNG (known in English as "Better to Have Loved") , "The Language of Love" and "Cecilia" (not included here) . She did the original German covers of "Hasta Manana " and "Fernando" and her solo records were often produced by B&B or Stig Anderson.

TRACK FOR LENA compilation...

Säg det med en sång
Hasta mañana
Sol, vind och vatten
Är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång
Tom, Tom käre vän
Language Of Love
Jag kommer
Du har en vän
Det bästa som finns

 Nu ser jag allting klart
Natt mot morgon
Visa i citruslunden
I Paris en natt
Flickan och pastorn
En visa om arton svanar
What Did You Learn In School Today
Om du nånsin kommer fram till Samarkand
Hej du glada sommar

H & Claire - Another You Another Me 2003 British CD

This album features the 1985 Gemini song "Another You Another Me" which was written by Bjorn and Benny. H and Claire are former members of the Steps.

Track lisitng- All out of love, DJ, Another you another me, Beauty and the beast, Half a heart, All I want is you, Centre of my heart, You're a love song, Two hearts beat as one, No turning back, Nothing at all, There you were, Invincible, Too close to tears, Let me carry you

Various Artists -Masters of the Scene - The Definitive Abba Tribute May 2003 American CD

A limited edition tribute album by Nihilist, a Chicago alternative music label.... I read somewhere that Canned Hamm actually did the Beatles 1967 song "Your Mother Should Know" instead of ABBA's "Does Your Mother Know" which is certainly a funny idea, if true...

Does Your Mother Know - Canned Hamm. -
Take A Chance On Me - Sockeye
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) - Kazumoto Endo
The Name Of The Game - Vertonen
Tne Night In Bankok - Evil Moisture
SOS - Ungrateful Deadbeats
My Mama Said - Ski-Mask & The Bucketmen
Super Trooper - Absorb
Rock Me - Guilty Connector
Eagle - I & Makoto
Knowing Me Knowing You - Irr.App.(Ext.)
Thank You For The Music - Wäldchengarten
Under Attack - Brain Transplant
Chiquitita - Foamula
S.O.S. - Spider Compass Good Crime Band
Many Many Many - Body Tong
Lay All Your Love On Me - The Rib
Abbacadabba - Wounded Head
Watch Out - Plastic Crimewave Sound
Voulez Vouz - Sudden Infant
---...--- - Gunshop
Do You Really Know Me? - Viki
Waterloo - Julia Sets
Soldiers - Methypnox


Alcazar - Alcazaried May 2003 CD

This album by this Swedish group has a new version of the obscure Mid-Seventies 1970's  B&B disco song-"Funky Feet " that had originally performed by Svenne And Lotta.

Track listing

:I love the DJ/ Celebrate the night/ Ménage à trois/ Dancefloor docusoap/ Not a sinner nor a saint/ Funky feet / I go shopping/ Last days of disco/ Chemistry/ Love life/ Wonderland/ Singing to heaven/ Here I am/ Someday  

Brotherhood of St. Gregory-Gregorian chant ABBA- German CD -September 2003
This CD Was Released on the New Sound label.... THE idea sounds intriguing-though annoyingly the monks don't try to sing any of ABBA's album cuts.....I bet "Like an Angel Passing Through My Room"...would sound cool as a chant, or "Arrival"....or hey why not the "King Kong Song' won't you sing along...The one review I have read of this said that the listener found the record to be not as good as he hoped.

1.The winner takes it all/2.Super trouper/3.Mamma mia/4.Dancing queen/5.Waterloo/6.I do I do I do/7.Honey honey/8.I have a dream/ 9.Fernando/10.Voulez vous/11.Knowing me, knowing you/12.Take a chance on me
13.Lay all your love on me/14.Money, money, money/15.Thank you for the music

Karaoke Abba   CD September 2003
One of many ABBA Karoake albums out there-this one has a fun drawing of ABBA with big eyes ..but I recommend you search carefully for ABBA Karoake album, since many ABBA  Karoke Cd's don't have  CDG lyrics ..

1. Waterloo
2. SOS
3. Mamma Mia
4. Fernando
5. Dancing Queen
6. Money Money Money
7. Knowing Me Knowing You
8. Take A Chance On Me
9. Summer Night City
10. Chiquitita
11. Does Your Mother Know
12. Gimme Gimme Gimme
13. I Have A Dream
14. Winner Takes It All
15. Super Trouper
16. Voulez Vous
17. Name Of The Game
18. Thank You For The Music

SINEAD O'CONNOR-SHE WHO DWELLS- September 2003 International 2CD set.

Sinead is the often bald, pope- hating Irish singer who recorded the 1990's classic - "Nothing Compares to U". This is a hodgepodge of six original songs , eleven or so covers and and a live CD, This album features Sinead's tex-mex version of ABBA's "Chiquitita". The version of "Nothing Compares 2 You" on here is a live version...upposedly you can also get a Sinead O'Connor version of Chiquitita on the 1998 compilation album 'Across The Bridge Of Hope' (In aid of the Omagh Fund). Some idiot bombed a market in Omagh, Northern Ireland, which inspired some other folks to make a benefit album.

Nils Landgren & Funk Unit -Funky ABBA-March 2004 Swedish CD

ABBA and the word funky- I just dont know....but it kinda works. This album by Swedish trombonist Nils Landgren, and his Funk Unit was coproduced by bass player /rapper Magnum Coltrane Price. Nils Landgren is known to ABBA fans for his work playing on the "Voulez-Vous' album..Some of the singing on the album is done by female guest vocalists..

The Funk unit includes Henrik Janson who played with Gemini and ABBA drummer Per Lindvall plays on one track.

The album is sort of jazz/funk fusion-and it works surprisingly well-it's rare to hear covers that bring out the high quality of ABBA songs. This works because it doesn't sound at all like ABBA. But still I'm not sure I'd recommend unless you are open to jazz or are open to rap/funk...

This album features Benny Andersson playing piano on one track-a version of "When All is Said and Done. which features vocalist Viktoria Tolstoy. This is a good track-put that on a Benny compilation album, please! The track is similiar to the Annie Sofie Otter version of "Like an Angel Passing Through My Room" which Benny also guested on piano for..Both songs are stripped down versions of tracks orginally sung by Frida on THE VISITORS.... .

A British reader ,Mike Auber, gives this quick review-"The funky arrangements go
together quite well with tracks like "Name Of The Game", "Gimme Gimme
Gimme" and "Voulez-Vous".  But even if you don't like jazz trombone or
rapping, Benny's unaccompanied piano/vocal version of "When All Is Said
And Done" melts the heart".

Track listing:Money, Money, Money /Knowing Me, Knowing You/Voulez-Vous
Thank You For The Music / Super Trouper /Summer Night City /Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
The Name Of The Game/ Dancing Queen /Take A Chance On Me/SOS/When All Is Said And Done

Various Artists -ABBA Forever April 2004- Double German CD

A fairly interesting compilation of most of the important ABBA covers out there including the biggest British hits-the Erasure version of "Take A Chance on Me", and Westlife's version of "I have a Dream"...Most of the important post- 1982 covers of ABBA songs are here...Because this is a German release a few of the tracks are in German...And if you were trying to track down at least one Nana Mouskouri cover of an ABBA song,...you will find it one here...

This is best ABBA cover collection currently available...

Track listing CD !

Westlife - I Have A Dream, Erasure - Take A Chance On Me, The Ten Tenors - Dancing Queen, Mike Oldfield - Arrival, Men Without Hats - S.O.S., James Last - Fernando, Dagmar Hellberg & Angelika Milster - Ich kann ihn versteh'n, Marianne Rosenberg - Nur Sieger steh'n im Licht, Nana Mouskouri - Ich leb im Traum, Hilton McRae - Knowing Me, Knowing You, B*Witched - Does Your Mother Know, Tanita Tikaram - The Day Before You Came, Steps - I Know Him So Well, The Black Sweden - The Winner Takes It All, Stephen Gately - Chiquitita, Nils Landgren Funk Unit - Summer Night City,

Track listing CD 2

Peter Cetera with Ronna Reeves - S.O.S., Steps - Lay All Your Love On Me, Palast-Orchester & Max Raabe - Super Trouper, Angelika Milster - Jeder gegen jeden - Allein, Wind - Fernando -Und der Himmel war zum Greifen nah), Nils Landgren Funk Unit - Voulez-Vous, Beverly Craven - The Winner Takes It All, Blancmange - The Day Before You Came, Madness - Money, Money, Money, Dr. & The Medics - Waterloo, The Leather Nunn - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, Hilton McRae & Siobhan McCarthy - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, Martine McCutcheon - Mamma Mia, S Club 7 - Dancing Queen, Dune - One Of Us, E-Rotic - Thank You For The Music

Mireille Mathieu -Bonjour Mireille April 2004 French or German 2cd set

Well Bonjour to you to! This is a double CD set released on : Ariola (Sony BMG) that features Mirelle's famous 1981 French language cover version od ABBA's "The Winner Takes it All".. The song was produced by Andersson-Ulvaues and features Benny, Bjorn and Frida singing and/ orplaying..the French version is called "Bravo Tu as Gagne' and is the lead track on disc two...

 Disc 1
1.La that kidney valse
2.Hinter the window blinds of Paris
3.Tarata-ting, tarata tong
4.Der of Paris Tango
6.Hans in the luck
7.Roma, Roma, Roma
8.Der Zar and the girl
9.La paloma ade
10. that wine was made of Bordeaux
11-small swallow
12.Walzer of the love
13.Santa Maria de la more mer
14.Zuhause waits Natascha
15.Nur for you
16.Die Spatzen of Paris
 Disc 2
1.Bravo to as gagne
2.On l'appelait Chicano
3.A blue bayou
4.Quand on pense A l'amour
5.Der sad Tango
6.Il ME faut vivre
7.L'amour oublie le temps
8. New York, New York
9.So live your life
10.Wann you come back
11.Le vieux cafe de la rue d'Amerique
12.Trois milliards de of gene sur terre
14.Et quand do seras la
15.Wenn of children sing
16.Wenn you me loves
17.Meine first love

Black Sweden-A metal tribute to ABBA August 2004 French CD..

Black Sweden does versions of ABBA songs mixed with heavy metal classics-sounds interesting though I have not heard this album. the cover of the CD is very interesting parody of the ABBA-The Album cover....This particular version is a reissue...

1. Smoke On The Water / Mamma Mia ( The Black`s Medley)
2. Woman From Tokyo / Does Your Mother Know ( The Black`s Medley)
3. Tush / I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do ( The Black`s Medley)
4. Enter Sandman / Take A Chance On Me ( The Black`s Medley)
5. Winner Takes It All
6. God Of Thunder / S. O. S. ( The Black`s Medley)
7. Ballroom Blitz / Dancing Queen ( The Black`s Medley)
8. Ain`t Talking About Love - Money Money Money ( The Black`s Medley)
9. Breaking The Law / Ring Ring ( The Black`s Medley)
10. Heartbreaker / Knowing Me Knowing You ( The Black`s Medley)
11. Winner Takes It All ( Unplugged Version)


Hazell Dean-Knowing Her, Hazel Sings Abba March 3, 2004 British CD

An album of  Abba covers by  this British singer( Hazel is famous for working with noted producers Stock/Aitkin/Waterman)   This album is produced by Hazell Dean & Pete Ware.  A earlier version of this same album  called The Winner takes it all was released a few years before..

Track listing for -Knowing Her, Hazel Sings Abba
S.O.S. [4.24] The King Has Lost His Crown [4.23] The Winner Takes It All [Radio Mix] [4.48] * My Love My Life [5.20] I Wonder [4.35] If It Wasn't For The Nights [4.23] Andante Andante [4.10] One Of Us [4.42] When All Is Said And Done [4.09] Our Last Summer [4.22] Like An Angel Passing Through My Room [3.27] The Way Old Friends Do [3.48] Mamma Mia [4.17] Knowing Me Knowing You [4.00]

Various Arists ABBAMANIA 2 November 2004 British CD.

ABBAMANIA 1 featured mostly British or Irish recording artists doing ABBA covers-but the followup, ABBMANIA 2 some reason does not feature major music artists but instead has TV actors singing ABBA songs...."The Stars of Coronation St, Heartbeat, The Bill, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, The Royal, and Casualty celebrate 30 years of Abba."Ok. Lord heLP us".

....track listings...
Supertrouper - Lucy Benjamin & James Geddes
S.O.S - Trisha Penrose
/Knowing Me Knowing You - Wendy Peters
Fernando - Jane Danson /Take A Chance On Me - Jody Albert & Carly Stenson
Winner Takes It All - Bernie Nolan /Mamma Mia - Trisha Penrose
Waterloo - Michelle Hardwick , Will Mellor, Vicky Gates Lee Otway
Dancing Queen - Jody Albert & Carly Stenson
Gimme Gimme Gimme - Julie Forsyth/Does You Mother Know - Will Mellor
Lay All Your Love On Me - Amy Nuttall, Charlotte Bellamy, Clevland Campbell -Emmerdale)
Voulez Vous - Julie Forsyth /Thank you for the Music - featuring the cast of the show
Abbamania 2 - Theme tune

Laura Branigan -Remember Me -November 2004 European CD

7 song mini album of Laura's last recordings before her sad and untimely death on 26 August 2004. (Are deaths every happy and timely?)

It includes her version of ABBA's "The winner Takes It all" . The song was also released separately as a Cd single...

Challenge/If That What it Takes/I can see Again/The winner Takes It all/I know You by heart/Gloria 2004)/Self Control 2004

Cristy Lane -Greatest Country Hits- June 2005 American Cd

This CD Includes her hits from 1977-1983 including her cover of Abba's "i have a dream' which was #17 hit on the American country chart in 1981. The song was mistakingly listed on a TV commerical for one of Cristy's American TV albums as "I Believe In Angels'.. Cristy's big hit was "one Day at Time'. Her style was sort of vaguely Christian music without actually being Christian music...

"I have a Dream" was also the title track of Cristy's 1981 album.. which is out of print.

Tryin' To Forget About You, Sweet Deceiver, Let Me Down Easy, Shake Me I Rattle Squeeze Me I Cry, I'm Gonna Love You Anyway. Penny Arcade, I Just Can't Stay Married To You, Simple Little Words, Slippin' Up, Slippin' Around, Come To My Love. One Day At A Time, Sweet Sexy Eyes, I Have A Dream, Love To Love You, Cheatin' Is Still On My Mind, Lies On Yours Lips. Fragile-Handle With Care, Good Old Days, The, I've Come Back To Say I Love You One More Time, Footprints In The Sand.

Madonna -Confessions on A Dance Floor- November 2005 International CD

Madonna's latest CD features"Hung Up". "Hung Up" samples ABBA's "Gimme Gimme Gimme". She did this with Bjorn and Benny's approval...(They got songwriting credit as well.)
The rest of the album is also dance orientated, rather than ballads or covers of "American Pie"... The album is mildly controversial because of the track "Issac" offended Madonna's large audience of orthodox Jews/ ...This album reached #1 on the American sales charts..Both "Hung Up" and "Sorry" reached #1 on the British charts...Track listing follows...

1. Hung Up 2. Get Together 3. Sorry 4. Future Lovers 5. I Love New York 6. Let It Will Be 7. Forbidden Love 8. Jump 9. How High 10. Isaac 11. Push 12. Like It Or Not

SISSEL-Into Paradise -February 2006 internationally released CD

This is the  new album by this renowned Norwegian soprano, Sissel Kyrkjebo.

This CD features yet another version of ABBA's "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room". This album has a classical slant.. The UK version has a different track listing...

Track listing for US version..

 Dusk /Bachianas Brasileiras /Wachet Auf Ruft Uns Die Stimme Bwv 140/Dido`s Aria / In Paradisum /Sancta Maria /Vitae Lux / Ingen vinner frem /Bäreden väg för herran /Marble Halls/Adagio /Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

Ten Tenors-Tenology-April 2006 American CD..
Australian singing group that features yes, ten tenors. This CD has their version of ABBA's "Dancing Queen". It also can be found on some of their other CD's or DVD - (One Is Not Enough - Live In Berlin (DVD) Untied (CD) Larger Than Life (CD). 
The group has been also been known to perform a bit of ABBA's "Mamma Mia" in their live version  of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".  
Track Listing
1. Italian Medley
2. Funiculi, Funicula (Live)
3. World Anthem
4. Stonde
5. Mama
6. Opera Without The Boring Bits (Live)
7. Conquest Of Paradise
8. My Daughter
9. Throw Your Arms Around Me
10. Granada (Live)
11. Because Of You
12. Thousand Candles
13. Bohemian Rhapsody (Live)
14. Dancing Queen


Unknown Artists- Dancing Queen - A Tribute To Abba 3 CD United Kingdom April 2006 
Released on
Platinum Collection , apace music

Disc 1 
1. Dancing Queen
2. Waterloo
3. The Winner Takes It All 
4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 
5. Fernando 
6. Does Your Mother Know 
7. He Is Your Brother 
8. Hasta Manana 
9. The Day Before You Came 
10. I Have A Dream 
Disc 2 
1. Chiquitita
2. Knowing Me Knowing You
3. Mamma Mia 
4. Lay All Your Love On Me 
5. Under Attack 
6. S.O.S 
7. Thank You For The Music 
8. One Of Us 
9. Ring Ring 
10. Move On 
Disc 3 
1. Take A Chance On Me
2. Super Trouper 
3. The Name Of The Game 
4. Money Money Money 
5. Rock Me 
6. Happy New Year 
7. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) 
8. Honey Honey 
9. I Do I Do I Do 
10. I've Been Waiting For You 

Anne Sofie Von Otter-I Let the Music Speak International CD August 2006

Anne recorded a dozen songs from Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulvaeus songbook for this album..The tracks were recorded in 2004 in Atlantis studios in Stockholm. Benny plays on a couple of tracks on the album...Benny is pictured in the jacket in the liner notes and he looks like a old man.... Three of the songs have new lyrics written by Bjorn. .As fascinating as the selection of songs is. I am not sure that Anne's voice is ideal for some of these songs.... Still "Walk With You, Mama" works as do a few other tracks.

The Day Before You Came (ABBA)
I Let The Music Speak (ABBA)
When All Is Said And Done (ABBA)
Walk With You, Mama (vocal version of "Stockholm at Night")
The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)
Butterfly Wings (the English version debut of BAO's Lätt Som En Sommarfjäril)
Heaven HeLP My Heart (from Chess)
Ljusa Kvällar Om Våren (from Kristina från Duvemåla)
I Am Just A Girl (ABBA)
Ut Mot Ett Hav (from Kristina from Duvemåla)
After the Rain (English version debut of Benny's Efter Regnet) 

Money, Money, Money (uncredited hidden track) (ABBA)

Thank You For the music (bonus download only track)


Slyver-Lay All Your One Me -mid 2006

This cover of an 1980 ABBA song was a minor hit in Germany and Austria....

Various artists- Mamma Mia! 4 Kids, Water Music Records, May 20, 2008

In the spirit of "I have a Dream" kids sing ABBA songs ,oh sorry
forgive me their "Mamma Mia" songs now.
Track Listings
1. Honey, Honey
2. Money, Money, Money
3. Thank You For The Music
4. Mamma Mia!
5. Dancing Queen
6. The Name Of The Game
7. S.O.S
8. Knowing Me, Knowing You
9. The Winner Takes It All
10. Take A Chance On Me


Original Soundtrack Recording, Mamma Mia-Decca label 177 418-4 ,  International CD -July 2008
The movie soundtrack album  was  released in the summer, slightly before  the release of the movie, there was also supposed to be a two-disc version. The two disc version was to have  included instrumental versions of songs that underscore the action in the movie, the end credits medley and god knows what else. The  CD  was  released in Sweden and the UK  on July 7, 2008 (and in the US on  July 8, 2008 ). This album went to #1 in the USA, and in many other places.
The music was recorded before the movie was filmed with the vocals sung  by the original actors in the movie. The musical backing tracks  were  newly recorded  by Benny Andersson with the help of  three veterans of the original  ABBA band ( Rutger Gunnarsson on bass, Lasse Wellander on guitar, Per Lindvall on drums,also Bjorn Ulvaeus throws in a little acoustic guitar) An orchestra was used for parts of the backingtrack, and the chorus parts for the vocal tracks were recorded by the Stockholm ensemble cast of Mamma Mia. Two songs that were in the original musical are not sung in the movie- "Under Attack" and "Knowing Me, Knowing You" . "Knowing Me, Knowing You " has been replaced by ""When All is Said And Done' . For reasons not clear yet, the following songs are not included in the soundtrack album track listing -Overture / Prologue, Chiquitita,The Name Of The Game,Entr'Act, One Of Us, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, and Waterloo. The main drawback of the album is that so many of the actors chosen to sing the songs are not actually very good singers.
Track listing- Honey Honey Money, Money, Money Mamma Mia Dancing Queen Our Last Summer Lay All Your Love On Me Super Trouper Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! The Name Of The Game Voulez-Vous S.O.S. Does Your Mother Know Slipping Through My Fingers The Winner Takes It All When All Is Said And Done Take A Chance On Me I Have A Dream Thank You For The Music (hidden track)



Menudo -Chiquitita' 1979 US LP
Includes their versions of Chiquitita andVoulez-Vous Puerto Rico

Nana Mouskouri- Alone 1985 LP Greece

Features her version of I Have a Dream. She also sang a French version of Chiquitita. Sung in French and a English version of "Waterloo".Hard to imagine her singing "Waterloo".

Men Without Hats 'The Adventures of Women & Men Without Hate in the 21st Century'. UK 1989 LP

This is the people who were famous for doing the "Safety Dance" Includes their their version of SOS.

Beverley Craven - Love Scenes 1993 UK CD

Includes The Winner Takes It All

Los Guardianes del Amor-Cuatro Palabras 1993 Mexico CD

Includes thrher version of Chiquitita (Spanish version)

Klaus Wunderlich Klaus Wunderlich Plays ABBA -German CD 1994

Klaus Wunderlich was a Klauus before it cool as to be a Klaus!

Dame Vera Lynn Thank You For The Music UK 1994 Album

Includes her version of (you guessed it -"thank You For the Music". She is the only British Dame known to have recorded an ABBA song....

The Nolan Sisters 'The Best Of The Nolan Sisters-1996 Irish CD 'The Best Of The Nolans'

This compilation album Includes their version of "Thank You For The Music".

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus- US 1997 'ExtrABBAganza!' album

They sing, their gay and their from Frisco, what more can you ask for in a album, well maybe a can of TAB.

Destiny Suite - S.O.S - WATERLOO - S.O.S (Reprise) /LAY ALL YOUR LOVE/

Stockholm Session Singers Sounds Like ABBA Sweden 1998

They sing and their from Sweden, what more can you ask..

Black Ingvars 'Schlager Metal' 1998 Swedish CD

These guys aren't really black....Includes Bang en Boomerang.

'The Abbasolute Works' is a 'Dressed To Kill Production' tribute CD to ABBA by UK punk bands (such as Hairy Clam, Rozzers, Stench, Forced Entry)
* 'ABBA Gold Plated' is a 1999 release with identical artists/tracks as 'The Abbasolute Works

Luka Bloom Dancing Queen Ireland On his 2000 album 'Keeper Of The Flame'

Includes his version of "Dancing Q'ueen" Luka is only person named after a Suzanne Vega song and a James Joyce character to attempt to sing a song from the ABBA ouvre...

Paul Gilbert-Acoustic Samurai' 2003 US CD

Includes Dancing Queen .

Sixpence None the Richer 'The Best of Sixpence None the Richer'. 2004 US CD

Features their version of "Dancing Queen"

Wing- Wing Performs ABBA- New Zealand 2005 CD

New Zealand woamn singer who is actually oriental or filipino or something One of the tracks appeared on South Park

Girl Authority Dancing Queen US On their 2006 album 'Girl Authority.'

Includes her version ofGirl Authority Dancing Queen US On their 2006 album 'Girl Authority.'

Susan Boyle-Someone to watch over me International CD November 2011

Includes her version of "You Have to Be There" B&B's from B&B's Kristina.

The Abbasolute Works' UK CD 1998?

This is 'Dressed To Kill Production' tribute CD to ABBA by UK punk bands (such as Hairy Clam, Rozzers, Stench, Forced Entry)
ABBA Gold Plated' 1999 UK CD

This CD has identical artists/tracks as 'The Abbasolute Works

Here- I list even more of the numerous other cover albums-none of which I have actually listened to though I have seen some of them. So I honestly couldn't tell you which pan pipe ABBA album to buy. Many of these albums are still very much available and most ,if not all, of these were released on CD.

Various Artists -Lay All Your Love on ABBA: Eurobeat Tribute to ABBA (2000)
Pan pipes Play Abba
Various Artists-ABBA Gold Plated, Vol. 1: Tribute to ABBA (2000)
Various Artists- ABBA Gold Plated, Vol. 2: Tribute to ABBA
Spectrum- Music of ABBA
Stars at Studio '99-Tribute to ABBA
Dinu Bomba -Plays the Hits of ABBA
Symphonic Rock Project Plays the Hits of ABBA -a 3CD set)
Dance Machine Non-Stop Abba Dance Mix
Electronic Tribute to ABBA (2001)
The Starlite Orchestra Plays ABBA
Karaoke -Abba
Various Artists-Abba Ibiza Caliente Mix
Abba Revival Band-Plays Abba Hits
Super Troopers -Abba Karaoke
Klaus Wunderlich Plays ABBA ­ The winner takes it all
Abbaholics -A vocal tribute to ABBA
More Abbaholics -A vocal tribute to ABBA
ABBA-esque -ABBA Mega-mix
The monks of Moramanga -ABBA Gregorian experience
Symphonic Rock Project-Plays the hits of ABBA
Dinhu Bomha -ABBA in panflute
Guillermo Sanchez-ABBA

Absolutely ABBAPOP PowerMix"24 super-swede hits with a hi-nrg twist!"
I Love Abba / Remakes (2006)
Abba Chill Out (2006)
Gold (Swiss Tv MusicStars album) 2005

Other folks who have done ABBA covers that not are listed above, many of these covers are hard to find even if the artists are famous..

Sylvie Vartan, Cliff Richard, Petula Clark, Cilla Black, The Webb, Jerry Ngoc (Vietnamese covers), Ludvig Andersson (Suzy-hang-Around live unreleased), K & K Studio Singers, Klaus Hallen, The Carpenters (listed above FONT>, Elvis Costello (live unreleased ), R.E.M (Does Your Mother Know - live in Buffalo NY unreleased ), Sugarcubes featuring Bjork) Dancing Queen live in Norway Live ( unreleased)


According to ABBAMAIL experts Grant Whittingham., Graham Piper. and Dean Scapolo the following ABBA songs from ABBA main albums ever never been covered on actual recordings....Notice the high percentage, of songs that were originally sung by Bjorn.

Love Isn't Easy, She's My Kind Of Girl, Santa Rosa, Rock 'n' Roll Band,
Sitting In The Palmtree, My Mama Said, Gonna Sing You My Lovesong,
Suzy-Hang-Around, Man In The Middle, Crazy World, I'm A
Marionette, Me And I, Elaine, Two For The Price Of One, Should I Laugh Or
Cry, You Owe Me One. (This list is correct as of 2006)

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