John's Europa 1986

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John's Europa 1998 -Holland & Sweden

Late August 1998 to Early September 1998

Tower on Zuiderzee Enclosure dike, Netherlands





8-28.dordrect Friday

Today I arrived in rotterdam, having actually intended to go to Amsterdam, but I ended up in Dordrect's Biesbosch...

8-29.dordrect Saturday

Today I took a lovely bike ride to Kinderdyke which was about 10 miles north of the Biesbosch. I also developed a bit of a cold.

8-30.den haag Sunday

Today I started the morn in Dordrect, went to the Den haag hostel, visited a art musuem, and went to Madurodam

8-31.den haag Monday

Today I was I visited the Delta Project as day trip from Den Haag. It took forever to get so it was kind of rushed....But it gave me the chance to see some of the Southern part of the Netherlands. Tuesday

Today I moved to Amsterdam, and had a so-so visit, mainly cos i was sick and it was rainy... Wednesday

Today I took on a concert at the Concertbeow

9-3 .lelystad Thursday

Today I went to Lelystad.

9-4 ledystad Friday

Today I did finally go biking again...I biked from Lelystad to Urk in the Northeast Polder

9-5 lelystad Saturday

Today I biked between Weesp between Alemere.


The budget hotel in the Biesbosch

Train in the Woods
This is not a Double decker train in Holland!

oh canada!

9-6 lelystad Sunday

I had no bike,so i took a walk across Lelystad over to the Maakerwald dyke.

I visited a museum was a musuem about the Ijselmeer polders,that was located near the dyke.

9-7 hoorn Monday

After a unpleasent overcast morning in Lelystad ,I took two buses over the Markerwald dyke to Hoorn in North Holland. I stayed at a large bed & breakfast.

In the afternoon, I took a lovely bikeride South from Hoorn to Volendam.

9-8 hoorn Tuesday

Today I biked up to the enclosure dyke from Hoorn. A long and slow bike ride often through the rain...10 hours, 50 miles...

I biked up to Medembik, up the coast of the Wieringmeer Polder,

Up through Den Helder, ending up at the Enclosure Dike Monument.

9-9 hoorn Wednesday

Today was another wasted day,as I trying to figure out how to get to Sweden to see Kristina Fran Duvemala...I also went to the library.

9-10 overnight Thursday

Left early to connect to Amsterdam from Hoorn.From there I went to Kopenhagen, and then on a night train to Stockholm...Although

it was highly inefficient to go back to Scandinavia, it was fun to take a long train ride..

9-11 stockholm Friday

I arrived in Stockholm in the morning, and took a tortous trip to my student hotel, the Zinkin, the only accomadation that I had repeated from my 1986 trip..In the evening I attended a performance of Kristina Fran Duvemala..

9-12 stockholm Saturday

Today I took a harbor tour...

9-13 overnight Sunday

Today I started the morn in Stocholm but went off to Kopenhagen yet again...

9-14 amsterdam Monday

Today I arrived in Amsterdam, and after the laboruis procedure of booking myself in the Eben Hezer hostel was able to have a productive day...I went biking in rainy downpour, my last bikerride in holland. In the evening I attended a bible study at the hostel.

Tv tower in Stockholm

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