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Agnetha-The Albums

Agnetha Faltskog -Her albums 1967- 2004!

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A quick look at the blond !

Agnetha Fältskog was born in Jonkoping, Sweden on April 5, 1950. She began performing as a child.
She began her recording career in late 1967 and ended it in late 1987. She retired at age 37.

Her early Swedish language records feature romantic, plaintive, pop music similiar perhaps to Connie Francis, but still in a style all her own due to the richness of her voice . Agnetha wrote many of her own songs but was better at writing music than lyrics.

Currently ,only two of Aggie's studio albums from 1967 -1975 are available on Cd but many of the songs from these early albums are available on MY LOVE MY LIFE or
other Swedish CD complimations.

Agnetha's last three solo albums were recorded in English and released throughout the world. During the the Eighties she also made Swedish language albums with each of her children.

Agnetha is loved and respected for
her incredible beauty, charming facial expressions, all-around talent and her devotion to her family.


Agnetha Fältskog-Agnetha Fältskog 1968

Agnetha Fältskog-Agnetha Faltkog-Volume 2 1969
Agnetha Fältskog-Som Jag Ar 1970

Agnetha Fältskog- Nar En Vackar Tanke Blir En Sang 1971
Original Swedish Cast -Jesus Christ Superstar 1972

Agnetha Fältskog-Basta 1973
Agnetha Fältskog-Elva Kvinnor I ett Hus rel. 1975

Agnetha Fältskog-Tio Ar Med 1979
Agnetha & Linda-Nu Tandas Tusen Julejus 1980

Agnetha Fältskog-Wrap Your Arms Around Me 1983
Agnetha Fältskog-Eyes of A Woman 1985

Agnetha Fältskog-Sjung Denna Sang 1986
Agnetha & Christian -Kom Folj Med I var Karusell- 1987

Agnetha Fältskog-I Stand Alone 1987

Agnetha Fältskog-Estoy Sola 1987 Argentinan Lp

Agnetha & Frida- The Voice of Abba 1994
Agnetha Fältskog-Geh Mit Gott 1994
Various Artists -Julens Musik 1994
Various Artists -Polars Roliga Timme 1994
Agnetha Björn Benny Annifrid-Pa Svenska 1999

Agnetha Fältskog-My Love,My Life 1996
Agnetha Fältskog-That's Me 1998

Agnetha Fältskog-SVENSKTOPPAR 1998 Swedish CD

a listing of Agnetha swedish singles


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