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January 2003 though June 2004





Jon Lord - Beyond The Notes September 2004 Internationally released CD

Includes one sung by Frida!!The Sun Will Shine Again

Miles Away, De Produndis, One From The Meadow, Cologne Again, I'll Send You A Postcard, The Sun Will Shine Again (sung by FRIDA), A Smile When I Shook His Hand, November Calls, The Telemann Experiment, Music For Miriam

Jon Lord is keyboardist best known for his work with the British rock band Deep Purple during two stints.


ABBA-TODO ABBA, sus grandes exitos...CD/DVD OCTOBER 2004 Spain and other markerts

A sound and vision release for the Spanish speaking markert,,,This two disk package features a mixture of English, and Spanish language versions ...One CD and one DVD...Liner notes not C.M. Palm but by Juaquin Luque....

Each Track is found on both the CD and DVD:

1. Waterloo
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. Mamma Mia
4. Dancing Queen
5. SOS
6. Super Trouper
7. Chiquitita
8. Knowing Me, Knowing You
9. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
10. Voulez-Vous
11. Does Your Mother Know
12. Estoy soñando[
13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
14. The Winner Takes It All
15. No hay a quien culpar
16. One Of Us
17. Fernando
18. Felicidad
19. Thank You For The Music


MAMMA MIA Dutch Cast album Netherlands CD Released August 2004

Yes/ now the Dutch also have their very own version of Mamma Mia in their own language...The Dutch are loyal ABBA fans and deserve such an honor...


Tracks included -Overture/prologue/ Honey Honey/ Money Money Money/ Dank Je Voor De Liedjes/Mamma Mia/ Chiquitita/ Dancing Queen/

Spaar Al Je Liefs Voor Mij/ Super Trouper/ Geef Me Geef Me Geef Me!/ Als 'K Maar Weet Hoe Het Heet/ Voulez-Vous/ Entr'acte/ Een Offensief/

Een Van Ons/ SOS/ Weet Je Moeder Dat/ Zo Ben Ik Zo Ben Jij/ Onze Zomer/ 'T Glipt Me Door Mijn Vingers/ De Winnaar Krijgt De Macht/ Pak Je Kans/ Ik Wil Ik Wil Ik Wil Ik Wil Ik Wil/ I Heb Een Droom

ABBA-Our Last Video- July 2004 International DVD/video release


ABBA thought to have some minor reunion to mark the 30th anniversary of their Eurovision breakthough A near reunion nearly occured at the fifth anniversary performance of Mammia Mia in London's West End. It was hoped that Agnetha might induced to come out of hiding due to the need to promote her album. Instead only Bjorn , Benny and Frida showed up, on stage in a semi-reunion. Frida had attended performances before but had never gotten up on stage with B&B before....

All four members of ABBA finally agreed to appear briefly and separately in a short but clever and entertaining video clip broadcast during the 2004 Eurovision song contest...It originally been hoped that the four members might agree to make a non-singing appearence together, but instead this near reunion was agreed to....The video features ABBA puppets and ABBA song references, The Dvd features the video , a making of the video segment, and some of the full original ABBA videos that were mentioned in the "Our FINAL VIDEO."

MAMMA MIA! Original version des deutschen musicals German release June 2004

Yup a German langauge version! First staged in Stuttgart, and then also in Hamburg -. Frida and Bjorn appeared on stage for one of the openings...

1. Mich trägt mein Traum Prolog
2. Honey, Honey
3. Money, Money, Money
4. Danke für die Lieder
5. Mamma Mia
6. Chiquitita
7. Dancing Queen
8. Leg dein Herz an eine Leine
9. Souper Trouper
10. Gib mir, Gib mir, Gib mir!
11. Was ist das für ein Spiel?
12. Voulez-Vous
13. Entr'Acte
14. Unter Beschuss
15. Einer von uns
16. S.O.S.
17. Wenn das Mami wüsst
18. Ich bin Ich, Du bist Du
19. Unser Sommer
20. Durch meine Finger rinnt die Zeit
21. Der Sieger hat die Wahl
22. Komm un wag's mit mir
23. Ich will, Ich will, Ich will, Ich will, Ich will
24. Mich trägt mein Traum

ABBA In Concert DVD edition International release. March 2004

If you want hear ABBA live you skip the ABBA live CD and should this DVD or wait for the ABBA -THE MOViE DVD...

This is a documentary of the 1979 ABBA tour of North America& Europe directed by Swedish Tv pro -Urban Lasson. It mostly features musical segments from the concerts, but also documents life on the road for ABBA as well as a seemingly endless series of segments with roller skaters.....It has been shown before on TV (back in 1980) and been out on video, but had not available recently... The main body of the original TV special included twelve songs- all but one of which could found in original studio versions on either the Greatest Hits Volume 2 or Voulez-Vous. Some Fans have objected that the performances of the songs are edited-but while not complete most the song segments are relativley long. Apparently, the camera did not actually film complete shows-so in many cases the songs were not filmed in their entirety. A few of the songs benefit from live presentation notably -"Summer Night City" and "I Have A dream" wheras some of ABBA's best songs -"Waterloo", "Dancing Queen" , and "Knowing Me, Knowing You" do not come off as well in live performances. ..

This DVD new version features two songs not included on the original home video-The Way Old Friends Do and Thank You For The Music, as well as the full version of "I have A Dream" which was widely used previously as the official promo clip for that song.../.

"The Way Old Friends DO" is easily the best moment of the film and seems strange that if was left out of some of the 1979-1980 versions of the TV special as,well on off the original home video released in 1980. This performance orginates from 1979 ABBA's concerts' at London's Wembley Stadium in one of the last important concert of their careers..(though they did not know it at time.) The song features Benny on accordion and the all the group singing. It almost borders on spontaniety, almost seems genuinely emotional , both of which were qualities in short supply for ABBA when performing live...At one point Lasson chooses a great back shot of the group which really gives one a sense that yes, we are looking at music legends.... I think that in general that Lasson did a good job on this special.. Some listeners have complained about the sound quality, which I cant comment on because i have not heard the DVD in 5.1 sound but I didnt really notice bad sound quality...

The DVD features informative Interviews with ABBA's tour promoter, Thomas Johannson, and the film's director Urban Lasson
and a Fully illustrated booklet with an essay by Carl Magnum Palm..
. This is the first time this title has been released on DVD. This is the fourth official ABBA product to be released on DVD...

3.Take A Chance On Me
4.Voulez Vous
6.I Have A Dream
7.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
8.Knowing Me, Knowing You
9.Summer Night City
10.Dancing Queen
11.Does Your Mother Know
12.Hole In Your Soul
13.The Way Old Friends Do (Previously unreleased
version on video & DVD)
14.I Have A Dream (Unedited and complete live version)
15.Thank You For The Music (Brand new version,
previously unreleased/broadcast)

16.-17 interviews, 18 slide show of tour program...


Benny Andersson's Orkester-BAO! June 2004 Available on Swedish CD

Similiar formula to Benny's three previous Benny albums , nine instrumentals ,as well as five songs with Helen Sjoholm vocals.... Bjorn wrote two lyrics for this album- "Du Ar Min Man", and " Midnattsdans". Midnattsdans" is a duet featuring Helen Sjoholm and Kalle Moreaus.. Lyrics to two other songs s "Saknadens rum" and "Kärlekens tid are written by Ylva Eggehorn, (who cowrote Benny's Millennium song,) .The two Ylva songs were originally used in the movie -Sanger Fran Andra Vanigen. Finally, the lyric to one song -Skenbart' is by Peter Dalle. "Du är min man" has been released as a single. This is the 20 studio album in row that Benny has worked with Bjorn on at least one song .

As usual this album was only released in Scandinavia, though it is available as an import on the net. Once again Benny and his orchestra will be playing a short tour in Sweden in August 2004 to support the album and to have fun! If only one could simply walk to Sweden for those weekends...


Glasgow Boogie
En dans på rosor,
Du är min man (,vocals - Helen Sjöholm)
Vitalins vals
På en solskenspromenad
Midnattsdans ( vocals Helen Sjöholm & Kalle Moraeus),
Skenbart ( vocals Helen Sjöholm)
Stora skuggan
Saknadens Rum (vocals Helen Sjöholm)
Kärlekens tid ( vocals - Helen Sjöholm & Duvemalakören)




ABBA-ABBA CD/DVD version Spring 2004

This essentially the remaster with a bonus DVD. Like the Waterloo 30th Anniversary edition, this has a bonus DVD , but annoyingly the videos found on the DVD are previously released.

DVD contains; Mamma Mia, S.O.S., I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

ABBA-Arrival CD'DVD version Spring 2004

This essentially the remaster with a bonus DVD. Like the Waterloo 30th Anniversary edition, this has a bonus DVD , but unfortunatly the videos found on the DVD are previously released.

DVD contains; Dancing Queen, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Money, Money, Money

Nils Landgren & Funk Unit -Funky ABBA Swedish CD

ABBA and the word funky- I just dont know....but it works. This album by Swedish trombonist Nils Landgren, and his Funk Unit was coproduced /and coproformed by John Coltranes' son Magnum Coltrane Price. Nils Landgren is known to ABBA fans for his work playing on the "Voulez-Vous' album..Some of the singing on the album is done by female guest vocalists..

The Funk unit includes Henrik Janson who played with Gemini and ABBA drummer Per Lindvall plays on one track.

The album is sort of jazz/funk fusion-and it works surprisingly well-it's rare to hear covers that bring out the high quality of ABBA songs. This works because it doesnt' sound at all like ABBA. But still I'm not sure I'd recommend unless jazz or are open rap/funk...

This album features Benny Andersson playing on one track-the version of "When All is Said and Done...and that not surpringsly it is a great track-put that on a Benny compilation album, please! The track is similiar to the Annie Sofie Otter version of "Like an Angel Passing Through My Room"...

A British reader ,Mike Auber, gives this quick review-"The funky arrangements go
together quite well with tracks like "Name Of The Game", "Gimme Gimme
Gimme" and "Voulez-Vous".  But even if you don't like jazz trombone or
rapping, Benny's unaccompanied piano/vocal version of "When All Is Said
And Done" melts the heart".


Ludvig Andersson - SRO 2004 Swedish CD
Ludvig is Benny Andersson's son with his wifre- Mona Norklit-thus he was not even born when Frida and Benny got divorced....

Before I fade away/ One touch/ Northern girl/ Deal with the devil/ 1968/ Crazy nights/ Neverending dance/ E/ Fallen man/ Stareyed boy/ Fear & loathing

Dan Daniell - Liebe Ist ... 2004 German CD

Well here is full length album with Frida's duet with Dan Daniell.

Liebe ist..../ Un Amie/ I Have A Dream*/ Benedictus/ Männertreu/ Geblendet Vom Licht/ Babylon/ Vater Unser/ Meine Seele Brennt/ Lieber Gott*/ Bye Bye/ Matterhorn


Mamma Mia! - Soundtrack - 5th anniversary edition April 2004 International CD

I doubt people have anxiously awaiting this album, but here it comes anyway .This version includes new bonus tracks of Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Waterloo

Soundtrack from the musical "Mamma Mia!"
Track listing

Overture/prologue/ Honey honey/ Money money money/ Thank you for the music/ Mamma mia/ Chiquitita/ Dancing queen/ Lay all your love on me/ Super trouper/ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!/ The name of the game/ Voulez-vous/ Entr'acte/ Under attack/ One of us/ SOS/ Does your mother know/ Knowing me knowing you/ Our last summer/ Slipping through my fingers/ The winner takes it all/ Take a chance on me/ I do I do I do I do I do/ I have a dream

Bonus: Mamma Mia/ Dancing Queen/ Waterloo

Various Artists -ABBA Forever Spring 2004 Double CD

A fairly interesting complimation of most of the important ABBA covers out there including the biggest hits-the Erasure version of "Takle A chance on ME, and Westlife's version of "I have a Dream"...Probably the ABBA tribute album to get

Trackl listing CD ! Westlife - I Have A Dream/ Erasure - Take A Chance On Me/ The Ten Tenors - Dancing Queen/ Mike Oldfield - Arrival/ Men Without Hats - S.O.S./ James Last - Fernando/ Dagmar Hellberg & Angelika Milster - Ich kann ihn versteh'n/ Marianne Rosenberg - Nur Sieger steh'n im Licht/ Nana Mouskouri - Ich leb im Traum/ Hilton McRae - Knowing Me/ Knowing You/ B*Witched - Does Your Mother Know/ Tanita Tikaram - The Day Before You Came/ Steps - I Know Him So Well/ The Black Sweden - The Winner Takes It All/ Stephen Gately - Chiquitita/ Nils Landgren Funk Unit - Summer Night City/ CD 2 Peter Cetera with Ronna Reeves - S.O.S./ Steps - Lay All Your Love On Me/ Palast-Orchester & Max Raabe - Super Trouper/ Angelika Milster - Jeder gegen jeden - Allein/ Wind - Fernando (Und der Himmel war zum Greifen nah)/ Nils Landgren Funk Unit - Voulez-Vous/ Beverly Craven - The Winner Takes It All/ Blancmange - The Day Before You Came/ Madness - Money/ Money/ Money/ Dr. & The Medics - Waterloo/ The Leather Nunn - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!/ Hilton McRae & Siobhan McCarthy - I Do/ I Do/ I Do/ I Do/ I Do/ Martine McCutcheon - Mamma Mia/ S Club 7 - Dancing Queen/ Dune - One Of Us/ E-Rotic - Thank You For The Music

BBA-The ULTIMATE COLLECTION 2004 British 4cd Released other countries, also...

Offered exclusively through Readers Digest-this set has the most tracks of any ABBA collection-80 in all, and all for 35 pounds.

The set covers tracks from every year of ABBA's career from 1972 to 1982. Included is yet more liner notes from ABBA expert Carl Magnus Palm...

There are no genuine rarities to be found here. All the tracks here that can not be be found on the recent remastered CD's .


 Prog. 1-Waterloo

Ring Ring
Honey, Honey
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
When I Kissed The Teacher
Mamma Mia/Dum Dum Diddle
King Kong Song
My Mama Said
Money, Money, Money
Hey, Hey Helen
As Good As New
Nina, Pretty BallerinaElaine/The Piper/Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
The Way Old Friends Do (Live)
S.O.S./Hasta Mañana
The Visitors
Intermezzo No. 1

 Prog. 2 - Take A Chance On Me

Gonna Sing You My Love Song
Take A Chance On Me
My Love, My Life
Andante, Andante
I've Been Waiting For You
Lay All Your Love On Me
One Man, One Woman
Kisses Of Fire
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
Knowing Me, Knowing You
The Name Of The Game
Move On
Our Last Summer/One Of Us
The Winner Takes It All
The Day Before You Came
When All Is Said And Done
I Wonder (Departure)

 Prog. 3 - Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen
Summer Night CityDance (While The Music Still Goes On)Does Your Mother Know
If It Wasn't For The Nights
Watch Out
He Is Your Brother
Hole In Your Soul
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
Rock MeSo Long
That's Me
Why Did It Have To Be Me
People Need Love
On And On And On
Head Over Heels
Under Attack

 Prog. 4 - Thank You For The Music

I Let The Music Speak
Another Town, Another Train
I Have A Dream
Tropical Loveland
I'm A Marionette
Super TrouperThe King Has Lost His Crown
Slipping Through My Fingers
What About Livingstone
Sitting In The Palm Tree
Two For The Price Of One
Happy New Year

...AGNETHA Faltskog -My Coloring Book International CD release April 2004


All the songs are recorded in English. Most of the songs are covers of songs by 1960's artists that Agnetha was inspired by like Connie Francis, Dusty Springfield, Frank Sinatra, and Cilla Black. . The album is being produced by Anders Neglin and Dan Strömkvist. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" has been released as the leadoff single.. Prior to this album.,Agnetha didnt have much opportunity to do too many covers of classic pop music during her solo career because most of her material was newly written for her solo albums...

The title track of the album is song by John Kander and Fred Ebb. Like Agnetha's last couple of studio's album, this album will be released on the Warner Music label. Although there will be more than just a Scandinavian release of the album,,places like the US will probably not see release of this album...The album was ,intially at least, relatively successful..


1. My Colouring Book 2. When You Walk In The Room
3. If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind 4. A Fool Am I
5 The End Of The World 6. Fly Me To The Moon
7. I Can't Reach Your Heart 8. Love Me With All Your Heart 9. Past, Present And Future
10. Remember Me 11. Sealed With A Kiss 12. Sometimes When I'm Dreaming13. What Now My Love

Agnetha Faltkog-If I thought You Change Mind CD single April 2004 Various teritories


At least four different versions of this single were released starting in April.

ABBA-The Definitive Collection Sound + Vision Deluxe 2CD/1DVD International release Spring 2004

This combines the two audio CD of the Defintive collection with the one DVD video disc..Not available in all territories, your mileage may vary....

ABBA- Waterloo 30th anniversary edition -2004 March 2004

A new edition of this album with five bonus tracks and a bonus DVD, and a 20 page booklet...Great perhaps , though one grows tired of these constant reissues of the same albums, each time with some small new thing... The bonus tracks include all four language versions of "Waterloo" as well as the 1974 US remix of "Ring Ring". The bonus DVD has four TV performances including the Waterloo as perfomed at the Eurovision song contest.


12. Ring Ring (US Remix 1974)13 Waterloo (Swedish version)14. Honey, Honey (Swedish version)
15. Waterloo (German version)16. Waterloo (French version)


Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest, BBC)/ Waterloo (Melodifestivalen, SVT)
Honey, Honey (Star Parade, ZDF) /Hasta Mañana (Señoras y Señores, RTVE

HEP STARS- Cadillac Madness - 40 Years * 40 Hits * 1964-2004 Swedish CD MArch 2004

Benny Andersson's old band is releasing a double CD compliation featuring all the Hep Stars hits from the 1960's, a few albums tracks as well as two new tracks recorded recently- 'Love Is Coming Back', and a new version of the Hep Stars 1965 hit, "Cadillac", not surprisingly Benny does not appear on the new tracks, There does not appear anything recorded between 1970 and 2002 on the set.

,CD 1- Intro/Cadillac, Kana Kapila, A Tribute To Buddy Holly, Farmer John, Donna, Bald Headed Woman, No Response, Rented Tuxedo, So Mystifying, Young And Beautiful, Should I, Sunny Girl, Hawaii, Wedding, Don't, Isn't It Easy To Say, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again, Tallahassee Lassie, Surfin' Bird, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
CD 2 -Love Is Coming Back, I natt jag drömde, Consolation, It's Nice To Be Back, Malaika, Mot okänt land, She Will Love You, Like You Used To Do, It's Been A Long Long Time, Sagan om lilla Sofi, Det finns en stad, Groovy Summertime, Let It Be Me, Tända på varann, The Music Box, Holiday For Clowns, Speleman, Är det inte kärlek, säg?, Speedy Gonzales, Cadillac 2004


ABBA-The ABBA Story French CD

The ABBA Story, a compilation CD with book that was intiallly released in France and will be released in more countries. The CD has been successful in France A edition for Holland was released at the end of April.


Agnetha & Christian - Guldkorn/Kom Följ Med I Vår Karusell

Oh God it's back! Aggie's annoying kids album with her son Christian !.Originally issued in 1987 with the title - Kom Följ Med I Vår Karusel for some reason it is now called "Guldkorn'' which in English means -"Dont waste Your Money on this Drivel". Tracks include-Karusellvisan, Våra valpar, Mitt namn är Blom, Vattenvisan, Maskeradbalen, Pelle Jöns, Tre vita råttor, Önskevisa, På söndag, Smurferifabriken, Min ponny, Nicko ticko tinn, Jag vill va' som du, Jag är kung, Alla färger and Liten och trött   

ABBA Gold-SOUND AND VISION International release Fall 2003 -2CD/1DVD

This combines the new ABBA gold DVD with reissues of the ABBA GOLD and MORE ABBA GOLD CD's


FRIDA/DAN DANIELL -I HAVE A DREAM German fanclub single

a new version of " I HAve A dream" a limited benefit single , sales of which are are being organised through the German Fan Club known as ABBA Remember, Contact

Alcazar - Alcazaried 2003 CD

This album has a new version the obscure mid 1970's  B&B disco song-"Funky Feet " that had originally performed by Svenne And Lotta. Track listing :I love the DJ/ Celebrate the night/ Ménage à trois/ Dancefloor docusoap/ Not a sinner nor a saint/ Funky feet / I go shopping/ Last days of disco/ Chemistry/ Love life/ Wonderland/ Singing to heaven/ Here I am/ Someday  


 Ainbusk - En Samling 2003 Swedish CD

A collection of some AInbusk best song including the songs Benny Cowrote with them- Lassie, Älska mej, Track listing: Min Gud, On du nånsin börjar tveka, Lassie*, Älska mej*, För evigt nu, Stolt att vara kvinna, Kom så far vi härifrån, Säg vad kärlek är, Honung och salt, Varje steg du tar, Gunatt, Under stjärnan, Fält av guld, Till dej, Som när pojkar vågar gråta, Jag har gått inunder stjärnorna, Allt gott


 Ludvig Andersson -  One Touch Swedish CD single New single by Benny youngest son ...Actually it's his  debut recording Contains: One Touch and  One Take 

ABBA-On and On Early     Spring  2003 American CD

Essentially  the recent complimation "The Name of the Game" released with a differant title for the American makert. On and On indeed!

TOMMY KORBORG- Gränslös/Det bästa 1967-2003 June 2003 Swedish 2cd set
A 2cd "Best of" set with some ABBA related material such as "Anthem , "Winner Takes It all " and the Swedish version of "Anthem".

LENA ANDERSSON Musik vi minns ("Music We Remember") JUNE 2003 Swedish CD

Swedish blond backing vocalist on some of ABBA's tours, she is solo singer who sang for the Polar Music label, in the early 1970's. She sang a few of B&B 's songs, notably    (SÄJ DET MED EN SÅNG) "Better to Have Loved", "The Language of Love" and "Cecilia' She also did the original German covers of Hasta Manana " and "Fernando" and her solo records were often produced by B&B.  

Track listing: Säg det med en sång /Hasta mañana /Sol, vind och vatten/Är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång/Tom, Tom käre vän/Language Of Love/Barn/Jag kommer/Du har en vän/Det bästa som finns

Per Myrberg -'Sommernatt Swedish Cd June 2003

This album features Benny Andersson and his orchestra on two of the tracks and Benny helped with producing the record. The arrangments on the album are by Martin Östergren. The songs are Swedish folks songs by Evert Taube. Per Myrberg sang in CHESS PA SVENSKA. The album has received mixed reviews.  

 Various Artists - Lasses Favoriter 2003 Swedish CD

A triple CD with these exciting ABBA related songs: , Älska mig - Ainbusk, Koppången - Kalle Moraeus & Hej Kalle Like an angel passing through my room - Anne Sofie von Otter, Är du kär i mig ännu Klas-Göran - Lill-Babs, Mio min Mio - Dana Drago , Vår sista dans - Benny Anderssons orkester with Helen Sjöholm as well as songs by Tommy Korborg, Peter Joback and other Lasse Berghagen



C.Macura , Pookie Bernhardt, Nuna, Harley Bernhardt, Jimsb, C.Dawson,G.Moe,G.Reade, N.Furby , J.K.Champagne, D.B.Nancy. J.F. & M.S. Galuardi, K.Jackson, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls
C.Fisk, M.Lamble, G.Washington, G.Marx,C. Yastremski, Honeycott Louis, Eric Montief, Edsel Felpin, B.Babbitt, D.Lean, D.Pffeiffer, J.McAnallen, The State of Montana, The color Green, Tab
J.Brandeis, S.Denny, M.Sheehan, M.Collins, G.Coon, J.O'Neill, S.Glenwood, E.Parris ,
H.Hadrianport , and the people of ABBAMAIL.


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