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John's Europa 1998-British Isles & Scandinavia

Here are some images of places I went to in Europe from August to October 1998..

Airplane Flying
My first day I spent in Dublin I visited a tower in Howth,this is not that tower..

8-7 overnight plane
I took a bus from Wareham, and was met at Logan airport by Jim, Mike and Jack. The overnight Aer lingus flight  left from Logan to head to Ireland.

I arrived in  Shannon and then to Dublin. Although I was jetlagged it did head off to visit Howth and have lunch on  O'Connell street. I spent the night  at the Forte Post Hotel a very expensive airport hotel that I had actually prebooked. Howth was cool...


Station Hotel, Inverness

Maple Leaf Guesthouse, Edinburgh


I slept relatively late, and then headed off to the airport to take the plane to Edinburgh..this was my fourth plane flight in 8 days...

I got into Edinburgh in the late afternoon...I spent the night  at the Maple Leaf Guesthouse on Pilrig street. I walked up to Leathside. I had chicken from KFC and watched "Witness"

on the TV in my room.
Today I Traveled from Edinburgh via train to Inverness, but I spent much of the day in Edinburgh.In the morning I took a long walk up the Salisbury Crags, a hill located near Holyrood. I got in Inverness really late-and so the only available was a room in the Station Hotel, which was located next to the train station. Inverness was dreary, but being dreary was part of Scotland's charm...Although the station Hotel was

not unattractive  the room I had there was a bit hudrum.
Whilst staying in Inverness  I traveled on Scotland's northeast coast to Elgin, Banff, Gardentown and Crovie via train and bus.

Crovie and Gardentown were scenic little towns on the coast...
My goal is to reach Pennan, but I ran out of time.
The next day I went off the Kyle of Lochlash inspired by a TV program by Michael Palin that I had seen back in the 1980's...

Crovie on the Northeast coast of Scotland, no place to park your car...

Train station in Mailaig

I visited a castle and shopping district in Inverness and then  traveled via train to Kyle of Lochlash. I then decided to stay in nearby Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye.  It was rainy, and started to rain real bad when i was walking over the bridge to Skye.

I visited the Castle Maol. I was very wet by the time I got to
my hotel room for the night.

More travel, this Scotland leg was too rushed,cos I had to get back to England for the Cropredy festival. I figured that I could  take a ferry from Armadale in Skye  to Mailaig. I took a bus through rainy Skye to get from Kyleakin to Armadale.

Mailaig was the north end of the road to isles trail...I ended up waiting a long time in Mailaig for the train, whilst there I booked a room in the Mailaig tourist office for Banbury. In the evening I took a night train that took me form Mailaig to Glasgow to London. The train ride was lovely but it got dark,and seems like I slept through Glasgow.





8-14.banbury Friday
I arrived Friday morning in London (for the first time in 23 years), only to have to leave to connect to go up to Banbury. In Banbury I stayed at  hotel, so as to be able to attend the annual Fairport Convention Festival in nearby Cropredy...

In the afternoon I took a shuttle bus to the festival..It was good weather on this day...I enjoyed some of the acts, but I was dissapointed that there were not Fairport related acts...

By the time the might ended i had a headache, so I decided to leave early (good idea), which involved walking the two or three miles back to my hotel. It was a fascinating but painful walk along the Oxford canal.


Vicki Clayton at 1998 Cropredy

Product Info
8-15.banbury Saturday
The second day at the festival actually featured Fairport.I had
discovered that my camera no longer worked, so I had to get a disposable camera....
8-16.banbury Sunday
The third day in Banbury was kind of a waste..I slept late and walked over to the canal...


8-17.London Monday
 In the morning I took the train to London.I was in London just a short time...I stayed in a cheap but no star student hotel.I visited Westminster today. I visited Tuesday
Today I visited Greenwich and the Docklands today.
8-19.night train Wednesday
Today I visited the Abbey Road studios. I took a night train yet again up to Scotland, this time to Aberdeen so to get back to see Pennan...

8-20 aberdeen Thursday
Today I was in Aberdeen. I visited a lighthouse, and booked my boat trip to Norway.
8-21.aberdeen Saturday
Today I traveled to Pennan,the small town pictured in LOCAL HERO..When I got there it rained ...I was tempted to stay there,but my stuff was in Aberdeen -and wouldnt get back in time for my boat trip.

8-22.overnight Sunday
I started the day early in Aberdeen then traveled to Newcastle in England to get the boat to Norway... Nearly missed the boat.

The boat ride was unpleasant since I was seasick the whole time, I didnt actually throw up-but I couldnt do anything on the boat...

8-23.bergen Sunday
In the morning the boat stopped in Stavenger and then went throgh the coastal fjords up to Bergen.. Once in Bergen I went to my hostel room at YMCa.

8-24.bergen Monday
Today was the most active day of my trip-I planned it well. I visited Gamla Bergen, Briggen, a castle, and ended the day climbing a rundeman, a small mountain with a beautiful view of Bergen...

8-25.overnight Tuesday 
I started the day in Bergen, and then took the Norway in A nutshell tour, which took me through Flam, Mryrdal and finally delivered me in Oslo for a night train to Kopenhagen...I later regreted leaving Scandanavia so quickly, I ended up coming back this way to go Stockholm primarily to see  a musical.


Flam, Norway

8-26.kopenhagen Wednesday
Today I was in Kopenhagen so early that the tourist office was open. I stayed at b&b.  I took a trip to Malmo in Sweden today...

8-27.overnight Thursday
Today while  in Kopenhagen I took a harbor tour. I then proceeded a night train to Holland..

The church of Our Savior in Copenhagen

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