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By our intrepid reviewer-Edsel Felpin

This section provides a quick overview of ABBA or ABBA members' appearances on commercially released DVD. Not included are movies (such as Muriel's Wedding )that simply feature ABBA songs. You can obtain most of the DVD's mentioned by ordering from the ABBF Record Service website. This page was last updated July 2008..


There were no official ABBA DVD's prior to 2002. Prior to this time you had to buy such things on VHS tapes, or videodiscs...


THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL 2002 DVD Release Swedish/British video production . International TV special /original VHS release in 1999

Chris Hunt's intelligent TV documentary was produced with the cooperation of the members of ABBA and thus features some surprisingly candid exclusive interviews with Frida, Benny and Bjorn. As a whole the documentary is quite good-though one could do without some of the reverent testimonials-particularly Bono's ... One also could do with less promotional material for the musical- MAMMA Mia. Another disappointment is Agnetha's appearances which are merely her reading from her biography-"As I Am". The documentary includes snippets of a number of rare ABBA tracks and performances.

There are number of interesting moments on this special by my favorite is when they show an aerial view of the Stockholm Archiplego coupled with an instrumental piano solo by Benny.

This was released throughout the world as a broadcast TV documentary. Interestingly, different edits were used in different countries. This documentary is available on VHS video in most places and on DVD in some places.

This documentary was remade in a totally new version in 2004 for SUPER TROUPERS DVD...Super Troupers does much better with showing us glimpses of the real ABBA members, but The Winner Takes It all tells the ABBA story much more coherently....ABBA completists certainly could justify buying both of them..

 ABBA-THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION-2002 Internationally released DVD and Video

A companion set of sorts to the recent audio collection with the same name. This is a collection of videos of 35 of ABBA songs. Most of the videos are ABBA's official promotional clips. The DVD last nearly three hours. This is the first time the promotional videos have been made available in their entirety on DVD. Also for the first time three Spanish language clips are being made available .

This collection was released in most of the major territories in July 2002. This DVD is likely to be a must have for all living ABBA fans.

Songs included : Waterloo, Ring Ring, Mamma Mia, SOS, Bang-A-Boomerang, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, Fernando, Dancing Queen, Money, Money, Money, Knowing Me, Knowing You, That's Me, The Name Of The Game, Take A Chance On Me, Eagle, One Man, One Woman, Thank You For The Music, Summer Night City, Chiquitita, Does Your Mother Know, Voulez-Vous, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! , On And On And On, The Winner Takes It All, Super Trouper, Happy New Year, When All Is Said And Done, One Of Us, Head Over Heels, The Day Before You Came, Under Attack When I Kissed The Teacher, Estoy Soñando (I Have A Dream), Felicidad (Happy New Year), No Hay A Quien Culpar (When All Is Said And Done), Dancing Queen (The Royal Swedish Opera footage)

  Allsång På Skansen Swedish DVD...

A two hour Swedish music special featuring Benny Andersson, Bjorn Skifs ,Helen Sjöholm, Peter Jöback, Tomas Ledin, Josefin Nilsson and Nanne Grönvall. All of these guys are ABBA related artists. The artists were filmed performing at Skansen in Stockholm...Benny and the BAO perform every year at Skansen,. This is coded for region 2 DVDs.

 Chess Pa Svenska (Chess IN Swedish ) DVD .NOVEMBER 2003 Released on 2cd set in Scandinavia.

Surprisingly ,Chess Pa Svenska was actually taped for this DVD. Which is great of course, there is even a bonus DVD with a documentary about the musical. The Main drawback is that there are no subtitles for those people who don't speak Swedish...

 ABBA GOLD DVD version. Internationally released DVD. 2003

A DVD version of this video was released in mid 2003. It features the nineteen songs found on the VHS version as well as bonus clips

compilation of official music videos of all of the songs found

on the ABBA GOLD CD. The songs are presented in the order as they are on the CD. as well as bonus clips

1. Dancing Queen 2. Knowing Me, Knowing You 3. Take a Chance on Me 4. Mamma Mia 5. Lay All Your Love on Me 6. Super Trouper 7. I Have a Dream 8. The Winner Takes It All 9. Money, Money, Money 10. S.O.S. 11. Chiquitita 12. Fernando 13. Voulez-Vous 14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 15. Does Your Mother Know 16. One of Us 17. The Name of the Game 18. Thank You for the Music 19. Waterloo

 ABBA Gold-SOUND AND VISION International release Fall 2003 -2CD/1DVD

This combines the new ABBA gold DVD with reissues of the ABBA GOLD and MORE ABBA GOLD CD's

 ABBA In Concert DVD edition International release. March 2004

If you want hear ABBA sing live you should skip the ABBA live CD and buy this DVD or wait for the ABBA -THE MOViE DVD...

This is a documentary of the 1979 ABBA tour of North America& Europe directed by Swedish Tv pro -Urban Lasson. It mostly features musical segments from the concerts, but also documents life on the road for ABBA as well as a seemingly endless series of segments with roller skaters.....It has been shown before on TV (back in 1980) and been out on video, but had not been available recently... The main body of the original TV special included twelve songs- all but one of which could found in original studio versions on either the Greatest Hits Volume 2 or Voulez-Vous. Some Fans have objected that the performances of the songs are edited-but while not complete most the song segments are relativley long. Apparently, the camera did not actually film complete shows-so in many cases the songs were not filmed in their entirety. A few of the songs benefit from live presentation notably -"Summer Night City" and "I Have A dream" wheras some of ABBA's best songs -"Waterloo", "Dancing Queen" , and "Knowing Me, Knowing You" do not come off as well in live performances. ..

This DVD new version features two songs not included on the original home video-The Way Old Friends Do and Thank You For The Music, as well as the full version of "I have A Dream" which was widely used previously as the official promo clip for that song.../.

"The Way Old Friends DO" is easily the best moment of the film and seems strange that if was left out of some of the 1979-1980 versions of the TV special as,well on off the original home video released in 1980. This performance orginates from 1979 ABBA's concerts' at London's Wembley Stadium in one of the last important concert of their careers..(though they did not know it at time.) The song features Benny on accordion and the all the group singing. It almost borders on spontaniety, almost seems genuinely emotional , both of which were qualities in short supply for ABBA when performing live...At one point Lasson chooses a great back shot of the group which really gives one a sense that yes, we are looking at music legends.... I think that in general that Lasson did a good job on this special.. Some listeners have complained about the sound quality, which I cant comment on because i have not heard the DVD in 5.1 sound but I didnt really notice bad sound quality...

The DVD features informative Interviews with ABBA's tour promoter, Thomas Johannson, and the film's director Urban Lasson
and a Fully illustrated booklet with an essay by Carl Magnum Palm..
. This is the first time this title has been released on DVD. This is the fourth official ABBA product to be released on DVD...

3.Take A Chance On Me
4.Voulez Vous
6.I Have A Dream
7.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
8.Knowing Me, Knowing You
9.Summer Night City
10.Dancing Queen
11.Does Your Mother Know
12.Hole In Your Soul
13.The Way Old Friends Do (Previously unreleased
version on video & DVD)
14.I Have A Dream (Unedited and complete live version)
15.Thank You For The Music (Brand new version,
previously unreleased/broadcast)

16.-17 interviews, 18 slide show of tour program...

SPECIAL THANKS TO JIMSB for this review...

 ABBA- Waterloo 30th anniversary edition -2004 CD/DVD set

A new edition of this album with five bonus tracks and a bonus DVD, and a 20 page booklet...Great perhaps , though one grows tired of these constant reissues of the same albums, each time with some small new thing... The bonus tracks include all four language versions of "Waterloo" as well as the 1974 US remix of "Ring Ring". The bonus DVD has four TV performances including the Waterloo as performed at the Eurovision song contest. Arrival and ABBA were also released in this fashion.

DVD Tracks-Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest, BBC)/ Waterloo (Melodifestivalen, SVT)
/ Honey, Honey (Star Parade, ZDF) /Hasta Mañana (Señoras y Señores, RTVE)

 ABBA-ABBA CD/DVD version Spring 2004

This is essentially the remaster CD with a bonus DVD. Like the Waterloo 30th Anniversary edition, this has a bonus DVD , but annoyingly the videos found on the DVD are previously released.

DVD contains; Mamma Mia, S.O.S., I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

 ABBA-Arrival CD'DVD version Spring 2004

This is essentially the remastered CD with a bonus DVD. Like the Waterloo 30th Anniversary edition, this has a bonus DVD , but unfortunatly the videos found on the DVD are previously released. In October 2006 , this was tried again, and thte deluxe Cd/DVD has more Cd bonus tracks, and DVD withmore than a hour of ABBA unreleased TV protamming,..

DVD contains; Dancing Queen, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Money, Money, Money


ABBA-The Definitive Collection Sound + Vision Deluxe 2CD/1DVD International release Spring 2004

This combines the two audio CD of the Defintive collection with the one DVD video disc..Not available in all territories, your mileage may vary....

 Various Artists "20th Century Masters: Ladies of the 80s". American DVD June 2004

Supposedly includes (for the first time on DVD) Frida's 1982 video to ,"I Know There's Something Going On"

Also featured are such legendary artists as Swing Out Sister, Vanessa Williams ,Tiffany and Pebbles. Yes, I was being sarcastic-none of those ladies are legendary.....

 ABBA-Our Last Video- July 2004 International DVD/video release

ABBA thought to have some minor reunion to mark the 30th anniversary of their Eurovision breakthough A near reunion nearly occured at the fifth anniversary performance of Mammia Mia in London's West End. It was hoped that Agnetha might induced to come out of hiding due to the need to promote her album. Instead only Bjorn , Benny and Frida showed up, on stage in a semi-reunion. Frida had attended performances before but had never gotten up on stage with B&B before....(all four eventually, appeared together at the February premiere of Mamma Mia in Stockholm..

All four members of ABBA finally agreed to appear briefly and separately in a short but clever and entertaining video clip broadcast during the 2004 Eurovision song contest...It originally been hoped that the four members might agree to make a non-singing appearence together, but instead this near reunion was agreed to....The video features ABBA puppets and ABBA song references, The Dvd features the video , a making of the video segment, and some of the full original ABBA videos that were mentioned in the "Our FINAL VIDEO."DVD Contains fourty minutes of exciting videos-ooh what a a b argain....

Warning the video also contains a guest appearence by Cher!

1. The Last Video
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. Dancing Queen
4. Waterloo
5. The Winner Takes It All
6. The Making Of The Last Video !
7. Picture Gallery ooh ! ah!


ABBA-TODO ABBA, sus grandes exitos...CD/DVD OCTOBER 2004 Spain and other markerts

A sound and vision release for the Spanish speaking markert,,,This two disk package features a mixture of English, and Spanish language versions ...One CD and one DVD...Liner notes not C.M. Palm but by Juaquin Luque....

Each Track is found on both the CD and DVD:

1. Waterloo
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. Mamma Mia
4. Dancing Queen
5. SOS
6. Super Trouper
7. Chiquitita
8. Knowing Me, Knowing You
9. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
10. Voulez-Vous
11. Does Your Mother Know
12. Estoy soñando[
13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
14. The Winner Takes It All
15. No hay a quien culpar
16. One Of Us
17. Fernando
18. Felicidad
19. Thank You For The Music

 ABBA- SUPER TROUPERS documentary International Release September 2004 The thing is subtitled " A Celebratory Film from Waterloo to MAMMA MIA! 30 years of music" !!!!!!!! Directed by Chris Hunt

THE DVD is a TV documentary of ABBA narrated by English record producer, Pete Waterman which includes lots of material about Mamma Mia fifth anniversary ..The documentary is certainly fairly well done, and very interesting but there is considerable rehashing of material from the equally good THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL documentary, as well as lots of footage that can be found on ABBA-The Movie, ABBA-The Concert as well as the official promo videos found THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION...Still there is certainly enough new stuff to justify ABBA fans purchasing this DVD...

Essentially, THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL has been revised and redone with lots of new interviews with Bjorn and Bjorn and Bjorn, no I mean, Bjorn, Frida and Agnetha, a lot of new Mamma Mia musical stuff , and some new narration by Pete Waterman...This time,they even dragged out Owe Sandstrom and his costumes...

Best parts of the video-some of the clips not seen in previous ABBA bios-notably-a sexy TV version of "So Long', a full length TV version of "People Need Love,, which was their first TV appearence performing an ABBA record.. A longer clip of Agnetha rehearsing Jesus Christ Superstar, a outake clip from the original recording of "Dancing Queen' and all the new and very relaxed Agnetha interviews where she talks in both in English Swedish.. Frida singing and dancing at the fifth anniversary perrformance of Mamma impromptu performance Benny playing the piano intro to "I have A Dream".

The worst parts of the special are Pete Waterman -he is a little embarrasing. There is a serious factual error towards the end when it is stated that ABBA announced they were breaking up in 1981 (Actually, ABBA never actually publicly announced they were breaking up and they worked together till December 1982.) ) A horrible omission is that there is absolutely no mention of ABBA's manager, Stig Anderson in the documentary -which seems quite petty, and refererences to Kristina and Chess are quite non-existent...

1. Super Trouper (PROMO VIDEO)
2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (IN CONCERT)
3. Voulez-Vous (IN CONCERT)
4. I'm A Marionette (ABBA THE MOVIE)
5. Mamma Mia (ABBA THE MOVIE)
6. I have A Dream (IN CONCERT)
7. People Need Love (Swedish TV)
8. California Here I Come (Swedish TV)
9. Fernando (PROMO VIDEO)
10. Eagle (ABBA THE MOVIE)
11. Head Over Heels (PROMO VIDEO)
12.Take A Chance On Me (PROMO VIDEO)
13.So Long (Swedish TV)
14. He is Your Brother (ABBA THE MOVIE)
15. Dancing Queen (Mr Trendsetter)
16. One Man, One Woman (PROMO VIDEO)
17. Thank You For The Music (ABBA THE MOVIE)
18. Does Your Mother Know (IN CONCERT)

19.Knowing Me, Knowing You (PROMO VIDEO)

20.The Winner Takes It All (PROMO VIDEO)

21.Hole In Your Soul (IN CONCERT)

22.Waterloo (Eurovision & Mamma Mia & In Concert)

23. Happy New Year (PROMO VIDEO)

24.When All Is Said and Done (PROMO VIDEO)

Bonus chapters- 2004 Mamma Mia Fifth Anniversary, Bjorn Interviews, Frida Interviews

 OTHER VIEWS from J.Stevens on
" The biggest problem with the documentary is Pete Waterman, who provides commentary/narration and comes off like an overbearing, perhaps inebriated, relative who's far too loud and won't shut up".


ABBA-THE MOVIE 2DVD set September 2005 release , Also released in single DVD version. This will be playable on Pal and NCPS.

Finally a re-release of ABBA-The Movie. ABBA's 1977 cinema theatre release. It has never released on DVD.
It had out of print on video...
The Movie
(if you didn't know) is largely a concert film with an amusing if thin story about a Australian dj trying to interview ABBA. The film is directed by Lasse Hallström.  Lasse was the   director of  most of ABBA's videos and would later go on to direct My Life is a Dog, Cider House Rules and many other films.
There are two versions of the movie.The single dvd version has no extras. The 2 DVD version has the film on one disc and bonus features on the second disc. The bonus features are an interview about the film with Lasse Hallström, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson,  the original ABBA - The Movie trailers; an ABBA - The Album TV commercial and a  picture gallery. Apparently, there were no live outtakes available.
Fan experts complain was is more material that could have be included .

 ABBA-The Complete Studio Recordings 9CD/2DVD Planned Release November 7, 2005

Following the example of last year's Japanese box set, Polar /Universal have put together a new "complete' box set.This is the first internationally released box set to compile all of ABBA's studio albums...
The audio component features most of ABBA's released recordings including all eight studio albums, b-sides, foreign language recordings, most alternate mixes as well as the rarities that were released after ABBA broke up... The set has two tracks new to Cd- the mono mix of "ON and On And On" previously heard only on  videos, and alternative mix of Waterloo...This set is the first to include Spanish versions as bonus tracks on every one of the eight studio albums.
The major exclusion here is of course, ABBA's live album and the half or dozen other officially released  live tracks..But they are not "STUDIO' recordings. 
Naturally,  unreleased studio recordings (like the full version of "Just Like That " or "Nationsang' ) have been not included here either.. Nor does one find private releases like "Sang to Gorel', "Fanfare for a  Ice Hockey Championship".
The DVD set features basically a repackaged version of THE DEFINITIVE CollectionDVD set  on the first  DVD.  the  recent "OUR LAST VIDEO' puppet video is included as a bonus.

A history of ABBA (originally found on the ABBA GOLD DVD  and a short version of the 1981 DICK CAVETT TV special concert is on the second DVD.
There have been complaints from fans that the Dick Cavett segment only has five of the originally aired nine songs-Supposedly, they cant find the other four songs in the archives.
Annoyingly, this will be llimited edition release...So it wont be around forever...

1. Waterloo
2. Ring Ring
3. Mamma Mia
4. SOS
5. Bang-A-Boomerang
6. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
7. Fernando
8. Dancing Queen
9. Money, Money, Money
10. Knowing Me, Knowing You
11. That's Me
12. The Name Of The Game
13. Take A Chance On Me
14. Eagle
15. One Man, One Woman
16. Thank You For The Music
17. Summer Night City
18. Chiquitita
19. Does Your Mother Know
20. Voulez-Vous
21. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
22. I Have A Dream
23. On And On And On
24. The Winner Takes It All
25. Super Trouper
26. Happy New Year
27. Lay All Your Love On Me
28. When All Is Said And Done
29. One Of Us
30. Head Over Heels
31. The Day Before You Came
32. Under Attack

1. Estoy Soñando
2. Felicidad
3. No Hay A Quien Culpar
4. Dancing Queen (1992 Version)
5. The Last Video



The History: documentary (originally appeared on ABBA GOLD DVD)

Live In April 1981: selections from ABBA's final live concert, originally broadcast as part of the television special Dick Cavett Meets ABBA.

1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
2. Super Trouper
3. Two For The Price Of One
4. Slipping Through My Fingers
5. On And On And On


FRida -4XCD 1XDVD Box Set Late 2005 Swedish 4CD/1 DVD set Swedish release

Here is box set of Frida's three 2005 remastered- albums (Frida Ensam, Somethings Going on, and Shine.(See track listings above) as well Djupa andetag .. plus a DVD of video material...

The Cd's are Nice to have I suppose, if you dont have them already, but a real box set with more genuine rarities would be more far interesting...

However, the DVD is of considerable interest, and supposedly it will be also be made available separately..Itis called FRIDA THE DVD 1967-2005. The DVD features an exclusive interview that was shot in the summer of 2005, in Switzerland with the Matterhorn in the backbround (must be nice). Frida chats chats, chats... about her career, Phil Collins , her private live, her hair, and her taste for small gummy bears . She also shows us us clips from Swedish TV and all the videos from her career. It's not clear as this writing whether the videos& Tv clips are complete performances .But even the videos are not complete, pretty much all of them are rare and have not been seen by most ABBA fans....

Track listing for Djupa Andetag on box set....

Älska mig alltid/ Ögonen/ Även en blomma
Sovrum/ Hon fick som hon ville
Alla mina bästa år (duet with Marie Fredriksson)
Lugna vatten/ Vem kommer såra vem ikväll
Sista valsen med dig/ Kvinnor som springer

Bonus tracks-Alla mina bästa år - Hasbrouck Heights Single mix 4.59/
/Ögonen ­ Lemon mix 4.34Även en blomma ­ version 6.34

VIDEOS included on  FRIDA THE DVD 1967-2005.

En ledig dag
My Man
Just One Of Those Things
Mad About The Boy
Baby Love
I min blommiga blå krinolin
Kalle på spången
Min soldat
Att älska i vårens tid
Söderhavets sång
Why Did It Have To Be Me
Let's Get This Show On The Road
Can't Buy Me Love
Cry Me A River


Got To Get You Into My Life
Words Of Love

Fire And Ice
Here We'll Stay
I See Red
I Know There's Something Going On
To Turn The Stone
Så länge vi har varann
Twist In The Dark
Come To Me (I Am Woman)
Heart Of The Country
One Little Lie
Även en blomma
The Sun Will Shine Again
Dancing Queen
I have a dream

 Abba: Gold - The World's Greatest Albums DVD mid 2006

Quoted verbatim from the jacket-"The story behind Abba's Gold, one of the greatest pop albums ever made. Drawing on rare Abba performances from TV and film archives around the world, this is the first ever independent film review of Abba Gold. The film draws on the reflections of a team of leading critics, musicologists and working musicians to produce the most authoritative and comprehensive review of a landmark in popular music." Ok I like, ABBA too, but the ABBA Gold album just annoys me ...

ABBA-16 Hits  June 2006  Swedish DVD
Anew,  largely unnecessary DVD loosely based on the 2005 CD
It's going to be released on NTSC standard... 
 1. The winner takes it all
2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme (A man after midnight)
3. Name of the game
4. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do
5. SOS
6. Thank you for the music
7. Dancing Queen
8. Chiquitita
9. The Day before you came
10. On and On and On
11. Voulez-vous
12. Does your mother know
13. Happy new year
14. Waterloo
15. Knowing me, knowing you

ABBA-Arrival (Deluxe Edition) planned release October  2006 1cd/1dvd

A 30th (augh!) anniversary edition of this classic late 1976 ABBA album...The first disc is a audio CD  ,the second a DVD ....The track listing is similiar to that found on the ARRIVAL disc of the COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS box set...The reissue people at Universal went crazy with all the bonus TV clips...the most clips  I have ever seen on a ABBA disc outside of a bootleg.. Unlike some Universal releases this actually is quite worthwhile....

Disc 1, CD track list:
1. When I Kissed The Teacher
2. Dancing Queen
3. My Love, My Life
4. Dum Dum Diddle
5. Knowing Me, Knowing You
6. Money, Money, Money
7. That's Me
8. Why Did It Have To Be Me
9. Tiger
10. Arrival
11. Fernando
12. Happy Hawaii
13. Fernando (Spanish version)
14. La Reina Del Baile (Spanish version of Dancing Queen vocal track recorded 1980 )
15. Conociéndome, Conociéndote (Spanish version of Knowing Me, Knowing You vocal track recorded 1980)
16. Fernando (Frida's Swedish solo version)

Disc 2, DVD
1. ABBA-dabba-dooo!!, 1976 one-hour television special, features performances of eight of the ten songs from the Arrival album including live versions of "Dum Dum Diddle" and "Why Did It Have To Be Me", Also features the Dancing Queen - official promo clip and lip sync versions of  Knowing Me, Knowing You; When I Kissed The Teacher (featuring a different, early mix); My Love, My Life; Money, Money, Money and Tiger.

2. Dancing Queen -West German TV- Musikladen Extra, filmed in January 1976.

3. Fernando -Top Of The Pops, April 1976

4. Happy Hawaii - cartoon version of Happy Hawaii 1976.

5. Dancing Queen recording session-Filmed extracts from the actual recording session shown on Swedish TV 1975 documentary, Mr Trendsetter.

6. ABBA in London, November 1976
-A feature on ABBA's promotional  visit to London, promoting the Arrival album. TV show -Nationwide, November 1976.

7. ABBA's 1976 success ­ news report-Swedish news TV  programme Rapport in December 1976.

8. Arrival UK television commercial I, 1977
9. Arrival  UK television commercial II, 1977

10. International sleeve gallery - Arrival-related single and album sleeves from around the world.


 ABBA-Number Ones November 2006 International DVD

A separately released DVD with a similar track to the Number Ones CD. Has some previously unreleased though familiar TV performances as bonus tracks, otherwise not a wise DVD purchase.

Number Ones DVD track listing-main tracks

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
Mamma Mia
Dancing Queen
Super Trouper
Summer Night City
Money, Money, Money
The Winner Takes It All
One Of Us
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Ring Ring
The Name Of The Game
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Take A Chance On Me
I Have A Dream
DVD Extras

Waterloo (live) Top of the Pops, 11th April 1974
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Hei Sveis!-30th August 1975 Momarkedet, Norway
SOS -Hei Sveis!-30th August 1975 Momarkedet, Norway
Waterloo- Hei Sveis!-30th August 1975 Momarkedet, Norway
I Have A Dream-The Late Late Breakfast Show, BBC 11 December 1982
Under Attack-The Late Late Breakfast Show, BBC 11 December 198

Interactive scrapbook with details of all ABBA's #1 hits


ABBA-ABBA's Visitors -British DVD  planned release  March 2007
A 51 minute video review of ABBA's last studio album.

Interviews with Andrew Brown, Raphael Ravenscroft, Chris Salewicz,Jeff Rose and Louis Rogers . Ok, I have only heard of one of those people,but that's ok. You would think this might be interesting to the ABBA fan, but as usual with these unauthorized DVD things it somehow manages not to be interesting. They don't even talk about three of the songs on the album-"Soldiers", "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room",  "I Let The Music Speak".

Performances featured include:

Summer Night City (live Dick Cavett)
Brief clips of Waterloo (Eurovision) and Dancing Queen (Olivia)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (live Dick Cavett)
One Of Us (intro, music only, performed by 'Gold')
On And On And On (Show Express)
Super Trouper (live Dick Cavett,)
The Winner Takes It All (Show Express)
One Of Us (
ABBA promo video)
Slipping Through My Fingers (live Dick Cavett)
One Of Us (
ABBA promo video)
Slipping Through My Fingers (live Dick Cavett)
Head Over Heels (
ABBA promo video)
When All Is Said And Done (
ABBA promo video)
Two For The Price Of One (live Dick Cavett)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (live Dick Cavett)


ABBA - Dancing Queen Interviews-Released  DVD April 2007.
This DVD has  interview material and archival footage presented for the first time ever in a DVD format! It  includes British and US tv footage. Featured  are mini-documentaries, rehearsals, footage from the Eurovision 1974 Song Contest, photos from the 60's, early black and white footage, and a Mamma Mia documentary. Contains no musical performances by ABBA.....
ABBA -The Golden Years DVD April 2007.
A reissue of a Dutch TV documentary that was long ago issued on VHS as "The Story of ABBA" . The "Story of ABBA" was the first of many videos to compile Swedish TV performances of " Baby, Those Are The Rules" (Hootenanny Singers)"Att älska i varens tid "(Frida)"Sunny Girl" (The Hep Stars) and "Nu skall vi opp, opp, opp "(Agnetha). The Ria Valk featured in the special is  happens to be a homegrown Dutch pop star who sang a sung cowritten by Stig Anderson.

Baby, Those Are The Rules (Hootenanny Singers)
Att älska i varens tid (Frida)
Sunny Girl (The Hep Stars)
Nu skall vi opp, opp, opp (Agnetha)
Rocking Billy (Ria Valk)
People Need Love
Ring Ring
Honey, Honey
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Mamma Mia
Dancing Queen
Money, Money, Money
Knowing Me, Knowing You
I'm A Marionette
The Name Of The Game
Take A Chance On Me
Does Your Mother Know
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
I Have A Dream
The Winner Takes It All
Super Trouper
One Of Us
The Day Before You Came
Under Attack
Thank You For The Music

ABBA-The World's Greatest Albums - ABBA/ARRIVAL - The Ultimate Critical Review- UK DVD June 2007.
Another DVD review focusing one of ABBA albums that features interviews with ex-Smash Hits editor Emma Jones, Capital Radio DJ Mick Brown and  session musician Neal McArthur. Also included are  live  TV recordings  of  'Dancing Queen', 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' and 'Money Money Money'.
ABBA-Rock Case Studies - ABBA 2 DVD + book  UK  DVD June 2007.
Another one of these unauthorized videos biographies of ABBA that seem to be flooding the markert. More " rare archive interview and performance footage" and  another  top

ABBA-The Album Deluxe Edition October 15, 2007 International release
Their 1977 album will be released with bonus tracks and an accompanying DVD of rare and previously unreleased performances.
The Album, was originally released 30 years ago, in late  1977.
Like last year's Deluxe Edition of Arrival, ABBA - The Album will be extended with six bonus tracks and a DVD of rare and previously unreleased performances and news reports. Of course, there is still no sign of the rare klive tracks- "I am an A" or "Get On the Carousel".The illustrated 28 page booklet includes an  Carl Magnus Palm essay on the making of the album.
Track list:
1. Eagle
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. One Man, One Woman
4. The Name Of The Game
5. Move On
6. Hole In Your Soul
"The Girl With The Golden Hair"
- 3 scenes from a mini-musical -
7. Thank You For The Music
8. I Wonder (Departure)
9. I'm A Marionette
Bonus tracks
10. Eagle (Single Edit)
11. Take A Chance On Me (Live Version; Alternate Mix)
12. Thank You For The Music (Doris Day Version)
13. Al Andar (Spanish Version of Move On)
14. I Wonder (Departure) (Live Version)
15. Gracias Por La Música (Spanish Version of Thank You For The Music)
1. Eagle/Thank You For The Music (Star Parade, ZDF)
2. Take A Chance On Me (Am Laufenden Band, Radio Bremen)
3. The Name Of The Game (ABBA Special, TBS)
4. Thank You For The Music (Mike Yarwood's Christmas Show, BBC)
5. Take A Chance On Me (Star Parade, ZDF)
6. ABBA on tour in 1977 (Rapport, SVT)
7. Recording ABBA ­ The Album (Gomorron Sverige, SVT)
8. ABBA in London, February 1978 (Blue Peter, BBC)
9. ABBA in America, May 1978 (Rapport, SVT)
10. ABBA ­ The Album Television Commercial I (UK)
11. ABBA ­ The Album Television Commercial II (AUSTRALIA)
12. International Sleeve Gallery


ABBA -Number Ones -Sound and Vision version 2CD/ 1DVD November 2007 International release
Just in time for Christmas comes this rehashing of a rehash.
1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
2. Mamma Mia
3. Dancing Queen
4. Super Trouper
5. SOS
6. Summer Night City
7. Money, Money, Money
8. The Winner Takes It All
9. Chiquitita
10. One Of Us
11. Knowing Me, Knowing You
12. Voulez-Vous
13. Fernando
14. Waterloo
15. The Name Of The Game
16. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
17. Take A Chance On Me
18. I Have A Dream

1. When I Kissed The Teacher
2. Hole In Your Soul
3. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
4. Me And I
5. The King Has Lost His Crown
6. Rock Me
7. Tiger
8. I Wonder (Departure)
9. Another Town, Another Train
10. Our Last Summer
11. Kisses Of Fire
12. Slipping Through My Fingers







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