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Helen Sjoholm and Anders Ekborg

Never used logo for the possible American production

KRISTINA! -The USA production of Kristina Fran Duvemala
In 2007 Workshops were held on the possible US production of KRISTINA, which is the English language version of Kristina Fran Duvemala.  The lyrics and books to Kristina" has been reworked in English by Herbert Kretzmer, co-lyricist of "Les Miserables," and  John Weidman, who wrote the books to "Pacific Overtures" and "Assassins."
Potential financial backers found the musical too sad, and perhaps were not entirely pleased with the translation. Benny, has also stated dissapointment that they have yet to find a worthwhile American actress to play Kristina.  So instead Kristina came to America first in concert form, so as to gage interest in the musical..
The English language version of Kristina premiered on September 23, 2009 at Carnegie Hall  in New York City.It starred Helen Sjoholm.

Various Artists -Kristina at Carnegie Hall- , Universal Decca label, Planned release April 2010

This is the long awaited English language concert version of Kristina Fran Duvemala. The concert occurred on September 2009 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The concert featured Helen Sjoholm and Russell Watson. It received largely good reviews but some of the critics did not like it. Benny will produce the release of the CD version of this concert.

The concert will repeated in London on April 14, 2010. There are plans also to bring Kristina to Helsinki in 2012.

Musical numbers that were peformed at Carnegie Hall:

Act One


Path of Leaves and Needles

Where You Go I Go With You

Stone Kingdom

Down to the Sea

A Bad Harvest


He's Our Pilot


Golden Wheat Fields

All Who Are Grieving

We Open Up the Gateways

Peasants at Sea


In the Dead of Darkness

A Sunday in Battery Park


American Man

Dreams of Gold

Summer Rose

Act Two

Emperors and Kings

Twilight Images Calling

Queen of the Prairie

Wild Grass

Gold Can Turn To Sand

Wildcat Money

To the Sea

Miracle of God

Down to the Waterside


You Have To Be There

Here I Am Again

With Child Again

Rising from the Myth and Legend

I'll Be Waiting There

                   Summer Rose

Skinner/Ripley -"Raw at Town Hall" American 2cd set  December 2006
Broadway singers Emily Skinner and Alice Ripley's new duets recording — recorded live during their Oct. 21 concert at Town Hall.
It features both solos and duets and is notable for Alice Ripley's  premeire performance of "You Got to Be There". "You Got to Be There" is the English version of "Du måste finnas" from Kristina från Duvemåla". Alice Ripley was considered   for casting in possible  Broadway version of KRISTINA.
Disc One
"Two's Company" (Ripley and Skinner)
"Little Me" (Ripley and Skinner)
"I'd Rather Wake Up By Myself" (Skinner)
"Cigarette Dream"/"The Last Smoker in America" (Ripley)
"Sleepy Man" (Skinner)
"I Miss the Mountains" (Ripley)
"Every Day a Little Death" (Ripley and Skinner)
"No One Is Alone" (Skinner)
"Broadway Baby" (Ripley)
"Sisters"/"Ohio" (Ripley and Skinner)
Disc Two
"Trouble" (Ripley and Skinner)
"Poor Unfortunate Souls" (Skinner)
"You've Got to Be There" (Ripley)
"Come Up and See Me Some Time" (Skinner)
"Past My Prime" (Ripley and Skinner)
"Lazy Afternoon" (Skinner)
"She's Gone" (Ripley)
"Who Will Love Me As I Am?" (Ripley and Skinner)
"I Will Never Leave You" (Ripley and Skinner)

KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA & Sexton Favoriter Ur Kristina

"Beyond a wide ocean"


Original Cast Album for Andersson-Ulvaeus' KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA October 1996 Available on Swedish 3cd set


This is the original cast recording to the Malmo production of the musical "KRISTINA från Duvemåla ". Benny and Björn wrote the music and lyrics for this musical version of Vilhem's Moberg's classic UTVANDRARPOS. The books are known in English as THE EMIGRANTS saga.

KRISTINA is the apex of Björn and Benny's songwriting careers. KRISTINA is their most ambitious work,a very brave effort to adapt a classic Swedish book into a musical .The whole process- writing,staging, and then making the record took over five years. (the idea began germinating in Benny's mind in the Spring of 1989).

On this record ,the lengthly EMIGRANTS saga is distilled into 39 songs covering three CD's. The stage musical itself was almost four hours..It premiered on 7 October 1995 in Malmo. The cast album was released nearly a year after the first staging. The stage production moved to Stockholm in 1998, and closed in Stockholm in June 1999.
This run was shorter than a Broadway run because of the much smaller size of the Swedish
markert and because B&B wanted to keep the musical fresh. A million ticketbuyers have seen KRISTINA.


Unlike B& B's 1984 rock musical CHESS ,KRISTINA is somewhat removed from ABBA and rock n roll. Most of the songs feature a full orchestra acompianment .KRISTINA does not generally attempt to meld rock with musical forms. Still, many of the songs have rock instrumentation. Nor does, KRISTINA exactly sound like a Broadway musical. It's more like opera. Perhaps, it could best described as Swedish folk opera.

For the first time, officially, Benny and Björn's
roles have been spilt into distinct parts. On KRISTINA, Benny wrote all the music and Björn all the lyrics. Also, Benny was the sole producer of the recording. But, both Benny and Björn were involved in the production of the play itself.

This split in their roles had been evolving over time. When B&B began writing together in the 1960's both had a hand in the writing the lyrics & the music. Benny, stopped writing lyrics in the mid -seventies, leaving all the lyrics to Björn (or Stig) Benny had always given more of the music in their songwriting partnership, but Björn's musical role seem to begin to diminish significantly with ABBA's 8o's synthesizer dominated music.
In addition, by the late 1980's, Björn was no longer involved with producing the songs that he wrote with Benny.

The ABBA band and Björn do not play much of a role here musically since the music primarily is scored for an Orchestra ,not a rock band. Björn, Rutger Gunnarson, and Lasse Wallander do put in a minor appearence on the album, somewhat obscurely as The Three Boys.

Interestingly, Björn and Benny chose to write KRISTINA largely in Swedish, their first album length work together since LYCKA to be recorded in Swedish. This has meant that the musical has had a special resonance in Sweden, but this also meant that the musical is not widely known outside Sweden. Eventually, Björn is supposed to finish writing a English version of the musical so that it can be performed in America and elsewhere. But Björn has shown more interest in puttering around with Mamma Mia. Writing English lyrics to KRISTINA that are as good as the Swedish lyrics apparently is quite a daunting task.

The EMIGRANTS saga was originally told in four books written in the late 1940's and 1950's. The four parts are titled in English: THE EMIGRANTS, UNTO A GOOD LAND, THE SETTLERS, and LAST LETTER HOME. A famous film adaption of the books starring Liv Ullmann was made in the 1970's .

As a whole, the four books tell the story of band of emigrants who leave southern Sweden to move to Minnesota in about 1850. The town nearest to where the emigrants end up is called Taylor Falls. Taylor Falls ,Minnesota is an actual town on the Wisconsin Border near Minneapolis. The books spent a lot of time explaining why the Emigrants leave, a lot of time showing the hardship of the ship journey, and then the remainder of the time showing the fates that befall the former Swedes when they live in America. The lyrics in this musical version are surprisingly faithful to the original book- this isn't a " Hollywood" adaption. Only a few of the songs include things that did not occur in the books. The KRISTINA of the title is KRISTINA Nilson who was born in Duvemala. The role is played on the album by the highly likable (and previously little known) Helen Sjöholm. It is Helen's comely face that graces the stamp on the album cover.

The book of the play includes lots of dialogue and unlike CHESS ,the dramatic parts of the play are usually just as interesting as the music. However musically, KRISTINA is not quite as a interesting
a work as CHESS. KRISTINA is more conventional.
and less varied.
CHESS came off as a daring and unique score.

It is dissapointing that B&B have only had the opportunity to write two original musicals in the 20 years since Abba.Various side projects,Bjorn's moving to England, Bjorn's decreasing creative energies, delays in the productions of CHESS & KRISTINA as well as simply the lack of good ideas have all meant that B&B have not been as prolific as they might have been. So for some reason, B&B have not bothered to followup Kristina with another original musical. Instead ,Bjorn has focused mainly on Mamma Mia, Bjorn has occasionally devoted time on efforts to revive CHESS, and translate Kristina to English . Benny , spents a lot of time on his solo work, and on working with acts on his Mono record label, . It would be very surprising at this point in their lives if B&B actually were able to write a new musical at all, let alone, a musical of the quality CHESS or KRISTINA.

As impressive as KRISTINA is , it is one of Bjorn and Benny's least accessible works (at least to the non-Swede) -the length and seriousness of the musical, foreign language, and sameness of the orchestration work against it as possible international stage success.There is just an incredible amount of music involved.
The length of the musical does make it hard
to appreciate each and every song-there
is just too much music.The 39 songs presented here make this is one of the longest works ever written by popular songwriters.

Some of KRISTINA's musical numbers stand out more than others. The opening overture and the first song sung by Kristina show off immediately the influence of Swedish folk music.

On the second CD notice the juxtapostion of the Americans with emigrant Swedes in "A Sunday in Battery Park" . You actually get to hear the chorus singing in English and Swedish in counterpoint. (Three or four songs of the 39 have a smattering of English in them).
CD two closes with Helen Sjöholm singing "Min Astrakan" an incredibly powerful lament for a apple tree that closes the first act.

CD#3 has the two second act showstoppers; "Du Maste Finnas" (You must Exist"). "Du Maste..." is a song in which Kristina questions GOD's existence (try to imagine ABBA doing a song like that) .
Helen Sjöholm wrenches incredible emotion out of this song . "Du Maste Finnas" was the last song written for the musical. It is probably the best B&B song of the past fifteen years.

The other great song in the second act is
"Guldet Blev till Sand" ( Gold Turns To Sand) sung by young
Peter Jöback. Joback plays Kristina's head-strong/dreamer brother-in-law Robert. The song would proved to be a monster hit in Sweden where it set the record for the longest time on the Swedish singles chart-(nearly two years).

Anders Eljas conducted the orchestra as he
had on CHESS. Benny and Anders Eljas were the main arrangers on this album. Lars Rudolfson directed the play and cowrote the play's book with Jan Mark. The album was recorded in Malmo and in Stockholm by Bernard Lohr. Polar and Mono Studios were the primary recording studios used to record this album.

This is a challenging album to listen to and an expensive one to buy. KRISTINA is perhaps the most important of the ABBA solo records.




Album Produced by Benny Andersson, All Songs written by Andersson-Ulvaeus during 1989-1985

Engineered by Bernard Lohr

Recorded in Malmo & Stockholm Sweden, 1995 /1996

Released only in Scandinavia October 1996

 Track listing for Kristina från duvemåla with English translated title and Lead Singers

Prolog -Prologue Overture
Duvemåla Hage -The Duvemala Meadow
Min Lust Till Dej -My Lust For You
Ut Mot Ett Hav -Towards the Sea
Miss-växt -A Bad Harvest
Nej -No-
Lilla Skara Little Group
Aldrig- Never
Kom Till Mig Alla -Come To Me all
Vi Õppnar Alla Grindar- WE open the Gates

Bönder På Havet -Farmers At Sea
Löss -Lice
Stanna- Stay
Begravning Till Sjöss -Burial At Sea
A Sunday In Battery Park
Från New York Till Stillwater-From New York To Stillwater
Tänk Att Män Som Han Kan Finnas-To Think That Men Like Him Can Exist
Kamfer Och Lavendel Camphor and Lavender
Drömmen Om Guld The Dream of Gold
Min Astrakan-My Apple Tree

Överheten -
Ljusa Kvällar Om Våren-Bright Evenings in The Springtime
Präriens Drottning Prarie Queen
Jag Har Förlikat Mej Till Slut I am Reconciled to My Fate
Guldet Blev Till Sand Gold Can Turn to Sand
Wild Cat Money
Ut Mot Ett Hav
Out Towards the Sea
Vill Du Inte Gifta Dej Med Mej Do you not want to be Married to Me
Ett Herrans Underverk The Good Lords Miracle
Down To The Sacred Wave
Du Måste Finnas -You Must Exist
Skördefest -The Harvest Festival
Här Har Du Mej Igen-You Have Me Hear Again
Red Iron/Hjälp Mej Trösta-Red Iron/Help Me to Calm Him
Var Hör Vi Hemma Where Do We Call Home
I Gott Bevar In Good Keeping


Original Malmo Cast-Sexton Favoriter Ur Kristina 1999 Swedish CD

16 Favoriter Ur Kristina is a one disc abridgment
collection of some of the best songs from the
1996 3-cd KRISTINA cast album. Ten songs were chosen from the first
act and six songs were chosen from ACT II.

This was released in November 1999, about
three full years after the original three disc
set. The cover on the CD is black with 16 small stamps .

This collection is worth getting if you just want a taste of Kristina.
 Track listing:

Duvemåla Hage
Ut Mot Ett Hav
Lilla Skara
Vi Öppnar Alla Grindar

Tänk Att Män Som Han Kan Finnas
Min Astrakan

Guldet Blev Till Sand
Du Måste Finnas
Här Har Du Mej Igen
Var Hör Vi Hemma
I Gott Bevar


Michael Cain's  site that had a translation of Kristina into English  seems to be not on the web, anymore, but here are some other Kristina sites...

The official Kristina site

ABBANATIC's Kristina page detailing the first Kristina concert in America

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Ice the Site- is the best site for ABBA related theatre news

Kristina fran duvemala-an unofficial English homepage

Set drawing from the program for Kristina.

Some of the SOLO ALBUMS RECORDED by the principals of KRISTINA


Swedish singer/actor who played Robert in Kristina fran Duvemala, Peter has also released Swedish solo records. Among the songs he has recorded is a new Swedish version of "Pity The Child' with lyrics by Björn Ulvaeus.

Peter Jöback - Personliga Väl

This CD includes "pity The Child" in Swedish, and Peter's version of "Du Maste Finna

Track lisitng -Nu eller adrig, Led hans väg, Varför Gud ?, En sång om oss, Spindelkvinnans kyss, De t måste finnas bättre liv än det här/På väg, Ut mot ett hav, Jag vill inte ha nåt regn på min parad, Nåt fint som pågår/Varje dag som går, Vem ser ett barn, Ett hörn av himlen

Peter Joback-Only When I breathe September 2000 Swedish CD

New CD by the breakout star of Kristina Fran Duvemala. Features the single "Higher" , No participation by any former members of ABBA. And ,yes people do breathe most of the time!

PETER JOBACK - I Feel Good And I'm Worth It -Swedish CD Early 2002

Another new album from one of the stars of B&B's Kristina Fran Duvemala. Ths songs are inEnglish.

Track listing: She's like a butterfly/ Sinner,/Help somebody,/Freeway /My fatal love /Crying on the dance floor/This is the year/ Heal,/Northern guy/Time to get tacky/ Undress me/ I'm gonna do Peter' Joback- Jag Kommer Hem Igen Till Jul Winter 2002

Peter's Christmas Album.

Peter Joback-Det Här Är Platsen

Peter Joback with Göteborgs Symfoniker Storybook

An album of mostly American standards from the 1950's and 1960's.


Peter Joback-Only When I breathe September 2000 Swedish CD

New CD by the breakout star of Kristina Fran Duvemala. Features the single "Higher" , No participation by any former members of ABBA.

PETER JOBACK - I Feel Good And I'm Worth It Swedish CD Early 2002

Another new album from one of the stars of B&B's Kristina Fran Duvemala. Ths songs are English.

Track listing She's like a butterfly/ Sinner,/Help somebody,/Freeway /My fatal love /Crying on the dance floor/This is the year/ Heal,/Northern guy/Time to get tacky/ Undress me/ I'm gonna do

Helen Sjöholm

Helen's starred in the B&B musical Kristina Fran Duvemala and has worked with Benny on his four  Benny Andersson Orkerster albums as well as Chess Pa Svenska, and Fran Waterloo to Duvemala/

Helen Sjöholm - Visor Early 2002 Swedish CD

Finally more than six years after Helen's emergence in the B&B musical Kristina Fran Duvemala comes Her first solo album. All the songs are in Swedish. Benny Andersson plays accordion on this album.

Track listing: Allt under himmelens fäste, Horgalåten, Man borde inte sova, Vid vassen av den krökta ström, Här är gudagott att vara, Koppången, Lustvin dansar en gavott med de fem sinnena, Då väntar jag vid vägarna, Ombytlighet - vår tids gudinna, Vindarna sucka, Tusen tankar, Du som har mitt hela hjärta, Varning, Som en eld, Vårvindar friska

Helen Sjöholm & Anders Widmark Genom Varje Andetag- 2005 Swedish Cd Genom Varje Andetag

Track Listing: Sylvesters resa, Jag älskar dig, Jag har bara ögonblick, Sakta stiger solen, Genom varje andetag, Det finns något mer, Mozart och dammsugaren, Morgondans, Fastän du sover, Kärlekssång, Luffarsång, Säg mig för vems skull