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A GEMINI Discography

GEMINI, GEMINISM and Det bästa med Karin och Anders Glenmark  a

Three albums Coproduced and Cowritten by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.


Gemini-Gemini November 1985, Polar Music AB, POLS 400 , Released internationally on CD,but out of print- Cowritten and Co-Produced by Andersson and Ulvaeus

This album was the first new project B&B worked on following the completion of the Chess album. This is a pop /rock album. It was released throughout Europe, though not in the USA.

Gemini were the sister/brother duo of Karin & Anders Glenmark. The Glenmarks were part of the same family that owned the Glen Studio in Stockholm where ABBA recorded on a few occasions in the 1970's

Anders Glenmark, was born 20 November 1953 and his older sister Karin Glenmark,was born 8 April 1952,

Anders & Karin (along with Liza Ohlman) were the main backing vocalists for the original CHESS album, but also have had solo careers in Sweden, they started their career as part of a family singing group called the Glenmarks.

This album is really sort of colloraboration between Benny&Bjorn and Karin and Anders, as opposed to simply a vehicle for Anders and Karin .Benny and the ABBA band provide the musical backing and B&B coproduced with Anders Glenmark. ABBA, engineer, Michael Tretow engineered two of the songs here. Producing and writing songs for a duo with one male and one female singer was probably not the best move artistically speaking for B&B at this point,in their careers. Benny (even Bjorn) were capable of more serious work, and while this is a good pop album, B&B had already made great pop albums with ABBA so why not do something different. Gemini was like making a record with just half of ABBA- and thus was bound to suffer from the comparision.

Gemini have a more soulful sound than ABBA due primarily to Anders Glenmark's passionate singing. Karin Glenmark is a bit more icy of a singer but she has the more unique voice of the two.
On the first listen, some of the songs here sound like bad 80's pop but after a few listens the trademark ABBA hooks start to sink in. Even the songs that Anders Glenmark wrote the music for start to sound
like B&B songs after awhile.

This album has the something of dark, serious tone that ABBA had on the THE VISITORS except that some of the lyrics are not as good, Björn has written relatively banal lyrics for some of the songs. Ingela Forsman (who wrote the lyrics for two of Ander' three songs) does no better. Ingela has also written lyrics for Agnetha Faltskog for a few songs she wrote between 1979-1982.

There are at least three or four very good B&B songs here. The legendary partially released ABBA song ,"Just Like That' made it's official debut here on this album and was released as a (failed) single internationally.The version of JLT here is in a minor key and has some additional lyrics that are not on the unreleased ABBA version. JLT certainly seems better constructed here than in the ABBA version. But the Gemini version of JLT is more conventional sounding.

"Have Mercy" has a intriguing lyric about a fallen leader and some subtle but catchy hooks in it's chorus. This song really suits Gemini well, ABBA couldn't have pulled the pseudo -gospel aspects of this song off.

"Slowly" is done in a duet in a more interesting but less straight forward version than the version released by Frida a year earlier on her SHINE album. "Another You, Another Me" (which ABBA lyric does that remind you off?) has Karin Glenmark singing in very high voice. It's yet another Björn lyric about a broken relationship. The two remaining B&B songs "Slow Emotion" & "Two Much Love is Wasted "are quite listenable but have boring lyrics. "The Middle of Nowhere" is the most memorable of the three songs written by Anders Glenmark.

This album did not do well commercially and is out of print, even in Sweden,
(The only major post-ABBA B&B project to be totally out of print for a long period of time). It's failure to succeed commercially on a international level meant that most of the subsequent projects by B&B would not be released outside of Sweden.

I found this album to be ridiculously hard to find, I found that the only way to obtain it was on bootleg. (Or if your very lucky you can find a used copy of the LP). Such scarcity is rather annoying considering that we keep seeing rereleased repackagings of ABBA material. This scarcity was relieved somewhat by the rerelease of seven of these tracks on 2005 Gemini compilation..

 OTHER VIEWS of the the first GEMINI album...
 "It is clear that this could never have been an ABBA album. although the extraordinary talent for melody remained, B&B had moved on to completely different arrangements and production aesethic, their eternal quest for technical perfection pushing the edge into an area which had little to do with true spirit of pop music. ...Gemini was a studio product sorely lacking in soul.."Carl Magnus Palm writing about the first Gemini album in BRIGHT LIGHTS,DARK SHADOWS

 Details for Gemini's first album

Produced by Andersson, Glenmark and Ulvaeus

Engineered by Lennardt Ostlund and Michael B. Tretow

Recorded at Polar Music Studios , Stockhom 1985.

Released November 1985.

Track listing for the first Gemini album

Side A

Slowly 4:24  (Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus)  /Too Much Love Is Wasted 3:27 (Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus)  / Slow Emotion 3:50 (Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus)  / Just Like That 3:44  (Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus)  /Falling 4:14  (Anders Glenmark / Ingela Forsman)

Side B

Have Mercy 4:15 (Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus)  /Live On The Love    4:15 (Anders Glenmark / Björn Ulvaeus)  / In The Middle Of Nowhere 4:28 (Anders Glenmark / Ingela Forsman)  /Another You, Another Me 4:06 (Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus) 


Gemini-Geminism April 1987 Available on Swedish Cd Cowritten and Coproduced by Andersson-Ulvaeus

The second duet album by Karin Glenmark and her bearded brother -Anders. The formula was the same as on their 1985 album Anders and Karin sing, Benny and the ABBA band play,and Björn and Benny write and produce a majority of the songs (leaving the remainder for Anders) . The main differences between this album and the first Gemini album is that the songs on this album are a little lighter, less soulful and and the lyrics have more of that early ABBA simplicity to them( which means that some of the songs dont appear to be about anything!)

Nevertheless, a few of songs are depressing or at least less than peppy.This album has the English version of Gemini's big Swedish hit "Mio Min Mio". In English it's called " Mio My Mio". It was featured in a Swedish movie of the same name, A soundtrack album (not easily obtainable) was made for the film featuring instrumental music by Anders Eljas and Benny Andersson as well the Swedish language version of "Mio Min Mio." Karin Glenmark reprised "Mio Min Mio" on "Fran Waterloo till Duvmala".

The other songs are listenable, though I didn't care for "I am a Bitch When I
See Red" which has Karin using her tough voice which is wretched and unconvincing compared
to her more elegant "ballad voice". "Nearly There" sounds like a rip-off of
a Chess melody. For some, reason,Anders Glenmark sounds like Prince
on "Wild About the Girl".

Overall, this is only a fair album. The great synthesizer hooks are there, the singing is OK, but the some of the songs are kind of empty.

Search out the first (harder to find) Gemini album before you look for this one. Although, this is enjoyable to listen to-It seems a shame ,perhaps, that B&B couldn't found a productive use of their talents then this.

Some of the tracks can be found on the new Gemini colllection.

Details for Gemini's second album

Produced by Andersson, Glenmark and Ulvaeus

Engineered by Lennardt Ostlund

Recorded at Polar Music Studios , Stockholm 1986/1987

Released April 1987

Track listing for the second Gemini album:GEMINISM 

 T.L.C. 2.51  (B. Andersson - B.Ulvaeus)  /Beat The Heat 3.18 (A. Glenmark - I. Forsman) /Mio My Mio 3.50 (B. Andersson - B.Ulvaeus)  /Ghost Town 3.37  (B. Andersson - B.Ulvaeus) /I Am The Universe 3.56 (B. Andersson - B.Ulvaeus/

Sniffin' Out The Snakes 3.36 (A. Glenmark - I. Forsman) I'm A Bitch When I See Red/ There's No Way To Fool A Heart 4.49 (A. Glenmark - I. Forsman) / Wild About That Girl (D. Sundqvist - A. Glenmark - B. Ulvaeus) / Nearly There 3.08  (B. Andersson - B.Ulvaeus)

Gemini - Det bästa med Karin och Anders Glenmark  Swedish Cd OCTOBER 2005
In English the title reads Gemini - The Best Of Karin And Anders Glenmark", but you knew that...
This is the oft-promised Gemini collection that compiles work from their  two 1980s albums, both of which were coproduced by Bjorn, Benny and Anders Glenmark..Rumours had been that this collection would have bonus tracks, and those rumours were correct...There are five tracks  not found on the two original albums, as well as the Swedish version of "Mio My Mio".

Tracks on new release
1. TLC (1987)
2. Mio min Mio(1987)
3. Sniffin' Out The Snakes (1987)
4. When I Close My Eyes ( unreleased recording Song by Andersson/Ulvaeus)
5. Den som sa det var det (new Swedish version of 'Too Much Love Is Wasted')
6. Live On The Love (1985)
7. Just Like That (1985)
8. Copy Love (remixed version of a track featured on the Another Me, Another you 12" single, previously unavailable on CD)
9. Slowly (1985)
10. Beat The Heat (1987)
11. Another You, Another Me 1985)
12. Too Much Love Is Wasted 1985)
13. Falling (1985)
14. I Am The Universe( 1987)
15. There's No Way To Fool A Heart (1987)
16. I'm A Bitch When I See Red (1987)
17. Have Mercy (1985)

Bonus tracks:
18. Kall som is (1984, performed by Karin and Anders in the Swedish heats for the Eurovision Song Contest)
19. Flyga fri (the B-side of the 'Kall som is' single)

Äntligen (with Benny Andersson on keyboards, originally featured on Anders Glenmark's 1993 album Boogie i mitt huvud) was supposed to be on the CD but was not on the CD when it came out.

Glenmark & Glenmark- Vår Jul  November 2006 Swedish Cd

A new Christmas CD  by those sibling Swedes Karin and Anders Glenmark. They don't use the Gemini name here. No ABBA related stuff here..Though the song "Nu tändas tusen juleljus"  is one of a couple songs here that were also done on Agnetha & Linda's Christmas album...

1. När vi närmar oss jul
2. Nu tändas tusen juleljus
3. Stilla natt
4. Kanske till julen
5. Den lille trumslagarpojken/Sjung om fred
6. Låt mig få tända ett ljus
7. Jul efter jul
8. Julen är här
9. Jul, jul strålande jul
10. Betlehems stjärna (Gläns över sjö och strand)
11. Säg, vem är barnet
12. Ave Maria
13. Låt julen förkunna

Source: Icethesite

A combined Anders and Karin Glenmark Discography

The Glenmarks-The Glenmarks -1972 Swedish Lp
The Glenmarks-Glenmarks II -1973 Swedish Lp
The Glenmarks-Jul A La Carte -1974 Swedish Lp
Anders Glenmark-Känslor'-1973 Swedish lp
Anders Glenmark -Anders Glenmark!-1975 Swedish Lp
The Glenmarks -Glenmarks tvÅ sidor -1975 Swedish Lp
Anders Glenmark -Express'- 1977 Swedish Lp
Anders Glenmark -Det är mitt liv - det är jag-1981 Swedish Lp
Karin Glenmark-Mitt innersta rum-1984 Swedish Lp
Gemini-Gemini -1985 Swedish CD
Gemini-Geminism 1987 -Swedish CD
Anders Glenmark- Här går en man- 1988 Swedish CD
Anders Glenmark-Jag finns här för dig- 1990 Swedish CD
Anders Glenmark-99-- 1991 Swedish CD
Anders Glenmark-'Boogie i mitt huvud-1993 Swedish CD
GES ( A.Glenmark with Thomas 'Orup' Eriksson - Niklas Strömstedt) -GES -1995 Swedish CD
Karin Glenmark-Karin Glenmark-1996 Swedish Cd
Anders Glenmark-Glenmark -1997 Swedish CD
Anders Glenmark-Alla dessa bilder-2002 Swedish CD
GES (A.Glenmark, Strömstedt and Eriksson) Den Andra Skivan-2003 Swedish CD
Gemini-Det bästa med Karin och Anders Glenmark 2005 Swedish Cd
Glenmark & Glenmark-Glenmark & Glenmark- Vår Jul- 2006 Swedish Cd

Karin and  Anders Glenmark also appear together on Chess, Chess In Concert , the 1998 B&B tribute album Fran Waterloo to Duvemala , and  on Michael B.Tretow's Let's  Boogie (1976)  album.

Anders has produced albums for Frida (Djupa Andetag) , Eva Dahlgren and others ...

" The Glenmarks" at various points included Anders Glenmark, Bruno Glenmsrk Ann-Louise Hanson,Lisa Linn and Karin Glenmark.

To leave this Ghost Town, just like that...



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