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100 Essential ABBA, ABBA solo or ABBA related records
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100 Essential ABBA, ABBA solo or ABBA related records
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1. Kristina Fran Duvemala (Original Cast Album)-Andersson & Ulvaeus -This is where it all finally led to.
2. Chess -Andersson,Rice and Ulvaeus - Overall the best record ever by Bjorn and Benny.
3.Thank You For The Music (Box Set)-ABBA All the hits, all the b-sides and rarities too!.
4. Arrival -ABBA. Though artistically a little weak, this is probably ABBA at it's peak.
5. The Album-ABBA . ABBA 's most artistic album.
6. Super Trouper-ABBA. ABBA most self-assured album overall.
7. Djupa Andetag-Frida .The most mature and surprising ABBA solo effort.
8. ABBA -ABBA. The first great ABBA album came in 1975.
9.The Visitors-ABBA. ABBA reaches boldly into darkness.
10. Klinga Mina Klockor-Benny Andersson. Benny breaks out in surprising ways.

Selections 10-33

11. The Definitive Collection -ABBA.

The Best packaged and annotated of the ABBA hits collections,

12. Voulez-Vous -ABBA This semi-disco album is nonetheless filled with many great ABBA tracks.

13. Frida Ensam-Frida The best sung and best arranged album of the girls solo efforts..

14. Gemini-Gemini .Produced and cowritten by B&B in 1985 it features "Just Like That.'

15. Lycka- Bjorn and Benny. The remarkably serious debut album of B&B features Bjorn's best work.

16. 1964-1969 - Hep Stars. Sweden's Beatles -this features a mumber of great early Andersson-Ulvaeus songs.

17. Elva Kvinnor I ett Hus-Agnetha Faltskog. Aggie's 1975 master work.

18. My love My Life -Agnetha Faltskog . A great career overview.

19. Something's Going On-Frida. The first of the 1980's solo albums was produced by Phil Collins.

20.More ABBA Gold ...Listenable complimation with lots of b-sides.

 21. Agnetha Faltskog Eyes of A Woman- Jeff Lynne , Justin Hayward, and others.

22. Anni-Frid Lyngstad 1967-1972-Frida. Frida's early work efficiently and attractively compliled.

23. Shapes-Josefin Nilsson. The only pop album B&B wrote and produced in the 1990's.

24. Hep Stars -Hep Stars. The Hep Stars 1966 album features the best ABBA related work of the 1960's.

25. November 1989-Benny Andersson. The closest we get to an unadulterated Benny Andersson album.

26. Gold-ABBA You wonder if the 20 million buyers if this will listen to anything else by ABBA other than these recycled hits ! But there is denying that this a preety solid set of songs...

27. Basta-The Hootenanny Singers. Explore the best of Bjorn's pre ABBA band in the generous collection.

28. Shine-Frida . An ignored but listenable Frida getting as close to the tailend of the 1970/80's New Wave rock era as she can.

29. Pa Svenska- Bjorn,Benny, Agnetha, Frida and ABBA . Not actually a very listenable album, but nevetheless a conventient compliamtion of Swedish tracks.

30. That's Me- Agnetha Faltskog .Aggie's 80's stuff in one basket.

31. Waterloo- ABBA Bubblegummy with some weak songs but cool singing, and fun playing.

32. CHESS IN SWEDISH -ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM. This time it is Revised and updated into the Swedish language .

33. ORO-ABBA. All of ABBA's Spanish tracks in one place¡

34. Ring Ring-Bjorn,Benny, Agnetha, Frida . Actually not bad at all, but has a few weaker tracks..Lot of the tracks are nicely unfamiliar.


 33 COOL ABBA SOLO TRACKS, there are probably at least 30 more really cool solo tracks but here is a good selection of some of the more interesting solo work.

1.Du Måste Finnas - Helen SjohoLm from Kristina Fran Duvemala -A song that asks the musical Question-"Does God Exist" 2. Anthem,-Tommy Korborg from Chess -Dramatic act closer 3.Guldet Blev Sand-Peter Joback from Kristina Fran Duvemala. great single 4. I know there's Something's Going On -Frida. Great single. 5. Min Astraken, Helen Sjoholm-Sweet song from Kristina. 6.Alla mina bästa år - FRIDA Duet with Marie Fredriksson from DJUPA Andetag 7.Även en blomma -Key single from DJUPA Andetag 8. Nobody's Side,-Elaine Pagie Very dramatic song from Chess 9.. Efter Regnet- Korborg/Glenmark -Beautiful ballad from Benny's Klinga Mina Klockor- 10. Klinga mina klockor -Benny Andersson. Almost classical. Selections 10-25 11. Comfort me -Frida -Intersting vocal performance. 12. One Night In Bangkok, -Murray Head from Chess -Great single 13. Ett Liv I Solen - -Frida. Amazing way to end a song . 14. Have Mercy"Gemini-Gemini Moody music & lyrics by B&B. 15. Ge oss En Chans - Bjorn and Benny. Early pompous track by B&B 16. Consolation,- Hep Stars. Flawless early Benny song. 17.Tack For En Underbar from Elva Kvinnor I ett Hus-Agnetha Faltskog. . 18.I stand Alone -Aggie Faltsog Good track on Aggies last album. 19.threnody -Something's Going On-Frida. Lovely melody by Per Gessle, Words from legendary writer Dorothy Parker. 20. Mrs O grady The Hootenanny Singers. Bjorn does the Beatles. 21. The Angels Cry Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha Faltskog, Cool Justin Hayward ballad. 22. Kom och sjung en sång Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Another solo track with all four members of ABBA involved 23. Lassie- Ainbusk. Benny wrote and produced this 1992 swedish hit about a dog. 24. Wedding-Hep Stars -Hep Stars. Bach & mendolsson reincarnated with bad lyrics. 25. Liselotte - Bjorn and Benny. Great acoustic guitar.. 26.När du tar mej i din famn TIO AR MED -Agnetha Faltskog . Rare later songwriting by Agnetha. 27. Jag väntar vid min mila-,The Hootenanny Singers1964 The sometimes sublime vocal power of the Hootz... 28. I know Him SO well-CHESS -Kind of deriative sounding ,but hey it went to #1 in Britain. 29. Min egen stad Anni-Frid Lyngstad -Bright and bubbly revised Hep Stars song. 30. Now You See Him, Now You Don't-Josefin Nilsson. Great rythems 31. En ledig dag-AnniFrid Lyngstad. Frida's debut track shows off her singing range. 32. Sound of eve-Hep Stars -Hep Stars. Nice adventurous song 33. Stockholm at Night November 1989-Benny Andersson. Evocative instrumental

Thirty Three Cool ABBA recordings...NOT TO BE FOUND on ABBA GOLD!


 1. Eagle
2.The Day Before You Came
3. Move On
4. My Love, My Life
5. I been Waiting for you
6. Cassandra
7.When All Is Said And Done

8.I Let The Music Speak
9. When I kissed the teacher
10. Should I Laugh Or Cry

11.Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

12. TheVisitors,

13. Arrival

14. Hamlet III

15. Put On Your White Sombrero

16. Just Like That

17 Another Town, Another train.

18. Under attack

19. I am the City

20. Slipping Through My Fingers,

21. Ring Ring;

22 Honey Honey

23. Hey, Hey Helen;

24. El Andar

25. If It Wasnt for the Nights

26. The King Has Lost His Crown;

27; Our Last Summer.

28. I'm a Marionette,

29. I am An A

30 Rock me

31. Bang-A-Boomerang

32. Sang to Gorel

33. Way Old friends Do

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