1-1 Moved to 34 Amvets
1-15 picked up mazda protege.
1-21 martin king day off got maxada inspected
1-24 went into Boston with Crystal for doctor's appt/
1-27 went to lunch with with the harvard Square club.
1-28 went to PSB r4th quarter meeting in raynham. with marsha...
February 2002
2-4 worked in Falmouth branch again ended up 70 dollars over, now I am
170 off in that branch.t he 100 dollars was found later.
2-10 Trucked stuff over from Jim's house,
2-11 Crystal's baby shower, bought couch.
2-10crystal went to hospital.
2-13 worked in kingson visited with barbara thomas.2-14 Crystal worked Valentine's Day. Sent her flowers got her Lord of the Rings and Creed CD. Visited her mother.
2-16 Last day in Mashpee. Crystal predicts baby to come by Monday the 25th.
2-18 Went to Boston to hospial to check on baby.
2-19 off spent some time with Crystal, worked in room.

2-26 baby born 5:38 pm at falmouth hopital....via cesararian section-11 pounds 12 ounces...
2-27 name finalized jason curry
2-28 circumscision.

March 2002

march 1 friday afternoon injured my left shoulder. Fractured two bones in the shhoulder at Teaticket branch of PSB.
march 2 baby-boy comes home...
marc5th baby goes visits emergency room.
march 7 am baby visits er again and then is admitted to hospt.
march 1o baby came out of hospital sunday morning.
Mondaymarch 11 returned to work.
Saturday went to a movie with Crystl.

3-16 bizz finally saw baby....(note: she lived in wareham at thje time and had no way to get to baby.

march 17 sunday morn. hmm i was just thinking how it would would it be easier to handwrite this..
Here almost relaxed on a sunday morn.
and now it's afternnon....
During March, MEg moved out of Crystal's mother house,


sunday easteer went to masss at treeci's church. easter dinner at mikie's
tuesday went to physical therapy. first time...

Movies we went to the theatre to see...

Meet the Parents
*Pay It forward
*first night
*herarts in atlantis
*Lord of the Rings
Time Machine
Catch Me if You can
April 2002

4-7 Crystal has first gall bladder attack...
4-11/12 Crystal has second and third attacks and is admitted to hopst.

4-14 Crystal has operation to remove gall bladder..
4-16 Tuesday Finish taxes.//
4-18 Wednesday go back to work Crystal discharged from hsoptial.
4-23 seemingly reinjured my shoulder
4-26 crystal took baby in for shots and went to doctor who thought she was abusing painkillers.

MAY 2002
MAy 1- s0 Saw doctor Mills x ray ok, 500 short...
May 2- Man came back with money
May 3, 2002 evening -MAry came to visit.
May 4- went to Mashpee Commons with Mary , Crystal and Jason.
5-12 Went out to Hynanis with Crystal and her family for Mother's Day
went to see Spiderman with Crystal...
5-20 Jason sees doctor stills weighs only about 12-lbs 7 ounces
Jason has started laughing and grasping and doing raspberries.
5-23 Crystal starts new job at dellaria salon.
5-24/25 The spillanes came down to Captains quarters
5-26 Went out to Flying Bridge for dinner....saw crystal's aunt there-though did not talk to her.,
5-31 sick though still going to work.

JUNE 2002

6-6 Jason weighed 13- 2lbs...
6-18 Jason has been using
June 10 so little seemingly going on.- Crystal has been doing some training and so tommorrow
Iam going to watch the baby-- his hands to grasp things now...Jason finallytakes
a majority of his bottles in the larger 6-8 ounce size. Jason is beginning to outgrow his car seat.-he's 27 inches long.
6-21 Jason injures his eye, scratches his cornea, it turns out to be a minor injury-he wears a eye patch for about a day. Clean house-Crystal stays home from work.
6-24 Jason goes into a swimming pool for the first time.
6-25 Jason has his four months shots.
6-27 took jason over to see Crystal at work for the first time.
6-29 Got lawnmower....was going to see Spillanes but they are booked.
6-30 It's 1am Sunday, June 30th just spoke with Jeff, Was looking at some european maps-
felt good about Bergen-it was like a glimpse of heaven there on top of the hill overlooking those
fjords, but felt bad about Holland- i didnt quite do the bike tour i should of there, I thought of
Northern Norway as well, musing about why didnt go further north there in 98-but I was trying to conserve
time and money-and felt i could leave that for some other time. The scotish maps though did make me
annoyed cos i didnt do scotland very efficiently-and i might not go back there,

July 2002
July 4 Went to Falmouth fire works in Falmouth Heights near Captains Quarters.
July 5 or so -Last physical therapy session.,,
July 7 Visited with Spillanes & jim at spilanne compound....
July 9 Crystal worked first day on new babysitting job.
July 10 Went to Cape Cod LEague baseball game at Fuller Field in falmouth.
took Jason with me,,...
July 13 Crystal worked her last day at Dellaris salon.
July 21 went to Hyannis with Crystal Jim and Missy came down.
Soemwhere it is there waiting to be found or lost my lost hopes or dreams or sent to some space cos i know
July 24 Crystal starts training program...
July 25
Went to barnstable county fair with Jason and Crystal...spent 50 dollars we dont have,,,,,
otherwse it was fun...
July 26-July29 Danielle Zinnack visits
July 28 Visit with Michele Finks, Donna and Christine....
July 29 PSB party at Beachmoor -Have shortage that is recovered...
July 30 Speak with Bessie on phone....


August 2002
August 3 start working Falmouth brach assingment,
August 4 Jason Baptised at St. patrick
Jack Spillane -Godfather Steph Spillane Godmother KAthy ,Rob, Bizz, meg . Treecie, Mikie, Ji,, joe, missy , debi, also attend...

Ausgust 6 Annual review at work goes ok..
August 11-Huey Lewis concert go with Jim..
August 12 -found out crystal has Bulging or herniated disc.-she has to see a surgeon.
8-17 . party at Jims house-Spillanes galuardis. joe, and us 3 attend...
8-18 galuardis visit here,,
Late August my right wrist bothering me-saw doctor he says Ihave tendonitis.\
8-31 Returned to Teaticket branch for 2 half days.

September 2002
9-1 sunday Went to Plymouth-I saw landlord r, Crystal saw Tanya, We both saw Heather ?& bill, saw
Independence Mall.
9-6 Went up to New Hamphsire for wedding
9-7 Attended wedding of Tom Sheehan and Anne Benjamin
9-8 Visited with Mike, and JAck .
9-15 First anniversarty went to boston...
9-15 to 917 had arguments with crystal...
9-29 Walked along maravista-took in kitten temporarily-Crystal did some org in in jason room
10-3 or threrabouts -Kitty taken to people for cats.
10-5 Bought camcorder at Best Buy....
10-7 second annivrsaey of first date with Crystal.
During the ,month jason got a walker and started eating wagon wheels ..
10-14 Went to Cape Cod canal...Jason photos taken at walmart...
10-20 Visited with Mike and Jack at Bobby bynres
10-23 went to middleboro for training , the n to plymouth to drop off a bill..-
Had crystal's mother ovr for tacos.
10-26 spoke with David sultan..
10-31 JAson has started to crawl finally,
11-3 Crystal went to ER becasue her sugar was over 400 over tegh weekend., Crystal
missed two days of work ...Jason'
`11-4 started stint in Mashpee brach-picked up Jason's photographs at walmart
11-14 depressed a little, been raining, crystal has been consdiring taking kita , meg's dog.
11-22 we took Meg's dog Kita but are not sure we are too keep it.
1123 Jim visited. Fishie doesnt seem well . I left his tank stay cloudy too long.
11-23/24 Jason stayed over at debbies house.
11-24 Crsytal has a fairly good birthday . Went to percys' for breakfast-she called into work
11-28 Tahnksgiving had at Kathy's house. Baby cranky Crystal worked
3-11 shift.
11-20 Vistited Aunt Anna...
DECEMBER 02 an incredibly rough month .

12-6 Had argumetnt with Crystal after her car got hit wellst parked here at Amvets
12-7 appear to have decided to move out to a house on Hudson St....
12-8/9 arguments with landlord Joe Maggi about moving out.
12-15 I actually saw inside of house on Hudson St.. it's older and spacious,it has those
anoying heating vents. I wasnt thrilled-i felt less thrilled about moving,,
12-19 late in the eveing Crystal takes too many pills.
12-20 Friday Crystal changes hosptial
12-21 Satuday Crystal chagnes hospital-I STAY WITH MIKE 7JACK THUGH THURSDAY.
t12-22-Sunday at hosptial -JACK
12-23 Monday bad day at hospt
12-24 Tuesday Christmas eve-Crystal out for just about 4-5 hours from Hospital.
--8Mikie went balistic on me for complaing abotu crystal's care.
12-----25 Crystal got out for 10 hours from hopstial.
12-26 thursday crystal gets out of hospital.
12-29 sunday Move from Amvets.