Officially speaking the ABBA band was just the four members, but unofficially these eight sidemen were used most often as backing players, in the studio, live and on performances on TV or videos.


Ola Brunkert (1972-1981) Drums
In the 1970's Ola was ABBA's main drummer who like Rutger Gunnarson and
Lasse Wellander was yet another brown- haired Swede. He played on their first recording "People Need Love".
For some reason towards the end of ABBA's career he was phased out is
primary ABBA session Drummer in favor of Per Lindvall. Ola didn't played
on any of B&B's post ABBA solo work.
An accidental run-in with some glass in his apartment in Majorca, Spain led
his unexpected death in March 2008. The freak nature of the accident
helped make Ola's death become notable worldwide news, and oddly
enough for the first time, non-hardcore fans knew who ABBA's drummer

Mike Watson (1972-1980) Bass Guitar

A short British bass player.who somehow ended up in living and working Sweden.. He was ABBA's backup bass player when Rutger Gunnarsson was not used...He played on five of ABBA's studio albums He played on their first recording "People Need Love". . He is also known for having portrayed Napoleon on the cover of the WATERLOO album... Mike has recorded on his own, and done other session work...Along with Malando Gassama (the Gambian percussionist) he is the only one of ABBA's regular session band to not hail from Sweden.

Janne Schaffer (1972-1982) Lead Electric Guitar

Blond long haired Swede, a non singing guitarist /composer. Janne was ABBA's first lead guitarist and most respected musician. Janne's pursuit of a solo career meant that Lasse Wallender would be ABBA's main lead guitarist from 1977 on. Janne continued to play on some ABBA sessions ,but he did not play on ABBA 's 1977 or 1979 world tours.

He has worked in a number of bands notably the Electric Banana Band ,as well as working as a sideman with artists like Bob Marley, Ted Gardestad, Johnny Nash and Björn J:son Lindh....

Janne's albums are on primarily in a Jazz vein. Remarkably, a few of albums were released on the CBS label in America. .I never seem to remember how to spell his last name...sorry Janne...

His Albums include-Janne Schaffer, 1973, Andra, 1974, Katharis 1975 , Earmeal, 1977...many others....

For A more complete Listing of Janne's albums visit our  Janne Schaffer SOLO CAREER


Rutger Gunnarsson (1972-1982) Bass Guitar, String Arrangements

ABBA and B&B's loyal bassist played on more ABBA & ABBA solo songs than any other ABBA sidemen. Indeed he has probably played on ,more ABBA related records than anybody but Benny Andersson. He appears on each ABBA album, but was often spelled by the British bassist , Mike Watson. Rutger, a skilled arranger, also did some string arrangements for ABBA and othe poeple such as Celine Dion. He played on Chess, Kristina, , and Mamma Mia (Swedish and Movie versions.

As far as I know Rutger hasn't done much in the way of actual solo work but he has worked in other bands (Nashville Train) , worked with Lasse Wellander, and done production work. .Rutger generally has had a mustache, and shorter hair than ABBA's guitarists.


Roger Palm (1972-1979) Drums

Dark haired spectacled Drummer notable for being the drummer on "Dancing Queen" , and "Mamma Mia"

Malando Gassama (1973-1979) Percussion

Gambian percussion notable for being the darkest skinned member of the ABBA entourage. He also played on albums by Bette Midler, Al Jarreau, Janne Schaffer, Ted Gardestad and Bjorn J:ison Lindh . Sadly, he died in Gambin in 1999 of a heart attack.

LASSE WELLANDER (1974-1982) Lead Electric Guitar

Lasse Wellander, a thin-dark haired Swede. ABBA's main lead guitarist in their later career, He first played on the sessions for the 1975 self-titled ABBA album He toured with ABBA in 1975, 1977, and 1979-80 He also worked with Agnetha, on CHESS, Gemini and the Shapes album...He released a album with Mats Ronander in 1978.
Lasse has put out at least four solo albums in Sweden . .Recently he recorded a a solo guitar version of "Anthem "from Chess.

Recently, he played on Mamma Mia-the Movie Soundtrack.

Like Janne Schaffer, I have problems remembering how to spell his name....It's W-E-L-L-A like Pella windows!!!!!


Per Lindvall (1980-1982) Drums

The last person to become a regular player in the ABBA band. Blond Drummer on most of ABBA's 1980's work, as well as on Chess and other B&B's projects. He played on Mamma Mia-the Movie Soundtrack. He recorded one album (White on Blue) with a Swedish group. called ..Crossfade, (not be be confused with the American post grunge group also called Crossfade). Per has also worked Aha ,Lasse Wellander and with Michael Ruff..