I encountered the flowers in bloom on that day..


Ah really i hated Dublin...But where else would one go---I am alone now...

it's like that....I have to go to the bathroo,D




DC Burns

Daniel Claudius Burns

Hadrian Hannaport Macura.

Mac Macura

Maddog Simpson.

Aaron David Geller

Scott Glenwood

Jimmy Master

Mattie Baugh


Oh it was something like that a rain of a kind-

the day I lost track of Haddrian Hannaport.

U never knew when yuou would where you would find hi,m.. If you woould could find hi,..

You think you would rather lose him.

I met his friend Maddog on our first trip there.

Why he called him that -hmm-Maddog preferred that his real name was Charles

and he thought to simple.

Was all the heavy breathing required -eventually you lose that connection -you no longer need

it-but with family you think if you met then again that it would still be there,


It was hard to have confidence in the Enterprise -I did not know him that well-it was hard to have the courage of one convictions... he left the signs of his maddness in a case -as if it were

to much for his family to bear-but it was not , perhaps he took seriously the idea that the doctor

would study him.

I encountered his sister-with a odd romantic desire butI knew i had no impact on her.

People tell me I cant write -Why didnt I pursue the dream -to truly live there for a time-

truly be bored in one place

ah a cool wet breeze such wether to sleep in.

th sound of a baby crying oh the noise.