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This is the website to find reviews and
information about every album ABBA
released either as a group or as solo artists.
Included are reviews of their often overlooked
Swedish language releases. Well over 150
albums are reviewed.

Visit Section One for reviews of ABBA's main
albums or to find reviews of reviews of ABBA reissues and complimations.

For reviews of solo artists work visit
the career overview section (SECTION TWO)
Some of the more important solo
albums have their own special pages (SECTION THREE)
In Section four,You can find any album reviewed on on this site in our album index.

You can find recently issued albums in Section Five!

All known studio albums are included,but not every
complimation album.
Non-official albums (Bootlegs) are not included but
unreleased songs are discussed in relation to the
albums they were left off!

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SECTION ONE:Reviews of ABBA's albums as a group!


1973 ABBA-Ring Ring

1974 ABBA-Waterloo

1975 ABBA -ABBA's 1975 studio album

1975/1976 ABBA-Greatest Hits and The Best of

1977 ABBA-Arrival

1977/1978 ABBA-The Album

1979 ABBA Voulez-Vous and Greatest Hits Volume 2

1980 ABBA-Super Trouper

1981 ABBA-The Visitors

1982 and beyond ABBA- The Singles (1982 sessions), & Reunions

1986-ABBA's Live album and other live recordings

ABBA-1980's Complimations and Reissues

1990's ABBA's 1990's complimation albums and reissues including ABBA GOLD!

ABBA-ORO,GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA.The Spanish and other foreign language recordings.

1994 THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC and other ABBA boxsets and multi-disc collections

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

A recent photo of Frida with the Queen of Sweden!

ABBA -A very long one page scroll guide to ABBA's albums

Section 2: Solo work and Related albums

Agnetha Faltskog Solo career (1967-2001)

Anni-Frid ("Frida")Lyngstad Solo Career (1967-2001)

Bjorn Ulvaeus and The Hootenanny Singers

Benny Andersson and The Hep Stars

Bjorn and Benny's works together outside ABBA (including musicals etc.)

Benny Andersson's solo albums

Tribute albums and albums by ABBA cover bands

ABBA-Related artists and session players


Bjorn and Benny's musical-Kristina Fran Duvemala

Bjorn,Benny and Tim Rice's musical-CHESS

Agnetha Faltskog's classic 1975 solo album Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus

Frida's English solo albums SOMETHING'S GOING ON and SHINE

Agnetha's English solo albums, Wrap Your Arms..., Eyes Of A Woman and I Stand Alone

Bjorn and Benny's work with Gemini

Benny and Bjorn's work with Josefin Nilsson and Ainbusk!

The Hep Stars classic 1966 self titled album

The Hootenanny Singers's Best of Album called BASTA!

Frida's best of collection for 1967-1972

Agnetha's English language hits collection called THAT'S ME

Agnetha's career overview collection called My Love, My Life

Frida's 1975 solo album, Frida Ensam

ABBACADABRA, The first musical to use Bjorn and Benny's music.

Frida-Djupa Andetag 1996

London Cast album, for MAMMA MIA

SECTION 4 Index and ranking of all albums on
this website.

Links and Index to all albums on this site

SECTION FIVE: Current Releases !

Recent ABBA,solo or ABBA related releases and reissues!

SECTION SIX : Links etc...


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