What follows are some thrilling

bits from the first few episodes

of Felpin's Pond (July 1999 -MARCH 2000)  


Flipping Felpin's Festive Pond
(sorry ran out of alliteration)
This page was begun on JULY 11, 1999

and was dormant from March 2000 to June 2001!


It's Getting Better (It can't get any worse)

I found myself trying to sing the blues Wednesday night. I don't know any blues songs ,but I was
deeply depressed about something, and it got
to the point where the only way thing I could
do was sing, What came out of my mouth was startling ., I think ,I for the first time at least partly understood, what the blues are about .
Pain can be so real, so uncontrollable, that you have to reach into another part of your being just find a way to channel all that negative energy into something you have control of.

I sang in a really low gutteral but resonant l voice, but it came out not sounding like my voice at all. I sounded like a very bad Bessie Smith imitator,but it made feel better to hear such a totally different voice.


Do I like Saturdays?

I am not a fan of Saturdays. I wish I were because, the the popular view is that Saturdays
are a good thing. I often wish I held the popular
view of things because then I wouldn't seem
so cynical to people.

I have always worked in Retail stores, so
that skews my view a little since I often
work on Saturday and get my days off
on weekdays.

I think I prefer Thursdays & Fridays, to Saturdays. The anticipation of the weekend
is often a better feeling than actually experiencing
the weekend itself.

Televsion shows are usually quite horrid on
Saturday. All the usual weekday programming
is jettsioned. Saturday prime time viewing
is lowest on Saturday, as a result network
programmers seldom placetheir best
shows on Saturday.

Post offices and many other places of
businesses like doctors offices are often
closed or closed early on Saturday.

It also said by people who work during the
week that the weather is always the worst
on Saturday.

But back to cynicism. Is it satisfying to be a
cynic? Generally not, unless your a witty
lovable cynic., most cynics are not.
Oh well.

Faith is telling yourself it's Ok to be miserable (LOL)

"Holding onto Faith can be quite a struggle" John
thought as he mused pointlessly whilst looking at
the blue-page builder screen.
"I'm not sure I believe that God wants
me to be happy"-John thought.

Perhaps, John was nowhere near having the depth of faith that he was seeking.
"It's a fight" he thought.
"Does God really intend me to be happy" .
Perhaps happiness is not all that God intended
us to experience out of life. With a sigh, John thought " I must preservere, I will perservere!
I just wish I didn't have to sing a happy song
to brighten my sour mood so much.


I left my tooth in New Bedford

Had one of my back teeth taken out today.
This tooth has already had two root canals'
done on it. I hate driving into New Bedford
for anything ,but it was a such a nice day that
even New Bedford looked nice.

The procedure was done in what looked like
a Victorian Mansion that had been tastefully
renovated. The top of tooth is gone. So
the oral surgeon didn't have a easy time
getting it out. IT came out in two pieces.
It broke during the pulling. The removal
of the first piece was painful, the second
piece just took a long, long time, he had to
loosen it, I was afraid he was going to have
to cut it out. Thankfully he didnt have to operate.
Now I have this big blood- filled hole in my gums.




Joe's Garden at Felpin's Pond

Drought has struck the garden, so there doesn't
seem to be much of anything growing!

Valkommen-come sit a spell! 


I went over to Silver Shell Beach to get in some
much neglected swimming. The beach is only
two blocks down the road from where I live but
I think I have only swam there about 8 times in 3 years.
I do go walking to it frequently in the winter-
but a walk is a slightly more spur of the moment
thing then a swim. Ah but I digress from the point
of this whole document. They call each of the
items on this page documents. They call
Alabama the Crimson tide...oops this isnt
a Steely Dan song.

Anyway, I went swimming after the lifeguards
had left for the day. I expected the water to
be cold but it was fine. It was such a joy to
swim with the sun setting onto the water.
There were people there-Marion types walking
on the beach, one or two even swimming.
What's a Marion type you ask. They are people
who live in Marion . Wareham types are people
who live in Wareham and well so on....
Only Marion residents are alllowed to visit
Marions' vast group of beaches.


As I was leaving the Marion police came by-to
patrol the beach seeking out residents of other
towns or non-citizens such as dogs .Dogs are
not allowed on the beach in the summer.
The police guy shouted at a miscreant owner
to get his black dog off the beach. The owner
shouted back to him "Even now?" referring to
thet time of day (not the Barry Manilow album).. The dog owner was perfectly
pleasent but he didnt exactly rush to remove
his dog from the beach and I overheard the
dog owner whining when the police officer
finally left after having waited the five minutes
for dog to leave...
Well I also will leave for the moment....



Joe's Garden at Felpin's Pond

Out of the way or perhaps kind of in the way is
Joe's Garden at Felpin's Pond..Here's the news..

HERE EAST OF THE PECOS-feel free to have
that extra glass of ice water!

That was the message from town hall-but our
Zuccinni was already in advanced state of
being not very advanced!

Oops nothing here
No really nothing.



Listen to the frogs !
Listen to the crickets!
Go inside and watch the tube!

De-cats-ember 1999


Some Cats East of the Pecos!


We are trying to avoid putting up Holiday decorations here at Felpin's Pond so instead
we offer for your edification -lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots of cats!!!!


Lost Ideas from Planet Cat

A friend of mine,Scott Glenwood has often told me that he sometimes wished he carried a tape recorder around with him so
that he could save all those good ideas he found
that he would come up with. (gosh that's a lot of he's!)

Scott Glenwood finds it annoying that he tends to forget these ideas. When he first started saying this I would tell him one of the few things I learned from Bjorn Ulvaeus. Bjorn (of the group ABBA) would say that when writing songs that he and his partner did not find it necessary to record the music that they were writing. They wouldn't write down the notes (they didn't know how to write musical notation) or even make demos. Bjorn says that if the stuff was good that they would remember it. That made some sense to me,-after all you would think a really good idea will stay with you.

However, as I have gotten older , my short term
memory has gotten worse, and so I have begun to agree with Scott that even a good idea will often dissapear if you dont make note of them the
minute you think of them.

I can think of a few times this past week that
I had some fairly interesting ideas ,but most
of these ideas I have gone a missing.
The only recent idea I could retain was rather
weird - I thought about wriitng a sci-fi story
about a planet of friendly cannibals. Augh!


ARE THERE ANY Cats East of the Pecos!







I moved to where I currently live on 11-11-96. It hardly seems like three years....
Speaking of date's Friday's date is special
to wit..

19/11/1999 is an odd day (with all digits being odd). We won't see another odd day until 1/1/3111. The next even day will be 2/2/2000, the first since 28/08/888.

That surprises that we go so long between
such days.!!!!


Calm thoughts...

What thoughts calm you? I was trying to conjure
up thoughts of things that calm me, but perhaps
I am not calm very often...

Petting a cat is almost guaranteed to calm me. guaranteed.
Hmm...but I can't think of anything else that calms me!


There was something in the air that night...

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What in the world is Felpin's Pind?

Felpin's Pind? Felpin's Pin? Felpuns Pons..
. Well a particulary duil time here at Felpin's
Pond . No , we don't call it a Pind.It's a Pond
...My my no reallly dull around here. Yup ,yup dullsville.......................................burp...............................................................................drool .......................................oh I let my finger fall sleep,.

Anyway, Felpin's Pond is a state of mind,
a mindless state, a state of grace, it's as
stately as stately Wayne Mansion, and
as real as Wayne's World! The residents
of Felpin's Pond spend their days mulling
the state of the world . Indeedy-do!



Rick the timid toad-A resident here at the pond

Visual by www.PDImages.com



This heading has no purpose and it's not a porpoise, purposely,since being
a porpoise would serve no purpose!



Here have some pepper.

Why do have the feeling that this is filler?
Why do have a feeling that a filling is filler.
Why do feel that the pepper jar is full.
Because this is filler and I have had my fill.



Candles on the water, New Years 2000

Happy New Year from Marion, Massachusetts. Marion is a little town on the Southern shore of Massachusetts it's not far from Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. I went to the beach to greet the New Year. Marion's beach is on Sippican harbour which isn't far from Buzzards Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

I was nearly alone, but not totally. In a couple of houses near the beach I could hear revelers. And of course, there were lights (about 20 or so ) along the horizon. I wanted simply to look at the stars and the water, as the New Year came upon me, but I could hear the revelers counting down
the seconds as the new year came upon us in the distant house.

Eventually, about twenty minutes after Midnight a group of about 20 people came walking down to the beach with candles .Eventually they walked over to the water with their candles.

      They placed three candles in lantern bags that they floated out onto the water. The group then proceeded to float 9 or so other candles (not in lantern bags) out into the water. After a couple of minutes the three lantern candles started to form a line as they headed out into the harbor.
the other nine candles stayed closer to shore. Within a couple of minutes the candles had a formed a pattern. The candles formed a peace
sign. It was so incredible.
Peace and Happy New Year,
John Bernhardt



Today's thoughts

Thoughts on a not rainy day.
It was not raining on that not rainy day.
It was not snowing on that very white day.
There were no bird songs when i heard the chirping. There was just something.
Something that couldn't be grasped.
It couldnt be smelled.
Perhaps it could be felt.
Perhaps in the sunlight or the sound
of those non chirping birds ,
or that non rainy day something
could be felt.
"Chirp, Chirp" said the occasional bird.

Was that supposed to be a poem or what?


On looking out at stars

Most nights I find myself summoned for my
evening walk by my good friend,Tawny.
Tawny claws at the door hoping that I will join him for a walk. I feel on occasion the obligation to
accede to this urgent request.

We don't walk very far, we never leave the cosy confines of Pawkechatt Way. Tawny will stop
walking and flip over on his back in the way that
cats do. Tawny will claw at fences or find a bird
to look at, or climb on a rock or sit next to me on
a stone bench in the driveway. When I am not
occupied with Tawny I look out into the stars
seeking out spirits in the night. Or I muse
about the ridiculous vastness of the universe.
Or I simply moan to myself about how blurry
the stars are . I wonder if cats ever look at the
stars .


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Bye for now

Go in peace !

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