Mid June HIS JASONESS conceived.
12-27 Crystal and fetus in car accident
1-1 Moved to 34 Amvets in prepartation for JASON.
February 2002

2-11 Crystal's baby shower, bought couch.
2-10crystal went to hospital.

2-16 Crystal predicts baby to come by Monday the 25th.
2-18 Went to Boston to hosiptal to check on baby.

2-26 baby born 5:38 at Falmouth hospital.... Meg and Ma are present.
2-27 name finalized jason curry
(this particular name had been thought of in the fall,but not finalized)
2-28 circumscision.

March 2002

march 1 friday afternoon DAD injures my left shoulder.
march 2 baby-boy comes home...
marc5th baby goes visits emergency room.
march 7 am baby visits er again and then is admitted to hospt.
march 1o baby came out of hospital sunday morning.

3-16 bizz finally saw baby....

April 2002

4-14 Crystal has operation to remove gall bladder..

4-18 Wednesday go back to work Crystal discharged from hsoptial.

4-26 crystal took baby in for shots .

MAY 2002

May 3, 2002 evening -MAry came to visit.
May 4 went to Mashpee Commons with Mary , Crystal and Jason.
5-12 Went out to Hynanis with Crystal and her family for Mother's Day

5-20 JAson sees doctor stills weighs only about 12-lbs 7 ounces
Jason has started laughing and grasping and doing raspberries.

5-24/25 The spillanes came down to Captains quarters


June 2002
6-6 Ja
son weighed 13- 2lbs...
6-18 Jason has been using his hands to grasp things now...Jason finally takes
a majority of his bottles in the larger 6-8 ounce size. Jason is beginning to outgrow his car seat.-he's 27 inches long.
6-21 Jason injures his eye, scratches his cornea, it turns out to be a minor injury-he wears a eye patch for about a day.
6-24 Jason goes into a swimming pool for the first time.
6-25 Jason has his four months shots.
6-27 took jason over to see Crystal at work for the first time.

July 2002
7-2 jason swam in ocean

July 4 Went to Falmouth fire works in Falmouth Heights near Captains Quarters.

July 10 Went to Cape Cod League baseball game at Fuller Field in falmouth.
took Jason with me,,...
July 25 Went to barnstable county fair with Jason and Crystal
July 26-July29 Danielle Zinnack visits
July 28 Visit with Michele Finks, Donna and Christine....


August 2002
August 3 start working Falmouth brach assingment,
August 4 Jason Baptised at St. patrick
Jack Spillane -Godfather Steph S
pillane Godmother KAthy ,Rob, Bizz, meg . Treecie, Mikie, Ji,, joe, missy , debi, also attend...
8-18 galuardis visit here,,

September 2002
9-1 sunday Went to Plymouth-I saw landlord r, Crystal sa
w Tanya, We both saw Heather ?& bill, sawIndependence Mall.
9-6 Went up to New Hamphsire for wedding
9-7 Attended wedding of Tom Sheehan and Anne Benjamin
9-8 Visited with Mike, and JAck .
9-15 First anniversarty went to boston...
9-29 Walked along maravista-took in kitten temporarily-Crystal did some org in in jason room
10-3 or threrabouts -Kitty taken to people for cats.
10-5 Bought camcorder at Best Buy....

During the ,month jason got a walker and started eating wagon wheels ..
10-14 Went to Cape Cod canal...Jason photos taken at walmart...
10-20 Visited with Mike and Jack at Bobby bynres

10-31 JAson has started to crawl finally,

11-22 we took Meg's dog Kita but are not sure we are too keep it.
11-23/24 Jason stayed over at debbies house.

11-28 Thanksgiving had at Kathy's house. Baby cranky
11-20 Vistited Aunt Anna... with Jason
DECEMBER 02 an incredibly rough month .

12-6 Crystal'scar got hit wellst parked here at Amvets
12-7 appear to have decided to move out to a house on Hudson St....

12-29 sunday Move from Amvets.



In January Jason had started gettting into things a lot more-like crawing over to toilets and then standing up next to11 p the toilet and siticking his hadn in.

1-12 went to betsy's dinner.took baby's photo with red cord jumper.


1-25 work in teaticket, go candlepin bowling with Jason...

2-9 took jason out sleding in a plastic crate...
2-10 snow storm
2-13 Jason has croup cough

2-22 DAY OF JASON's ist birthday PARty-
Crystals mother, rob and Bizz coudnt come...

.2-26 Jason actual first birthday he, crystal and crystal's monm go out to hynanis

March 2003
23-3 Cassidy Jade Visits

3-9 Go to Zooquarium with jason



April 2003
Early April -Jason begins to stand on his own.
4-6 Jason falls off his walker

4-20 Easter at Mike and jack's . Joe, Mt, Steph, treeci, myself, Crystal, and Jason there


May 2003
May 6 (approx) Jason begins walking..Though he does it only from time to time-usually when it is the most efficient way to get from place to place.
May 9th to the -11th Visited Maryland with Jim-first time I have left mass since JAson born...


May 18 Go to Fairfield CT for Steph's College Graduation. Bess, Gene, Steph, Bryan, Crystal,Jason,JimSB,Missy, treeci, Mike, JAck and Myself attend dinner.


May 24 Jason Walks large distances for first time around 8pm
Spilanne and Caseys visit Falmouth 24 through 28th...

JUNE 2003

june 10-Computer keyboard destroyed by jason


July 2003
7-2 Jason goes to circus with MA
7-4 Jason to fireworks in falmouth-MARY's FAMILY VISITS FOR WEDDING
7-5 Jason visits spillanes to visitmary,jack,jd,meg,jim,treeci,missy,joe
Jason was cranky, had a almost nice ten minute interval with meg and JD
7-13d...Went to Nobska Lighthouse with Jason taped the visit on video.,
7-17 Jason does first Thursday at VNA daycare
7-17 Jason visits emergency room due to possible takings of pills.
7-18 . Jason gets first haircut
7-19 Jason goes to Barnstable county fair..


More to come ....or not as the cae may be