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Springtime for Felpin in USA!


Welcome to never so exciting Felpin's Pond! Where man swoon, angels cry and bats bat ! Where never is the number more than you can count. Oh and Sedna really should be a planet....

February  9, 2004....Well it's nearly a 100 degrees outside. Of course, where it is really hot is inside my shoes I have no air conditioning in my shoes. I am Wondering aimlessly  through a DVD of the first classic season of Gilligan's Island. The third episode reminds me of Finnigan's Wake. My dog is doing
doing errands. Ah my life is fascinating.... well maybe it is not!!! They should make children's cough medicine in bubblegum flavor and they should bring back those old non granola bar versions of the Chocolate Chip Carnation Breakfast Bars!!!
Or MAYBE SO!!!!!

I am sitting here wondering what's going on with Luna!
Luna is my wife's  cat. Luna is a sweet and gentle cat normally but in the past two weeks she has become almost feral. Often now , if you get near to her she will start hissing, and getting viiolent -it's very disturbing! HISSSSS!!!!

This is just filler because this page is under reconstruction.

The dog days are here...

It's hot, it 's hot I am going to melt like whipping cream and savage spotted
wayward tigers , smells like hope like string cheese , like fiberglass ,like

Filler again!

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AS is this!

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January 12,2004  

I went out to dinner with my agent a few nights back. He  wanted to get a  dinner  so we went to the Snapppy's  restaurant on the Firth of Forth . In the restaurant lobby there werea couple of large cardboards signs with photos of Paris Hilton and Edgar Rice Burroghs. I really dont know why.... . Very sad.

Oh and by the way -this is also filler.

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