ABBA's middle period 1976-1979.

1976 began with ABBA on the top of world music charts. ABBA continued to be a dominant artists on the world charts through mid 1981.However by 1979 ABBA's innocence and smiles were starting to be in short supply.


In 1976 ABBA became the leading record sellers on the European continent, the British Isles , and Australia.

ABBA-Greatest Hits 1975 and 1976 Released on Cd worldwide, but phased out
ABBA -THE VERY BEST OF ABBA 1976 German 2lp set

Jerry Williams -Kick Down April 1976 Out of print CD 1990
ABBA-Arrival 1976 Available worldwide on CD
Svenne & Lotta-Letters 1976 Swedish Lp out of print

ABBA-All About ABBA- Spring 1976 Japanese Lp

Ted Gardestad --Franska Kort 1976 Swedish CD

Michael B. Tretow -LET'S BOOGIE 1976 (Released on CD January 1999)

ABBA-Greatest Hits 1976 released internationally, Revised Swedish version 1976 Sweden.. Released on Cd worldwide, but phased out

This album is where ABBA broke through worldwide on the album charts. This album
would precede to go platinum seemingly everywhere it was released, including America.

This was only ABBA's third album released in many parts of the world and it would come only 22 months after their Eurovision victory with "Waterloo". It was released in late 1975 in Sweden,but in early 1976 most other places.

Although a GREATEST HITS collection might have seemed premature, with "Fernando" ABBA was already releasing it's eleventh song that was a hit somewhere.(some songs were hits in different territories.)

In Sweden and a few other territories , the
cover featured a green/bluish drawing
of the members of ABBA as animal life.
In the rest of the world the cover would feature a now famous photo
of the two ABBA couples. Benny and Frida-
the unmarried couple were kissing, Agnetha
and Björn ,the married couple ,were being
distant to each other.

GREATEST HITS featured five songs from
the RING RING album, three songs from the WATERLOO album
and five songs drawn from ABBA.

GREATEST HITS had only one new song
the legendary "Fernando" . "Fernando" was ABBA's first successful ballad hit. It had been originally written in Swedish for the FRIDA ENSAM album, but a English language version with both Frida & Agnetha singing was prepared for release by ABBA. The song seems both over exposed and fresh at the same time. The intro and flute still can bring chills to the spine.

The special intro helped made this first ABBA song to exceed four minutes in length.

During the songwriting process, "Fernando "had emerged as a Swedish tango ,but had soon developed a ersatz Mexican feel. The chorus to the song is probably
the ABBA hit that is easiest to sing along to.

The earliest versions of GREATEST HITS in Sweden didn't have "Fernando" ,but
all the later pressings did. Sadly, with the release of ABBA Gold,
GREATEST HITS has been phased out.

track listing for ABBA's Greatest Hits


He Is Your Brother

Ring Ring

Hasta Manana(not in most territories)

Nina Preety Ballerina

Honey Honey

So Long

  IDo,I Do,I Do,I Do,I Do,I Do

People Need Love


Another Town, Another Train

Mammia Mia

Dance (While the music still goes on)


Fernando (on later additions)

Ted Gardestad --Franska Kort Early to Mid 1976 Swedish CD
Produced by Benny, Ted Gardestad, Michael Tretow & Björn .Frida sings backing vocals and B&B play on it.

The fourth Ted album on the Polar label, it was the last album of his that B&B had major involvement on.

Bjorn and Benny would forgo outside production work for the next three years...

Jerry Williams -Kick Down April 1976 Out of print CD 1990

A Swedish performer with a long musical career...

This out of print album was Released on the Sonet label, and produced by ABBA friend/live engineer Claes Af Geijerstam, ABBA band members play on the record album The album includes songs by Claes, by Stealers Wheel, Traffic, Gene Pitney and ABBA.. This was the first released version of " Rikky Rock"N"Roller" to appear on record....












ABBA-All About ABBA- May 1976 Japanese Lp

This album was a compilation released only in Japan.. ABBA were not mega huge in Japan, though they did well enough, especially after their 1980 tour.. This was their first album to make the Japanese record charts....

1. Mamma Mia
2. Honey, Honey
3. Another Town, Another Train
4. Waterloo
5. Ring Ring
6. Hasta Mañana
7. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)

8. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
9. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
10. What About Livingstone
11. S.O.S.
12. I Am Just A Girl
13. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother
14. People Need Love

ABBA-GOLDEN DOUBLE ALBUM May 1976 French 2Lp set

This was among the first double albums released by ABBA. The tracks are drawn from the Ring Ring, Waterloo, and ABBA albums Indeed this is Preety much the same album as the later THE VERY BEST OF ABBA. Basically, the same exact tracks-but hte French version had a different title.. A cassette version of this album actually had a French title-La Cassette d'Or.

ABBA -THE VERY BEST OF ABBA August 1976 German 2lp set

Polydor issued this 24 track two Lp greatest hits set in Germany, the Netherlands ,Austria and a few other places-it drawed on tracks from the Ring Ring, Waterloo, and ABBA albums. It also included "Fernando" This was among the first double albums released by ABBA. This was issued on CD in a reduced version with only 20 songs. This album was released in August 1976.

 1. Ring Ring
2. So Long
3. Sitting In The Palmtree
4. Suzy-Hang-Around
5. Hasta Mañana
6. S.O.S.7. Mamma Mia
8. Tropical Loveland
9. Rock Me
10. Love Isn't Easy
11. People Need Love
12. Intermezzo No. 1
 1. Fernando Do
2. My Mama Said
3. What About Livingstone)
4. Hey, Hey Helen
5. Honey, Honey
6. Bang-A-Boomerang7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
8. Nina, Pretty Ballerina
9. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
11. I've Been Waiting For You
12. Waterloo

 *****ABBA-Arrival October 1976 in Sweden (later other territories ) Available worldwide on CD

Was ABBA at it's peak here? Quite possibly! This is a very strong pop album. There are few studio albums in pop music that are so filled with catchy listenable hooks . ARRIVAL's only flaw is that many of the songs lack emotional depth. This was the first of the ABBA studio albums
to sell in large quantities in a large variety of territories.

This album featured three big hits. "Dancing Queen' , ABBA's first nod
toward Disco was probably ABBA 's biggest hit worldwide (it hit # 1 in the most
countries). This elegant single was ABBA's only #1 hit in America.
"Dancing Queen' was even sung to
Sweden's queen in a Royal Command Performance. "Knowing Me, Knowing You" was ABBA's first single (with the possible exception of
"Fernando' )that had lyrics that were as
good as the music. The troubled relationship
theme was one that would prove to be important theme for later ABBA songs.The vocals of "KMKY" seemed derivative perhaps of the 1960's American group,the Mamas and The Papas ,but the guitar in KWKY was playing a melody that could only have been dreamt up by Europeans.
Oh and did I mention the bass guitar...
Well,"KMKY is just a great record.
ARRIVAL's third single was "Money,Money, Money". Björn admits that MoneyX3 uses a lyrical theme that had already been done one too many times, but Frida's jazzy caberet singing brings it off with verve.

All the other songs are highly listenable, the album opens with "When I Kissed The Teacher" an amazing example of B&B's and
their bands' ability to come up with original
arrangements-12 string guitars, basses,
keyboards all come at you from surprising places." My Love, My Life" was one of ABBA's sweetest ballads and best melodies.
"Why Did To HAve to Be Me' is amongst
the msot enjoyable of the songs with Björn
in the lead. "Tiger" is a good rock number
elevated by it's lovely soft bridge.
"Dum Dum Diddle" is quite dumb but also incredibly hooky. "That's Me" (also on the b-side to "Dancing Queen") is a great showcase for cool, smooth A&A harmonies.

ARRIVAL's ' closer was also the title track , it's a instrumental though it does have backing vocals. It's very effective, even if to some it seemed out of place. ARRIVAL is ABBA's best pop album, although artistically it's not their best.

had not been on any previous additions of this album.

1. When I Kissed The Teacher; 2. Dancing Queen; 3. My Love, My Life; 4. Dum Dum Diddle; 5.Knowing Me, Knowing You. 6. Money, Money, Money; 7. That's Me; 8. Why Did It Have To Be Me; 9. Tiger; 10. Arrival;

BONUS TRACKS FOUND ON 2001 remaster....

extra tracks: 11. Fernando; 12. Happy Hawaii

Svenne & Lotta-Letters Late 1976 Swedish Lp out of print

Includes B&B's disco song -"Funky Feet" and English version of B&B's 1971 song-"Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung "which here is called "If We only Had the Time"

Michael B. Tretow -LET'S BOOGIE September 1976 Swedish & British Lp release (Released on CD January 1999)

Agnetha plays piano!

This album is famous for featuring all of the members of ABBA and their band in the roles of sideman to the incredibly silly -Michael B. Tretow(ABBA engineer and resident comedian,)Agnetha, Björn , Benny and the Abba band play on this album and Agnetha, Frida and Karin Glenmark sing backing vocals, it's a very funny album The albums' title implies that this is a disco album but it's not-it's an album of humourous songs inspired by singers like the Coasters. Most of the songs have

funny lyrics or at least funny singing. The album's main flaw is that Micke
can't sing, or rather he sings too much. But he is funny.

This would have been even more listenable album if Micke had Agnetha & Frida, hell, even Björn sing lead on a few of the songs. Until it's recent and much belated release on Cd , this album had been one of th

1999 CD Version track lisitng

Lets Boogie / Paper Dolls / Robot Man / Bottom Coming Up / Brief Intermission / Moonbeams / I Can See What You Mean / That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles / Sandwich / Hesitating Hanna / Brief Intermisson /  Keep Your Hands to Yourself / Doc McGurgles etc. /  Buy Buy Buy /  He Can´t Sing/


1977 saw ABBA 's world tour, and ended with the release of ABBA the Album in Sweden. ABBA the Movie premiered in December.

Do Snickers really taste better than Milky Way bars?

Nashville Train -Play ABBA OUR WAY 1977 Swedish LP

Abba-Live 77 1977 Swedish Flexi-disc

ABBA-ABBA's Greatest Hits-24 Fall 1977 Japanese 2lp set.

Debbie Boone -You Light Up My Life- Late 1977 Out of print American LP

*ABBA-The Album Released December 1977 (Sweden)and Early 1978 (rest of world)Available worldwide on CD

Nashville Train -Play ABBA OUR WAY April 1977 Swedish LP

This album features 11 ABBA covers, and Nashville Train's version of "Please Change Your Mind". a rare country tune writtten by B&B that was used near the beginning of ABBA-THE MOVIE. (the scene with Kangaroos) Nashville Train features Rutger Gunnarsson and Roger Palm, both members of ABBA's studio band as well as Hasse Rose & Lasse Westmann. Lasse sings most of the lead vocals.

  Ring, Ring   
Why Did It Have To Be Me   
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  
People Need Love   
Honey, Honey   
I've Been Waiting For You
 Please Change Your Mind   
Hasta Mañana   
Fernando    Another Town, Another Train   
I Am Just A Girl   

ABBA-ABBA's Greatest Hits-24 October 1977 Japanese 2lp set.

Yes it's a 24 song ABBA compilation album,!!The Japs were already back with another ABBA compilation album . They named this ABBA album after the Kiefer Sutherland show 25 years before the classic TV show , 24 even existed..

.Abba-Live 77 December 1977 Swedish Flexi-disc

Abba put out this four song flexi-disc (essentially a floppy plastic 45)-for school children.

five edited live tracks -Fernando, Rock Me,Why Did It Have to Be me,Money Money money and ,Waterloo are included...For whatever reason this particular live mix has not been rereleased, ..

Debbie Boone -You Light Up My Life- Late 1977 Out of print American LP

This generally underwhelming debut album features Debbie's huge1977 American Hit "You Light Up My Life" and a cover of ABBA's song "Hasta Manana" . Debbie was Pat Boone's daughter,sadly or not-her career faded after this album...This album is available on not available CD currently. Her version of "Hasta Manana' was also the b-side of the ""You Light Up My Life" single.

Abba-Live 77 December 1977 Swedish Flexi-disc

Abba put out this four song flexi-disc (essentially a floppy plastic 45)-for school children.

five edited live tracks -Fernando, Rock Me,Why Did It Have to Be me,Money Money money and ,Waterloo are included...For whatever reason this particular live mix has not been rereleased, ..

*****ABBA-The Album Released December 1977 (Sweden)and Early 1978 (rest of world)Available worldwide on CD

It is interesting, that at the heighth of
ABBA's worldwide popularity they ended up
recording their first more "serious" album.
ABBA-THE ALBUM was the album tied in with ABBA-THE MOVIE their only theatrical
movie release. Many,but not all of the songs on the album can be heard in some form in the movie.

THE ALBUM, though .it has only nine songs
has the richest and most colorful production work
of all the ABBA albums. The songs vary considerably in subject, tempo,
and instrumentation but none of the songs
seem out of place.

Where, THE ALBUM fares less well in comparision to the albums that bookend
it (ARRIVAL & VOULEZ-VOUS) is in the fun department. Only two or three
songs here are liable to cheer you up. This album was also lacking somewhat in the singles department-only two of the songs were worldwideTop Ten hits-Not very impressive compared to the albums that bookend it. (Eagle and "Thank You For
The music" were only hits in some places).

"Take A Chance on ME " was the one song most in line with ABBA's primary
mission of providing great pop singles to the world. "TACOM" is a textbook case on how to make a record. It's almost ,but not quite saved from sounding a bit too much like a well oiled machine by Agnetha's singing and the very fresh sounding acapella introduction.

The "Name of the Game" is not a great song
but it's a masterwork of arrangement.
You never know where they are going with this.There are elements of funk, at times rock, gospel, and at times it's stately Europop ,and when the horns come in near the end you are reminded of the Beatles' "Penny Lane".
The best bit on the song again is once
again the acapella part. The middle of
the song has been badly butchered on some
of the edited releases of this song.

"One Man , One Woman' was another song
about relationships in trouble , but unlike
most of the ABBA songs on this theme ,
this song ends with the sentiment that "It's never too late for changing'. You dont
really pay as much attention as you might to the rich backing vocals because Frida's lead vocal handles the lyrics so well.

On this album, ABBA seem to do things that even they dont seem to realize were counter to the stereotypical view some had of them. "Eagle" is a daring opening gambit, at nearly six minutes it was ABBA's longest song. Agnetha & Frida sing above a majestic, if somewhat droning-Hendrix with Morricone with Spectre sound salad.
"Eagle" wasn't a song you could hum to, but
you could put the headphones on and fly along (at the end the Eagle literally flys
from one speaker to the other and back).

"Move On", puts some people off with Björn's spoken prologue , Some people also might not find it's searching lyrics convincing,either, but for ABBA lyrics they
are preety good. In "Move On" a powerful
bass riff drives the song's stirring chorus. When A&F sing "Like a roller in the ocean musically it sounds very much like a powerful wave. Listen for the "la la la's"
and other background vocals and see how
they are mixed at varying sound levels
to help create a wall of sound.

"Hole in Your Soul" joins the distant
influences of 1960's Girl Group music with
Europop to create a quirky,fun tune.
The "paint your world and use all colors"
bridge harkens back to a similiar section in
"Tiger .The low male voice chorus on "it's got to be rock roll to fill the hole in your soul"does little of value for the song.
The opening riffs of "HIYS"
were used in the opening credits to ABBA-The movie.

A novel three song "mini-musical" closes
THE ALBUM. "The Girl with The Golden
Hair" was tried out live on the 1977 tour.When done live the mini-musical also included a narrator, incidental music, blonde wigs for the girls, and fourth song appearing at the end called "Get on the Carusoul". "Get on the Carusoul" remained unreleased but it was no great loss not having it on THE ALBUM.

A lot of the mini -musical can be seen in ABBA-THE MOVIE. On the album,the songs are arranged in a more formal orchestral manner instead of the theatrical approach favored in the live performences.

"Thank You For the Music" has become ABBA signature song even though
it was only belatedly released as a single.
It probably doesn't deserve such stature,
but it sums up ABBA better than something
like "Dancing Queen". The song has a great
keyboard riff at 1:53 into the song.

"I wonder' was one of ABBA's more serious-
some might say more boring numbers.The arrangement for this is surprisingly orchestral,it along with "Move On" and "Name of the Game" were Stig Anderson last lyrics for official release. All of the lyrics for ABBA's subsequent songs were written by Björn.

"I'm a Marionette' despite the awkward lyric
has a theme that suggests there is something wrong with seeking music stardom, kind of ironic considering that conquering the world often seemed to be the only thing that ABBA cared about.The opening bass riff and the two guitar solo add considerably to "Marionette's" impact.

1. Eagle; 2. Take A Chance On Me; 3. One Man, One Woman; 4. The Name Of The Game; 5. Move On; 6. Hole In Your Soul; "The Girl With The Golden Hair" - 3 scenes from a mini-musical - 7. Thank You For The Music; 8. I Wonder (Departure); 9. I'm A Marionette

2001 remaster extra track: 10. Thank You For The Music (Doris Day mix) (new bonus track)


ABBA -The Album was released in most territories and the non-album track "Summer Night City" came out mid-year.. Frida and Benny finally bothered to get married...ABBA backlash begins in Australia..ABBA rested a little....

ABBA-El album- 1978 Argentina LP

ABBA-ABBA - The Movie August 1978 Japan Cassette Tape

ABBA-El Gran Show 1978 Peru/Uruguay 2lp set

ABBA-UM Novo Espaco PAra A Musica 1978 Brazil Lp

Franck Pourcel ­ Franck Pourcel recontre ABBA -1978 French Lp

Wellander & Ronader-Wellander & Ronander 1978 Swedish Lp

ABBA -Non album single -Summer Night City/Medley

Ulf Lundell - Nådens År 1978 reissued on CD in 2004?

ABBA-El album- Early 1978 Argentina LP

The Album was called El Album in Argentina.... Benny was still Benny. Some of ABBA's other studio album titles were translated to the local equivelent, but I haven't listed all of these. Of course,none of the tracks are actually sung in Swedish, even though two of the songs-"Thank You For The Music" and "Move On" would recorded in Spanish in 1980..

ABBA-ABBA - The Movie August 1978 Japan Cassette Tape

Strangley , ABBA -The Movie did not really have a soundtrack album-and so the Japanese attempted to rectify this by issuing a cassette compilation of ABBA songs, some of whcih are actually found in the found in the movie...Taiwan released also tried something similiar...

Side 1:

Hole In Your Soul/ Tiger /SOS /Ring Ring /Money, Money, Money/,He Is Your Brother/Intermezzo no. 1/Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)/Waterloo/Hasta Mañana /Rock Me

Side 2:

1. Happy HawaiiI/'ve Been Waiting For You/The Name Of The Game/Why Did It Have To Be Me/Fernando/Dancing Queen/Gonna Sing You My Lovesong/So Long/Thank You For The Music
Released on MC Japan 1978.

ABBA-El Gran Show 1978 Peru/Uruguay 2lp set

Down in deepest South America, they also put something of a soundtrack to ABBA-The Movie...

ABBA-Um Novo Espaco Para A Musica 1978 Brazil Lp

Another 14 track collection with tracks compiling tracks from 1973-1977. .

Also known as DISCO DE OURO

1. Ring Ring
2. Watch Out
3. S.O.S.
4. Honey, Honey
5. That's Me
6. When I Kissed The Teacher
7. Money, Money, Money


8. Fernando
9. Hasta Mañana
10. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
11. Knowing Me, Knowing You
12. Arrival
13. Mamma Mia
14. Dancing Queen

ABBA-Summer Night City Non-album single September 1978

ABBA felt it necessary to put out a new single (with new material ) in the Fall of 1978..

This was done partly because ABBA had gone a unusually long time without releasing a single,it least in most territories. THE ALBUM had really only produced two worldwide hits . So people were getting antsy for some new material. And for the first time ABBA had trouble producing the goods...

So B&B worked on getting a song ready, that song would be "Summer Night City" . It was a nod in the disco direction , Björn sings along with the girls on it,. B&B had trouble getting a good mix of the song together, the mix that was released left out a elegant introduction. Originally the song was to end up on what turned out to be the 1979 Voulez-Vous album-but it too long for ABBA to finish that album...
"Summer Night City' would not be put on a album till GREATEST HITS II came out.

For some reason, "Summer Night City" was not released in the USA as a single, which was sign of things to come...Many of ABBA's post 1978 singles would do poorly in the USA or not even see release.

The B-side was a three song medley of folk-songs, originally recorded and released (only in Germany) in 1975.

Franck Pourcel ­ Franck Pourcel recontre ABBA -1978 French Lp

There is a claim on the web, that ABBA members played or sang on this album but i dont know that to be true.... The album cover does include a pciture of ABBA meeting Frack-but accoridng to one website-the expression on the faces of the ABBA members is "doubtful".

I wonder (departure)
Dancing queen
Hole in your soul
The name of the game
I do I do I do I do I do
Eagle (spelled "Eagles" on album)
Money money money
Knowing me, knowing you

Thank you for the music

Wellander & Ronader-Wellander & Ronander 1978 Swedish Lp

ABBA lead guitarist , Lasse Wellander works with guitarist Mats Ronader on this album which does not feature ABBA members.. An album on released on Polar records . Ronader sings I believe, Mats Ronander played guitar on the 1979 ABBA tour but didn't play on ABBA records other than ABBA LIVE. Mats also released a mumber solo albums on the Polar label and appears on Polar's Tribute to ABBA Cd.

Ulf Lundell - Nådens År April 1978 reissued on CD in 2004?

Agnetha sings on this album on one track...It's hard to tell it's her singing -so it's not worth seeking out....

The recent Cd version of this includes two bonus tracks...
Nådens år, Snön faller och vi med den (incl. Agnetha !), Höga hästar, Natten har sitt sätt, Den lille landstrykaren, Kärlekens hundar, Warum all this black stuff ?, Prärien igen, Sonjas vals, Kitsch, Vit flagg, Tisdag morgon, Ack blake, käre blace


1979 brought the first leg of ABBA's last concert tour and the divorce of Bjorn and Agnetha.

Varous Artists-A gift of Song 1979 Released on lp in some territories
ABBA-Voulez vous 1979 Available on CD worldwide
ABBA-Greatest Hits Vol. 2 1979 Released worldwide on CD but phased out.

ABBA-Voulez -Vous Spanish version Mid 1979 Lp
ABBA-GRANDES EXITOS Volume 2 1979 Released on Lp
Agnetha Fältskog-Tio Ar Med 1979 Available on Swedish Cd

Anders Dahl -Anders Dahl And His Magic Strings Play ABBA Mid to Late 1979 Lp

Finn Kalvik-1979: KOM UT KOM FRAM 1979 Swedish LP

ABBA & Stikkan .Sång till Görel (private release 12 inch single ) June 1979

Hootenanny Singers -Nya Vindar 1979 Out of print Swedish Lp

***ABBA-Voulez vous April 1979 Available on CD worldwide

This may be ABBA's most controversial album. No doubt, this is due to the high octane disco content found here. People wondered if ABBA were just following a trend rather then setting one.The jump from THE ALBUM to VOULEZ -Vous is a particularly jarring one. The two albums seem to have little in common. One album is poetry the other is motion!

It was probably a reasonable idea ,in retrospect for the group that did "Dancing Queen" to try their hand at more dance music.Certainly ,recording dance music was a sound idea commercially and commercial pop music was what ABBA was about.

VOULEZ VOUS had the largest number of successful British singles of any ABBA album.
It's was not totally clear that ABBA had it in them to make a good dance record, after all they were the whitest people in the music business. To try to make things more legit they recorded the instrumental backing for the title track in Miami at the famous disco studios Criteria. The rest of the tracks were recorded in Stockholm ,mostly
at their new Polar Studios. The best of the disco numbers is probably
"If it wasn't for the nights" , "As good as new", and "The King has lost his Crown" are elegant disco.The highly rythmic , "Lovers Live a little Longer' is sunk by a stupid lyric.

Three other songs have some disco elements but are not really disco. "Does Your Mother Know "features Björn as the lead vocalist ,the lyric isn't that bad-but this song just doesn't do it
for most people. It's b-side was "Kisses of Fire" has a great intro by Aggie but once again bad lyrics make the song seem slightly ordinary.
I like "Angeleyes" a rare three part harmony between Björn and the Girls , it provides a healthy dose of ABBA's trademark "a-ha's ".
VOULEZ VOUS had two ballads one on each side,one great , one not so great. "I have a Dream"has an annoying children choir on it, and the lyrics seem a little cheesy. However .Frida manages to wring some honest emotion out of the song,(especially on the live versuion) and like "Chiquiitta", IHAD has some crisp guitar and piano work. "Chiquittia" does seem a little out of place on this album , but it one's of ABBA's best ballads. It's powerfully sung, has well executed lyrics, spine tingling crisp guitar work and uplifting piano work.
"Chiquitita was the biggest of the five songs that were hits from the Voulez Vous.

VOULEZ VOUS had the second largest number of successful worldwide singles of any ABBA album.
I personally rank Voules-Vous as my sixth favorite
ABBA studio album, but my opinion is somewhat harsher than the many folks, who love this

1. As Good As New; 2. Voulez-Vous; 3. I Have A Dream; 4. Angeleyes; 5. The King Has Lost His Crown; 6. Does Your Mother Know; 7. If It Wasn't For The Nights; 8. Chiquitita; 9. Lovers (Live A Little Longer); 10. Kisses Of Fire

2001 remaster bonus tracks: 11. Summer Night City; 12. Lovelight; 13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight (new bonus track)

ABBA-Voulez -Vous Spanish version Mid 1979 Lp

According to the Spanish version of the Voulez-Vous album included the Spanish version of Chiquitita. The Spanish version of I have A dream had yet to be recorded at the time of this release.

ABBA & Stikkan .Sång till Görel (private release 12 inch single ) June 1979

Privately released 12 inch single given in June 1979 as a tribute to Polar Vp Ms. Gorel Hanser, and a very good record,worthy of release. It features the only time that we get to hear Stig sing on a ABBA record.. It is sung in Swedish , and is the only song found on the disc...

**Various Artists-A gift of Song June 1979 Released on lp in some territories

ABBA gave the song publishing rights for "Chiquitita "to Unicef (the UN children's agency) . This album was drawn from a special concert given at the UN General Assembly . The concert held at the UN building in New York in January 1979. Other artists to perform included Kris Kristofferson, John
Denver, Donna Summer, Andy Gibb, Olivia Newton-John ..Elton John was going to perform but was a no show. The BEE GEES who along with David Frost and Robert Stigwood were the promoters of the idea. Supposedly it was going to happen every year ,but only a few other
songs were given to MUSIC FOR UNICEF. Unlike some of the other acts-ABBA actually lipsynched "Chiquitia" " for the show, which was certainly a less than gutsy approach but because "Chiquitita" was totally new song it was less noticable. ABBA didn't release "Chiquitita" as a single at
this point in America even though the concert was held in New York (at the UN) and was shown on American TV in primetime.

The lp features ABBA's studio recording of Chiquitita" coupled with the clapping of the
audience.This album was not a big seller and was never released on CD.



The album also includes some of the short intros to the songs done by Gilda Radner and others....

Hootenanny Singers -Nya Vindar Mid 1979 Out of print Swedish Lp

The Hootz made this studio album without Björn who had permanently left the group in 1974. The group had continued without Björn , though Björn and Benny did appear with the group at a Vastervik folk festival concert in 1977.

The group somehow ended up with four members again. The two new members supposedly were guitarist /singer Martin Rinaldi and Eoin Clancy. The songs were mostly Swedish-with the exception of a version of "Greensleeves". The title track was written by Mats Paulson, it has shown up on some of the later compilations. The group also released a track in 1979 on the "VisFestivalen i Västervik 1979 a Polar album that featured songs from a Vasterik folk festival that Hansi has helped organize ever since.


Nya Vindar
Morgon På Kungsholmen
Brittisk Ballad
Frida I Vårtstädningen
En Sjömansvisa
Beatrice Aurore
Det Var En Lördsafton
Natt Mot Morgon
Som Blommar Dör


Anders Dahl -Anders Dahl And His Magic Strings Play ABBA Mid to Late 1979 Lp

Another one of Polar record label tributes to ABBA...Anders Dahl did a few string arrangements for Abba and also played violin on some of their records...Oh and by the way-what in the name of Bjron Borg are "Magic Strings"????


2. ROCK ME  
4. I WONDER (Departure)  

 1. LOVERS (Live A Little Longer)  
6. SO LONG  

Finn Kalvik- KOM UT KOM FRAM Mid 1979 Swedish LP

This album was produced by Benny his first major outside production work outside of ABBA in three years,

Finn Kalvik is a Norwegian singer who released a few albums on the Polar label,

Agnetha Fältskog-Tio Ar Med September 1979 Available on Swedish Cd

This is the most concise compilation of Agnetha's Swedish language music. It has a elegant cover photo of Aggie looking a bit more mature, even though she was still only 29 years old... I think this is the first time her trademark blonde hair is tied back on a cover. This includes fifteen songs drawn from each of her first six Swedish albums as well as one new song recorded in 1979 called "Nar Du Tar Mej I Din Famn" (the same song was released in 1998 in a English version called "Queen of Hearts") The original LP had a gatefold sleeve with a separate paragraph( in Swedish) and photo describing each song as well as lyrics for the songs. This is a lovely collection...

Jag var så kär
Utan dej, mitt liv går vidare

Allting har förändrat sej
Framför svenska sommaren
Om tårar vore guld
En sång och en saga
Många gånger än

Dröm är dröm och saga saga
Vart skall min kärlek föra?
Så glad som dina ögon
En sång om sorg och glädje

Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag

När du tar mej i din famn

 ***ABBA-Greatest Hits Vol. 2 October 1979 Released worldwide on CD but phased out.

Released to coincide with ABBA's 1979-80 world tour. GREATEST HITS II sported
a ugly gray album cover. Two non-album
tracks made their album debuts on this album along. In addition,12 songs were compiled from VOULEZ-VOUZ,THE ALBUM, ARRIVAL and ABBA(1 song)."Summer Night City" a non album single originally released in Fall 1978 saw it's
it's first album release and first American release here. One totally
new song was slated to be recorded for the album and ABBA went back into the studio in Summer of 1979 to record "Gimme Gimme Gimme" . "GimmeX3" like "As good As New" has a pseudo classical intro.The result is one of their best disco numbers . In 2005 "GimmeX3" was sampled by Madonna for her single-"Hung Up".

 *Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!-VOULEZ-VOUS

* Knowing Me, Knowing You-THE ALBUM

* Take A Chance On Me-THE ALBUM

* Money, Money, Money-ARRIVAL

* Rock Me-ABBA


* Angeleyes-VOULEZ-VOUS

 * Dancing Queen-ARRIVAL

* Does Your Mother Know-VOULEZ-VOUS

* Chiquitita--VOULEZ-VOUS

* Summer Night City-(first lp appearence)

* I Wonder (Departure)-THE ALBUM

* The Name of the Game-THE ALBUM

* Thank You For The Music-The ALBUM

ABBA-GRANDES EXITOS Volume 2 Late 1979 Released on Lp

This was Greatest Hits Volume 2 as it was released in some Spanish speaking markets. It uses the same ugly grey cover as Hits 2 but has the Spanish versions of "I Have A Dream" and "Chiquitita" instead of the "I wonder" and the English version of" Chiquitita"

The Spanish version of the two songs were recorded separatedly and prior to the other Spanish tracks found on GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA.
" Thus, this was perhaps, the first album to feature mulitple Spanish language ABBBA recordings.

 *Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!-single

* Knowing Me, Knowing You-THE ALBUM

* Take A Chance On Me-THE ALBUM

* Money, Money, Money-ARRIVAL

* Rock Me-ABBA


* Angeleyes-VOULEZ-VOUS

 * Dancing Queen-ARRIVAL

* Does Your Mother Know-VOULEZ-VOUS

* Chiquitita-Spanish version single

* Summer Night City-(single)

* The Name of the Game-THE ALBUM

* Estoy Sonado-Spanish version single

* Thank You For The Music-The ALBUM

 ABBA's later period 1980-1982

ABBA's last three years as a recording act featured a more adult,more autobiographical songwriting. Agnetha and Frida also sang a lot more as soloists on ABBA's records,and musically Benny's synthesizer began to dominate. The divorces of the group members helped lead to the end of the group. Being members of ABBA was not as much fun anymore!

By 1983 both Agnetha and Frida resumed their solo careers. Bjorn and Benny began working with lyricist Tim Rice on the musical CHESS.


1980 brought ABBA's least disliked album-Super Trouper as well as a full length Spanish language album...ABBA also played their last concerts ever-oddly enough in Japan.

ABBA-Gracias Por LA Musicas 1980 Released in some territories. Made available on CD also.
ABBA-Super Trouper 1980 Available worldwide on CD
Mike Oldfield-QE2 1980 British CD 


***ABBA-Gracias Por La Musicas June 1980 Released in some territories. Made available on CD also.

The title means Thank You For The Music...But you knew that!!!!
A specially recorded album of Spanish versions of ten ABBA songs that was put together after Spanish versions of "Chiquittita and "I Have A Dream" broke
ABBA in Latin America. The Spanish versions of "Chiquittita and "I Have A Dream had been recorded during 1979....

In early 1980 Anna, and Frida found the time to record Spanish vocal tracks to dub onto the backing tracks of 8 more previously recorded songs .Some of the instrumention (notably Dancing Queen) seems to be different than the orignal recordings but this was due to the remixing process.

However , mercifully Björn's spoken prologue to "Move On" was not included in the Spanish version.Somewhat shockingly, Björn and Benny had little involment in this project leaving it to Michael Tretow to run the vocal sessions. Buddy and Mary McCloskey did the transalations and according to Spanish speakers they only did a fair job. The ten songs chosen to be translated were originally recorded in 1974 to 1979. The songs were chosen for their appropriateness for the Latin markert so some non-hits were chosen.
This album has been released on CD both in it's original form and reissued
in the original version of ABBA ORO.

ABBA would also record two Spanish versions each songs from
SUPER TROOPER and THE VISITORS albums. These would made available
on the MAS ORO Cd and on the revised version of ORO, but these track were not on Gracias Por LA Musicas

Although some people like some of the mixes on this album, in general the English versions

are better. This album (or ORO) is great for Spanish speakers and completists but is not essential ABBA.

Gracias Por La Música track listing:

Gracias Por La Música ( "Thank You For The Music") /Reina Danzante ( "Dancing Queen")
Al Andar ("Move On") /Dame! Dame! Dame! ( "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)") /Fernando (Spanish version) / Estoy Soñando ( "I Have A Dream")
. Mamma Mía (Spanish version) /Hasta Mañana (Spanish version)
. Conociéndome, Conociéndote ("Knowing Me, Knowing You")/
. Chiquitita (Spanish version)

ABBA-THE MAGIC OF ABBA 1980 American TV markerted LP

A not too exciting American K-Tel Lp that in typical K-Tel fashion was loaded up with16 not very well mastered previously released ABBA hits. At least three later versions were tried in other countries . In 1982 K-Tel somehow managed to get 20 edited ABBA tracks onto one Lp for the Aussie version of "THE MAGIC OF ABBA".. At some point in the early eighties , the Canadians released the Story of ABBA which has the same track listing and cover as the American version ,but a different title..

THE MAGIC OF ABBA is also the is name of Stephen Morris ' ABBA website, which focuses on the ABBA in America....

1. Dancing Queen
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. The Name Of The Game
4. Waterloo
5. Ring Ring
6. Does Your Mother Know
7. Angeleyes
8. S.O.S.

9. Fernando
10. Knowing Me, Knowing You
11. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
12. Mamma Mia
13. Honey, Honey
14. Money, Money, Money
15. Voulez-Vous
16. Chiquitita
 *****ABBA-Super Trouper November 1980 Available worldwide on CD

ABBA is mature and self assured here. On this album they dont try too go to much into one direction -we find, a little disco, a little
theatre, a little whimsy, a little rock, a little
folk, as well as some topical music here.
Yet, the whole thing is a cohesive if perhaps
a slightly bland record.

Björn by now ,is finally writing consistently
good lyrics. His lyrics are finally reflecting
his and the groups' own personal experiences. On the album and it's
sister THE VISITORS . Abba addresses
their own maturity, and personal heartaches. Pete Townsend noted that ABBA were one of the few rock acts to address middle age.
On this album the group moves away from
unison lead singing. Though there is still
sound unison singing by Aggie & Frida,
it tends to be just in the chorus or the backings.not in the whole song."The Winner Takes It All" was the biggesthit from the album, it features a virtuoso performence from Agnetha. It's a remarkably well written (if bland) song.
"Super Trouper" featuring the lovely Frida was ABBA's last English
# 1. A song about stage lighting, I dont know... This song is not overwhelming but it's endearing. It's features a monster hook
in the chorus. "ON x3" is that rare thing -a ABBA song
with better lyrics than the music.The lyrics
are a goofy but funny. It obliquely reflects
the influnence of the Beach Boys ,one of
Benny's favorite groups.
On x 3 was coupled on a 12 inch single in
Great Britain with "Lay All Your On me"
a better disco record than anything on
VOULEZ-VOUZ. These two were a hit
in American dance clubs but like so
many of ABBA's later 45's flopped on
the American single chart. Strangely,
this single wasn't really pushed in most


The rest of the songs are uniformly intelligent, and non-objectionable.
I like "Our last Summer" a lot. The lyric ( according to the PALM book)
is based on actual romance Björn had in Paris in the 1960's.
"Paris Restaurants ,"Morning croissants" is one of the most evocative couplet in the ABBA repertoire. This is ABBA
song where you can actually get a mental picture from the lyrics.

"ME and I' is a rather cheerful song about multiple personalities.
LALOM and "Winner Takes It all " notwithstanding,it's seems that Frida
was finally is getting her due when it comes to vocal opportunities.

"Happy New Year" -ABBA never did a Christmas song-instead we get this,
and the darn thing was already a year old when it came out.
"The Piper" has a chorus singing on it-that almost sounds like it's not
A&F but if so-thery are not credited. "The Piper" has some word's in LAtin.
Is there a language that Björn doesn't know?
It's not a fact that jumps out at you,but
Agnetha sang lead (when there was a solo lead vocal) on more of ABBA's biggest hits than the Frida. This was probably simply because on record she tends to use a higher sweeter tone than Frida.
Super Trou per closes with "The Way Old
Friends Do." There was always something
lacking in the song for me, which is a shame same
because it's got a great melody and seems
a much better signature song than
"Thank You For The Music".
Super Trouper is often regarded as ABBA's
best all around album though most fans
are more passionate about other albums.

1. Super Trouper; 2. The Winner Takes It All; 3. On And On And On; 4. Andante, Andante; 5. Me And I; 6. Happy New Year; 7. Our Last Summer; 8. The Piper; 9. Lay All Your Love On Me; 10. The Way Old Friends Do;

BONUS TRACKS ON 2001 Remaster

11. Elaine; 12. Put On Your White Sombrero

Mike Oldfield -QE2 October 1980 British LP

Mike was famous for his classic instrumental albums -Tubular Bells I, II, and III.On this album he recorded a fairly good version of the title track from ABBA's Arrival album. He was one of the first "cool" musicians to record a ABBA cover...Mike is pictured with a helicopter on the picture sleeve for the single released of "Arrival."

Taurus /Sheba /Conflict /Arrival /Wonderful Land /Mirage /QE2 /Celt   / Molly  


1981 brought ABBA's last studio album as well as the divorce of Benny and Frida followed by Benny's marriage to Mona Norklit in December.


ABBA- Hovas Vittne /Tiveds Hambo (instrumental version) private single Jan. 1981

ABBA- THE MUST OF ABBA Early 1981? French L

Mirelle Mathieu-"Bravo Tu As Gagne''" French single 1981
ABBA-The Readers Digest Box. 1982 5 lp set

ABBA- THE MUST OF ABBA Early 1981? French L
ABBA-DEZ ANOS Brazilian LP 1981
ABBA- A WIE ABBA & A VAN ABBA German and Dutch Lp 1981

Kicki Moberg-Kicki Moberg 1981 out of print LP

Michael Tretow-Caramba 1981 Swedish Lp

Ted Gardestad -Stormvarning 1981 Swedish CD

ABBA-Anniversario Los 10 Anos De ABBA September 1981 Mexico Lp

ABBA-Slipping Through My Fingers Mid to Late 1981 Japanese promo lp..

Finn Kalvik- NATT OG DAG, 1981 Swedish album

ABBA- Fanfare for Ice hockey World Championship '81

Agnetha and Linda - NU TANDAS TUSEN JULEJUS 1981 Swedish CD.
The Visitors 1981 Available worldwide on CD

ABBA- Hovas Vittne /Tiveds Hambo (instrumental version) private single Jan. 1981

This two sided record was privately issued in January 1981 This was a tribute record for Stig this time, not as good as "Sang to Gorel" but still listenable. The a-side was written by Bjorn and Benny with lyrical help from Anna, Frida and Rune Soderqvist. The b -side is an instrumental version of old song written by Stig....These tracks have never been made commercially available by ABBA...

ABBA- Magica De ABBA ABBA 1981 Venezuela Lp

The K-tel people even released a ABBA compilation in the lucrative Venezuelan markert. There was very little dancing in Caracas...

Mirelle Mathieu-"Bravo Tu As Gagne''/ Viens Chanter Pour
              Le Bon Dieu " French single Mid 1981

For some reason Bjorn & Benny agreed to produce this French version of "The ner Takes It All" for the French chanteuse -Mirelle Mathieu. The recording was made in Decmber 1980. Frida and Bjorn sing background vocals on this track. The French translation of the lyrics were written by Chales Level . The b-side is not ABBA related. This track can be found on a Danish compilation - Mireille hiau "Greatest hits". This track can also be found on the French album "Les plus grands succès Vol 3",but that particular album is probably out of print by now..

ABBA- THE MUST OF ABBA Early 1981? French LP (some sources says this album released in 1982)

Here you go -a kind of 1981 version of ABBA GOLD that takes a strange journey from France to Germany , Brazil, The Netherlands and South Korea. Very similiar to Dez Anos and A Wie ABBA.. I am actually am not sure when this album was released-A couple of sources say 1980, and others say 1982...Trent Nickson's Worldwide Chart list says the album charted in France in early 1981-so that's what I am going with as a date....

The same 16 songs that can found found on the German album A Wie ABBA.-...

Super Trouper /Knowing Me, Knowing You
/Waterloo /Take A Chance On M/e/ Mamma Mia /I Have A Dream/The Name Of The Game ./ Fernando The Winner Takes It All
Dancing QueenS.O.S.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do/Money, Money, Money
Summer Night City/Chiquitita

ABBA-DEZ ANOS Brazilian LP 1981

Yes that's Portuguese for-10 years , Ok it had only been nine, but who's counting...

Dez Anos , is similiar to Must of ABBA. In the Brazilian only version it is a compilation of 14 songs ranging from "Waterloo to ""Super Trouper". The brazilian version is missing two tracks-The Name Of the Game and Mamma Mia that are found on Must of ABBA" Brought to you by the fine folks at the Somlivre label.

ABBA-A VAN ABBA Dutch Lp Spring 1981

ABBA- A WIE ABBA German Lp November 1981

Same track listing as THE MUST OF ABBA .German and Dutch versions of the same album-. Yet another compilation with a track listing very similiar to Brazil's Dez Anos. The German/Dutch version though, has two additional tracks-The Name Of the Game and Mamma Mia. The Koreans also released a cassette version of this album...This album has a very 1980-ish yellow cover....

Super Trouper /Knowing Me, Knowing You
/Waterloo /Take A Chance On Me/ Mamma Mia /I Have A Dream/The Name Of The Game ./ Fernando /The Winner Takes It All
Dancing Queen/S.O.S./Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do/Money, Money, Money
Summer Night City/Chiquitita

Kicki Moberg-Kicki Moberg February? 1981 out of print LP

Agnetha does not sing or play on this album. , but I include this record because it shows how Agnetha was still writing songs at this point. This Polar release features two songs cowritten by Agnetha Faltskog. " Men Natten ar Var"   and " Har ar Mitt Lin " a Swedish version of the unreleased ABBA song-"I'm Still Alive".


ABBA-VERY BEST OF ABBA Japanese LP set July 1981

This set features 24 ABBA songs ranging in time from "Hasta Manana to "Lay All Your Love on me" One b-side is included -"Happy Hawaii".This is different album then the 1976 German ABBA collection with a similiar name.Supposedly the Japanese also released an album in 1981 called SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS. Like, in Latiin American , ABBA became big in Japan only in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Record 1
1. The Winner Takes It All 2. Happy Hawaii 3. Chiquitita
4. The Name Of The Game 5. If It Wasn't For The Nights 6. Dancing Queen
7. Dum Dum Diddle 8. Knowing Me, Knowing You
9. That's Me10. My Love, My Life11. Money, Money, Money
12. I've Been Waiting For You
Record 2
1. Lay All Your Love On Me 2. Take A Chance On Me
3. Thank You For The Music4. Eagle 5. Hasta Mañana
6. I Wonder (Departure) 7. Angeleyes 8. One Man, One Woman
9. I Have A Dream10. Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
11. Hole In Your Soul 12. Kisses Of Fire

ABBA-Anniversario Los 10 Anos De ABBA September 1981 Mexico Lp

Yes yes title means -"The Anniversary of Ten Years of Abba." Ok it had really only been nine years but who's counting. This set seems suspiciously like Gracias Por La musica, ....This album Went to #1 in Mexico..


Michael Tretow (Caramba) -Caramba 1981 Swedish LP

This is another novelty Michael Tretow related album, this album has no ABBA involvement though Caramba features Ted Gardestad prominently....The Swedish markert hit here was" Hubba Hubba Zoot Zooot" Many of songs mimic the music of various places like Hawaii orRussia.....One song on here called "Aitho" sounds as if Frida is singing on it-but she is not.....


Ted Gardestad -Stormvarning 1981 Swedish CD

ABBA's involvement died down on Ted's later albums. On this album, Benny produced one song, and Frida sang on that song.

ABBA-Slipping Through My Fingers Mid to Late 1981 Japanese promo lp..

This promo lp is famous for having a bizarre cover that features the four members of ABBA standing on a huge vinyl record that says Coca-Cola.

Keep in mind, that ,It's really hard to stand on a moving vinyl record...

The record is also unusual in having a unique edited medley of four ABBA's songs.

The original edition of this among the most expensive ABBA collectables..

Finn Kalvik- NATT OG DAG, 1981 Swedish album

A second album produced by Benny Andersson for Finn on the Polar label...

Agnetha and Linda - NU TANDAS TUSEN JULEJUS November 1981 Swedish CD. Remastered in 2004 without bonus tracks.....

This album was actually recorded in late 1980, but held back for release till Late 1981 It was the only new studio ABBA solo album to recorded between 1976 and 1982. Thus this album came out while ABBA still existed.This album is Agnetha's contribution to the world of Christmas music. Both this and Agnetha's later childrens album seem to be easier to get into if your actually Swedish ..

The title track is a Swedish Christmas standard,
which means in English "-A thousand Candles Are being lit".Agnetha, Linda and a bunch of children sing on this Swedish language Christmas album. Michael B .Tretow engineered-note how He speeds up the children's voices on occasion. Some of the ABBA band play on this album. Agnetha only sings some of the time.

Though this is more listenable then Aggie's later album with her son Christian it remains a non-essential album. The best thing about the album is the cover. It quite literally portrays Agnetha and her daughter surrounded by good percentage of the 1000 candles that are referred to in the title. Agnetha looks like a Angel. This CD was released by Polar in 1987. This album was recently re- issued in tandem with a 1972 Polar Christmas LP on a Swedish

Nej se dat snöar/ Bjällerklang/ Nu tändas tusen juleljus/ Två små röda luvor/ Nu står jul vid snöig port/ Jag såg mamma kyssa tomten/ När juldagsmorgen glimmar/ Potpurri/ Mej mitt vinterland/ Så mitt lyser stjärnan/ Mössens julafton/ När det lider mot jul

****ABBA- The Visitors November 1981 Available worldwide on CD

THE VISITORS is a often somber record. Look at the cover,for the first time there are four separate people, No smiles, but at least for once they look like real people. It also has quite a beautiful cover.
This album though successful was the start of ABBA's quick commercial decline.
This was their studio album since RING RING that did not have two solid worldwide hits.
THE VISITORS, despite it's mixed commercial success (and even mixed reviews at the tim,e) was a culimination, something that wouldn't perhaps have seemed possible in the days of "Waterloo.This was a record to be proud of .Recording an album like THE VISITORS significantly enhanced
the ABBA ouvre. Yet, it was easier to appreciate THE VISITORS because ABBA had previously
did more accessible ,more commercial work.


All the songs on THE VISITORS have clearly distinquishable lead vocalists.Four songs are sung by Frida, four by Agnetha, and one by Björn.
The Frida songs are all adventurous, sometimes weird tracks, The remaining tracks except for "Soldiers" are more conventional ,but still very intelligent. Like SUPER TROUPER this album is blessed with very strong lyrics and a refreshingly adult approach.
The title track seems to about a person
who is anxious about being visited by
Secret Police. The lyric itself doesn't
explicitly state that and the "Cracking Up"
chorus tends to obscure the meaning of the song a little. Indeed the verse and the
chorus are almost two diferent songs.
Like many 80's ABBA songs"The Visitors"
has some sublime synthesizer work by Benny.
"One of Us" was this albums hit single.
The mandolin intorduction performed by The Three Boys (Björn,Lasse and Rutger) is so good that it almost outshines the rest of song-which is nevertheless a solid song.
"Head Over Heels" was also released as
a single in a few places but shouldn't
have been. It's failure as a single in Great Britain broke ABBA's streak of 18 top ten hit singles. "Head Over Heels" comes
off sounding spiteful. The entertaining video for "Head Over Heels" has Frida portraying the headstrong woman described in the song.
In a few places "When All is Said and Done" was released as a single.IT was ABBA's very last Top 40 hit in America. It has quite a vigorous backing track ,the song islightened up a little by "munchkin' style background vocals. It has an extremely evocative lyric.


"I let The Music Speak" is a little known
ABBA song but certainly seems to presage
Björn and Benny's post ABBA work.
Once again the lyric is just as good as
the exquistite musical backing.
"Soldiers" another topical political song
of uncertain political leaning is made
even more interesting by Per Lindvall drum part.
"Slipping Through My finger" is perhaps
more interesting becasue it is clearly written
about Björn's and Agnetha's personal experience with not being able to spend
as much time with their children as they would like, it was a lyric that many people
could relate to. The album closes with "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room'. The song
just has Benny playing and Frida singing
on it and yet is so evocative. Frida's high notes towards the end really bespeak
wistfully of a ending of something, in way it is surprising that ABBA went on
one more year but they did.

Many of the songs on THE VISITORS were recorded digitally making this one of the first
digital pop albums.

The Visitors is ABBA' s most artistic album, but
it is only a so-so pop album.

1. The Visitors; 2. Head Over Heels; 3. When All Is Said And Done; 4. Soldiers; 5. I Let The Music Speak; 6. One Of Us; 7. Two For The Price Of One; 8. Slipping Through My Fingers; 9. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room;

BONUS TRACKS ON 2001 Remaster: 10. Should I Laugh Or Cry; 11. The Day Before You Came; 12. Cassandra (new bonus track) 13. Under Attack

ABBA- Fanfare for Ice hockey World Championship '81

A short synthesizer fanfare written by B&B that was released only privately as part of Polar Music Annual report ,but it also was used in the original Dick Cavett meets ABBA TV special as well in a ice hockey championship. It was the first of at least three obscure pieces that Benny wrote for sport events..


In 1982 the last recordings by ABBA were made and Frida resumed her solo career.

Hootenanny Singers -FÖR KÄRLEKS SKULL1982 Out of print Swedish Lp

Frida-Something's Going On -1982 Available internationally on Cd

TOMAS LEDIN-HUMAN TOUCH 1982 Swedish lp with some international releases.
ABBA-The Singles-The First Ten Years 1982 Released on CD but phased out
ABBA-THE SINGLES-THE FIRST TEN YEARS 1982 2 picture Lp set vinylUK
ABBA-The Best of ABBA (The Readers Digest Box). Austrailia, Germany 1982 5-LP


ABBA-ABBAantogiABBA 1982 Spanish Lp

ABBA-ABBA International 1982? 1984? 1989*German CD

ABBA=The Magic of ABBA Australia LP
ABBA-LOVE SOUNDS SPECIAL - All 1982 Japanese Lp releases


In 1982 the last recordings by ABBA were made and Frida resumed her solo career.

Hootenanny Singers -FÖR KÄRLEKS SKULL1982 Out of print Swedish Lp

Frida-Something's Going On -1982 Available internationally on Cd

TOMAS LEDIN-HUMAN TOUCH 1982 Swedish lp with some international releases.
ABBA-The Singles-The First Ten Years 1982 Released on CD but phased out
ABBA-THE SINGLES-THE FIRST TEN YEARS 1982 2 picture Lp set vinylUK
ABBA-The Best of ABBA (The Readers Digest Box). Austrailia, Germany 1982 5-LP


ABBA-ABBAantogiABBA 1982 Spanish Lp

ABBA-ABBA International 1982? 1984? 1989*German CD

ABBA=The Magic of ABBA Australia LP
ABBA-LOVE SOUNDS SPECIAL - All 1982 Japanese Lp releases

Hootenanny Singers -FÖR KÄRLEKS SKULL1982 Out of print Swedish Lp

A second Hootz release an album without Björn ,how dare they! Some traditional songs but also a Swedish version of the Keith carradine song -"I'm easy', and a song by Benny Andersson protege-Finn Kalvik. This has been the Hootz final original studio album up to now.



ABBA-LOVE SOUNDS SPECIAL - All June 1982 Japanese Lp releases

These are four separate compilation albums were all released concurrently during 1982 by ABBA's then Japanese label DISCOMATE. Each album has a strange mixture of tracks from various ABBA albums.Only one rarity was included- the 1979 b-side "Lovelight" Each album has ten songs. At least two of these albums were released on colored vinyl.

ABBA-THE Spanish album, April 1982

Gracias Por La musica received a belated release in Australia,in this version it has a different title...

ABBA-ABBAantogiABBA Late Summer 1982 Spanish Lp

Cool titlle ! Espana's Carnaby label put out this 11 track compilation...cos they had nothing else to do that week. Although the track listing is all 70's stuff-the cover photo is from 1982....

SIDE A -Waterloo /Dancing Queen /Summer Night City
/I Have A Dream /Mamma Mia/ Fernando

SIDE B Thank You For The Music/ Chiquitita
Knowing Me, Knowing You /Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

ABBA-ABBA International 1982? 1984? 1989*German CD


The CD version of this doesn't have a copyright date-so I havent been able to confirm the release date. More than one source says this album was released in 1982, one source says source (CARL MAGNUS PALM) said 1989 and one said 1988. It may be that the cassette version was released before the CD Version....

Not every ABBA compilation album was stupid, redundant and pointless, there
have a been few that actually used good ideas. The idea behind this compilation was to throw in some of ABBA's non-English
recordings with some b-sides and hits.

This CD was originated in Germany by Polygram.This CD is no longer available but at the time of it's release it provided the CD debuts for a number of ABBA's rare tracks. About half of the tracks were the usual hits like "Dancing Queen" "Eagle" was featured in the edit version (which even in 1989 was more interesting than aggravating.)

This CD has the German versions of "Ring Ring" and Another Town Another Train", The Spanish version of "Chiquitiita", the French Version of "Waterloo" and three non- album B-sides -"Happy Hawaii"."Take A chance On Me "(live),and "I Wonder (live)'. All of these tracks were not widely available
on Cd at the time.

The original cassette version of this included five additional tracks, one of which was the then hard-to find b-side-""Crazy World".So the record company tries hard, but they lose points for leaving out some of the other foreign language tracks such as the Swedish versions of" Waterloo",Ring Ring and "Honey Honey".


Track listing -Ring ring (German vers.) *Honey Honey, Intermezzo No1/Waterloo(French) *The Visitors/Take A Chance On Me (Live) /Gimme X3/I've Been Waiting for You/Happy Hawaii/SOS/Rock N Roll Band/ *Crazy World/People Need Love/*Mamma Mia/ Wer Im Wartesaal er Liebe Steht(German vers. of Another Town, Another Train/Rock Me/ The Winner Takes it All/ I Wonder (Live ver.) Eagle (edit) *Voulez-Vous/ Dancing Queen/I Have A Dream -*CASSETTE Only tracks



ABBA-The Best of ABBA (The Readers Digest Box). Australia, Germany 1982 5-LP set. No longer available

Among the first ABBA box sets. Haven't seen this but it's supposed to be a five LP box set with previously released material, including hits , album tracks, and 3 or so b-sides. Reader Digest also put out a similar 4CD box set in 1993 and 2004.

TOMAS LEDIN- THE HUMAN TOUCH September ? 1982 Swedish lp with some international releases.  

Tomas Ledin was a bit of ABBA/Stig protege. He went along as the male background singer on ABBA's 1979 tour-in which he performed the track,"Not Bad At All", He also wrote songs for both of Agnetha and Frida's first English language solo albums... This particular album is notable for including his melodramatic duet with Agnetha Faltskog-called "Never Again" which was a big Swedish hit in fall of 1982 .That duet can be found on a couple of Aggie'scompilations.. Tomas Ledin ending up marrying Stig Anderson's daughter Marie, and also ended up owning Polar Studios' which sadly was shut down in 2004.

I Love You
I've Got Something
Never Again
She's In Love With My Best Friend
Listen To Your Heart
Loving You Is Like Chasing A Dream
Keep It Up
Taken By Surprise
Love Me Like You Used To
In The Middle Of Nowhere

Frida-Something's Going On - September 1982 Available worldwide on Cd Remastered and reisued with bonus tracks in 2005

The first solo album after the divorces of ABBA's two couples. It's appearance was a clue that ABBA was nearing the end of the road. Somehow, Frida ended up with Phil Collins
as her producer, just right before Phil became one of the largest selling artists of 1980's.

SOMETHING'S GOING ON came a year after Phil's first solo hit-"In the Air Tonight' was released. "In The Air tonight " featured the influential drum sound that Phil had brought to the world partly throughthe talents of engineer Hugh Padgham.That distinctive drum sound was featured prominently in the title track here as well as on "Tell Me That's It Over"and other tracks on this album. The up-tempo songs on this album tend to emphasize Frida's great radio voice instead of allowing Frida to be expressive.

The ballads here have aged better. Frida's introduces Roxette's Per Gessle to the world when she sings his song "Threnody'' based on a Dorothy Parker poem. "Threnody" got some lovely guitar work by Darryl
Struemer. The song "The Way You Do" was written by Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry. The synth pop tune "To Turn the Stone" written by Giorgio Moredor/Pete Bellotte (Donna Summer's songwriters) was Frida's favorite song on the album.
Frida recorded a lovely version of the Phil Collins' song "You Know What I mean" . The track features some great harp work by Skaila Kanga . "You What I Mean" was originally on Phil's FACE VALUE album. Frida decided she wanted Phil to produce her solo album after hearingFACE VALUE. Frida shared Phil's affinity
for Earth ,Wind , and Fire and like Frida , Phil mairrage had just broken up.
(I don't know why I am having trouble spelling Marriage!)

The record closes with a cheesy duet between Phil and Frida. For some reason
the song (because Phil and his label didn't think the song was very good) when this was was released as a single it was without Phil singing.

This record showed that ABBA solo projects would have a tough row to hoe internationally. the album did so-so in most markets and the title track (a song that just screams -hit record) was a hit only in some markets, but it it did do OK.Strangely ,the
title track did well in the United States where it proved to be one of only 2 or three ABBA related records to make it onto MTV. (which at the time was something new and exciting). The video for" I Know there's Something Going on" seemed to be surprisingly autobiographical since it's about a woman finding out that her lover is seeing someone new. Frida's breakup with Benny occurred right before this album was recorded.

The album cover is a drawn portrait of Frida by Yves Poyet. On the inside sleeve there was the photo on which it was based showing Frida with sharply cut short dyed red hair. None of the ABBA band played on this
album but most of sessions were recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm. These are practically the only Frida recordings since 1969 not to be produced or coproduced by Benny Andersson .This album was reissued a few years ago on CD in the USA in a remastered version which, unfortunately, doesn't have any bonus tracks.

This Frida's second # 1 solo album in Sweden...

 Track listing for SOMETHING'S GOING ON( all sungs in English)
 Side 1:
 1. Tell Me It's Over (Stephen Bishop) 2.50
2. I See Red (Jim Rafferty) 4.32
3 .I Got Something (Tomas Ledin) 4.05
4. Strangers (Jayne Bradbury/Dave Morris) 4.05
5. To Turn The Stone (Peter Bellotte/Giorgio Moroder) 5.25
 Side 2:
 1. I Know There's Something Going On (Russ Ballard) 5.25
2. Threnody (Dorothy Parker/Per Gessle) 4.16
3. Baby Don't You Cry No More (Rod Argent) 3.02
4. The Way You Do (Bryan Ferry) 3.35
5.You Know What I Mean (Phil Collins) 2.35
6. Here We'll Stay -duet with Phil Collins-(Tony Colton /Jean Roussel) 2.35

:Extra tracks: on 2005 remaster
12. I Know There's Something Going On (Single Edit)
13. Here We'll Stay (non album Solo Version)

 ****ABBA-The Singles November 1982 Released on Cd but phased out

This was the end. Though we didn't know it at the time. This collection of most of ABBA's A- sides was put together when it became clear that the group had no enthusiasm and not enough material for an entire studio album.
Sadly, however, that meant that the six new
B&B compositions recorded got treated rather badly. Two of the six songs (The Day Before You Came and Under Attack were released as A-sides and) made it onto THE SINGLES collection along with the 21 previously released A-sides from 1972-1981.
TDBYC was a five minute laundry list of a person's day that is either boring or profound depending on your prospective.." Under Attack" was actually a fairly
good pop song -but the world was cooling on ABBA
Two of six songs"Cassandra" " You Owe Me One" were intially released only as B-sides and were left off THE SINGLES collection. " Cassandra" featured a intriguing lyric and a rich production. "The packing your bags"
section is one the best 5 seconds in the ABBA ouvre. "You Owe Me One" sounds like a techno version of "Happy Hawaii". "Cassandra" and "You Owe ME one". would later be available on the BOX set and on other albums, and CD's.


Two other songs , "I am the city" and "Just Like that" were left in the can at the time..
"I am the City" was a fine techo-pop song that finally surfaced in 1993 on More ABBA Gold. "Just Like That" would become the most sought after songin the ABBA vault. .B&B would only allow a small snippet of JLT to be released on the box set. Longer versions exist. B&B regard ther 1985 production a version of JLT by Gemini to be definitive. The songs on the 1982
sessions would be dubbed the Opus 10 sessions by a Swedish journalist even though ABBA never had a working album title. Supposedly it was ABBA's
10th album up to that time but it in actuality it would have been there 9th studio album .
THE SINGLES -THE FIRST TEN YEARS would be phased out from the catalogue when ABBA Gold was released.

  Side A

Ring Ring-Ring Ring


So Long-Abba

I Do, I Do, I Do. I Do, I Do-Abba


Mammia Mia-Abba

Fernando-Greatest Hits

Side B

Dancing Queen-Arrival

Money, Money, Money-Arrival

Knowing Me, Knowing You-Arrival

The Name of the Game-The Album

Take A Chance On Me-The Album

Summer Night City-Greatest Hits 2
 Side C


Does Your Mother Know-Voulez-Vouz

Voulez-Vous-Voulez-VouzGimme! Gimme! Gimme!-Greatest Hits 2

I Have A Dream-Voulez-Vouz


Side D

The Winner Takes It All- Super Trouper

Super Trouper-Super Trouper

One of the Us-The Visitors

The Day Before You Came-new song

Under Attack-new song

ABBA-THE SINGLES-THE FIRST TEN YEARS 1982 2 picture Lp set vinyl release (The Cardboard Box Version)

A boxed version of ABBA-The Singles.
This was released in Britain. The black box features 2 picture Vinyl albums, a booklet, a poster and a reproduction of tickets to the
1974 Eurovision Contest . Of course, if you
play the picture discs they produce lousy sound
but you probably don't want to play them , since
this is a collectible worth over 100 dollars.

ABBA-THE SINGLES-THE FIRST TEN YEARS Late 1982 2Lp Argentina vinyl release

Same album , but this version of ABBA-The Singles, has six of the Spanish language versions of ABBA's hits in place of the English versions .


Supposedly ,The French split this album up into two parts..


Ten more ABBA hits ,this time featuring tracks from ABBA's middle period. This compilation focuses on later hits. . The cover did not have ABBA's picture on it. Released on the Square label. In 1988 a CD with the same title was released in Brazil with four more songs ,but with butchered edits of many of the songs.

The Winner Takes It All /I Have A Dream/Chiquitita/Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!/Knowing Me, Knowing You /Super Trouper/Dancing Queen /Money, Money, Money/The Name Of The Game/Fernando


An Argentinian compilation album that somehow rather strangely
contains the only official appearance on record of the live recording of ABBA's" Hole In'
Your Sole". The rest of the track selection is equally unusual . All of the other songs are preety much album tracks except for the b-side "Should I Laugh or Cry" which appearshere for the first time on a album.

There was also a Argentinian TV special with the same name....

Should I Laugh Or Cry /My Love, My Life /If It Wasn't For The Nights Move On Arrival / Me And I
. Lay All Your Love On Me/Lovers (Live A Little Longer)/dum Dum Diddle /Hole in Your Sole (live)




The first year of the post ABBA era-brought little of promise for the future. Agnetha resumed her solo career.

ABBA -Singles Collection (1972-1982) International Singles of ABBA.28 singles 1983?

Agnetha Fältskog-Wrap Your Arms Around Me 1983 Cd
ABBA-THE LOVE SONGS 1983 South Africa
Various Artists-Antiligen Sommarlov 1983 Swedish Lp

ABBA-Golden Hits 1983 Brazil lp
Various Artists-(concept album)-ABBACADABRA- 1983 French Lp and later English singles

ABBA-I Love ABBA October 1983 Germany and other territories

ABBA-Thank You For The Music ( A COLLECTION OF LOVE SONGS) November 1983 Uk lp
The Hep Stars-Hep Stars 1964-1969 Re. 1983 Available on Swedish Cd.
ABBA-the first round of CD's 1983-1992
ABBA-the American CD reissue program, Part One (1983-1995)


ABBA -Singles Collection (1972-1982) International Singles of ABBA.28 singles 1983?

This is a collection of vinyl singles released in Germany. Some picture vinyl disc were included as well as some foreign language singles. This is similiar to the CD version of this released in 1999.

Agnetha Fältskog-Wrap Your Arms Around Me June 1983 Available on Cd Remastered and reisued with bonus tracks in 2005

Released worldwide (even in America) this album was produced by British pop producer Michael Chapman. It was not a huge success, but well, at least Agnetha was happy with this album.. Many of the songs are good vehicles for Agnetha's voice. For that reason , this album appeals to some fans.

This album does not compare well to Agnetha's ABBA's records which was the standard many record buyers were using. Nor does it seem as personal as Agnetha's Swedish solo work ,perhaps, because only one of the songs here was written by Agnetha,the forgettable song -"Man".

The best songs here are probably "the Heat
Is On" and the title track. I dont think any of the songs really impress me on this album .

Strangely a few of the songs ("Take Good Care of Your Children", Once Burned Twice Shy, Stand By Your Side") have
a sort of light soul sound.

If " Cant Shake Loose' sounds like a remake of Frida's "Something Going On " It's because both songs were written by Russ
Ballard. Both of the Ballard's songs got played by American Album orientated rock stations (the stations that would play Van Halen or Led Zeppelin that would never play ABBA)..

The most amusing song here is "Mr. Persuasion" which sounds like it would make a good song for a exercise video with it's "You take me UP, DOWN chorus. It has has a great line-"Well have a mind but I put it on vacation"...

This album was recorded at Polar by ABBA Engineer Michael Tretow Some ABBA band people like the ever-faithful Rutger Gunnarson played on it.

There was some debate as to whether or not to use Agnetha's last name on the cover. Record Companies wondered whether DJ's would be able to say Aggie's last name. In the end she decided that her last name would stay. After all, people probably couldn't her say her first name correctly either and "ANNA" wasn't an option at this point in the game.

I am amazed that somebody can be the most prominent member of a group that sells 300 million records and still Professional DJ's dont know to say her name! It is interesting that Agnetha's two early 198o's albums were released in the Spring and Frida's two early 80's albums were released in the fall...It's also interesting that salt and sugar look the same....

Track listing for WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND ME

Side 1
1.The Heat Is On (Palmer-Ashton)(3:50)
2.Can't Shake Loose (Ballard)(4:20)
3.Shame (Allen)(3:40)
4.Stay (Allen)(3:20)
5.Once Burned, Twice Shy (Tyler-Brannan)(3:40)
6.Mr. Persuasion (Lynch-Whitman)(2:45)

Side 2
1.Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Chapman-Knight) (5:15)
2.To Love (Brandt-Goodrum)(3:49)
3.I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever (Ballard) (4:12)
4.Man (
Fältskog) (3:31)
5.Take Good Care Of Your Children (Ledin) (3:42)
6.Stand By My Side (deAngelis -deAngelis- Cowles)(4:16)

Bonus Trackson 2005 remaster..
Never Again (duet with Tomas Ledin)
It's So Nice To Be Rich (a-side)
P&B (b-side)
The Heat Is On (Super Dance Music Mix)
Ya Nunca Más (Spanish version of "Never Again")

ABBA-Golden Hits 1983 Brazil lp

The folks at Somlivre were back with another ABBA compilation-there was dancing in the streets in Rio that year....

Various Artists-Antligen Sommarlov! June 1983 Out of print Swedish Lp

Polar Records put out This Swedish market only compilation album The title means "Finally holidays" It has has Benny's first solo recording ,and a rare live ABBA recording. Benny recorded a short version of the Swedish hymn-"Den Blomstetid Nu Kommer",which saw it's first release here.
In a different time Benny would have no doubt,been working in a church as a organist and classical composer.

Also find here a 1979 live version of "Summer Night City;' Though this recording was left off the later ABBA 's live album , it was made available here as well on numerous bootlegs. The live recording of SNC might even be better than the original released single of "Summer Night City". Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer" was later released a second time on the SOMMAR, SOMMAR, SOMMAR CD ,but that is also out of print. It's the sort of track that just waits to be compiled somewhere...

The track Sommar, Sommar, Sommar features Stig Anderson and the Polar Music office choir.. Stikkan och Kontorskoren-Sommar, Sommar, Sommar

Just a side note-Summer compilation albums are a Swedish phenomenom -go into a Swedish
record store in the summer and you'll find dozens of titles in this category.

1. Benny Andersson-Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer
2. Stikkan och Kontorskoren-Sommar, Sommar, Sommar
3. Nifty's Roadrunners-Sommarvino
4. ABBA- Summer Night City (LIVE)
5. Mats Ronader-Summer Time Blues
6. Fia Nystrom-Sommarrkvall I Stan
7. Pal Ritz and Piccolos-Good Day Sunshine 1. Buslingarna-Antligen Somarlov
2. Lars Hoflund-Here Comes The Sun
3. Tomas Ledin-Summaren Ar Kort
4. Low Budget Blues Band-Summer in The City
5. Express-Sommardagar
6 .Tove Naess-Falling In the Love with the Summer Again
7. Rolk Ericksson-Jag Pa Sommaren


Various Artists-(concept album)-ABBACADABRA- 1983 French Lp and later English singles released on French CD in the 1994..

This was the first"musical" based on B&B music. B&B were not directly involved but they helped with two songs on the English version of this project.
There were French and English versions of this
musical, the French version was recorded for
an album . the British version was staged on
the West End,

The idea here was to borrow the melodies from ABBA songs and rewrite the lyrics so as be able to tell a story and also so as to be able to do it in French. (this was a French/Belgian coproduction). I am not sure but I believe some non-B&B music
was used as well.

Although this was not staged , a TV show and
a Concept album were produced and released
in 1983. (Produced by Alain Boublil of MISS
SAIGON fame).Frida got involved and so two hard to get get Frida tracks come from this project .Frida was involved ,she played
a Princess and sung a duet with Daniel Balavoine
called "Belle.' "Belle" was a hiot single in France , reaching #15 in early 1983...

At the end of 1983 , the thing was apparently
redone in English and performed at London's
Lyric Theater. This production was produced by Cameron Macintosh. The British version however, apparently did not result in another album ,
but at least two singles were released.
One of the singles included Frida's duet
with B.A. Robertson on "Time" ,The b-side
of that single featured B.A Robertson doing
"I am the Seeker" which was a B&B song that
ABBA considered but never recorded, The other
single featured Elaine PAige doing a rewritten
version of "My Love , My Life called "Like
an Image Passing Me By" . Oddly, the new lyrics
for this one were cowritten by Björn.
Apparently, B&B never saw the play-which seems bizarre. Supposedly the French version of this was reissued on CD in 1994.

Needless to say, ABBACADABRA has been superceded by Mamma Mia, and thus is not lileky to be staged again...

Sadly, I dont have this album, i 's not easily
available. I saw this album in Germany many years ago, but I didn't have the money for it-so I didn't bother getting it-("oh I'll see that again") and I haven't seen it since!

The amazing CD reissues !!!!


ABBA -the first round of CD issues of ABBA material 1983-1992

Compact Discs were not commercially
available till around 1982. The first ABBA
Cd's to be made available in Great Britain were
THE SINGLES (2CD set). These were issued in 1983 by EPIC.

Germany's Polydor manufactured most of
the early ABBA Cd's. (In the early 1980's there were only a small number of CD production plants in the whole world! .By 1992 all of ABBA's studio albums had been issued on CD
in Great Britain and in much of the world.
ABBA LIVE also was made available on CD. (albeit belatedly, in Great Britain).
The RING RING album. which had never been issued on Lp in most places, was made available in most markets on CD by the1992

During the 1970's and 1980's the rights to issue ABBA records had been licensed by Polar Music International to a smorgasbord of different labels throughout the world. In 1990, ABBA's manager Stig Anderson sold Polar and the worldwide rights for the ABBA Catalog to Polygram. It took a couple of years after that for the all the old label licensing deals to expire...

According to one not very helpful source, THE NAME OF THE GAME book ,the price for the catalog was considerably more than the price of a sandwich .

According to Carl Magnus Palm the actual price was 300 million krona-or only 30 to 50 million dollars, a sum that the new label would soon earn back.
Anyway, the new owners would subject the ABBA catalog to another series of reissues in the early 1990's. In 1999
Polydor, Polygram, Polycrap whoever the hell they are... was bought by Universal (see also the entry on ABBA-the Cd remasters).

ABBA's MAIN albums in order of intial CD release (and the year by which most countries has issued the album on CD., if different)

The Singles 1983 International release

The Visitors 1983 International release

Super trouper 1983 International release

Abba greatest hits Vol 2 1983 Sweden (by 1990 in some territories)

Abba -the album 1984 International release

Arrival 1984 International release

Voulez-Vous 1984 International release

Abba Greatest Hits Vol 1 1986 USA only?( 2006 International)

Live 1986 International release (not in US or Uk till later)

Abba 1987 German release(1992 International)

Waterloo 1988 Swedish release (1992 International)

Gracias Por La Musica 1988 Japan release (1992 -as ORO internationally)

Ring Ring 1988 (Sweden) 1992 International

(In the U SA GREATEST HITS,GREATEST HITS II and SUPER TROUPER were the only ABBA albums available on CD prior to 1995.)

Sources: Record Collector Magazine,: Ian Cole's ABBAworld, Abba-The Releases


ABBA-the American CD reissue program, Part One (1983-1995)

Not surprisingly, those darned Americans were somewhat tardy in issuing the ABBA catalogue on CD. ABBA's American label, Atlantic was kind of enough to issue GREATEST HITS,GREATEST HITS II and SUPER TROUPER on CD during the 1986/1987 . But, none of the other seven ABBA studio albums were released on CD by Atlantic, not even ABBA LIVE , was released on CD even though it was issued after the widespread emergence of CD's.

By the early 1990's all three of Atlantic's ABBA CD's were out of print. for a time ,the only ABBA Cd's available were those made by Erasure! At one point even, ABBA placed in the top ten in a Billboard poll asking people which artists catalog they though should be reissued on CD. The fact that Atlantic's right to ABBA's catalogue were due to expire
may partly explain why Atlantic was hesitant to reissue the albums.
Even Polydor, the second owners of the ABBA catalogue in America dragged their feet on issuing American ABBA Cd's.

In the USA, ABBA gold, More ABBA Gold and The Box Set,were all released well after their European issuence. But, the success of ABBA Gold proved there was still a market for ABBA even in America.This led to the rest of ABBA's studio albums finally being released in America on Cd during 1995. Of course, by this time the hardcore fan already had bought import copies.


The end of 1984 brought one of the great ABBA solo albums (the double album-CHESS),as well as Frida's last solo album for a time. It was a quite unusual to have two new ABBA related albums to listen to at around the same time.

ABBA-I LOVE ABBA 1984 American/ LP

ABBA-The Story of ABBA 1984? Canadian Lp

ABBA-The Best of ABBA 1984? Canadian Lp

ABBA-Dancing Queen April 1984 Japanese album


Various Artists-Hi Energy UK lp

ABBA -Anniversary Collection (1972-1982)
Blancmange-Mange Tout British Cd 1984
ABBA -HITS! HITS! HITS! 1984 Austrailian LP
Andersson,Rice & Ulvaeus-CHESS Double album 1984
Frida-Shine 1984 Available worldwide on Cd

 ABBA-I LOVE ABBA March 1984 American Lp

This Lp has to have one of the more bizarre covers ever created for a ABBA record. For some reason, ABBA's American label (Atlantic) chose to a have a drawing of a heart shaped vinyl album grace the cover of this collection. The songs selected were basically love songs (or more accurately softer numbers).
This album did have one saving grace, it marked the album debuts in America for the b-sides "Should I Laugh Or Cry' and "Cassandra". This album was released in March 1984 and disappeared without a trace.This album was ABBA's first Atlantic release not to make the TOP 200 chart.

A similiar version of this album(with a better cover),and different track listings had appeared in the German, French and other markerts during 1983 (see above).

The French and German versions of this album had solo tracks by Agnetha & Frida.

1. Cassandra 8. I Have A Dream
2. The Name Of The Game 3.52 9. My Love, My Life
3. Should I Laugh Or Cry 10. I Wonder (Departure)
4. Our Last Summer 11. One Man, One Woman
5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 12. Slipping Through My Fingers
6. Chiquitita 4.36 13. Fernando
7. Andante, Andante 14. Eagle 3.36


Another album , Another Love Collection.
Nothing Lost , Nothing Gained. Aha!
Groan....Marketed on Dutch TV.
This marked the first appearance on Cd for
"Cassandra", and "Elaine". This CD included
one previously issued solo song each by Frida and Agnetha

1. One Of Us 8. My Love, My Life
2. Lay All Your Love On Me 9. Wrap Your Arms Around Me - Agnetha Fältskog  edit
3. Eagle edit 10. Cassandra
4. The Winner Takes It All 11. The Day Before You Came
5. Head Over Heels 12. Elaine
6. To Turn The Stone - Frida  edit 13. Slipping Through My Fingers
7. Voulez-Vous 14. Thank You For The Music

ABBA-Dancing Queen April 1984 Japanese album

Another Japanese ABBA compilation album-the only ABBA album that I know of that uses the name of ABBA's most famous song.

ABBA-The Story of ABBA 1984? Canadian Lp

This is a K-Tel 16 song Lp... Similiar to the US release, THE MAGIC of ABBA , but in a new Canadian version with a updated track listing but the same cover photo..

1. Super Trouper
2. Dancing Queen
3. Take A Chance On Me
4. The Name Of The Game
5. Waterloo
6. Angeleyes
7. The Winner Takes It All
8. SOS

1. Fernando
2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
3. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
4. Mamma Mia
5. Honey Honey
6. Money, Money, Money
7. When All Is Said And Done
8. Chiquitita

ABBA -Anniversary Collection (1972-1982) 26 -45rpm singles April 1984

This is a collection of vinyl singles released in the Uk, similiar to the West German singles box. It was released to celebrate the tenth annniversary of Abba's victory at the Eurovsion Song contest...


The Canadians went with a sickly pink cover. The Canucks included15 tracks -amongst them the b-sides -"Cassandra" and "Should I Laugh Or Cry". Unlike some of the other the other love albums.They elected not to do the solo tracks thing,

1. Cassandra
2. The Name Of The Game edit
3. Should I Laugh Or Cry
4. Our Last Summer
5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
6. Chiquitita edit
7. Andante, Andante

8. I Have A Dream
9. My Love, My Life
10. I Wonder (Departure)
11. One Man, One Woman
12. Slipping Through My Fingers
13. Fernando
14. Eagle edit
15. The Winner Takes It All

Various Artists-Hi Energy UK lp

This album has a extended version of the 1981 ABBA track ,"The Visitors". It's the only album that the long version appears on.

ABBA -HITS! HITS! HITS! Fall 1984 Austrailian LP

The Aussies were too jaded to try a "love" album-instead they did a hit collection with a yet another somewhat more conventional track listing. They did however throw in "Cassandra" and one solo track each by Agnetha & Frida.

1. I Know There's Something Going On edit- Frida 8. The Heat Is On - Agnetha
2. Dancing Queen 9. Mamma Mia
3. Does Your Mother Know 10. Fernando
4. The Winner Takes It All 11. Cassandra
5. Money, Money, Money 12. The Name Of The Game
6. Chiquitita 13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
7. The Day Before You Came 14.

Blancmange-Mange Tout- British Cd Mid to Late 1984

This album includes one of the more influential covers of an ABBA song. Blancmange had a #22 British hit with their cover of 1982 ABBA Track -" The Day before you came".The song is more easily available on Blancmange 1990 hits collection called Second Helpings.

Don't tell me/Game above my Head/Blind Vision/Time became the Tide
That's Love that it is/Murder/See the Train/All Things are nice
My Baby/The Day before you came


Frida-Shine -September 1984 Available worldwide on Cd Remastered and reisued with bonus tracks in 2005

SHINE was pretty much ignored by ABBA fans and none-ABBA fans alike. Producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Big Country, Kirsty MacColl) fashioned a distinctive sound for this album that resonates throughout the album.

This albums' white with florescent pink and green cover seems a bit out of place in our world. I like this cover but I am in the minority! This album was recorded in France the only time that Frida has recorded a studio album outside of Sweden.

Frida's voice does strange things to
many of the songs here . This was becoming a pattern on her 1980's work -ME and I, The Visitors, You Owe Me One, Something's Going On all feature something other than her normal voice- the sound almost of a female computer .In any case it's not always easy to be expressive when you have to sing like that much of the time but for themost part this weird voice is still fun to listen to.

Among the more interesting songs here are
B&B's "Slowly" which was the only B&B song to appear on any of the girls post 1976 albums. The full sound of "The Face" is typical of the songs here-it has a great hook or two notably the point where the background singers sing "it wouldnt mean a thing".

I wasn't overwhelmed by the title track,
which was issued as a single in some markerts. Frida was encouraged to write songs for this album and two songs written by her were released. "That's Tough" didn't make it on to the album. It was a non album B-side and "Don't do It' was a lovely ballad that did make it on the album.

The albums' best song
is it's closer. Frida counts in slowly to "Comfort Me' and takes her time coming to the last verses where she speaks the words. Lillywhite's carefully assembled sound environment is there but on "Comfort me" Frida, the human being is there too.

This album was not released in the United States. On this album Frida has medium short red hair.After the promotion was done for this album, Frida lowered her profile , and opted out of trying to become a solo star. She did record on occasion,primarily dueting, with other artists
for the Swedish market. It was to be many years before she would make another album


Track listing for SHINE album (all songs in English)

Side 1:
1.Shine (Kevin Jarvis,Guy Fletcher, Jeremy Bird)4.39
2. One Little Lie (Simon Climie & Kirsty MacColl)3.44
3. The Face (Daniel Balavoine & Kirsty Mac Coll ) 3.50
4. Twist In The Dark (Andde Leek) 3.43
5. Slowly (Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus) 4.18

Side 2:
1. Heart Of the Country (Stuart Adamson) 4.38
2. Come to me (I am Woman) (Eddie Howell & David Dundas) 5.04
3. Chemistry Tonight (Glenister, Climie & Mac Coll) 4.56
4. Don't Do It ( Anni-Frid Lyngstad) 4.37
5. Comfort Me (Peter Glenister) 4.28

Extra tracks: on 2005 remaster
11. That's Tough (non album b-side)
12. Shine ( Extended 12 inch Mix)

 Andersson,Rice & Ulvaeus-CHESS Double album November 1984 Available worldwide on CD

A work in progress...So said the composers in the liner notes...little did we know at the time how this fine work would be molded and remolded but never become moldy. CHESS is a melodic ,daring, witty , ambitious sung play.

The play's three main leads all give
great performances. As the Russian, Tommy Körberg. Körberg proves to be a major find vocally , Murray Head is cynically
effective as The American but it is Elaine Paige's Florence Vassey who ultimately ties it all together. Which she somehow does even though she ,perhaps, fails to make her character as believable as the other leads.
(Elaine was one of London's West End's
biggest stars but she also was lyricist
Tim Rice's girlfriend.)

The idea for Chess came from Tim Rice but the lyrics and the music were melded together in a joint effort, The music on occasion drives the storyline through
it's subtle repeated themes.

CHESS was recorded at Polar studios and in London by Michael Tretow. Abba's backing band plays on many of the tracks but is supplemented by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Ambrosian Singers(who are also British). Anders Eljas arranged the orchestrations and conducted the LSO. CHESS was released originally as a 2 album set in late 1984.

Various singles were released. " I know Him So Well" became B&B's tenth number one song in Great Britain.

"One Night in Bangkok" was a surprising top three hit in America A extended remix 12 inch version was released in America.
Attempts to have hits with Nobody Side,"The Arbiter" and "Anthem"
did not succeed .

A one album condensed version was released in Europe called Chess Pieces. The songs were performed in concerts throughout Europe in 1984 and
the play made it to London's West End in MAy 1986.

Chess arrived on Broadway in a highly altered version in APRIL 1988.
There would not be an official album from the London cast but there would be a Broadway cast album . In 1994 a version of the the Concert
recordings came out in Sweden.

This work is where it we start to recognize Benny's talent as a orchestral and a dramatic composer. Benny's melodies come to the fore in a way that they
couldn't always do in Abba songs. The melodies were always there of course, but in the Abba recordings other elements would compete for attention.
Chess, unlike B&B's later Kristina or for that matter most other musicals is fairly unique in the way that rock sensibilities are mixed seamlessly with musical & opera forms .

However, the use of Rock idioms on stage
proved to more problematic since middle
aged critics & showgoers of the 1980's
often found the rock elements to be too harsh for their sensitive ears.

Despite the quality of the score Chess would never be a total success on the stage.The book for the play remained a major if very interesting problem in a
every future attempt to stage the play. For more on CHESS visit our CHESS page.

Chess track listing -original 2 lp set (with principal performers on each track))

Side 1
1.Merano-Chorus, Head
2.The Russian and Molokov-Korberg,Quilley
Where I want to be-Korberg
3.Opening ceremony-Skifs, Quilley, Chorus
4.Quartet (a model of decorum and tranquility), -Paige, Quilley, Skifs, Korberg

Side 2
1.The American and Florence-Head, Paige, Chorus
Nobody's side-Paige
2.Chess-instrumental feat. Benny Andersson
3. Mountain duet -Paige, Korberg
4.Florence quits-Paige, Head
5.Embassy Lament-Chorus (Byers.Midgey,Bambo, Fryson)
6.Anthem -Körberg

Side 3
1.Bangkok instrumental featuring Lindh
/One night in Bangkok-Head,Chorus,Glenmark
2.Heaven help my heart-Paige
4 I know him so well-Paige, Cook
5.The deal (no deal)-Head,Korberg, Quilley, Paige
6.Pity the child-Head

Side 4
1.Endgame-Chorus.Quilley, Head, Paige, Korberg,Cook
2. Epilogue: You and I-Paige, Korberg
/The story of Chess-Chorus 
*The chorus features The Ambrosian Singers as well as Anders Glenmark,Karin Glenmark and Liza Ohlman




1985 brought two major new releases as well as continued promotion and development for the CHESS project. I may be wrong,but as far as I know there were no ABBA compilation albums issued during 1985.

Lasse Wellander-Full Hand 1985 Swedish LP

Gemini-Gemini 1985 Released internationally on Cd ,but out of print
Agnetha Fältskog-Eyes of A Woman 1985 Available internationally on Cd

Barbara Dickson -Gold Late 1985 Uk Lp and CD

Lasse Wellander-Full Hand 1985 Swedish LP

Abba Lead Guitarist Lasse Wallander's solo album came out right after his work on CHESS, it was released on a label other than Polar...No ABBA members played on it

Agnetha Fältskog-Eyes of A Woman March 1985 Available worldwide on Cd Remastered and reissued with bonus tracks in 2005

Agnetha's second English language solo album
was produced by former 10cc member,Eric Stewart. (who is a Abba fan ). Although it sounds less like a Agnetha album than Wrap Your Arms Around Me this album at least jettisons Michael Chapman's dreary production values. This is Agnetha's most upbeat solo album.

"I Wont Let You Go" was written by Agnetha with Eric Stewart and was released as a single . This album uses some top name songwriters . Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues wrote "The Angels Cry" a truly haunting track. ELO's Jeff Lynne wrote the powerpop opening tune- "One Way Love" and Asia's John Wetton and Greg Downes wrote "We Move As One' the anthemic closer. All these
songs work pretty well. I like a lot a lot of the other songs as well.

"Click track" in particular, stands out well. The songs on this album seem to provoke different reactions from different listeners. I tend to think that this album works well since it seems to draw on the same strength that ABBA did-Give Agnetha a good pop song and she will deliver the goods.

Side One of this album may be Agnetha's best lp side ever.
Yes, Agnetha could have done a lot worse.
This album was never released in America.

ABBA sidefolk Rutger Gunnarsson, Anders Glenmark
and Karin Glenmark appear on this album.
ABBA engineers Michael Tretow and Paris Edvinson engineered the sessions which
were recorded at Polar Studios.

Two songs- Agnetha's composition "Your There"
and Paris Edvinson's "Turn The World Around"
were released as non-album B-sides on
the singles that promoted this album.

With Chess and Shine having been released in late 1984 this was the third ABBA studio album of the last six months-the last time that all ABBA members had solo studio albums out at nearly the same time....

Track listing for EYES OF A WOMAN

Side 1
1.One Way Love (Jeff Lynne (3:36)
2.Eyes Of A Woman ( Edvinson-Flynner) (3:54)
3.Just One Heart Muggleton/Noble)(3:42)
4.I Won't Let You Go (
5.The Angels Cry (Hayward)(4:22)
6.Click Track(Ince/Palmer) (2:51)

Side 2
1.We Should Be Together ( Gruska-Keane)(3:59)
2.I Won't Be Leaving You (Eric Stewart)(5:34)
3.Save Me (Why Don't Ya) ( Eric Stewart)(4:37)
4.I Keep Turning Off Lights (Burton)(3:37)
5. We Move As One ( Downes-Wetton)(4:04

Bonus Tracks on 2005 remaster
You're There (b-side)
Turn The World Around (b-side)
I Won't Let You Go (Extended Version)
The Way You Are (non-lp a side)
Fly Like The Eagle (b-side)

Barbara Dickson -Gold Late 1985 Uk Lp and CD

Includes her duet from CHESS and her cover of ABBA 1981 track -THE VISiTORS.This album reached #11 on the Brisiths charts....

1. I Know Him So Well - duet with Elaine Paige
2. Missing You
3. Another Good Day For Goodbye
4. Touch Touch
5. Anyone Who Had A Heart
6. A Day In The Life
7. You send Me
8. What Is Love
9. Rivals
10. Soldiers
11. Rising Water
12. Taking The Next Train Home
13. If You're Righ

Gemini-Gemini November 1985 Released internationally on Cd ,but out of print- Cowritten and Produced by Andersson and Ulvaeus

Gemini were the sister/brother duo of Karin & Anders Glenmark. The Glenmarks were part of the same family that owned the Glen Studio in Stockholm where ABBA recorded on a few occasions in the 1970's

Anders & Karin (along with Liza Ohlman) were the main backing vocalists for the original CHESS album, but also have had solo careers in Sweden.

This album was the first new project B&B worked on following the completion of the Chess album.Benny and the ABBA band provide the musical backing and B&B coproduced with Anders Glenmark. Michael Tretow only engineered two of the songs here. Producing and writing song for a duo with one male and one female singer was probably not the best move for B&B at this point,in their careers. People really expected a lot more from B&B. Gemini was like making a record with just half of ABBA- and thus was bound to suffer from the comparision.

Gemini have a more soulful sound than ABBA due primarily to Anders Glenmark's passionate singing. Karin Glenmark is a bit more icy of a singer but she has the more unique voice of the two.
On the first listen, some of the songs here sound like bad 80's pop but after a few listens the trademark ABBA hooks start to sink in. Even the songs that Anders Glenmark wrote the music for start to sound
like B&B songs after awhile.

This album has the something of dark, serious tone that ABBA had on the THE VISITORS except that some of the lyrics are not as good, Björn has written relatively banal lyrics for some of the songs. Ingela Forsman (who wrote the lyrics for two of Anders' three songs) does no better .(Ingela has also written lyrics for Agenetha Faltskog).

There are at least three or four very good B&B songs here. The legendary partially released ABBA song ,"Just Like That' made it's official debut here on this album and was released as a (failed) single internationally .The version of JLT here is in a minor key and has some additional lyrics that are not on the unreleased ABBA version. JLT certainly seems better constructed here than in the ABBA version.

"Have Mercy" has a intriguing lyric about
a fallen leader and some subtle but catchy
hooks in it's chorus. This song really suits
Gemini well, ABBA couldn't have pulled the
pseudo -gospel aspects of this song off.

"Slowly" is done in a duet in a more interesting but less straight forward version than the version done by Frida a year earlier on her SHINE album. "Another You, Another Me" (which ABBA lyric does that remind you off?) has Karin Glenmark singing in very high voice. It's yet another Björn lyric about a broken relationship.The two remaining B&B songs "Slow Emotion" & "Two Much Love is Wasted "are quite listenable but have boring lyrics. "The Middle of Nowhere" is the most memorable of the three songs written by Anders Glenmark.

This album did not do well commercially and
is remarkably out of print, even in Sweden,
(the only major post ABBA B&B project to be totally out of
print). It's failure to suceed commercially on a international level meant that
most of the subsequent projects by B&B would not be released outside of Sweden.

I found this album to be ridiculously hard to find, I found that the only way to obtain it was on bootleg. (Or if your very lucky you can find a used copy of the LP). Such scarcity is rather annoying considering that we keep seeing rereleased repackagings of ABBA material. This album is simply ABBA by another name. However as of 2005 you can get most of the track on this album on the best of Gemini Cd...


1986 brought finally the release of ABBA live, but little else. This was first year in which no new ABBA or ABBA solo studio albums would be released in Sweden since 1978.

ABBA 1986 Reunion (not released on recorded)
ABBA-LIVE Rel. 1986 (but rec. 1977-1981) Available worldwide on CD
Agnetha Fältskog-Sjung Denna Sang 1986 Swedish Lp

ABBA- Greatest Hits - July 1986 Japan LP
Andersson, Rice & Ulvaeus-CHESS PIECES 1986 Released on CD

Agnetha Fältskog-The Way You are'/ Fly Like The Eagle Fall 1986 Swedish non album single

Agnetha Fältskog-Agnetha 1986 Out of print Finland Lp

ABBA's 1986 Reunion

TIVIDSHAMBO (Swedish TV only January 1986) Unreleased track
The only public reunion of ABBA in which they actually sang was for the taping of Stig's song "TIVIDSHAMBO' for a Swedish TV special on January 16, 1986 . The song is basically Benny on accordion, Bjorn on guitar and everybody singing lead together in a somewhat rough fashion. The roughness of the recording probably explains why it was not released officially even though this is ABBA's
last public appearance together. The recording is available only on bootleg. The Challenger Space Shuttle also blew up in January 1986...

Abba actually had another little known private reunion during 1986 at the 40th birthday party for their friend Claes af Geijerstam.. Claes birthday is in February so I assume the party was around that time....

Agnetha Fältskog-Sjung Denna Sang -Early to Mid 1986 Swedish Lp

This compilation album complements TIO AR MED as sort of a
Swedish Greatest Hits Part 2. All the songs are from her early 70's's Swedish career. Sadly, this album is no longer available. The title means "Sing This Song". The cover features a charming closeup photo of a smiling Agnetha circa 1968.

The woman on the cover seems so innocent. This album features nine songs from Agnetha's fourth & somewhat hard to get album called När en vacker tanke blir en sång.This album also features some of Aggie's non- album tracks.

"Nu Skall Du Bli Stilla " (Everything's All Right")from "JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR makes it's debut on a Agnetha album here.As does the 1974 English language single "Here For Your Love/Golliwog' . "Golliwog" may have a stupid lyric , but it's stlll a sexy song. My favorite song here is the charming "Litet Solkensbarn" (Little Sunshine Boy) ,a 1970 B-side.,that also made it's album debut here.


-Tågen kan gå igen
-Kanske var min kind lite het
-Han lämnar mig för att komma till dig
-Då finns du hos mig
-Mitt sommarland
Sjung denna sång
Vi har hunnit fram till refrängen
-Jag vill att du skall bli lycklig
Litet solskensbarn
Nu skall du bli stilla
-Kungens vaktparad
-Nya ord
Någonting händer med mig
-Sången föder dig tillbaka

ABBA- Greatest Hits - July 1986 Japan LP

Similiar to Greatest Hits 2 actually, but with "Fernando" and Waterloo to go along with most of the tracks found GH II.

ABBA-LIVE Rel. August 1986 (but rec. 1977-1981) Available worldwide on CD

Strangely, this live album would come out in 1986 during the mid -1980's lull in interest in ABBA. ABBA's live album would not be released in Great Britain at this time and would do poorly in most territories. The album met the fate it deserved.....

The release of a a live ABBA album had been considered before-but shelved till this point,, when not many people wanted to hear a second rate ABBA album...

This may be the one original ABBA album that an ABBA fan can do without. LIVE is a very bland album and doesn't take very good advantage of the numerous interesting and unreleased live tracks available.
The resulting mediocre album should not be a surprise since a live album never was something that Benny, Björn or their engineer had much enthusiasm for.
ABBA might have a been a fairly good stage act,but they were flawless as a studio act and it was hard for live recordings of ABBA songs to compete with the studio versions. This was Björn's view but it's the wrong attitude to take if your going to put out a live album.
For the most part there few surprises to be found on the instrumentation here, seldom is it as crisp as the studio versions..
One area where you willl notice some difference is in the keyboards-Benny often strays significantly from studio arrangement partly he doesn't always have all the original instruments at hand, partly because he's too creative not to let some new ideas to slip out.

The live album draws from three different years 9 songs are drawn from the 1979 world tour. 2 songs were used from 1977 and 3 tracks came from 1981 Dick Cavett TV special. So thus most of ABBA's career is covered.
.In retrospect,a live album drawn mainly from 1977 Australia shows recorded for ABBA -The Movie would have been a far better choice as the group is far more hungry and enthused and singing more energetic material in 1977 then they are in 1979 or 1981.
ABBA LIVE was the last major ABBA album to be widely available on vinyl. The Cd version included three bonus tracks (MoneyX3, OnX3, Name of the
ABBA LIVE probably has the worst album cover of any of ABBA's original albums. There is no picture of the group on the cover -just a drawing of four incredibly large letters.Rune Soderqvist (ABBA's steadfast bifocaled album cover designer) must have figured that putting Spandex suits on the cover were in bad taste.

In addition to the ABBA LIVE album there have also been a few other official (if somewhat obscure) releases of live ABBA material,as well as some significant live versions that have been not released officially. There have been suggestions that one day a new live album will be put out, perhaps to replace this one...In the meantime, skip this one get either ABBA-The Movie, or the ABBA -In Concert DVD's.

TRACK LISTING FOR ABBA LIVE (with date recorded) 

1.Dancing Queen November1979

2.Take A chance on me November1979

3. I have A Dream November1979

4.Does Your Mother Know November1979

5.Chiquitita November1979

6.Thank You For the Music November1979

7.Two For The Price Of One April1981

 8.Fernando March 1977

9.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! April1981

10 Super Trouper April1981

11. Waterloo November 1979

12. Money,Money, Money March 1977

13.Name of The Game/Eagle November1979

14.On and On and On April1981

The original Lp version included just tracks 1-11

ABBA- 21 GRANDES EXITOS -1986 Chile 2lp

21 hits on this one including 7 Spanish tracks and 14 in English. They were dancing on the grapes all over the place....

 Ring Ring
So Long
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Mamma Mía (Spanish)
Fernando (Spanish )
Reina Danzante (Spanish)
Money, Money, Money
Conociéndome, Conociéndote (Spanish)
The Name Of The Game
 Chiquitita (Spanish version)
Take A Chance On Me
Summer Night City
Does Your Mother Know
Dame! Dame! Dame! (Spanish)
Estoy Soñando (Spanish)
The Winner Takes It All
Super Trouper
The Day Before You Came


Agnetha Fältskog-Agnetha 1986 Out of print Finland Lp

This Finnish market only compilation album features songs from Agnetha's Swedish solo career 1967-1979.

Track listing is similiar to Tio AR MED

Dom har glömt  Here For Your Love  Gulleplutt 
Var det med dej?  Framför svenska sommaren 
Zigenarvän  Om tårar vore guld 

Många gånger än  Dröm är dröm och saga saga 
Vart ska min kärlek föra?  Så glad som dina ögon  S.O.SDoktorn  Tack för en underbar vanlig dag  När du tar mig i din famn

Andersson, Rice & Ulvaeus-CHESS PIECES Summer to Fall 1986 Released on CD

Released in Europe but not in the USA, this is a one album abridgement of the original studio concept album. It has about 13 of the songs.The versions of "You and I",and "Merano" used here are edits. I am not sure if the the extended version of "The Arbiter" was used here or the original version. The extended version of the "The Arbiter" included new lyrics referring to the mid-eighties Chess match in which World Champion Kasporov lost a match because of an arbiter's questionable decisions. This album has a white cover as opposed to the black of the original album.

Agnetha Fältskog-The Way You are'/ Fly Like The Eagle Fall 1986 Swedish non album single

A successful duet recorded by Aggie with Ola Hakansson, who had enjoyed international success as a member of Secret Service. The B-side, 'Fly Like The Eagle' was also not available on an Agnetha album at the time. It was released on a album Aux Deux Magots by Secret Serice and on Agnetha's THAT'S ME album.


1987 saw the release of two new albums by Agnetha and two new projects

from Bjorn and Benny, thus it was one of the better post breakup years.

Agnetha & Christian -Kom Folj Med I var Karusell- 1987 Released on Swedish CD

Secret Service- Aux Deux Magots 1987 Swedish Lp
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- ABBAPHONIC 1987 Released on CD

Original Soundtrack album for MIO MIN MIO" Swedish release 1987
Gemini-Geminism 1987 Available on Swedish CD
Whitney Houston-Whitney American CD 1987

ABBA- The Best of ABBA Poland 2lp set 1987..
Benny Andersson -Klinga Mina Klockor 1987 Swedish Cd
Agnetha Fältskog-I Stand Alone 1987 Available worldwide on CD
Ra ta ta -Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet Swedish CD 1987
Agnetha Fältskog-Estoy Sola 1987 Argentinean Lp

ABBA-THE HITS 1987,1988,1991 British CD


Agnetha & Christian -Kom Folj Med I var Karusell- Early 1987 Released on Swedish CD

Now it was nine year old Christian's turn to sing with mom., nearly seven years after Agnetha's daughter Linda had.. The title translates as "Come Along on My Roundabout".The whole album is in Swedish. There are some original songs here but nothing written by Agnetha. There is (for example) a Swedish version of one of the Smurf songs.This album is strictly for the pre A-teen crowd. The ever loyal Rutger Gunnarsson and Lasse Wallender play on this. Agnetha produced this with Michael Tretow. Interestingly,this album was not recorded at Polar Studios or released on the Polar label. Instead WEA handled the release of this album and AGgie's next album called - I STAND ALONE.

Secret Service- Aux Deux Magots 1987 n Swedish Lp

This album includes a extended version of Aggie's 1986 duet with Ola Hakkanson called "The Way Your Are", as well as nine other tracks. Of course, you can get"The Way Your Are" on the new version of EYES OF A WOMAN, or on That's Me or the My Love, My Life albums.


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- ABBAPHONIC 1987 Released on CD

An album of orchestral covers of ABBA hits.
It is conducted by Louis Clark of ELO and
Also features the Royal Choral Society
humming along.


ABBAture/SOS /  Mamma Mia/Eagle
I have A dream/DYMK / Money 3
 KMKY Gimme../Summer Night City
Chiquitita /Finale


Gemini-Geminism April 1987 Available on Swedish CD. Cowritten & produced by ANDERSSON-ULVAEUS

The second duet album by Karin Glenmark and her bearded brother -Anders. The formula was the same as on their 1985 album Anders and Karin sing, Benny and the ABBA band play,and Björn and Benny write and produce most of the songs (leaving the remainder for Anders) . The main differences between this album and the first Gemini album is that the songs on this album are a little lighter, less soulfful and and the lyrics have more of that early ABBA
simplicity to them.(i.e. some of the songs dont appear to be about anything!)

Nevertheless, a few of songs are depressing or at least less than peppy.This album has the English version of Gemini's
big Swedish hit "Mio Min Mio". In English it's called " Mio My Mio" It was featured in a Swedish movie. A soundtrack album (not easily obtainable) was made for the film featuring instrumental music by Anders Eljas as well the Swedish version of "Mio Min Mio." Karin Glenmark reprised "Mio Min Mio" on
"Fran Waterloo till Duvemala".

The other songs are listenable, though
I didn't care for "I am a Bitch When I
See Red" which has Karin using her
tough voice which is wretched compared
to her more elegant "ballad voice".

While it might be enjoyable to have another Gemini record-it probably would have been more interesting if Bjorn and Benny had devoted their spare time at this point to writing another musical-but it would be 1990 before they got around to their next musical.

Whitney Houston-Whitney -American CD June 1987

Whitney covered Tim Rice & B&B's "I Know Him So Well" from CHESS on this her second studio album ."I Know Him So Well"- is done as duet with her mother Cissy Houston. The duet is not overly memorable. This album included four huge American hits- I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" ""Didn't We Almost Have It All" "So Emotional "and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go ". This is possibly the largest selling album (with exception of ABBA Gold) with a song written by Bjorn and Benny on it.

Track listing:

1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
2. Just the Lonely Talking Again
4. Didn't We Almost Have It All
5. So Emotional
6. Where You Are    
7. Love Is a Contact Sport    
8. You're Still My Man    
9. For the Love of You    
10. Where Do Broken Hearts Go    
11. I Know Him So Well - with Cissy Houston

Original Soundtrack album for MIO MIN MIO" Swedish release late 1987
Composed and arranged by Anders Eljas except a few of the tracks which were written by Benny.

". Most of the tracks are written by Benny''s orchester/conductor Anders Eljas This is yet another very hard to find ABBA related record release,this album features Bjorn and Benny's compostion -'Mio Min Mio".. It was big hit in Sweden...You can also get the song in it's English version on the hard to find Gemini CD.

Benny Andersson -Klinga Mina Klockor November 1987 Swedish Cd

"Sweden is an accordion country"- Björn Ulvaeus

After 23 years in the music business Benny finally put out a album with just his name on it. Surprisingly or not this album was very successful in Sweden. Swedes were open to the traditional folk music that dominates this album.

About two thirds of this album is accordion/violin based music written by Benny (or B&B) in a Swedish folk music style. Benny's friends, Orsa Spelman play the violins on the album.The other third of the album sounds like a cross between CHESS anbd the later KRISTINA album. The Stockholm's Radiosymfonikerna also receives credit as co-players on the CD cover. The other

Although, accordion music is certainly an acquired taste, hearing a master like Benny play the accordion might make you want to acquire a taste for it. In any case, Benny does play the piano here as well. The other joy in hearing this album is that it it so freshingly non-commercial sounding.

Björn had moved to England by the time this album was being made, so for the first time in many years, Benny began writing songs with out Björn and even worked with an alternative lyricist (Benny's brother -in-law , Mats Norlkit ) on one song, the lovely , "Efter Regnet". Björn didn't play at all on this album or coproduce any of the tracks. Even so, Björn cowrote 4 songs on the album. ( Björn lived in England from 1984-90).

Benny dragged up an unsued B&B song rejected by ABBA called "Hamlet III" (which would appear in a partial version on the ABBA box set -THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC). Here it is called " Lottis schottis".

Two songs were written for members of
Benny's family. Firstly, there is the whimsical "Ludvig's Leksakspolka" written for his son,, while a more homey theme called "Födelsedagsvals till Mona" was written for Benny's wife Mona.

Two of songs are similar to the music in CHESS or KRISTINA. "Efter Regnet" (After the Rain) is a elegant duet sung by Tommy Korberg & Karin Glenmark. The title track is an ambitious four part choral orchestral piece that features a chorus and the Stockholm Radio Symphony. Frida sings on the chorus -the only time one of the ABBA girls has appeared on the same record
as one of the ABBA boys in the post ABBA period. Part of the melody of the title track
was used in places on Kristina.

This album ranks just after Kristina and Chess, amongst Benny's best post- ABBA work..

Every true ABBA fan should have at least one of Benny's solo albums..They should also buy an accordion and grow a beard.....

Ra ta ta -Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet Swedish CD 1987

Frida early 1987 hit single duet with Ratata (" Sa lange Vi Har Haran") is available on this album by Ratata's album called Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet   A English version was also recorded called "As long As I have You".

ABBA- The Best of ABBA Poland 2lp set 1987..

The natives were restless in Poland so the commies were releasing ABBA again , this time a compilation...with a different track listing than previous international releases with this title...Indeed this 2Lp set has exact the track listing found on ABBA-The Singles -The First Ten Years..Only five years late...Hey did you know that Abba means father, and so occasionally the pope is referred to as Abba. Hey did you know that a Swedish fish canning company goes by the name of Abba?

Agnetha Fältskog-I Stand Alone November 1987 Available worldwide on CD

It seemed like this was the last time. Agnetha's last studio album for 17 years.

I STAND ALONE is Produced by Peter Cetera and Bruce Gaitsh. Peter Cetera ( formerly of the American band -Chicago) who like any sensible person is a big fan of ABBA.. At the time of this album, Peter was at the peak of his solo career.His solo career was and is a very bland, and laidback.

Somehow, Peter Cetera managed to convince Agnetha to come to Malibu, California to record this album and for the first time she is the only Swede on a record. She truly stood alone. One theory is that Agnetha had developed a crush on co-producer Bruce Gaitsh , and this is why she was willing to to fly on a plane to California to record the album, despite her known fear of flying...
However, the album disappeared with out a trace in the American market (and did poorly everywhere but Scandinavia). Interestingly , this was the first ABBA related album to be issued on CD in America at time of initial release.

Thus album largely favors a very bland ,laidback
but sweet sound. Some of the songs here seem to be written by obscure songwriters with the notable exception of David Foster and the last two songs, which were co-written by Diane Warren, who was one of the most successful songwriters of the '80s & the "90's.

However, since the songs are unremarkable they do not outshine poor
Agnetha who's the one with her name on her album.Agnetha's actually able to bring the best out of songs like "Maybe It was Magic' or "Let It shine". The sameness of the songs makes this also a more cohesive album . I mean if you like one song- you'll probably like them all. I lot of people like the straight forward emotionality
of the songs on this album. So this album has aged surprisingly well, but so has my TV born the same year....

Two of the songs have more interesting arrangements. "The Last Time" is a dramatic opener and the title track sounds proud, defiant. There is actually some pretty effective horns,synthesizer, and percussion on the title track. Somehow, nobody was able to locate Rutger Gunnarsson and thus for the first time since her German recordings Agnetha she is the only Swede on a record. She truly stood alone! But then she sat down.....

For variety of reasons (primarily the desire for privacy) Agnetha withdrew from the record making business at this juncture.until her comeback in 2005.


Track listing for I STAND ALONE

Side 1
1.The Last Time (Randall-Randall-Law) 4.12)
2. Little White secrets (Schwartz/Bruno/Pomerantz) 4.04
3. I Wasn't The One (Who said Goodbye)-duet with Peter Cetera- (Mueller-Zigman) 4.10
4. Love In A World Gone Mad (Livsey-Sinfield)4.08
5. Maybe It was Magic (Brown-Hurley) 4.07

Side 2
1. Let It Shine (Roberts-LaBounty-Foster)3.58
2. We Got a Way (Robinson-Glde-Walsh)3.50
3. I Stand Alone (Cetera-Gaitsch) 4.52
4. Are You Gonna Throw It All Away (Warren/Hammond)4.52
5. If You Need Somebody Tonight (Warren-Hammond) 3.32

Agnetha Fältskog-Estoy Sola Late 1987 Argentinean Lp

The Argentines released an alternative version of I STAND ALONE
that included the Spanish language versions
of "The Last Time -"La Ultima Vez" and
"I Wasn't The One" -"Yo No Fui".
I havent seen this or heard this , but
I would assume the rest of the tracks
from I STAND ALONE are presented
in their normal English versions.

Agnetha also recorded and released
a Spanish version of her duet with
Tomas Ledin -"Never Again"- which
was released in Spain under the title
"Ya Nunca Mas" in 1983. "Ya Nunca Mas" doesn't seem to have been compiled here or elsewhere.

ABBA-THE HITS sepetember 1987
Released on the British Budget label, Pickwick this was a three part CD compilation series of ABBA hits and other famous ABBA tune thingies. Each of three CD's were released intially separately at separate times.

In 1991,the 3 Cd's were cleverly put together into something resembling a box (I think it was paper actually ) and viola !, one of the first (indeed probably the first) ABBA CD box set on CD was brought into the world.The contents of these albums are mostly hits with a few album tracks thrown in, but no rarities.

THE HITS (September 1987)
1. Waterloo
2. S.O.S.
3. Dancing Queen
4. Knowing Me, Knowing You
5. Lay All Your Love On Me
6. Super Trouper

7. Take A Chance On Me
8. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
9. Honey, Honey
10. Hasta Mañana
11. The Visitors
12. Mamma Mia


1988 was the year Chess arrived and failed on Broadway.


Orsa Spelmän-Orsa Spelmän 1988 Swedish CD

ABBA-Special Best MAy 1988 Japanese Album

Information Society - Information Society -International CD 1988?


ABBA- The Best of ABBA Canada LP 1988...

ABBA-OS GRANDES 1988-Brazil Lp
Original Broadway Cast-CHESS by Andersson,Rice & Ulvaeus 1988 Available on American CD.
ABBA-THE COLLECTION 1988 British/Australian CD
ABBA- THE COLLECTION VOL.2 1988 British/Australian CD
ABBA-THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL/ABBA- GULD HITS 1988 SWedish/Danish Cassette issue only


VARIOUS ARTISTS-Polarator 1988 Promotional Lp

ABBA-THE HITS 2 February 1988 British CD
Released on the British Budget label, Pickwick this was the second of a three part series. .

THE HITS 2 (february 1988 )

1. The Name Of The Game edit
2. Arrival
3. Ring Ring
4. Eagle
5. Summer Night City
6. Happy New Year
7. Angeleyes

8. Money, Money, Money
9. Andante, Andante
10. Voulez-Vous
11. Kisses Of Fire
12. The Day Before You Came
13. When I Kissed The Teacher
14. Fernando


Orsa Spelmän-Orsa Spelmän May 1988 Swedish CD

This was the second album released on Benny's Mono label in May 1988. The album recorded at Polar and was produced by Benny Andersson and features him playing on accordion and synthesizer. Most of the songs are written by the band. This album recorded at Polar by engineer Bernard Lohr.

ABBA-Special Best May 1988 Japanese Album

Another Japanese ABBA compilation...

Original Broadway Cast-CHESS by Andersson,Rice & Ulvaeus Fall 1988 Available on American CD.

This is the cast album from the heavily revamped Broadway version of CHESS which ran on Broadway from April to June 1988. Their were problems with using the
London cast so none of those actors could be used in the Broadway version and because The original London production was thought to have been too expensive to stage
on Broadway, so changes were made.... Trevor Nunn who had directed the London
version(after Michael Bennett had to drop out) also directed the Broadway version.
The orchestra was conducted by Paul Bogaev.

Benny and Björn went to NYC to produce the Broadway cast album whilst the play was running.A whole new group of actors is featured here..Judy Kuhn ,best known for her work
in the Disney cartoon, POCAHANTUS, puts in a emotionally genuine performance in as Florence Vassey. David Caroll brings dignity to his portrayal of the Russian chess player, Anatoly Sergievsky.
Phillip Casnoff plays Freddie Trumper,the American. (his last name appears to be
reference to Donald Trump).Casnoff had appeared in the the American TV miniseries
NORTH AND SOUTH and SINATRA. Their acting was of a high quality for
a musical. CHESS' book (it's script) though was more problematic, it lacked believability and charm. Ultimately, it was hard to care about the characters.

The singing performances are fairly good,but not usually not as good as the 1984 studio album. This version has a very different lineup of songs and
many of the lyrics are different from the 1984 studio album. In this version,for example, The American wins the Chess match instead ofb eing a spectator in the second act as he was in the London version.
Many of the lyrics to the song had been rewritten to help tell the new story.

Four totally new songs are featured "Someone Else's Story " sounds more like an old fashioned great Broadway song than anything else written for Chess. Strangley it was actually cut from the play towards the end of it''s short Broadway run.
The other new songs were Prologue, Hungarian Folk Song , and Lullaby (apukad eros Kezen) . Yes,Tim or Björn or somebody spent a year in Budapest learning Hungarian to write these two songs.

. The album doesn't include all the songs
that were performed on the Broadway stage but it has most of them .(one interesting omission is a Press Conference sequence similiar to the one Tim Rice had included in Jesus Christ Superstar.)

CHESS, on Broadway was not well received
by most critics, notably Frank Rich of the New York Times. This was not a universal opinion- TIME referred to it as the greatest Rock N roll musical
ever written. That Chess was partly a rock musical was part of the problem,
there havent been that many rock musicals staged on Broadway
and it was hard for middle aged theatre criitics or audiences of the 1980's to relate to something
like Chess. However, the musical itself, was not perfect or it would have been
more successful on London's West End, where far more ideal circumstances,
prevailed. As it was, CHESS only lasted a few years in London, barely making back
the huge money invested.

There was such hostility to Chess that the play's music was not nominated for any Tony awards, only the two American lead actors received nominations.
David Carroll and Judy Kuhn did not win!

The music is performed by the actual Broadway stage orchestra , Benny manages to sneak in a bit of work on keyboards. The album has stayed in print for a long while in America despite the plays limited Broadway Run.

The original cast performed the songs live
for benefit concert a short time after the closing. (the actor. David Carroll who played the Russian assembled the cast).

Tim Rice brought CHESS to Off-Broadway in yet another version in the 1990's . This was a simpler production but not as good as some of the simpler college productions that have put on.

This album was released on a vinyl Lp in a abbreviated version. The album was
engineered by Chuck Cavanaugh and recorded at the Record Plant. It's the only album with B&B's involvement to have been recorded in the USA.

People wandering why Bjorn Ulvaeus was so willing to sell his soul for Mamma Mia to be successful would do well to study the CHESS experience.

ABBA-THE COLLECTION VOL.1 1987 or 1988 British/Australian CD

Starting to move from lp's to Cd's by now... This album was issued on a budget label- The CD versions of these have fewer tracks than the lp versions.. The Australian version were not released at the same time as the Briitish versionss

Collection Volume 1 is mostly the usual suspects-all the hits that are fit to print...

Waterloo/The Name Of The Game /The Winner Takes It All /Dancing Queen /Super Trouper
/FernandoGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
/S.O.S./I Have A Dream /Does Your Mother Know/Voulez-Vous Angeleyes

Ring Ring /The Day Before You Came
/Head Over Heels /Thank You For The Music
/I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 1/Under Attack /Arrival/Honey, Honey/The Visitors/Rock Me
/Eagle /Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)

ABBA-THE HITS 3 -September 1988 British CD
Released on the British Budget label, Pickwick this was the third of a three part series.

THE HITS 3 (Septmeber 1988)

1. The Winner Takes It All
2. The King Has Lost His Crown
3. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
5. Head Over Heels
6. Rock Me
7. I Have A Dream

8. Chiquitita
9. The Piper
10. On And On And On
11. One Of Us
12. Our Last Summer
13. Does Your Mother Know
14. Thank You For The Music

ABBA- THE COLLECTION VOL.2 October 1988 British/Australian 2lp /CD

ABBA The Collection 2 features most of ABBA LIVE as well the Ring Ring album.. This was the first time that many of the RING RING album tracks had seen release in Great Britain, which was one of the many territories not to release the Ring Ring album during the 1970's...

ABBA- The Best of ABBA Canada LP 1988...

The Canadians were releasing ABBA too, in this compilation...with a different track listing than previous releases with this title...

1. Dancing Queen
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. The Name Of The Game
4. Waterloo
5. Knowing Me, Knowing You
6. S.O.S.
8. Fernando

9. Does Your Mother Know
10. Voulez-Vous edit
11. Chiquitita edit
12. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
13. Honey, Honey
14. The Winner Takes It All
15. Money, Money, Money
16. Angeleyes


ABBA-OS GRANDES 1988-Brazil Lp

Another hits compilation .A repackaging of the 1982 album OS GRANDES SUCESSOS DE ABBA , on this version there are four more songs, but some of songs have been edited... They were dancing in Sao Paulo! Then they heard the butchered edits and started throwing stuff at the DJ.

The Winner Takes It All edit / Dancing Queen edit /Chiquitita edit
/Knowing Me, Knowing You edit /I Have A Dream edit / Honey, Honey /Super Trouper edit

/Fernando edit/Summer Night City /S.O.S./Mamma Mia
/I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do edit/Waterloo edit /The Name Of The Game edit

Information Society - Information Society International CD 1988?

This Cd by a Minnesota geek band features the hit "What's on Your Mind -Pure Energy) "as well as a cover of ABBA's Lay All Your Love on Me . The hit is that annoying song that kept having a sample from Star Trek of Mr.Spock (Leonard Nimoy) saying -"pure energy!...

 1. What's on Your Mind -Pure Energy)
2. Tomorrow
3. Lay All Your Love on Me
4. Repetition
5. Walking Away
 6. Over the Sea  
7. Attitude  
8. Something in the Air  
9. Running  
10. Make It Funky


ABBA-THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL/ABBA- GULD HITS 1988 SWedish/Danish Cassette issue only

In Sweden this collection was called GULD HITS, in Denmark-The Winner Takes It All

This cassette only release may have been called by two different names, but each has the same 14 tracks. Unusually The tracks are all from the 1980's . Supposedly, The version of "Under Attack" featured here is the special edits used for aT V show. I sometimes envision that there could have been a ABBA Greatest Hits Volume 3, with songs from Super Trouper, The Visitors and some or all of the 1982 tracks-but it probably woudn't have sold well...anyway this as close as we come to that idea.... There are also cassettes called Guld Hits Vol.2, Vol.3, and Vol.4.


1. The Winner Takes It All
2. Slipping Through My Fingers
3. Lay All Your Love On Me
4. Under Attack (special edit)
5. One Of Us
6. Andante, Andante
7. Happy New Year

8. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
9. The Piper
10. When All Is Said And Done
11. The Day Before You Came
12. Our Last Summer
13. The Visitors
14. Super Trouper

ABBA-ABSOLUTE ABBA November 1988-UK 2CD /2 Lp set

More hits , repackaged in some new and fabulous way, Totally hits on this one-covering most of ABBA's career. Issued iin the UK on the Telstar label. There were dancing outbreaks reported in Leeds. Actually it might have been fighting at a football match...

The Name Of The Game edit
Thank You For The Music

Knowing Me, Knowing You
One Of Us
Does Your Mother Know
Summer Night City
Lay All Your Love On Me
The Winner Takes It All

Super Trouper
Money, Money, Money
Ring Ring 1
Head Over Heels
Take A Chance On Me

Dancing Queen
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Mamma Mia
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
I Have A Dream

VARIOUS ARTISTS-Polarator Late 1988 Promotional Lp

This is a very hard to find red Lp issued by Stig's . Polar label , which had previously released Christmas tracks on it. it is is a rarity..It was issued by a Swedish furniture? company called ironcially enough Polarator. It has ABBA's "Happy New Year' and a couple of the ABBA girls solo x-mas tracks..


By 1989 ,of the four former ABBA members only Benny was working regularly as a musician. ABBA's international profile by this time had decreased substantially. Benny had started up his own record label by this time, called Mono Records.


Hootenanny Singers Reunion 1989...

 ABBA-The Very Best of ABBA 1989 British Lp or CD
ABBA-ABBA International 1989 German CD
Benny Andersson-November 1989 Available on Swedish Cd
Frida's rare and unreleased recordings.

ABBA-LOVE SONGS Dutch Lp /cd Fall 1989

Similiar title & theme but different track listing, . the cd version had bonus tracks.

1. One Of Us 8. Fernando
2. Chiquitita 9. Andante, Andante
3. Tropical Loveland 10. Wrap Your Arms Around Me - Agnetha edited version
4. Dancing Queen 11. Our Last Summer
5. I've Been Waiting For You 12. Take A Chance On Me
6. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 13. S.O.S.
7. My Love, My Life 14. The Way Old Friends Do

Hootenanny Singers Reunion 1989...No singing involved...

For some reason ,All four of The original Hootenanny Singers appeared together on Swedish TV togther for a interview at some point during 1989....? Yes ,even the high and mighty Bjorn Ulvaeus showed up for this one with Johan Karlberg, Tony Roth, and Hansi Schwarz The "fifth Hootenanny" roadie Hans Bergkvist was also there....I believe this is the last time all four guys were seen in public together.. Johan Karlberg would die three years later on August 16, 1992..He was only 49 when he died....

Souree : ABBA On Tv website...

ABBA-The Very Best of ABBA 1989 British Lp or CD

Readers Digest put out this one disc 14 song compilation of ABBA hits.

Waterloo /S.O.S. /Mamma Mia /Fernando
/Dancing Queen/Knowing Me, Knowing You
/Money, Money, Money /. Summer Night City/Take A Chance On Me/ The Name Of The Game edit/Chiquitita/Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! / Super Trouper
/ The Winner Takes It All

ABBA-ABBA International 1989 ?1982? 1984? *German CD

Not every ABBA compilation album was stupid, redundant and pointless, there
have a been few that actually used good ideas. The idea behind this compilation was to throw in some of ABBA's non-English recordings with some b-sides and hits.

This CD was originated in Germany by Polygram.This CD is no longer available but at the time of it's release it provided the CD debuts for a number of ABBA's rare tracks. About half of the tracks were the usual hits like "Dancing Queen" "Eagle" was featured in the edit version (which in 1989 in time was more interesting than aggravating.)

This CD has the German versions of "Ring Ring" and Another Town Another Train", The Spanish version of "Chiquitiita", the French Version of "Waterloo" and three non- album B-sides -"Happy Hawaii"."Take A Chance On Me "(live),and "I Wonder (live)'. All of these tracks were not widely available on Cd at the time.

The original cassette version of this included five additional tracks, one of which was the then hard-to find b-side-""Crazy World".So the record company tries hard, but they lose points for leaving out some of the other foreign language tracks such as the Swedish versions of" Waterloo",Ring Ring and "Honey Honey".

Track listing -Ring ring (German vers.) *Honey Honey, Intermezzo No1/Waterloo(French) *The Visitors/Take A Chance On Me (Live) /Gimme X3/I've Been Waiting for You/Happy Hawaii/SOS/Rock N Roll Band/ *Crazy World/People Need Love/*Mamma Mia/ Wer Im Wartesaal er Liebe Steht(German vers. of Another Town, Another Train/Rock Me/ The Winner Takes it All/ I Wonder (Live ver.) Eagle (edit) *Voulez-Vous/ Dancing Queen/I Have A Dream -*CASSETTE Only tracks

*Editors note-the CD doesn't have a copyright date-so I havent been able to confirm the release date. More than one source says this album was released in 1982, one source says sourece said 1989 and one said 1988. It may be that the cassette version was released first....



Benny Andersson-November 1989 Available on Swedish CD Released as you might well guess in November 1989


Benny's second solo album features a lot more piano & synthesizers and a bit less accordion/violin than his first solo album. The folk group Orsa Spelman is on here but they play a less than they do on KLINGA.

As result it's a easier listen, but also a less interesting album. It's doesn't jump out at you the way KLINGA does. What this album does offer is lots of unadultearated Benny Andersson keyboards and synthesizers. This sounds more like film instrumental music, albeit with the usual Benny Andersson flair for melody and hooks. This album also includes some vaguely humourous sounding music such as "Machopolska ".

Björn cowrote only one song here, "The Conducator'. It was written for a special concert. The song features Tommy Korberg singing. The lyric sounds like a Chess lyric, it's full of cynicism! It seemingly describes some horrible bureaucrat. Apparently though, the song was inspired by ,a Romanian, Doina Cornea's letters to her daughter during the Communist dictatorship of Nikolai Ceaucescu. "The Conducator" is the only vocal track on the album.

Once again, one of Benny's family members is mentioned in a song title this time it's his Grandfather -Efraim Andersson. Efraim taught Benny to play the accordion starting when Benny was six. Benny most treasured possesion is the accordion his Grandfather gave him...

The CD opens with the beautiful Northern sounding "Skallgång".This album's most haunting song is the closer "Stockholm at Night". The melody for "Stockholm at Night "was recycled for use in KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA. The Cd cover features a drawing on the cover-drawn by Marie -Louise Ekman..

It is strange that the CD's title is written in English,since this CD was only released in Scandinavia..

Track listing for November 1989

Skallgång, Machopolska, Vals efter Efraim Andersson. Sekelskiftesidyll, Dans på vindbryggan, Stjuls, Tröstevisa, Målarskolan, Novell #1, The conducator (featuring Tommy Korberg) ,Stockholm by night



A British and also Australian CD/cassette release brought to you by the fine budget folks at Pickwick. This has The b-sides "Should I Laugh Or Cry "and "Lovelight " The cover uses a famous "nude above the chest" photo of the ABBETTES on the cover. To further confuse matters, there is also a German music club release with the same title and a differant track listing...
THE LOVE SONGS track listing

Unusually this album features no major hits on it and jumps wildly around between later and earlier ABBA

1. Under Attack 8. My Love, My Life
2. Slipping Through My Fingers 9. One Man, One Woman
3. Should I Laugh Or Cry 10. Tropical Loveland
4. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 11. Another Town, Another Train
5. Lovers (Live A Little Longer) 12. When All Is Said And Done
6. Lovelight13. If It Wasn't For The Nights
7. I've Been Waiting For You 14. So Long

Frida's rare and unreleased recordings....1974-2005

Many of Frida's rare 1980's and 1990's songs have not been compiled on CD. Most of these are duets she has recorded with other acts .As such many of them can be found on albums by those acts. Some of the rare 1982-1994 singles tracks can only be found on those singles many of which were only released in Sweden.

Frida's unreleased recordings are mainly
drawn from TV appearances. Frida also made a series of TV specials from the Grand Hotel in Stockholm in 1982 which included many songs not available elsewhere. Many of these songs can found on a CD issued by ABBAMAIL called TELEVISION. Frida also sang some duets in concert with
Marie Frederickson that haven't been released. There was at least one unfinshed that track was left off the SOMETHING's GOING ON album -a unfinished recording called "Shot Down In Action". There were two unreleased tracks left off the 1971 FRIDA album.

Frida duet with Ratata (" Sa lange Vi Har Haran") is available on Ratata's album called Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet (1987) -as well as on the Swedish compilation album called Duetter.
Frida's acapella duet version of "Dancing Queen " done with THE REAL GROUP is available on Varför Får Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Är? (1994) as well the recent American ABBA tribute album called ABBA-A tribute THE 25th Anniversary Celebration.

In 2005, Frida's box set was released . Although, only a couple of rarities were include on the cd's , some of rarities can be seen on the DVD section of the box...


Frida's rare released tracks 1974-2005 None of the duets listed here ever appeared on a Frida album...

 1974  Med Varann (duet with Björn Skifs)Moviestar(with Harpo)
 1982  Here We'll stay (solo version)  Belle (duet with Daniel Balavoine)
 1983  Time (duet with B.A. Robertson) Adam Ant-Strip
 1984  That's Tough ( B-side) LATER MADE AVAILABLE on THE VOICE OF ABBA
 1987  Sa lange Vi Har Haran (with Ra Ta Ta ) As long As I have You-(with Ra Ta Ta)
 1992  Anglamark (with Artister for Miljo:Frida Lyngstad / Marie Fredriksson / Håkan Hagegård and Tomas Ledin)  Saltwater-(B side to Anglamark)
 1994  Dancing Queen (with The Real Group)
 2002   La Bacarolle duet with Fillippa Giodano
 2003 Lieber Gott , I have a Dream (duets with Dan Daniell)
 2005 The Sun Will Shine Again (vocal solo on Jon Lord album )