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Annie Sofie Von Otter and Elvis Costello-For The Stars

This album includes a cover of ABBA's "Like An Angel Passing
Through My Room". Benny Andersson plays piano on that track
and accordion on a another track. The album is listenable,
tasteful, but perhaps a trifle boring.

Track listing FOR THE STARS

1.. No Wonder
2. Baby Plays Around
3. Go Leave
4. Rope
5. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
6. Broken Bicycles / Junk
7. The Other Woman
8. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
9. Green Song
10. April After All
11. You Still Believe In Me
12. I Want To Vanish
13. For No One
14. Shamed Into Love
15. Just A Curio
16. This House Is Empty Now
17. Take It With Me
18. For The Stars

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