25 Essential ABBA, ABBA solo or ABBA related albums

A quick overview of the best ABBA has to offer!

Selections 1-10

1. Kristina Fran Duvemala (Original Cast Album)-Anderson &Ulvaeus -This is where it all finally led to.
2. Chess -Anderson,Rice and Ulvaeus - Overall the best record ever by Bjorn and Benny.
3. Thank You For The Music (Box Set)-ABBA All the hits, all the b-sides and rarities too!.
4. Arrival -ABBA. Though artistically a little weak, this is probably ABBA at it's peak.
5. The Album-ABBA . ABBA 's most artistic album.
6. Super Trouper-ABBA. ABBA most self-assured album overall.
7. Djupa Antetag-Frida .The most mature and surprising ABBA solo effort.
8. ABBA -ABBA. The first great ABBA album came in 1975.
9.The Visitors-ABBA. ABBA reaches boldly into darkness.
10. Klinga Mina Klockor-Benny Andersson. Benny breaks out in surprising ways.

Selections 10-25

11. The Definitive Collection -ABBA.

The Best packaged and annotated of the ABBA hits collections

12. Voulez-Vouz -ABBA This semi-disco album is nonetheless filled with many great ABBA tracks.

13. Frida Ensam-Frida The best sung and best arranged album of the girls solo efforts..

14. Gemini-Gemini .Produced an cowritten by B&B in 1985 it features "Just Like That.'

15. Lycka- Bjorn and Benny. The remarkably serious debut album of B&B features Bjorn's best work.

16. 1964-1969 - Hep Stars. Sweden's Beatles -this features a mumber of great early Andersson-Ulvaeus songs.

17. Elva Kvinnor I ett Hus-Agnetha Faltskog. Aggie's 1975 master work.

18. My love My Life -Agnetha Faltskog . A great career overview.

19. Something's Going On-Frida. The first of the 1980's solo albums was produced by Phil Collins.

20. Basta-The Hootenanny Singers. Explore the best of Bjorn's pre ABBA band in the generous collection.

21. Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha Faltskog. Features great songs by Jeff Lynne , Justin Hayward, and others.

22. Anni-Frid Lyngstad 1967-1972-Frida. Frida's early work efficiently and attractively compliled.

23. Shapes-Josefin Nilsson. The only pop album B&B wrote and produced in the 1990's.

24. Hep Stars -Hep Stars. The Hep Stars 1966 album features the best ABBA related work of the 1960's.

25. November 1989-Benny Andersson. The closest we get to an unadulterated Benny Andersson album.

Honorable mentions


Ring Ring-ABBA

Pa Svenksa- Bjorn,Benny, Agnetha, Frida and ABBA

Fran Waterloo To Duvemala-Various Artists





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