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A complete Benny Andersson DISCOGRAPHY !

BENNY ANDERSSON'S SOLO ALBUMS and work Benny Anderssons Orkester (1983 -2012 ) This page was last updated 2013. Works by BAO and Benny since 2013 are not included.


and Benny's work scoring movies and television

"Silence is suddenly shattered by
the blaring of trumpets"

Benny Andersson, The legendary Swedish keyboardist,occasional backing vocalist,producer-songwriter of ABBA, was also member of The Hep Stars(from 1964-1969) and Bjorn and Benny(1969-1972) prior to the founding of ABBA.

Benny learned music from his father and grandfather and played in a few bands prior to joining the Hep Stars.

Benny really only started having a solo career in the Fall of 1987, and his solo albums and his work with the BAO only represent about half of his Benny's post ABBA career. Along with Benny's two solo albums and three albums with the Benny Andersson Orkester there are the numerous discs associated with with Bjorn and Benny 's three musicals, Benny's film music work, there are the two albums Bjorn and Benny worked on with Gemini , an album with Josefin Nilsson ( Shapes 1993), an album with Ainbusk, work scoring films, as well as more than a dozen other albums other that he helped release on his Mono records label... Benny tends to do work that makes him happy, so sometimes he fails to take full advantage of the fact that he one of the great European songwriters of the past 50 years and ends up working on very obscure projects..Probably, the greatest gap in Benny's output is that he never put out a album that just features him playing piano...When he has played any of his songs in piano renditions they are invariably fascinating...

Benny doesn't sing on his solo albums, instead he utilizes guest vocalists on a few tracks here and there, but most of Benny's solo tracks are instrumentals. Accordion & violin based Swedish folk music is featured prominently in much of Benny's solo work . Since the late 1980's Benny has owned his own independent record label called Mono records, on which he releases his albums and other pet projects. For more about Benny's production work see the BJORN AND BENNY section. This includes Benny's considerable work in musicals and writing albums for Gemini, and Josefin Nilsson. Also See  ABBA GOES TO THE MOVIES for more about Benny's film career....

 Studio album-Klinga Mina Klockor
"Best OF " album-No compilation currently available.

Albums reviewed on this page..

**Various Artists-Antligen Sommarlov! 1983 Swedish Lp

****Benny Andersson- Klinga Mina Klockor 1987 Swedish Cd
****Benny Andersson-November 1989 1989 Swedish CD
**Various artists- FIOLIN MIN 1990 Produced by Benny and including Benny as a artistSwedish Cd
Fagelsang i Sverige- Available on Swedish Cd 1990 Swedish Cd.
Benny Andersson-Benny Andersson's Orkester released on Swedish CD June 2001

***Benny Anderssons Orkester-BAO! June 2004 Swedish CD.

Benny Anderssons  Orkester-BAO På Turné (BAO LIVE)  May  2006 Swedish CD
Benny Anderssons Orkester-Bao 3, UNI MMCD 023,  Swedish CD 24 October 2007

Benny Andersson Band -Story of a Heart , UNI MMCD 023,  European CD July 2009

Benny's work in films 1987-2001


Various Artists-Antligen Sommarlov! June 1983 Out of print Swedish Lp

Polar Records put out This Swedish market only compilation album The title means "Finally holidays" It has Benny's first solo recording ,and a rare live ABBA recording. Benny recorded a short version of the Swedish hymn-"Den Blomstetid Nu Kommer",which saw it's first release here.
In a different time Benny would have no doubt,been working in a church as a organist and classical composer.

Also find here a 1979 live version of "Summer Night City;' Though this recording was left off the later ABBA 's live album , it was made available here as well on numerous bootlegs. The live recording of SNC might even be better than the original released single of "Summer Night City". Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer" was later released a second time on the SOMMAR, SOMMAR, SOMMAR CD ,but that is also out of print. It's the sort of track that just waits to be compiled somewhere...

The track Sommar, Sommar, Sommar features Stig Anderson and the Polar Music office choir.which is called Kontorskoren

Just a side note-Summer compilation albums are a Swedish phenomenom -go into a Swedish
record store in the summer and you'll find dozens of titles in this category.

1. Benny Andersson-Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer
2. Stikkan och Kontorskoren-Sommar, Sommar, Sommar
3. Nifty's Roadrunners-Sommarvino
4. ABBA- Summer Night City (LIVE)
5. Mats Ronader-Summer Time Blues
6. Fia Nystrom-Sommarrkvall I Stan
7. Pal Ritz and Piccolos-Good Day Sunshine
1. Buslingarna-Antligen Somarlov
2. Lars Hoflund-Here Comes The Sun
3. Tomas Ledin-Summaren Ar Kort
4. Low Budget Blues Band-Summer in The City
5. Express-Sommardagar
6 .Tove Naess-Falling In the Love with the Summer Again
7. Rolk Ericksson-Jag Pa Sommaren

Benny Andersson- Klinga Mina Klockor November 1987 Available on Swedish Cd

"Sweden is an accordion country"- Björn Ulvaeus

After 23 years in the music business Benny finally put out a album with just his name on it. Surprisingly or not this album was very successful in Sweden. Swedes were open to the traditional style folk music that dominates this album. The albums' title translates in English to "Ring My Bell".

About two thirds of this album is accordion/violin based music written by Benny (or B&B) in a Swedish folk music style. Benny's friends, Orsa Spelman play the violins on the album.The Stockholm's Radiosymfonikerna also receives credit as co-players on the CD cover.

Although, accordion music is certainly an acquired taste, hearing a master like Benny play the accordion might make you want to acquire a taste for it. In any case, Benny does play the piano here as well. The other joy in hearing this album is that it it so freshingly non-commercial sounding.

Björn had moved to England by the time this album was being made, so for the first time in many years, Benny began writing songs with out Björn and even worked with an alternative lyricist (Benny's brother -in-law , Mats Norlkit ) on one song, the lovely , "Efter Regnet (After the Rain)". Björn didn't play at all on this album or coproduce any of the tracks. Even so, Björn cowrote 4 songs on the album. ( Björn lived primarily in England from 1984-90). After the point, Benny would, on occasion, work with other lyricists.

Benny dragged up an unfinished B&B song rejected by ABBA called "Hamlet III" (which would appear in a partial version on the ABBA box set -THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC). Here it is called " Lottis schottis".

At least Three of songs were written for members of
Benny's family. Firstly, there is the whimsical "Ludvig's Leksakspolka" written for his son, and wrote a birthday waltz for his wife Mona called "Födelsedagsvals till Mona" .

Two of songs are similar to the music in CHESS or KRISTINA. "Efter Regnet" (After the Rain) is a elegant duet sung by Tommy Korberg & Karin Glenmark. The title track is an ambitious four section choral orchestral piece that features a woman's chorus and the Stockholm Radio Symphony. Frida sings on the chorus -the only time one of the ABBA girls has appeared on the same record as one of the ABBA boys in the post ABBA period. Part of the melody of the title track was used in places on Kristina.

This album was the first album released on Benny's record label-Mono Music.

This album ranks just after Kristina and Chess, amongst Benny's best post- ABBA work..

Track listing for Klinga Mina Klockor

Inledningsvisa, Lottis schottis, Födelsedagsvals till Mona, Om min syster, Efter regnet (featuring Tommy Korberg & Karin Glenmark), Ludvigs leksakspolka, Gladan, Långsammazurkan, Tittis sång, Trolskan, Klinga mina klockor


Benny Andersson-November 1989 Available on Swedish CD Released November 1989

Benny's second solo album features a lot more piano & synthesizers and a bit less accordion/violin than his first solo album. The folk group Orsa Spelman is on here but they play a less than they do on KLINGA.

As result it's a easier listen, but perhaps a less interesting album. It's doesn't jump out at you the way KLINGA does. What this album does offer is lots of unadultearated Benny Andersson keyboards and synthesizers. This sounds more like film instrumental music, albeit with the usual Benny Andersson flair for melody and hooks. This album also includes some vaguely humourous sounding music such as "Machopolska ".

Björn cowrote only one song here, "The Conducator'. It was written for a special concert. The song features Tommy Korberg singing. The lyric sounds like a Chess lyric, it's full of cynicism! It seemingly describes some horrible bureaucrat. Apparently though, the song was inspired by,a Romanian, Doina Cornea's letters to her daughter during the Communist dictatorship of Nikolai Ceaucescu. "The Conducator" is the only vocal track on the album. With only one vocal track-this album is the closest Benny Andersson has come to an all-instrumental album.

The song Tröstevisa is notable for being played at Swedish funerals. Finn Kalvik got permission to add his own lyrics to this melody for use on his own record. Once again, one of Benny's family members is mentioned in a song title this time it's Benny's beloved Grandfather -Efraim Andersson. Efraim taught Benny to play the accordion starting when Benny was six. Benny most treasured possesion is the accordion his Grandfather gave him..

The CD opens with the beautiful Northern sounding "Skallgång".

This album's most haunting song is the closer "Stockholm at Night". The melody for "Stockholm at Night "was recycled for use in KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA.

Interestingly, the playful CD cover illustration was drawn by Marie-Louise-Ekman, the actress/director whose projects Benny has contributed music for...

It is strange that the CD's title is written in English,
since this was only released in Sweden!

This was last of a series of major works by Benny between 1979 and 1989 that were mostly released towards the end of a year... among them ABBA Greatest Hits 2 (1979) Super Trouper (1980) , The Visitors(1981) , ABBA the Singles-The First Ten years (1982), Chess (1984), Gemini (1985) and Klinga Mina Klockor (1987) . Benny's only studio albums not to have been released at the end of the year in this time were Geminism (1987) and the Chess Broadway Cast Album (1988).

Track listing for November 1989

Skallgång, Machopolska, Vals efter Efraim Andersson. Sekelskiftesidyll, Dans på vindbryggan, Stjuls, Tröstevisa, Målarskolan, Novell #1, The conducator (featuring Tommy Korberg) ,Stockholm by night .All songs written by Andersson except for "The conducator" written by Andersson-Ulvaeus

Various artists- FIOLIN MIN Sweden's Greatest Hits November 1990 Produced by Benny and including Benny as a artist Avail. on Swedish Cd

"Can folk music survive in a time when people are constantly confronted by global
mass media culture? -
Gunnar Ternhag writing in his liner notes to FIOLIN MIN

Well maybe, if they would stop rereleasing ABBA GOLD, people might stop and buy this.
This is collection of 20 Swedish folk music standards released by Benny's Mono Records label. It's sounds very like KLINGA MINA KLOCKOR or one of the Orsa Spelman albums but with the disadvantage that none of the songs are written by Benny. However, that's not the point. The idea of the album is to collect some great old folk melodies onto one album. Playing along with Benny on this album are Orsa Spelman, Dalarnas Spelmansforbund and Asa Jinder & Peter Hedlund. The liner notes refer to to one of the bands coming from the traditional folk music scene in Dalecarlia. It is of interest to note that the original title of the ABBA song -"Arrival" was "Arrival at Dalecarlia".

This album was engineered by Bernard Lohr
and recorded at various studios using ancient
time honored Swedish recording methods.

Track listing for FIOLIN MIN

1.Dalarnas Spelmansförbund - Gärdebylåten
2.Orsa Spelmän - Hjortingen
3. Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän - Bränd-Pers Vals
4.Orsa Spelmän - Spare fars polska
5. Dalarnas Spelmansförbund - Frisells gånglåt
6. Leif Göras och Olle Moraeus - Brudmarsch från Jämtland,
7. Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän - Horgalåten
8. Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän - Fryksdalsdans nr. 2
9. Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän - Brudmarsch från Delsbo
10. Dalarnas Spelmansförbund - Trettondagsmarschen
11. Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän - Fiolen min
12. Orsa Spelmän - Blickuspolska nr. III
13. Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän - Trollens brudmarsch
14. .Åsa Jinder och Peter Hedlund - Spelmansglädje
15. Dalarnas Spelmansförbund - Rättvikarnas gånglåt
16. Orsa Spelmän - Barkbrödslåten
17. Dalarnas Spelmansförbund - Äppelbo gånglåt
18. Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän - Solskenslåten/Kullerullvisan
19. Perra Moraeus - Gråtlåten
20. Dalarnas Spelmansförbund - Karis pers polsk


Fagelsang i Sverige- Available on Swedish Cd November 1990 Swedish Cd.

Benny produced this collection of 90 Swedish birdsongs, yes that's right 90 birds recorded outdoors. Lars Svensson wrote the text and helped compile the album and Dan Zetterstrom drew the pictures.

A boy , Benny's son and future musician, Ludvig, states each of the birds names on the CD in between the birdsongs.There were two editions of this recording. The deluxe version includes a detailed booklet with drawings of the birds and the cheap version that has just the CD and a two page booklet. Released by Benny's label , MONO.

This often is labeled as a Benny solo album but strictly speaking it is not. There is no music played or sung by humans on this album! I wll spare you a list of the the ninety plus birds recorded.

This was last of a series of major works by Benny between 1979 and 1989 that were released towards the end of a year... among them ABBA Greatest Hits 2, Super Trouper, The Visitors, ABBA the Singles-The First Ten years, Chess ,Gemini , Klinga Mina Klockor, November 1989 and Fiolen Min ....

Various Artists- Sommar, Sommar, Sommar Mid 1994 Swedish CD Out of print

This is the second appearence of Benny's 1983 recording of "Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer". This was the only time the track was available on CD...The title track is by Stig Anderson and Kontorskören,, this album also has two Hootenanny Singers tracks- Calle Schewens Vals and Här Är Den Sköna Sommar -

Benny Andersson -BENNY ANDERSSON In Conversation 1996 UK CD

A interview with Benny Andersson recorded on November 12,1979 at Bingley Hall, Stafford, England during ABBA's final European Tour, The cover includes a previously unpublished full color photograph

Benny Andersson-Benny Anderssons Orkester Available on Swedish CD June 26, 2001

Benny's first solo album in over ten years! This album was released in late June 2001 on Mono records. At this point ,at age 56, Benny appears finally to be slowing down a little as a composer. This is his first full album of original compositions since the release of Kristina Fran Duvemala in 1996. There was delay in the writing and recording of new material by Benny Andersson due to the considerable efforts being made to stage Kristina and Mamma Mia. From 1969 till 1996 Benny averaged at least 10 new songs a year.

The emphasis here is on a dance band sound albeit with a Swedish folkish twist. Thus there are considerably more horns on this album than on any of Benny's other work since the mid-seventies. The album has a much more peppy , lively sound than much of what of Benny has recorded. Also for the first time, Benny has recorded largely in a live audio-verite style with the instruments all recorded in the same room at the same time at Atlantis studios. Still, the album is (as is usually the case with Benny), quite varied in style, tone and instrumentation. Still, I have found that many of the songs don't have the same melodic kick as Benny's previous work.

Some mixed opinions on this , but generally it's been favorably reviewed. This album is a harder listen, if you don't like dance band music-but there is too much going on here to say it's just a dance band music.

The album features vocalist Helen Sjoholm (from KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA) on two tracks.The dance band torch song "Var Sista Dans" (Our Last Dance) sung by Helen Sjoholm is the first single released off this album.. Like many of the songs on this album, Something about the melody sounds almost too familiar-overly derivative. The other song sung by Helen -"Latt Som En Sommarfjaril" (Light as a Summer butterfly) is more akin to what she sings on "Kristina". It almost sounds like a Christmas melody.It is a beautiful song.... Björn wrote lyrics to the two songs sung by Helen..

The album sold slowly at first but then "Var Sista Dans" became a sleeper Swedish hit in the late summer and drove the album into the #1 spot on the Swedish album charts, Benny's first Swedish #1 album since ABBA's The Visitors. It was the sixth largest selling album in Sweden in 2004...

Five of the songs were used in movies. Sång Från Andra Våningen, "Lauren ", and "Tösabiten" are from "Sangen Fran Andra Vanigen" (Songs From The Second Floor). "Cirkus Finemang" and "PS "are from "Nu Ar Pappa Trott Igen (Daddy Is Tired Now)." The main theme to Sång Från Andra Våningenis haunting if perhaps a little repetitive.


1. Hadangervidda (Andersson)
2. Snedseglarn
3. Cirkus Finemang
4. Vår Sista Dans
Andersson-Ulvaeus)((vocals -Helen Sjöholm)
5. Briggens Blåögda Blonde Kapten
6. Knäslovan
7. Anitas Polska
8. Schottis I Tyrolen
9. Sång Från Andra Våningen
10. Lauren
11. Tösabiten
12. Nya Månvalsen
13. Lätt Som En Sommarfjäril
(Andersson-Ulvaeus)(vocals-Helen Sjöholm)

Benny Anderssons Orkester-BAO! June 23, 2004 Available on Swedish CD

Ian Cole tells us that the album title is pronounced bow as in "take a "bow". Similiar formula to Benny's three previous Benny albums , nine instrumentals ,as well as five songs with Helen Sjoholm vocals.... Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote two lyrics for this album- "Du Ar Min Man", and " Midnattsdans".

Like the the big dance band hit "Var Sista Dans" ,"Du Ar Min Man" does seem a little deriative, but the song is given some serious pizzaz by Helen Sjohom's singing. The song stayed on the Svenkstoppen chart for more than three years..breaking the previous record. The album itself also was successful going to number 1 and selling 140, 000 copies.

"Midnattsdans" is a duet featuring Helen Sjoholm and Kalle Moreaus. Lyrics to two other songs "Saknadens rum" and "Kärlekens tid are written by Ylva Eggehorn, (who co-wrote Benny's Millennium song,) .The two Ylva is songs were originally used in the movie -Sanger Fran Andra Vanigen. "Kärlekens tid"is the song used in the amazing scene where people start singing in the subway....Hey but don't quote me on that -I have been getting that particular fact wrong all over this website.... It was the sixth largest selling album in Sweden in 2004...

The lyric to one song -"Skenbart' is by Peter Dalle. "Du är min man" has been released as a single. This is the 20th full length studio project in a row that Benny has worked with Bjorn on at least one song . As of 2004 It has been more 37 years since they started writing songs together, a period of collaboration among rock songwriters that has been probably only topped by Jagger-Richards who started writing songs together a couple of years earlier..

As usual this album was only released in Scandinavia. Benny and his orchestra played a short tour in Sweden in August 2004 to support the album and to have fun! If only one could simply walk to Sweden for those weekends...


Glasgow Boogie (Andersson)
En dans på rosor(Andersson)
Du är min man (Andersson)-Ulvaeus)(
,vocals - Helen Sjöholm)
Vitalins vals (Andersson)
På en solskenspromenad (Andersson)
Midnattsdans (Andersson-Ulvaeus)
vocals Helen Sjöholm & Kalle Moraeus),
Julvals (Andersson)
Skenbart (Andersson)-Dalle)(
vocals Helen Sjöholm)
Stora skuggan (Andersson)
Saknadens Rum(Andersson-
Eggehorn) (vocals Helen Sjöholm)
Kärlekens tid (Andersson-
Eggehorn)( vocals - Helen Sjöholm & Duvemalakören

Benny Andersso's  Orkester-BAO På Turné (BAO LIVE)  May  10, 2006 Swedish CD

A new  release of live recordings  from the summer of 2005 . Recordings were made  at the Stadsparken in Örebro and at the Samildalsgropen in Leksand. The tracks recorded included  two new  B&B songs. "Det Är Vi Ändå " and "For Dig". "For Dig" which also would see release in a studio version on the BAO 3 album.

.Helen Sjoholm, Tommy Korborg, and Kalle Moreaus provide the lead vocals for this album.. A new promo single of "Det Är Vi Ändå " was  released in Sweden as a taster for the album. It's a peppy, goofy song with Benny playing the ukulele that
features singers Tommy Korborg and Helen SjoholmAt least parts of the melody for "Det Är Vi Ändå " was apparently composed long ago. The rest of CD includes song from BAO's live repertoire including a few covers of songs not written by Benny Andersson...This
album reached #6 on the Swedish records charts.

ack listing ( with album that  studio version of song is found on,if any)
Glasgow Boogie(Andersson) BAO
Vitalins Vals (Andersson) BAO
När Tvenne Hjärtan Slå(Jules Sylvain/Gösta Stevens)
Klinga Mina Klockor--(Andersson-Ulvaeus)Klinga Mina Klockor
Födelsedagsvals Till Mona(Andersson) Klinga Mina Klockor
Lätt Som En Sommarfjäril--(Andersson-Ulvaeus) Benny Anderssons Orkerster
Aj Aj Aj Vilken Röd Liten Ros(Jules Sylvain/Gösta Stevens)
Slängpolska Efter Bysskalle-(trad.)
Gamle Svarten(Michael Carr/Hamilton Kennedy/Sven-Olof Sandberg)
Hjortingen-(trad.) Fiolin Min trad
Det Är Vi Ändå-(Andersson-Ulvaeus)'Det är vi ändå' (It's Still Us)
För Dig-?'För dig'-(Andersson-Ulvaeus)
Bälter Svens Paradpolkett-(Olle Moreaus) Orsa Spelmän
Moon River(Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer)
Bachs Badinerie-(Johann Sebastian Bach)
O Sole Mio(trad.)
Jehu -(Andersson)BAO
Du Är Min Man-(andersson-Ulvaeus) BAO
True Love(Cole Porter)
Vår Sista Dans-(andersson-Ulvaeus) Benny Anderssons Orkerster
Ett Glatt Humör (Sven Arefeldt)
Säg Det Med Ett Leende (Nils Perne/Sven Paddock/Helge Roundquist)
Vårat Gäng (Nils Perne/Sven Paddock)
Bättre Och Bättre Dag För Dag (Mark Strong/Karl-Ewert Christensson/S.S.Wilson)

Benny Anderssons Orkester-Bao 3, UNI MMCD 023,  Swedish CD 24 October 2007
This is a all new Bao Studio album with 12 new songs, including five written by Andersson-Ulvaeus.  Tommy Korborg and Helen Sjoholm are the featured singers."Fait Accompli" and  "Bonde söker fru" (Farmer seeks wife) have been featured at Skansen. "Crush On You' is an unfinished song dug up from  the late 1970's.  "För dig" (For you) is tune that the Bao have playing live for awhile.
 "Upp till dig" (Up to you) is partly based on   the 1982 B & B composition "(I Am)The Seeker" , which was part of the English version of the ABBACADABRA musical. This song is sung by Helen.  Kristina Lugn wrote the lyrics to "Nu mår jag mycket bättre" (I feel much better now) , this song is sung by Tommy and Helen.  "Fait Accompli" was released as a promotional single. This album reached #3 on the Swedish charts. All the digging up of old tunes from the archives and the so-so quality of the newly written songs suggest that that Benny Andersson is no longer capable of writing a great song, or a great album.


Track listing (with songwriters, time, translated title and lead singer)

1. Marsch Pannkaka (Andersson-) 3.39 (Pancake March)-instrumental
2. For Dig
(Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.49 (For You)  - Tommy Korberg
3. Du Fralste Mig
i sista stund (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.56 (You saved me at the last moment)-  Helen Sjoholm
4. Fait Accomplit (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 4.00- Tommy Korberg

5. Crush On You (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.38 - Helen Sjoholm
6. Calle J:s Vals (Andersson) 2.53 (Calle's J. Waltz)-instrumental

7. Helens Brudvals (Andersson) 3.13 (Helen's Wedding Waltz)-instrumental
8. Upp Till Dig (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 4.03 (Up to You)- Helen Sjoholm

9. Bonde Soker Fru (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.04 (Farmer Seeks Wife) - Tommy Korberg
10. Nu Mar Jag Mycket Battre (Andersson-Lugn) 5.00 (Now I feel much Better) - Helen Sjoholm

11. Wienerbrot (Andersson)  3.36 (Vienna Bread) -instrumental
12. Godnattvisa (Andersson) 3.48 (Good Night song) -instrumental

Benny Andersson Band  -Story of a Heart,  European  CD July 2009 (June 24 in Sweden)

The first English language album by the Benny Anderssons orkester who are  retitled Benny Andersson Band for the purposes of this compilation. The songs on CD originate from Benny's two solo albums and his four BAO albums. Nine of the fourteen songs   are instrumentals. The  vocals for four songs have new English language lyrics all written by Bjorn Ulvaeus.  The album features one totally new song "Story of a Heart”, which is a  Andersson-Ulvaeus song that is more ABBAesque than the usual BAO stuff.

The album was   released a couple of days after the band's first appearance in in Hampstead, Britain  on July 4, 2009.

Track listing:

Glasgow Boogie


Story Of A Heart Vocals Helen

Bed of Roses (En dans på rosor)

You Are My Man (Du är min man) Vocals-Helen

Circus finemang

Fait Accompli  Vocals-Tommy

Song From The Second Floor

Birthday Waltz For Mona

Our Last Dance (Vår sista dans) Vocals-Helen


Tirolan Schottis

The Stars (För dig) Vocals-Helen, Tommy


NEW BAO BOX SET and Christmas album

Benny Anderssons Orkester-BAO in BOX, Mono, Sweden 6CD/+2DVD, November 14 2012

This is a reordered collection of BAO's music, which has 87 tracks on it. There is also a booklet with photos, band history, member biographies and more. The CD's include previously-released material that has been re-organised thematically:. The DVD contains two bonus tracks not aired on television The set is divided thematically-with a live disc, two vocals disc, two instrumental disc, and the new Christmas album. The set is said to have 87 tracks...The DVD's feature the TV-programs -Ten Years of BennyAnderssons Orkester 10 år" which is from 2011 "BennyAnderssons Orkester on New Adventures..." which is from 2001. The Christmas album callled Tomte har akt Hem

Benny Andersson Orkester-Tomte Har akt Hem, Mono, November 2012.
It has been reported that Benny Andersson's Orkester is releasing a Christmas album... The album will be called "Tomten Har akt hem (Santa has come home).There are four new songs on the album...

Benny's film and TV composing work

Benny started contributing small bits of music (some of it recycled from or used later on his records) to obscure mostly Swedish film projects in 1987. Most of the films are hard to find, and much of the music is unreleased or impossible to find. The obscurity of Benny's film work is frankly kind of irritating, it would nice if Benny would make some effort to release his work here properly. A compilation of the original recordings of his film work would probably solve this problem...

SEDUCTION OF INGA (known in Swedish as Någon att älska )(1971 Swedish/American film

Bjorn and Benny wrote some music in late 1969 for this 1971 soft-porn film . The film was directed by Joseph W. Sarno. The film was a Swedish/American production. The hard-to find Bjorn and Benny track "Inga Theme" was the primary piece of music used. Their single A-side "she my kind of Girl" was also used. Although this movie can be obained on video it's not really worth the effort. The movie stars Marie Liljedahl as ... Inga. Supposedly the DVD also contains the sequel to the original fiilm...

Kulle- "Ture Sventon" / "Jag Ar Blatt En Man" single 45 LAte 1972

A single with both sides written by Bjorn and Benny. The music was for the childrens's film TURE SVENTON..

ABBA-The Movie (1977)

This of course, featured Benny's music, and other movies and videos have followed with ABBA music, but the remaining films that follow feature music Benny composed specifically for them.

Mio min Mio (1987) ...( Land of Faraway, The ) Swedish film

Original Soundtrack album for MIO MIN MIO" Hard to find Swedish release 1987

Composed and arranged by Anders Eljas except a few of the tracks which were written by Benny.
Track listing...

Most of the tracks are written by Benny's orchester/conductor Anders Eljas This is yet another very hard to find ABBA related record release,this album features Bjorn and Benny's composition -'Mio Min Mio" performed here in it's Swedish version by Gemini. Most of the other tracks are written by Benny's orchester/conductor Anders Eljas. The Swedish version of -'Mio Min Mio".was big hit in Sweden...You can also get the song in it's English version on their 1987 Geminism CD.

Track listing
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas & Benny Andersson) 
(Musik: Benny Andersson) 
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)

(Anders Eljas)
( Benny Andersson) 

(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)

(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas)
(Anders Eljas & Benny Andersson) 
MIO MIN MIO (Bjorn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson)   performed by Gemini

Hemliga vännen, Den (1990) (the Secret Friend or My Secret Friend

A 90 minute film by Swedish actor/director/screenwriter Marie-Louise Ekman that included some music composed by Benny Andersson.. The film explores the relationship of a husband and wife after the wife attempts to poison the husband. The film stars Ernst-Hugo Järegård. "Stockholm at Night" fron Benny's NOVEMBER 1989 album was used here,
Guldburen" (1990 ) a Swedish TV

A mini series lasting 270 minutes directed by Bjorn Melander featuring some music by Benny

Kom igen Gaby 1990) Swedish documentry

directed by Pea Holmsqvist featuring some music by Benny

Duo jag (1991) (TV)

DUO JAG was Another Marie-Louise Ekman project featuring some music by Benny...

DUO JAG was also a Mono records single release.

FRU VENNERMANS SÅNG/DUO JAG Hard to find single release

These two songs (the first co-written by Benny , the second written solely by Benny) were released as a single. The A-side was performed by Kent Andersson, Gösta Ekman, Dan Ekborg, Johannes Brost and Lakke Magnusson. The A-side was used in a comedic play by Marie-Louise Ekman and the b-side was used as an instrumental from a 1993 TV version of I FRU VENNERMANS FALL, also a Marie-Louise Ekman project .This is one of the most obscure of Benny 's recordings. It was released on his Mono label..

Nu är pappa trött igen! (Father Isn't Feeling Well)(1996)

This project features Benny's songs "PS" and "Cirkus Finemang". These two songs can be found on Benny's most recent solo album-Benny Andersson's Orkester. Another Marie-Louise Ekman project.

Sånger från andra våningen Songs from the Second Floor (2000) Danish-Norwegain film. Hard to find Ep.

Directed by Roy Andersson (no relation to Benny) this is fairly interesting,and adventurous film that focus on the dreamlike goings on one day or so in a very surreal place. Most of Benny's music here is preety subtle, except for a choral number ( "Kärlekens tid") where most of the actors on the screen all of sudden appear to be subway etc .... even though their doing other things.... It's one of the best moments in the film, though the melody is simply good not great.

The fact that Benny found yet another quirky project to be involved with reminds us that he tends to be the more artisitic half of the Bjorn and Benny creative combine.

There is not a soundtrack album but there was a hard to find three song promotional EP released of Benny's music. Tracks included are called Sang 1, Sang 2 , and Sang 3 but Sang 1 would later turn out to be Sången från andra våningen / and Sang 3 -Tösabiten . There is some debate as to what to call Sang 2, since it has bits of more than one song....

Sång Från Andra Våningen" , "Lauren ", and "Tösabiten" are found on different later versions on 2001's Benny Andersson's Orkester and "Saknadens Rum " and "Kärlekens tid 'are found on the 2004 album- BAO.

 OTHER VIEWS -Christine Boylan on Sang Fran Andra våningen
 The music, by ABBA's Benny Andersson, is sneaky, distrustful and sad. It crescendos into an operatic piece as Kalle (Lars Nordh), a businessman who has just torched his shop for the insurance money, rides the subway home, covered in ash, surrounded by people who burst into song. The scene is indicative of Andersson's entire aesthetic: stirring, beautiful and unsettling in its lack of context.

PUDER (Powder ) 2001 Swedish film

Another obscure film by Marie- Louise Ekman. Thia 90 minute farce is about the goings on of a theatre company that has been forced to make a commercial. Benny Andersson wrote some music for the film-two tracks of which were released on a promotional CD -Teater Krokodil' is a choral piece which has lyrics by Marie- Louise Ekman TThe second track is an instrumenal is simply titled 'Puder'.

Asta Nilssons sällskap 2005 Swedish film

Another obscure film by Marie- Louise Ekman that features music by Benny..

You, the Living (DU LEVANDE) 2007 Scandinavian film.

Another film directed by Roy Andersson, that Benny did music for.





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Original Cast-KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA by Andersson-Ulvaeus 3CD set 1996

***Benny Andersson-Benny Andersson's Orkester 2001

Benny Andersson's Orkester-BAO! June 2004 Swedish CD.

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