john's log 2007-2008


jan-feb-mar 07

January 2007

1 New years eve home with the kids..
4 Went in late to work comp day nice weather
1-6- democrats take over over us house and senate...
1-7-06 crystal called in sick...she is depressed, this was the first time hough she called in for depression on a nursing job........
1-8-07 accomplished a lot around the house, mainly getting toys put away. and taking the tree down..
1-10 or therabouts judi sick..
1-13 get ice cream cake at work for my birthday...
1-14-07 Patriots beat Chargers, cleaned the basement...Spoke with missy in Oregon, spoke with Jeff Hinners...(who broke his shoulder in late December.
Jayden tries a little potty training.
1-16-07 went out to 99 for my 44th birthday...
1-17-Yelled at Judi, and Carol massota
Patriots kicked out of playoffs
learn that hedy lamarr invented something, watching spinal tap, added youtube playlist to my head teller one day at work...

crystals get router working for her puter...judi on vacation.

1-30 discoiver that jason will be getting his tonsils out...Had a dream about being a baseball player

February 2007
2-2 fell and seriously bruisded my lower left front yard.
2-3 went out for Joe's 80th birthday which is actually tommorrow 2-4 at around 8pm....

february 8 jason has his tonsils and adnoids out, Get a letter indictating there is a problaem with my car registration,....
february 9 g0es back in hospital-had to leave work early.
2-14 Valentine's day dont do much got crystal a card about cats and a lrge balloon..
2-15 and rest of week-Sick, cyrstal is sick too-the worst is Saturday and Sun day.
2-16 saturday a horrible day, Kathy assults meg , she falls and her left eyr cuts open....end up having to watch all three kids till lenny takes marcus...
thursday call in go to doctor
2-22 marcus 2nd b-day replace front tire
2-24 jason goes to mike and jack's ...
2-26 jason's fifth bithday
3-37 8 marcus party at nana

3-3-07 Jason's b-day party--, here at the house,.Nana, Meg, Marcus, Jd , myslef, Crystal and Melissa's family came, Jason got a bike for his brithday from debbie.
3-9 -07 Crystal quits job,,,,is suffering srious depression.
3-10 off on sartuday do not accomplish much, dperessed a about cyrstal....LAte night talk with Jefff
3-11-07 Talk with Virgiinaio oneill learn that John Oneill died probably feb 1, 2004 age 94... Go to beach with kids, visit Little pond with kids .....
MARCH-finally work on Genalogy project...

Crystal nearly ends up in the hospital when we have trouble recahing donna clark. We tall with Jason's therapist in the interim and nearly end following her suggested course of action which is to send Crystal to hosptial, but crystal does not want to miss her conference and resists the hosptilal, we finally reach donna...'I take jason up to bessie;s on the 18 and crystal goes to her confernece and spends an extra day at mike..


April 2007

April 9-15 on vacation .do very little. crystal has a eye problem..
April 12 Trying to Finish up Genealogy book, Crystal returns to work.
Crystal has eye appointment about her eye problem ...another appt with Dr. McGuire
April 12 Finishing up Genealogy book, Crystal returns to work
Crystal has eye appointment about her eye prob...another appt with Dr. McGuire..
April 14-joe's party finish first version of genalogy book...
April 20 tax refund comes after a week with absolutley no money ...
April 21 Nice weather but unproductive day...At some point here Bizz gets out of jail again and Jason tried meds, but they dont seem to work....
4-24 watch THE QUEEN on DVD.
4-25 go to middleboro for safe box training....
4-28-07 -Jason goes to two birthday parties, one for tyler and one for Jen (the girl Kathy babysits.) Red Sox beat Yankees for once the Sox are in first , and the Yanks in last place...Discover that the name /FIVE FOR Fighting refers to Hockey terminology...Speak with Carl Richmond,(301-656-4591) discover that Beulah Richmond is probably Stephen Bernhardt's adopted sister....or perhaps as later learn possibly her uncle...

He said Beulah had a sister mildred (bailey) who had a daughter Lois Drury (1-404-636-4239). Beulah's father was Charles Bernhardt, Beulah had amother sister Bessie. and Bealah had another sibling Fred Bernhardt (a police commissioner) who married Eva and had A daughter MArgaret who was a nurse at Sibley Hospital.

Carl had three children Marilyn, Joseph and Libby.

He also mentioned Washington,GA and a Marion Richmond, and a Sam, but i wasnt clear on those... He didn't know about John Haas...
4-29-07 Play out front and then go to nana' playground both kids meet up with other kids....Do laundry at dryer place , jayden takes long nap, have dinner, bath, and watch puppy movies...(hearing the song by Sixpence none the richer. makes me tear up...) Crystal has a rough day at work.

MAY 2007..

5-2-ok day at work Crystal supposed to go to Boston for appt does not-day falls apart from there....Crystal's computer starts to fall apart,,,
Crystal has been downloading movies...spiderman and
House tv show..
5-03-06 Call into work bring Jason up to visit Mike...
5-4 crystal gets her computer fixed we hope at the cost 150 dollars in labor charges....
5-12 or something -problems with this computer -A coin gets stuck in computer....Speak with steve beaty -get info about bernhardts...though he cannot solve the Stephen Nagy bernhardt mystery for me..
May 12 have Jayden's 2nd birthday party finally...
Mid May see Dr. Mcguire decide not do adhd order meds , go with geodon for jason....
5-22-07 go to the new playground at mullen hall again...
5-23 -07 Finally successfully,go kiting....though the kite does not go too high. Decide to go on vacation on Rocking Horse around this time.
Red sox are only 9 1/2 ahead after losing two of three to Yankees.......

JUNE 2007



6-9-07-anna's 80th birthday party at Mary Christine's house in MArshfield...all her chidlren and grandcholdren were there...Hurt my foot...

6-10-2007 Off day-try to get ready for trip,...Jason's new med does not seem to work too well...
6-11 Monday-take harly to kennell drive to Stony Creek NY
6-12 Tuesday-crystal does her first horse ride-kids do pony rides and drive around aimlessly....
6-13 Wednesday-more pony rides and another horsrese ride for crystal
6-14 Thursday-crystal skips horse ride-visit mt. prospect. transfer to six flags hotel. go to waterpark
6-15 Friday-go to six flags...
6-16 Saturday-dive home,pick up harley....otal cost about 1600 dollars...
6-17 Sunday
6-20? Remarkable Memorial service for Graham Cooper Barton. He had died on the 11th or the 12th at age 22. His sisters name are Kerry, O'Malley, Wallis, I can never remember four at once.Mackenzie.
6-23 Have appt to get car looked at about noiuse-the verdic is not good 1000 dollars worth of work.... Tony Blair leaves office this week....Red sox lose 3 in a row to Seatlle but still ahead by 9 games. Been watching the Black Adder, not as good as I might expect....
6-30 worked on Saturday....revised felpin's pond a little to break it down by year


July august september 2007


july 31 jason goes to celeste for the first time in awhile...
august 1 on vacation sign up for new cell phone end old cellphone which pretty much dates from March 2001.
During my vacation I go on cleaning/organizing spree which has some success-though there was more to do, and I finally did . I removed books and other debris from jayden's room and clean his room. do a modest cleaning of Jayden's room, File most of the recent photos into photo albums.
go through the box of bills, org my bank statements, and go throiugh plastic file box. File Cd's back into shelf, etc...
8-3- find a letter from steve Beaty's mother...
8-4-07 Our little life comes crashing down as Crystal walks off her job, when a little care crisis occurs at the nursing home....understable to me but apparently not to them and as of august 5 she was out of job, with worsened prospects for rehiring..of course by this time my sunburn/shingles/ skin peeling dissipates.Jason goes on new med-intial reaction seems minimal.
8-5-Finally write STeve Richardson .....
8-7 Crystal reecives a pick-me -up when she learns that the state dropped by Harboeside for it's yearly visit... But she also still has the feeling that she wont be invited back... reading some world war one history...
8-8 crystl goes to boston for her apptmonet,s.,
8-9-08 Take jason and jayden to playground, and to music concert,
8-10Crystal's visit's doctor demento
8-11 i am off this saturday. accomplish a little in Jayden's room. crystal's orders food from 99. Go through dad's box of papers. It has the Truman letter, and the starbuck genealogy....
8-16 harborside tells cyrstal they only want her for ovenight shift
8-17 go with abilify on jason
8-18 crystal gets a phone call from chidlren's hosp. Come to realize that Hilary Clinton will porbably be nominee/.//


8-19 went to woods hole on trolley
8-22 crystal gets renected from childrens and decides that she cannot work the nightshift at harborside....
red sox go six up...
8-23 meet jason's teacher Miss shaw again at ice cream social at mullen hall
8-24 crystal's computer doesn't work..Frank Garfield says it's unfixable at a reasonable cost.... cyrstal gets closer to an offer at cape cod hosptial....
8-25 saturday off-kind of a icky useless day. clean around house.
8-26 went to boston today, after the usual unpleasent morning,,, Met with Jim, joe, jayden, and jason at panera. the manager there gave the boys cookies...Jimmy took the boys , ioutside to see the scinece art exhibits Then we went to Bessie's where we did arts and crafts... and had pizza there and discusssed global warming, borrowed back Joe's genealogy's book... apprarently this was exactly a year after we went to Panera,
and saw liz and russell....
8-30 crystal hears she got jopb at Cape Cod hospital....
8-31 Jack Galuardi . gets out of hospital....Red sox get swept at yankees Staduim lead down to five and for once , they do not have best record in majors and under .600 again.






July 2007
7-1 went swmimming at falmiuthg hieghtts-jason makes little sand castles.... crstal works 14 hours
7-2 Jason first day at camp-went ok-other than bus getting in around 5:155...Went to chinese restuarant afterward.-not overly pleasent,but jayden doesn not do meals out well..
July 4 watch song of norway, Jason goes to mother-in-law...Jason goes with Meg, Lenny and Marcus to the rainy Falmouth fireworks i take jayden after he finally expresses an interest in going....
July 7 actually do the vault two days in a row for once, though do have problems., Speak with lois drury again...
july 9-13 Judy is off on vacation replaced by Emma Shields at work..Hear tiffany is leaving Yarmourh branch... .Supposdely charlie Ritch is going or let go....Crystal depressed, and actually calls into work for first time in over a month....She misses her infusion... Oregon Man (Ken Couch) rides 120 helium baloons and a chair-193 miles...It's actually hot for once.... nuna kills a baby rabbitt and brings it inside... It dies in Crystals hand. Finally get photographs back from trip...Red sox still up ten games at the all star break...
July 18 Crysta misses anothe infsuion...
July 19 go in a little bit late to work-jayden is sick-he misses two days of daycare.
July 20 miss morning of work-Crystal bad off cos she is working 2 night shifts...
July 21 miss SAturday work-for the first time in a long time...go over to woods hole, feel miserable, go over to Kathy's house -have dinner with kids...Miss ogoing to Boston....MEg and JD are up...Today Meg is going to KING AND I..
July 22 sunday go to ispswich to see wolf hollow---then over to mikie's end up staying over when car has problems-
july.23 spend morniogn in boston
july 24 work
July 25 wed spend day with JD And meg-go to beach and to Barnstable county fair.
July 26 work meg and jd go to nantuhcetlk
July 27 work then -have
bad shingles attack.
July 28 off satudray -first day iof vacation,...miss party at mikie's
July 29 off sunday
April 2007



SEPTEMBER 2007 --a busy month---

ALL THROUGH SEPTEMBER the red sox limped along finally clinching wild card around 9-20...
8-30 to 9-1-07 a irritatable saturday-both kids nap,go to libary and mullen hall playground i work at bank with judy, it was busy....Crystal disvovers she is not likely to get much financial aide... Crystal buys table and chairs at yardsale...
9-3 Went to upper cape, after a unpleasent morning. Went to an expensive clamshack, to Nauset Beach, an d to wellfleet drive in to see Ratoulie...
was reading Rich dad, poor dad at the behest of some guy im et in woods hole.
Also watched Gandhi and Chariots of Fire last week...

9-4 busy at bank, jason thugh a haadful at home , was a good buy at crystal's appt at cape Cod hospital.... A year since steve irwin died.... jayden would not go to bed. i think cos he domdt jave proper bottle....

I had been thinking of compiling my webstie into a book, but the whole time w e had crystal computer, i never quite got the project going.... And i was going to the same with the genealoguy stuff=-the genealogy stuff of course, is never quite assembled- i still need to get photos from Mike and Bess, compile a spillane geneaogy , wrtie a Gene casey bio... when cyr's computer died tt meamt much of the genealogy work died with it=though it may be retrieved one day....

The abba book requires lots of tedius reformatting... catalog numbers.... and soemthing extra which i keep debating and not deciding on,. ,,,the leading option is to group the main albums in the bbegiinning,,, but had considered an essay on my personal expreicnes with ABBA....
9-6 Jason's first day of actual kinderegarten, spoke with bessie on phone told her about crystal's job...
9-8 steph's 26th b-day . Uninspiring. Saturday... Did take kids to the big waves at Chapiqiaotiot..
crystal went to mother twice today.....Spoke with Jeff Hinners, stephie, and mikie
9-9 jason sends jayden's crib over the edge, and so crystal takes it apart. Go to church and lighthouse, stop and with the boys -when we come back Jayden has Jason's old walmartbed...
Jason saw nicole fro the first time in awhile, cleaned cars, painted with the kids., i blew up two times...
9-10 crystal starts on-line school at U-MASS BOSTON
9-15 crystal's get bad result on blood teests.
9-15 uneventful wedding aniversary
9-16 jason and jayden go to party for nicole campbell at tate playground..
9-17 Crystal starts her new job...
9-18-07 Celene tells us she is planning to sell the new house...
9-19 school night -our first back to school night we see jason's classroom....
9-20-07 or something celene comes by and agrees to wati till june 07 to sell.
9-24 new true blue promo starts crystal starts working on floor at hopsital..
9-26 or thereabouts jason and jayden get into fight at playground-jayden has a little blood come out of her mouth..
9-27 learn that regis boyyle died on 9-24-07....
9-28 Jason sees celeste rogers finally.
9-30-07 Red Sox finish 96-64 tied with cleveland for best record in majors.. in mfirst palce since mid april,,,
Visit mike and jack at olive garden, go to ikea, go to pirate ship..
4.OCT nov DEc 2007


10-3 run vault today-red sox sart in playoffs with angels , bubba not sleeping very much..crystal called into work... somehere in her carol steals the ipod...
105-get put on warnign at work for being late,
Crystal buys new laptop.... red sox go 2-0
10-7 red siox sweep LA ANGELS 3-0... pats go 5-0... Kids watch happy feet, nothing accomplished to dayt por Staruday...
10-9 to 1010-12 teller appreciation week-i win nothing....
10-12 Crystal's mother goes to Brazil to meet up iwth georgie.
10-12 red sox win first game of Cleveland series...crystal depressed...
10-13 work saturday...clean jason's room...jason's makes notebooks of drawings...
10-14 -SUN-sunny but cool day, go to nan'a playground jason buries a ball...
May have fried my cellphone... Joe goes into hospital...
Find return McCavmeish book.
10-15 Jimmy starts new job..... late for work, red sox fall behind 2-1 in their series with the indians... Jason has trouble going to sleep....a little bit of a coldspell....
10-17 thurs Go visit joe sheehan who is in the st. Elizabeth hospital., with jayden and jason..also se mike and jack who have just visited elenaor and lincoln....borrow 500 dollars. .
10-18-07 we get word that kathy has trouble in brazil with georgie, and the cellphone is stolen in some sort of strange sox survive to bring thing 3 games to 2....
10-19 another one of theose long friday's at the bank....we contnue with coffe donuts and cookies, but the ipod promotion will be over soon. spoke with jeff hinners, and jimmy briefly.,..
Jeff is considering buying a car, jimmy and trecci were visiting together...
10-21 red sox win americna league pennant....
10-24 fire more people at the sox win first game of world series 13-1.
10-25 vacuum car....Crystal's mother want to drag out braziilian trip another sox win game 2
10-27-08 saturday go to mikie's red sox win game 3
10-28-07 sundayvisit with mikie's red sox sweep world series versus the colorado rockies...lester was on the mound it happened in denver....
10-31-w-halloween in north falmouth take marcus



November 2007
11-1 thurd
11-2 friday
11-3-07 s Hurricane Noel strikes -heavy winds take down trees and take out power including our house....
11-4-07 s no power all day-pats beat indainapolis-go 8-0...crstal works...
11-5-07 m power comes on 3am-
11-6-07 t bad two hours at 4000.00 dollars...
11-7 07w-open branch...
11-15 go to menagarie showuing in framingham....
11-16 adoption day-jayden adoptions ----in brockton....tiring day, went to olive garden afterward...
11-17 wrk at bank-it is busy cos mashpee couldn't open safe,, go to brianna's party....jayden vistis nana and goes to bed earlier...
11-24 crysta lb-day -she was in a bad mood-it's hard being thirty....Got her pink horse, and two card

December 2007
december 1 mary has birthday -she was in vegas....

December 5 ran vault crystal's big day in boston for her project, second or third modest snow storm....
december 9th or theaboiuts speak with missy about her trip she is not bringing her dog, lady. winter wonderland....
December 10 oprah and obama tour, obama catching up to hilary in iowa, nehampshire.
spoke with mickie

december 11 Crystal gets bad review at her 3 month at work
dec 12 crystal depressed,,,,,
december 13 first major snowstorm schools close early banks close at 2pm..They announce replacements for diane perkins and leslie marsh....Clemens and numerous others implicated in alleged sterriod taking by George Mitchell report........

a.Jan-feb-mar 2008

January 2008
tuesday 1-1 off work,visti crystal at her job at CApe Cod hopistal with both boys for first time..
Thursday1-3 Meet new regional manager obama and huckabee win Iowa caucus. Dodd and biden withdraw...

Fri01-04-2008 Gone a long while without updating this... Hurt my knee cap just a little on something. today took bubba into magic years daycare, they want him to dispense with the diapers. Emma worked in out bracnhe three days this week,, tin cawley came by to pick up birth certificate form... had to leave early from wotk to jason to his appt with mcgurie a nd celeste. kids watched shrek 3....
1-6 visit bessie for last christmas gift giveawway
1-8 New hampshire primary -mccain and clinton win. clinton win is a surprise..
1-9 get call from crystal saying that she is going to get fired fior "not being a good fit".
go with crystal to meeting at school about jason's deficits....
1-10 crisis mode today,with our world in tatters, though time with a little less hope,
crystal was already depressed, were both sick house is a wreck, and bills were already piling up.....I miss work..
1-10 finally take down christmas tree.....
1--11 patriots win -go to afc conference championship for fifth time in six years (if i am counting correctly...
retroactive diary 1963-1981

DC 1963-1972
MD 1972-1996
MA 1996-2007

diary born providence Hospital wednesday january 16, 1963
baptized Friday January 25th, 1963
September-December kindergarten
diaryJanuary -June 1969 kindergarten lafayatte
September-December 1969 1st grade lafayatte
diaryJanuary -June 1970 1st grade lafayatte
first commuionion June 1970
September-December 1970 2nd grade lafayatte
diaryJanuary -June 1971 2nd grade lafayatte
September -December 1971` 3rd grade lafayatte
diaryJanuary -June 1972 3rd grade lakewood
MOVED TO MAryland completely by AUGUST 1972
September -December 1972 4th grade lakewood
diaryJanuary -June 1973 4th grade lakewood
Mother died Sunday morning June 3, 1973, Georgetown Hospital.
September -December 1973 5th grade lakewood
diaryJanuary -June 1974 5th grade lakewood
September -December 74 6th grade fallsmead
diaryJanuary -June 1975 6th grade fallsmead
September -December 1975 7th grade frost
January -June 1976 7th grade frost
September -December 1976 8th grade frost
January -June 1977 8th grade frost
September December 1977 9th grade Wootton
January -June 1978 9th grade Wootton
September -December 1978 1oth grade Wootton
diary diary
January -June 1979 10th grade Wootton
September -December 1979 11th grade Wootton
On school paper sept 1979- june 1981..
January -June 1980 11 grade Wootton
September 1980-December 1980 12th grade..Wootton.
spet 1980 Get first job working at Steak and Ale...
January -June 1981 12 th grade .
Trip to NYC with journalism class February 1980 diary-January -June 1981 12 th grade ....
Graduated from T.S. Wootton High School June 1981
Worked Steak and Ale /Oscars restarnat thru August 1981


retroactive diary mid 1981-2000
diary Go to college

visit Uncled Jim in sand Diego, CA
Mary's wedding 25 june
stepn and missy are taken in as foster kids....
diary move home permeantly January 1 approx ...
graduatated from college may 1986
my sister buys house in Monrocia, Fredercik//
August to October visit Europe..
November return to work at Highs end up in store in Redland, Md.
Retrun to college Sept 1987
Visit Bessie in Texas Dad has stroke April 1988
diary MAy 1989 abandon education degree project...
Start Felpin's Jounral, intially called Charleston Bernhardt report
October 1990 visit Uncle Jim Mexcio
Best friend Joe MCannallen dies
diary Write to first penpal LEigh Annne Robertson.
October write to Tammie Redenbaugh first time.
visit JEff in Colorado.
Bessie's wedding
diary Bill clinton becomes president...
Attacked at work,,,
Change stores work in Potomac, MD.
May -Main work on Paulsboro House begins run through spet 95

June visit tammie rednbaugh in champgin, IL
Paulsboro House goes on Markert sep 1995.
Retrain to be ASST manager.
Move to Frederick, Md FEbruary 1996
diary Store in Potomac closes down, move to different store..
Move to Marion, Massachusetts November 11, 1996
father died Nov 1998